Technology vs. Humanity

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The phrase is used so often, “Keep up with the times” when someone seems dated with whatever it is, whether it be fashion, news or gadgets.  Every human being has been programmed that in order to progress they need to upgrade themselves and everything they have around them in order to do that.

However, is that really progress?  I see today children unable to do their own math as they’ve never been shown how to add up what’s in front of them without the use of a calculator.  I remember going into a store where something I bought was $17.50 and I handed her a $20 bill.  She had an old fashioned cash register to work with and a calculator.  It blew my mind away she needed a calculator for a math that was so simple that even a grade school student can figure it out.

Or can they?  Truth be told, nobody is really taught their ABCs and 123s anymore.  It’s all digital.  A woman in British Columbia was irate when she took her son to open up his own bank account and when asked to write down his own signature he didn’t know how to do it.  Apparently in school he was never taught how to hold a pen and write on a piece of paper.  All he knows is the keyboard.

This, unfortunately, is the direction this world is going.  And it doesn’t just stop there.  We’ve become so digitally linked in everything we do these days there’s no real human interaction anymore.  Now, don’t get me wrong, technology has indeed done wonders.  It has brought families and friends together in ways like never before (via internet) but at the same time I have to admit it’s also divided them too.

Where is the division you ask?  Well, instead of hopping into the car or boarding a plane to visit loved ones you just Facebook them or text them.  Although there’s nothing wrong with that it seems the genuine effort to actually get together has been diminished to only a select few who still prefer that method of human contact over the virtual one.  Talking to a person on the screen is not the same as actually being in the exact same room with them.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who can make this next statement where I cannot walk down a busy street anymore without seeing at least half the people on it interacting with some form of handheld device that takes them away from actually paying attention to what’s going on around them.  How is this considered evolved?

And in cases where people actually do get together during special occasions all too often I see too many people spending more time with their gadgets than with those actually in the same room as them.  In all honesty this is showing disrespect towards those very people as it’s suggesting you’d rather be anywhere else other than in their presence.

I’m noticing the more we embrace technology the less spiritual we become as human beings.  We start to become indifferent to what’s truly important and even lazy.  People don’t nearly do as much today as they did before.

This is where I feel the human race is actually devolving instead of evolving.  Why worry about a Zombie Apocalypse when we’re in that state already?  Heads down, staring at gadgets or eyes forward gaming our life away has us remain oblivious to what life really has to offer and shame on all of us for this.  Even me, as I blog my opinion away, feel guilty that I’m opting to post instead of finding a chore I’ve neglected.  However, this is also the part where I point out that I actually limit my time online in whatever it is, whether it be Facebook, emails or even blogging.  I game, yes, but moderately.  I watch shows, yes, but again it’s moderately.  If you came to my home you’d see I’m more interested in working in the kitchen or doing laundry as a television program is airing.  I can still pay enough attention to it to understand what’s going on and still put away the cleaned and folded clothes.  Even when with the computer I break often to go wash dishes, throw clothes from the washer to the dryer or prep a meal.  How many of you folks do stuff like this?  Do you break often to tend to real life needs you know you can’t put off or do you stay glued from dawn to dusk like an addict?

Make no mistake – technology is an addition.  That is what technology is for.  Their introductory purpose is to make things easier and for the most part it does, but there is also a sinister side to this as the price of making things easier for us will, in the end, make living our lives that much harder.

The reason I say that is simple.  People exercise less these days.  People’s health nowadays is terrible but we rely on the technology of meds to get through it.  It doesn’t make us healthier, but it does make us be able to plow forward and yes, still in a zombified state.  The younger generation among us have ailments that shouldn’t be there and to blame the current state of the environment for it is foolish.  Although that may have something to do with it, the truth is the primary cause is because things have become too easy and the youth today don’t have the level of “live and learn” experiences that the more seasoned among us have.  This is what will lead to mankind’s ultimate downfall as we’ve become a race that’s so dependent on technology that even the very thought of going back to “the way it was” is unacceptable.

It’s not a matter of if the “lights go out” what would happen to the world but rather when.  It is inevitable as too many people in this world are so against each other that between clouded judgements and irresponsible actions performed through technological devices we will destroy ourselves.  There are ancient drawings (hieroglyphs) that actually depict two paths mankind chooses and what their final outcome would be.  The first shows a path that never ends, which is the spiritual one.  The second shows technology as a dominant force in man’s life and it starts out smooth but very quickly becomes jagged.  It is a much shorter path and sees a destructive end.

When I see this I think of the infamous trees from the Garden of Eden.  We have the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge.  For those who follow the bible, you recognize these trees.  For those who don’t, the life tree represents mankind living their life learning as they go without taking any shortcuts.  The knowledge tree is the shortcut to know every bit as much as their creator (God in this case).  In the bible, when Adam & Eve chose the Tree of Knowledge chaos set in and forever set the path of mankind down one destructive path after another.  We’re still on that path.

In my opinion, we still have those trees in front of us.  The Spiritual Tree is the very same Tree of Life.  Those who choose to live and learn without depending on technology tend to lead better lives.  Make fun of them if you will, but cultures who prefer a quainter way of life tend to do more and are happier overall as people.

Those who choose the Technological Tree, or rather the Tree of Knowledge, rush about without taking the time to absorb what’s happening to them along the way.  They think they’re getting ahead when in truth they’re merely spinning in circles.

Mankind has been spinning in this vicious circle and the pace keeps getting quicker and even more dangerous.  We have got to slow down because sooner or later those deepening rivets we create for ourselves will become inescapable to climb out of.  When that day comes, all the technology in the world won’t save any of us.  It will, in fact, do as the hieroglyphs suggest and that’s destroy us.


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