A Plea To Saskatchewan Voters…

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The provincial election for Saskatchewan is fast approaching and my biggest concern is the voting public making the same mistake their Alberta neighbors just did in 2015 when they chose to side with NDP and their leader, Rachel Notley.

In just a short period of time we’ve seen the province of Alberta literally get dismantled from the inside out by a very reckless and seemingly careless provincial government.  This is the price Albertans have to pay for voter apathy as the turnout was pitiful at best, making it easy for those duped by the NDP to ensure the Alberta’s worst nightmare does indeed become reality.

Now, during the election I was all for giving Rachel Notley and her NDP the benefit of the doubt as I am a left wing governmental supporter as it seem usually those who are deemed left wing have human rights issues more at heart than their opponents do.  However, what I’m witnessing taking place within Alberta is the polar opposite of what these so-called supporters of human rights claim they’re in politics for.  Their Bill 6 is a shining example that they couldn’t care less about human rights, liberties or freedoms.  Their Bill 6 paves the way for big corporations like Monsanto to railroad an already dying breed of family farms and locally run businesses who’ve exercised tried and true business practices that have worked for mankind for centuries.

Why mess with that?  Why insist every human being become coddled into a lifestyle where it feels bubblewrapped and inhuman?  It’s inhuman because it takes away the individuality of a person from being able to make their own decisions on how they wish to exercise the trade they’re most adept with?

Saskatchewan had NDP representation before switching to the Brad Wall’s Saskatchewan Party.  Based on what I saw from the results of the 2015 federal election, our province is divided virtually 50/50 between NDP and the Saskatchewan Party.  This, in my opinion, is disturbing considering how badly NDP failed Saskatchewan during their time in the driver’s seat and how badly they’re currently failing Alberta.  The NDP also failed Ontario, hence why that province is in such deep trouble.

The province of Saskatchewan cannot afford to make the same mistake Alberta or Ontario did.  If Saskatchewan brings in NDP again we’ll see Alberta’s Bill 6 materialize here.  Once that happens the farming families can kiss their way of life (and farms) goodbye as their tried and true methods that have been a family farm way of life will be compromised.  Letting your toddler grandson to ride in your John Deere tractor with you will be considered illegal.  Climbing the side of your grain bin without registered fall safety gear and training (which costs big money) can also get you arrested and fined.

Giving any NDP party the benefit of the doubt is a stupid mistake that should never be repeated by anyone.  This is a party that’s quick to point out all the problems, but fails miserably at properly resolving them in a manner that works for everyone.  Their views on how to fix the broken is misguided at best and to allow this group to lead much of anything is political suicide.

Now, are the Saskatchewan Party any better?  I’m no Brad Wall fan.  I believe he and his Saskatchewan Party is poison for this province too as this is a party that also lacks in the understanding of what human rights is supposed to be about.  They also think chasing the most unstable industry of fossil fuels is the ticket to financial freedom when this is not the case at all.  It’s a toxic, suicide run at best.  This is also a party that lacks compassion towards children (as they make unnecessary cuts into education), the sick (unnecessary cuts into medical care) and the homeless (by neglect).

With Saskatchewan’s provincial election now in our laps, Premier Brad Wall is under fire and that is to be expected.  When a political leader fails in areas that’s ripe for the picking the opposition are going to use this to their advantage.  This is something the NDP excels at and why people repeat the mistake of falling for their rhetoric.

That failure to remember the past mistakes of those who’ve failed us is always repeated over and over again by voters.  It showed in the 2015 federal election when too many voters fell for the promises Justin Trudeau and his Liberals campaigned.  Too many voters seemed to have forgotten that the Liberals were hurled out of office back in 2006 by Stephen Harper and his Conservatives for good reason.  Now that we’re seeing the failure of those Liberal-promoted promises come to light, the fire is lit to bring the Cons back into power come the next federal election.  Again, this is another mistake the Canadian voters seem all to willing to doom themselves with.

We’re also seeing this in the 2016 federal election in USA.  It’s once again a coin toss between their Democrats and Republicans.  Sadly, the voters there are stuck in the exact same rut our Canadian version is in and that’s refusing to open their eyes wide enough to see that there are better options out there they can exercise.

I make it no secret I’m a Green Party supporter.  I was even asked to represent the Greens on a provincial level and at first I agreed, but had to back out for a variety of reasons that I’m not willing to go into full detail just yet.  My faith is in the Greens as I see them as a more righteous version of all the Conservative-style parties that exist within the country of Canada.  Strangely enough, this party has far more in common with Brad Wall’s Saskatchewan Party than one realizes and has policies that even mirrored Stephen Harper and his Conservatives.

One could ask how I make that kind of observation when it was clear the Greens opposed fossil fuel resources while Harper (and Wall) are still bent on pouring all their energy on supporting it?  The reason is simple.  Harper (and Wall) favored fossil fuels because they saw the profits stemming from it.  However, where Harper (and Wall) lacked in their vision was seeing only financial profit.  They failed to pay attention to the bigger picture and this is where the Greens have advantage over them and are actually more conservative minded than they are.

The Greens also see fossil fuels as financially profitable, but also see that without proper handling of this particular resource the costs against our environment and end-result way of life is too high to pay.  This is a huge reason why the Greens favor renewable energy resources as they not only see the financial gains that come from it, but environmental and way of life gains as well.

A true conservative glares down the path of possibilities and refuses to compromise the pursuit of exploiting those possibilities by outside influence that think they know better.  A true conservative also rely heavily on saving what they can while on that pursuit.  Unfortunately for Brad Wall and his Saskatchewan Party and Stephen Harper and his Conservative Party, they spent more time chasing dollar signs and not enough time saving in key areas that’s every bit as important as booming our economy.

The New Democratic Party and Liberal Party do not have these traits at all.  They try to go what they think is a humanitarian way to run things but desperately fail in this regard as each of them are too short-sighted for their own good.  For every one positive move they make at least ten bad ones in the process.   I often refer to political parties like these as Rubbermaids as the ground they often stand on appears solid enough but in truth they never stand behind their convictions strong enough to justify the leadership roles they’ve been given.

This is why you’ll never see any Conservative supporter side with these guys.  Conservatives, right or wrong, take a stand and stick with it.  They are the most stubborn people you will ever encounter, both politically and socially.  When Stephen Harper and his Conservatives lost the election it came as no surprise at all that their supporters came out swinging (and crying) and will continue to do so until this wrong has been rectified.  I made it very clear I was no Stephen Harper fan and I was hopeful that the Conservatives would be kicked out.  That wasn’t easy for me to do because I am a conservative by heart.

If it wasn’t for the Green Party I likely would still be in the Conservative camp because I most definitely do not believe in the Liberals nor NDP.  In all honesty, I don’t 100% support any single political party that exists today.  Each of them have flaws, even the Greens despite the fact I am in their camp and will support them.

It’s easy for me to support the Greens because these are who the Conservatives were before corporate corruption and political puppetry took them over.  Unlike the NDP (whom they broke away from) they do more than just pick on the problems they see before them.  They work on solutions.  Unlike the Liberals, whatever stand they make about something is one they will not deter from due to corporate/political pressures poured upon them.

The Greens, especially in Saskatchewan, understand what made Canada great in the first place was the pioneering spirit of those who call this country their home.  It doesn’t matter to them if you were born here or migrated here from another nation.  We are, region for region, border to border, in this together and what the Greens represent is decisive unity.  This is something the then Progressive Conservatives (before Harper took the Progressive part out) once upon a time stood for.  This is something Brad Wall’s Saskatchewan Party should be standing for as well but they don’t.

Decisive unity is something the Liberals nor NDP will ever stand for.  Both of those parties are too wishy-washy to truly represent any portion of this country the way it needs to be.  Here in Canada, including Saskatchewan, this lack of true leadership is unacceptable.  The Conservative supporters know this.  The Green supporters know this.  But clearly, not enough of Canada realizes this and that’s why we keep going in circles that literally lead us nowhere except further down into a pit that’s becoming increasingly difficult to climb out of.

I hope, as Saskatchewan’s political battle carries on that the people of the province vote wisely and not repeat the same mistakes Alberta just made.


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