Stop Voting In Stupid!

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The cliche says “You can’t fix stupid, but you can vote it out!”

Nice saying, but if you turn around and vote another brand of stupid as a replacement then perhaps the real stupidity doesn’t fall on the blame of the government itself but the voters who fail to learn from their mistakes.

Why do we keep voting in/out political parties that have proven track records of failures?  In Canada, it’s always Tories and Liberals as they revolve in and out of parliament’s top spot as if their hands are glued to this political merry-go-round.  In America, the voters act like as if no other political parties exist other than the Democrats and the Republicans.  The mere thought of giving the top prize of presidency to a so-called outsider is apparently too frightening for the masses to make the effort to embrace.

To be blunt, the people that continue this circular pattern of nowhere is genuinely stupid.  One would think a human being would wise up enough to realize that if you fail to learn from previous mistakes you are doomed to repeat them.  Sadly, not enough people are smart enough to realize this as those mistakes are made over and over again.  It shows in their personal lives and it also shows in their political decisions.

I thought the human race was supposed to be evolving, not devolving.  However, it’s becoming more apparent that we’re not nearly as bright as we’d like to think, nor as brave as we should be.  If we were, we’d stop pouring our expectations on a tiny handful of people that are clearly not qualified for the jobs they’re striving for.

As an employer, would you hire someone with zero math skills to become your accountant?  You have a car that needs to be fixed and instead of going to an experienced mechanic to do the job you hand the wrench to someone who has never so much as changed a tire.  Would you trust your small child to drive your car everywhere you go as a family?

As ridiculous as it sounds, the voters make mistakes similar to the examples I’ve just listed.  We’re handing control of our country, our lives and the lives of future generations to a handful of buffoons who have no real clue how to do the kind of jobs that need to be done in order to steer us in a safe direction that can help us fix all that is broken and do so without breaking the bank, so to speak.

Of the politicians who do have their hearts in the right place, it’s all too easy for this tiny cluster of people to get thumbed down by the Corporate Elite as it is they that are in true control of each nation that calls this world their home.  This is the stupidity that grips us all and it ultimately killing us as not enough people have realized this simple and obvious fact.

If you truly want to rescue your country from the downward spiral our politicians and their corporate sponsors have plunged us into then you have got to stop falling for their empty promises of doing a better job than their predecessors.  Stop choosing between sides that couldn’t care less about you or your family.  All those politicians that we’ve voted into and out of power are salesmen and that’s all.  They’re not our saviors and they are most certainly not what’s best for our country or your family.

You are!  We, the people, make up this world for what it is.  All those decisions we make, both good and bad, determine the direction we all go.  Don’t think for a second you’re in this just for yourself.  You are so wrong.  We are all in this together no matter how insignificant you think your role is.  The sooner you realize you have every bit as important a role to rescue our nation and the people in it as anyone else, the quicker we can all rip control away from those whom we falsely hand them to for no real good reason.

The Liberal Party and Conservative Parties of Canada don’t know what’s best for the country they claim to represent.  If they did there’d be no deficit, unemployment, poverty or even the most remote sign of division within her borders.  The same can be said between the Democrat and Republican parties of USA.  In all honesty, we have not voted stupidity out of office ever since the very birth of our nation.  And we never will for as long as we keep demonstrating that we’re still too stupid to learn from ur mistakes.  You can’t vote stupid out!  You can, however, fix stupid.

R – realize you have more power in your hands than you think!
E – everyone has a role to play and has got to learn to work together!
V – vigilantism is necessary in order to regain control of your life!
O – organize with others so you are all in this together!  Power in numbers!
L – learn facts from every angle and stop believing just one story!
U – unionize your organization with others who want the same as you!
T – trust your gut instincts as that will never lie to you!
I – independence means freedom!  Blind dependence on others is stupid!
O – only you have the right to choose for yourself!  Nobody else does!
N – no more political or corporate bullshit!  End it!


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