Oh, Canada!

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Each time there is an election the obvious division of this nation called Canada takes center stage.  This seems to be a traditional conflict that never irons itself out and all too often what we see is a revolving door of political stupidity, shared among apathetic voters who are still reluctant to make a break for that needed change they cry so much for.

In the east, mainly Ontario and Quebec, the Liberal Party of Canada dominates the active voters as this is a love affair that has existed since the democratic birth of this nation.

In the west, mainly Alberta and Saskatchewan, the Conservatives (formerly known as Progressive Conservatives) reign supreme here.  Their loyalty to this particular political faction is unwavering.

Then there is the New Democratic Party, a party that seems to have more urban supporters than rural.  There’s no real decisive east/west connection as their territorial strongholds seem to be in various regions from border to border.

Those are the top three parties in Canada that repeatedly get all the attention from media and voters and most especially during times of election or major political issues that have warranted mainstream media attention.

Even between elections you see the great divide between eastern Canadian voters, western Canadian voters, urban Canadian voters and rural Canadian voters.  None of these folks are ever on the same page when it comes to politics and how this country they call home should be run.

However, it is agreed among all Canadians that our country is in big trouble.  It is agreed nationwide that some serious changes need to be made that favors the citizens as a whole and not just an elite few.  One of the major reasons why there is such voter apathy in the first place and why so many potential voters fail to step forward and do their part is because deep down the faith in our electoral system is not what it used to be.

Each time the Liberals are in charge of the federal government it does seem like Eastern Canada, spanning from Ontario to the Maritimes, find themselves in an advantageous position over their western counterparts.  On that same note, however, the exact same thing can be said about the Conservatives as each time they’re in power the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta and Manitoba (along with the territories up north) find themselves gain while those in the east lose.

The NDP are good at creating conflict and complaining about all the problems, which plays right into the heart strings of the average Canadian who knows already that no matter who we seem to vote in it’s never a perfect solution to solve this nation’s problems.  This is how the NDP always manage to stay in the top 3, but until they come up with sound solutions that actually work, they will always play second fiddle to either the Conservatives or Liberals in the long run.

Yes, they’ve managed to get their foot through the door municipally and provincially, but history has proven over and over again that each time the NDP take over something it doesn’t take long before the people realize believing in them was a mistake.  This is why their bid to win the role of our next federal government always falls short.  Perhaps one day they will overcome this hurdle (they overcame Alberta’s dominant PC ridings in their most recent provincial election) but until that day comes the majority of the political loyalties that rest on the laps of Canadian voters will remain split between the Conservatives and Liberals.

In my opinion, not one of these political parties deserves that kind of loyalty from the Canadian voters.  All three have failed us too often in too many areas where evidence is becoming more clear that our democratic system has become flawed and outdated.  Canada has become too big and too populated and too divided.  This is not good for the country nor her people and it’s only a matter of time before we will see civil riots (and even war) on our hands between people who just cannot bring themselves to reach a common ground that benefits this nation as a whole.

Sadly, this common ground isn’t so hard to reach, but for as long as it continues to be an us vs. them scenario, nobody will be willing to go there.  Only a select few are honestly ready for this but it’s not enough to bring about the kind of change Canada truly needs if it expects to survive as a nation.

The true restoration of Canada will not happen if Liberal supporters, Conservative supporters and even NDP supporters refuse to meet in the middle and realize that working together is far more constructive than against each other.

I have family and friends that are whining about Canada being lost to Trudeau and are crying for the return of Harper and his Cons.  Most of these reside in Alberta and it’s understandable because between Trudeau and their NDP premier, Rachel Notley, Alberta is promptly and systematically getting shut down.  They know if Harper and his Cons stayed in power he’d see to it this would not happen.

Or is that so?  With OPEC now seeming to be back in business at full swing, the price of oil has plunged, thus making the much more expensive Canadian oil undesirable for the time being.  Even before Harper the oil industry within Canada, especially within Alberta’s borders, was beginning to crumble.  I actually saw the end of the Alberta oil era starting to surface as far back as 2008 and it wasn’t just my observation alone that came to that conclusion.  Workers within the oil industry, especially right in the heart of the biggest operations, saw it coming and often commenting Albertans shifted from an economic boom to a false boom.  It was only a matter of time before the corporate duct tape keeping the illusion that the fossil fuel industry that catapulted Albertans into lakes of luxury was an immortal one and nothing negative could ever happen to it.  The bubble was bursting already.  Only those who didn’t bother to pay attention didn’t see it coming and quite frankly they have themselves (and the corporate big wigs, along with Harper and his Cons) to blame.  The fault of the ailments that is plaguing the fossil fuel industry does not rest on the shoulders of Justin Trudeau and his Liberals.  In fact, they too saw the end coming and unlike the Cons they’re not living in states of denial and deceiving the public with false hope in the meantime.

However, don’t get me wrong.  I don’t exactly support Trudeau nor his Liberals either.  They have to earn that kind of trust from someone like me, someone who doesn’t just blindly follow whatever mainstream media has to say or any other so-called news source.  My number one voice I trust the most is what comes from the pit of my stomach.  It has never lied to me and I know it never will.  In my gut I feel a glimmer of hope that perhaps Trudeau and the Liberals can restore some of what Canada has lost through Harper and his Conservative regime, but at the same time there’s heartbreak that some of the promises Trudeau made has not yet come into fruition.  Whether or not they ever will be time will tell.

But, this is also one of the main problems with the Canadian Political System.  This nation is too big and too heavily populated (and too divided) to have her entire fate rest in the hands of one winning political party.  The opposing political parties honestly don’t mean a thing as they serve as nothing more than barking watchdogs for the entire time the elected federal government remains in charge.  With Harper and his Cons, even at a minority government, they were still able to ignore the pleas of Canadians and the political opposition to continually pull off one bad political policy after another.  Even before getting booted out of his PM’s chair upon election time he saw to it before leaving that certain appointments and situations affecting Canada were in place so that even with a new party taking over the right to rule the country has no choice but to continue doing things his way for the time being.

And that is wrong.  It’s a spiteful act, not a patriotic one.  Despite the intentions behind it, any appointments set by a government that just got voted out in place of a new one should instantly become null and void as the new party should not be obligated to waste time and money on something they didn’t personally arrange themselves.  However, Canadian political laws right now prevent them from doing this and this is just one area where the Canadian Political System is flawed and needs to be rectified.

Another area where Canada could really gain politically is abolishing that very political system as we know it.  The democratic voting setup is horrible and doesn’t properly calculate what the people of Canada truly wants when they cast those votes.  This is not accurate representation of Canadians and needs to be adjusted.

Also, no single party should ever have the right to dictate what they believe a nation needs.  History right here in Canada has proven that no single political party truly gets it and when the very mention of coalition government reaches their ears they ignore it.  They shouldn’t be doing this because by doing so they’re flat out telling the people they know better than everybody else and is unwilling to meet in the middle with anybody.  In all honesty, people, that’s not leadership.  That’s called tyranny.  A tyrant does what he wants and couldn’t care less what the people think or how his decision will affect each and every one of them.  Harper got away doing this for over a decade and overall, Canada suffered greatly for it.  This last election showed just how fed up Canadians were and isn’t it interesting the only people that still favored Harper after all that he’s done were the only ones who gained the most from them and believed they still had something to gain from his leadership?  This is proof that we have a very divided nation and that a single party government is not the answer.  It might have been once upon a time, but this is not the case anymore.

A coalition government would resemble much like an Arthur’s Round Table system where everybody has equal say and nobody has a dominant voice over the other.  Also, anything that affects the nation should be brought to the people’s attention before a decision is made.  And, when it comes time to vote in favor or against an introduced policy or change, the people should have the right to cast that vote as well.  This country belongs to her people, not just a handful of politicians who think they know better than everyone else.  Coalition governments have people working together as a unit, aiming to achieve a goal that’s beneficial to everyone.  A single party government in charge with oppositions is really a slap in the face to democracy as there’s still dictatorship-style bullying within this particular system and that’s not beneficial to Canada (or anyone) at all.

Canada needs to grow up.  Revamping our political structure is one good way to achieve that.  It shows we’d rather work together no matter what our difference are.  That’s the kind of Canada we Canadians deserve and that’s the kind our politicians need to wake up and realize is the one guarantee we have to survive as a nation.


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