The Bear vs The Eagle: Is It On?

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Whether you’re into biblical prophecy or not one cannot ignore the irony between what’s going on in the world right now and what Revelations had to say within the pages we read.

The Bear goes up against the Eagle, basically.  Well, when you line up the animal symbols with their nations we see Russia (the bear) taking on America (the eagle).  Now, this is not may be the case directly to the common eye who only pays attention to mainstream media sources.  However, for those who’ve learned to not just blindly take in the propaganda fed to us by mainstream media it’s concluded that the so-called terrorist organization known as ISIS is, in fact, an Israeli-American run mercenary style army that is bent on crippling everyone in this world to their nears with fear.

In Revelations it also states the bear will lose.  This I don’t doubt, if what we’re seeing right now is indeed Russia taking up real arms against ISIS instead of pretending to do so, which is the image America has given to those who pay close enough attention to not buy into the mainstream media garbage.

The Russians have no support and are still being portrayed as the bad guys and to be honest, they do have the odds stacked against them.  Why is this the case?  Because many believe ISIS is the muscle behind the vehicle that’s doing whatever it can to railroad mankind into the New World Order that has been the dream of the Illuminati, Elite 1% and all those currently in bed with them that may or may not be aware of what’s truly at stake here.

Vladimir Putin has made it very clear what they think of the Rothschilds, who are indeed the top dogs of the Illuminati, the most powerful and wealthiest among the Elite 1% and are in 100% control of all nations who bow to them via Central Banking System schemes and political puppetry.  The Rothschilds (originally known as Bauer) got their name as an emergence of Roths (red) and Child (sign), a symbol they recognized in association with satanism.

This symbol is the very popular and controversial Star Of David.  However, the Star of David the masses acknowledge is the blue one.  What they don’t realize (or do but refuse to face facts) is that blue star is a paint job of the symbol the Rothschilds are embracing.  Also, if one really took the time to pay attention to that bible one would realize this Star of David was something the great King David in that bible never embraced.  He steered as far away as he could from such symbols.  It was his son, Solomon, who eventually embraced this star after he became king when he allowed influence of his wives to steer him down a path his father went to great lengths to avoid.

When I first came across the prophecy of this bear symbol going up against the eagle symbol I will admit I had it in my head that the Russians were indeed the bad guys while America were the unfortunate heros who had to stand up against them to defend Christianity.  However, as I see events unfold I realize this is reversed.  The Russians, in my opinion, have so far been the ones trying to correct tyranny wherever they recognize it and mainstream media is doing a great job painting them as those bad guys.  In addition to this, there’s still a great divide between people who view Israel and their puppet cohorts of American & Commonwealth Governments as Illuminati-bases zionists that have no regard for human life and those who still see them as bullied victims of semitism.

It’s this divide that is making it that much harder for the Russians to convince the world they’re in the right here by taking their fight to ISIS.  They, like many who are waking up, see ISIS for what it really is and they are doing whatever they can to defend (and wake up) the masses against this New World Order they know will reduce every man, woman and child into a form of slavery that will make previous atrocities towards enslaved human beings seem charitable.

Unfortunately for the Russians, this fight they are taking to ISIS is one they cannot win, at least not militarily.  I think deep down the Russians already know this and no, it’s not because of some sort of biblical prophecy, but because the opponent they have taken on is still very much in control of this world and the masses are still falling for their schemes.  The media still has the world believing that ISIS is a terrorist organization with Muslim roots.  What the media does not tell the people is that ISIS may have Muslim participants and supporters, but the brains, brawn, heart and soul of ISIS are Satanists.  They hide behind the curtains of Christianity, Judaism and even Islam religions to carry out their will.  The nation of Israel has the world duped into believing they are the Israeli Nation of Jacob, but this is not so.  That divine nation is actually the neighbor they’ve been tormenting right from the beginning; The Palestinians.  This piece of the puzzle is not hard to figure out.  All one has to do is peer into the agendas and events that took place before, during and after World War I and World War II.  Those wars were designed and manipulated by the very same people that are repeating these actions to the masses today.  And, just like WWI and WWII the people are falling for it.

The Bear vs Eagle War is on, people.  The media and politicians are either purposely turning a blind eye to the obvious (and causing the masses to do the same) or are still too starstruck with the Israeli-American idolism as they have yet to figure out what they’re representing and promoting is that counterfeit belief system that God himself warned us all about within those biblical pages.

I’ve lost track how many politicians and celebrities have made the comment “The easiest way to lie is to tell the truth, but tweak a few of the details” and it’s disturbing to see just how easy it is to do that.  And, it’s every bit as easy for people to fall for it without even taking the time to question the validity of the “truth” they’ve been told.  Because of this, waking up the people (especially the most prideful) and convincing them to challenge the very core of their beliefs is virtually impossible.

And those who’ve got this world gripped in their devious grasp know this and have very religiously followed the example of Satan as masterful tricksters as their webs of deceit have been so brilliantly designed that to this day mankind is still enslaved to a world that continues to distract them from waking up, paying attention and for once realize their true potential as human beings.

For those of you who don’t have a religious bone in your body and question the validity of not only God’s existence, but Satan’s as well, bear in mind this world is indeed controlled by what you’d consider religious nuts who are going to extremes to carry out they believe is the will of their master.  They are doing whatever it takes to open up the door for the prophecies they wish to unfold and couldn’t care less whether or not you believe in God or any other form of deity for that matter.

As for those who still fall for the present day Israeli facade, I challenge you to read your bible or quran or whatever from the very first page to the last.  Don’t skip or speed read.  Go through it and hopefully you will see for yourself the truths that have been in your face all this time, but tweaked by those master manipulators your good book warned you about.

I’m not a bible thumper, but did read this from cover to cover.  I’m no religious fanatic, but I do believe in the validity and existence of God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and even Satan.  And I will be honest, I feel the bible itself was not written very well and it does come across as a bad collection of poorly worded stories that paint mixed messages of who God really is and what exactly does he want from us.

For me, it comes as no surprise there are people who disregard anything and everything biblical because if one really took the time to properly study what’s been written it doesn’t paint God to be so loving and forgiving.  It actually paints him to be a violent control freak that doesn’t respond well when his creations fail to acknowledge that he is the boss of each of them and that he should be feared and loved for it.  In all honesty, this sounds more like the personality of Satan, not God.

Now, before you go on a freakout let me explain further.  Satan is the master manipulator, that much has been established from the bible, regardless of what version it is and who God really is at this point.  With that being said, who are his biggest followers?  The so-called conspiracy theorists call them Illuminati and have connected the dots to point out a collection of families where at the top of that list is Rothschilds.  Now, historical records show how Rothschilds changed their name from Bauer to Rothschilds in response to recognizing a red sign and altering their name to follow their chosen god, who just happens to be Satan himself.  That red sign is the hexagram King Solomon adopted as a holy symbol, which was heavily influenced upon him by his Egyptian wives and this is where the major turning one’s back on God really made an impact that is far more influential than we give it credit for.

As history wears on we see how the world is sculpted in such a manner that actually does align itself within the scripts of the bible itself.  For me it’s highly amusing when science gets involved to either further credit or flat out discredit the validity of historical stories of key events the bible talks about.  So far, evidence of ancient chariots buried in the Dead Sea have been discovered that is believed to be those swept away when God helped Moses and his Israelites escape their oppressors.  Within the Euphrates there are findings such as scrolls, tools and utensils that match the likelihood of the Israelite descendants traveling abroad as commanded to spread out and explore.  There is even (disputed) evidence of the famed Noah’s Ark having remnants of it within the borders of Turkey.

With all that being said, let’s go back to the original focus of this blog post; Russians vs ISIS, or rather Bear vs Eagle.  What argument do I have to cast this kind of judgement upon them without 100% facts to back it up?  To be honest, the only one I have is gut feeling.  And, if there’s anything I’ve learned in my 40+ years of life experiences, my gut feeling never lies to me.  My only true regret in life is not listening to it more and that, people, is a crime we’re all guilty of.  In my opinion, that gut instinct is the Holy Spirit (or Holy Ghost) that is referenced as the power link between us and God (and to each other).  Like any other power link, if used wisely and closely paid attention to it’ll get stronger.  However, abuse or ignorance of it will make that connection weak and allows the mind to have more control over the soul and this is where mankind consistently experiences downfall after downfall.

Your mind is so easily tricked.  I know mine is.  No matter how smart we think we are, in truth we’re really very stupid because too many of us base our decisions on the five senses we typically use; sight, smell, sound, touch and taste.  Why do you think commercials exist?  It’s not for entertainment value.  It’s to suggest something to you in such a manner in hopes you’ll fall for the message and buy whatever product or service it has to offer.  Any form of programming works this way.  And yes, even in the church we are always sold something and expected to buy it at face value.  Of those who only listen to 5 out of the 6 senses they possess, they do so without question.

Of those who are familiar with the origins of Satan, you’ll recall his number one claim to fame when he was Lucifer was his musical talent.  Well folks, what is the number one influencer in people no matter who they are, what their tastes may be, or what kind of background they come from?   If you said music give yourself a cookie.  For those who bother to pay attention, the easiest way to influence anyone into a certain way of thinking is to jazz it up with whatever rhythm is required to coax folks to sway their way.  This comes in the form of gospel, classical, country, folk, jazz, rock, etc.  Not saying all music is bad – but this is where I do say that today’s society as we know it did not get to where it is without the influence of music to get the people to dance themselves into patterns that can be suicidal for them without even knowing they’ve done it until it’s too late.

And what kind of dance are we doing now?  It’s the same one we’ve done all along; Satan’s Dance.  It’s more than just a metaphor or place when we’re told to “Come out of Egypt” as the bible frequently commentates.  It’s that decision to wake up and see the big picture for what it really is and realize that we’ve been dancing with the devil all along and have literally paved our fates where all those prophecies within the Book of Revelations are becoming increasingly unavoidable.  Again, bible believer or not, the events that are unfolding before us and what kind of road this steers us all down is not a good one.  It’s chaotic, destructive and will be the ultimate demise of humanity as we know it.  For each day that passes and for each atrocity that is allowed to take place due to global ignorance and apathy we increase the odds of absolute calamity against all of us.

Whether the Russians truly are in the right or wrong here isn’t the scene I’m so worried about, but rather the WWIII stage that is becoming increasingly unavoidable and all the madness that is associated with it.  I truly hope the Russians don’t lose this one because I don’t think mankind can afford that kind of loss.  Right now the Russians are the only muscle taking it to ISIS and if they lose it paves the way for the brains behind ISIS to push their twisted agendas that much further to achieve the New World Order that will be forced upon us whether we like it or not.


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