Terrorism: The Roots Run Deeper Than You Think

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Winston Churchill: “I have seen the enemy and it is us”. Thirty to forty years ago a person from the ‘West’ could walk just about anywhere in the Middle East, stop and ask for directions, stop for tea and chat. But Big Oil and the puppet politicians with military technology at their disposal circle for something to feast on. During WWI they just carved it up amongst themselves subjugating them as ‘territories’ and sucked the oil, transplanting political leaders that respond to their plan.

They market their predatory rationale as creating “democracy” and “freedom” which is terminology for regime change mixed with blood and has yet to result in either. The process of the invasion creates an income stream for the armament manufacturers and their shareholders by invoicing the taxpayers for the military arms and technology, but the real ‘trophy’ are the victim’s assets, be it resources or strategic geographical position. War is a business venture. Always was, always will be.

The costs to the invader, along with the hardware, are the logistics and wages. Bodies are free as they line up to “defend” the mission which is why they never show up on income statements or the balance sheets.. As long as the marketing does its job, the convinced pick up their guns and willingly throw themselves into the mayhem. But when the defeated rise from the ashes, elements of it coalesce into revenge and history repeats itself.

And so it was with the Sikes-Picot Agreement, the Gulf War, the Invasion of Iraq by George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Tony Blair. And here we are now. The profit, the debt, the dead, the revenge which feeds the next cycle of marketing another round of insanity driven by greed. The common denominator: oil. All of it and it’s global control. The TPP is just another version of it but it includes all assets and intellectual property everywhere.

It all adds up.  I can keep going on and on here, but let’s have the pictures speak for themselves and show you how history continues to unravel itself, showing that the powers that be here are not the ones that should be there.  They are corrupt and have no interest at all in serving humanity.  Their key interest is serving the Illuminati in twisted schemes that have been brilliantly laid out to keep the masses blinded to the real truths that literally stare us right in the face but too many of us still opt to keep our eyes shut and our minds closed.

Please, take the time to scroll pic for pic and read everything you can read. Take the time to open up your mind and set aside all that you’ve been taught even in school.  Believe it or not, when it comes to history the majority of the stuff we’re told is wrong.  As quoted in several books, movies and television shows, histories are made up by those who are victorious in achieving their goals over those who opposed them.  Also, don’t kid yourself into thinking that the good guys always won.  In reality, majority of the time the good guys actually lose in the end because the humanity they have within them is almost always trumped by those who have no shred of decency within them to be brave enough to learn how even the most polar opposites can coexist side by side without prejudice.

causes-of-world-war-1-1-728*Nationalism – This is an NWO (New World Order) trademark.  They want a one government only system, but this sort of thing can’t happen overnight.  It’s a process and it takes time.  The best way to achieve this is like any other ultimate goal – go in baby steps until you finally get there.  Nationalism (pitting nation vs. nation and let the stronger one prevail) is one such step.  The United Nations (UN) for examples, is one such brainchild of Nationalism.  People think this group is there for us but they’re not.  Their true agenda has nothing to do with protecting the world from catastrophic events.  It, in fact, is the exact opposite.

*Changes To The Power Structure Of Europe – This is what the Rothschilds have wanted all along.  Again, this paves the way for their NWO to secure positions for themselves (also known as The Illuminati) so that they can quickly crush any form of true opposition without virtually anybody noticing or even caring.  Hence once again, the creation of the UN.  This is a unit brought together to fool the masses into thinking we have an orderly system that’ll serve us.  That’s not true.  They serve someone else and that is where their true loyalties lie.

*Arms Race – The fuel that also pits nation against nation as they compete for the stronger weaponry leading to death, destruction and chaos.  Isn’t it interesting how the UN wants to have final say who has the right to compete in this arms race, using terrorism as an excuse as the controlling factor?  Really think hard about this one.  Nations that are supposedly the world’s enemy are prevented from doing for themselves what nations who have proven to be greedy and violent are allowed to keep on going like as if they haven’t done a thing wrong.

*Alliance System – Using the nation vs. nation system, this is where sides get chosen.  Usually such decisions are made through bribery, promises and even threats.  The UN is the ultimate alliance system, standing together for what seems like a noble cause on the outside, but dig deeper down and one can see the sinister goals that are laid out for them in order to achieve the New World Order.  Ever notice whoever stands against the UN, or simply wants nothing to do with them is painted globally as the enemy and is massacred for it?

*Regional Tensions – It’s the nation vs. nation scenario again but this one runs much deeper.  It now becomes friend vs. friend, neighbor vs. neighbor and even family vs. family.  The best way to achieve this goal is to divide people by any means necessary.  Brainwashing is the easiest and most effective method of this particular exercise as it’s easier to corrupt the mind than it is the heart.  And people hate to be wrong, so they’ll fight each other to the death if necessary just so they can win the argument.

*Imperial Ambitions – The Illuminati is the ultimate imperial force and they have a Luciferian agenda.  Their ambition is to achieve their New World Order by any means necessary and are brilliant tacticians as they use deception as their primary tool to dupe the masses in doing their bidding for them.  The formation of the United Nations is one such ambitious project the Illuminati has achieved.

Pike’s goal achieved.
This “democratic” group was carefully organized by the Illuminati to brainwash the people of this nation to turn against their government and put in place what they thought would be a better solution.

Sound familiar?
STOP ALLOWING YOURSELF TO BE FOOLED OVER AND OVER!img_nathan_mayer_rothschild_quote_fullscreenrothschilds-timeline-41-638tumblr_mayvzenTSd1r9zhbmo1_500
cops-terristeditWWI & WWII are examples of this.
***This is where I now point out that the captain of this vessel, William Thomas Turner, surprised those who’d survive this catastrophe that knew him best by taking the kind of actions he did.  For starters, knowing full well the British and Germans were at war and submarines were used in the very same waters he sailed this vessel across, he went a path he could have easily avoided that would have brought everyone safely to shore without incident.  Many veteran ship captains will argue that Turner’s actions here are questionable at best as even moderately seasoned sailors would know better than to deliberately cruise into dangerous waters when they know there are safer routes to travel.

I should also add, unlike other captains who go down with their ship, this one survived and lived to be 77 years of age.  Even to this day there is much speculation as to why the Lusitania would risk endangering the lives of citizens for a luxury cruise across the most dangerous part of the Atlantic during what the world knew at that time was the most destructive series of events in human history.

And so, shortly after the sinking of the Lusitania, guess what happens?slide_3 (1)
And look, same thing in WWII!4BBB05D4-4DF7-4EA6-BDFA-6886E7C2CAE2
42-wwii-big-onewebsite-3-638slide_3 (2)
Oh, and for Canadians….canada-is-a-commonwealthcanada-is-a-corporation-under-uk-queen

Now, here’s where I do a run on the Rothschilds, their Illuminati, the Elite 1% and how it all ties together.  Pay attention and go through it with opened eyes and a mind willing to take the incentive to do the math and figure it out.  We’ve all been deceived and you are no exception to this stone cold fact.

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Whether you agree with it or not, you’d be a fool to blindly ignore the possibility that the deception crippling mankind runs deeper than you think.  It’s nothing short of brilliant because this is the leading divider between people and until the veils of deceit are finally lifted where everybody finally sees through with clear eyes we will never experience that peaceful world we all claim we want so badly.


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