Liberal Let Down

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I saw it coming long before the 2015 federal election in Canada was over, despite the fact I was still hopeful of a different outcome.  Even when the Justin Trudeau and his Liberals won in October a part of me was still hopeful that even there, this political party would surprise even the most Conservative skeptics that they’re not so bad after all.

So far we have been proven wrong.  Although it comes as no surprise to me that the Liberals would let the Canadian people down with promises that remain unfulfilled, I do have to admit just how quickly they’re throwing the citizens of this nation under the bus without any true regard to what they’re doing.

Many voters (mistakenly) looked to the young, seemingly idealistic Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Party as the political saviors to rescue Canada.  Between promises of legalizing marijuana and working on the ridiculous debts the Cons racked during their time in office what we’ve so far seen is once again failure to follow through on promises that played key roles in the Liberals being able to squash the Conservatives into a very distant second place in parliamentary seats.

Although I’m in agreement with the Liberal Party’s decision to bring in Syrian refugees from a homeland that was wrongfully accused and attacked due to falsified news brought to you by the puppeteered mainstream media sources, I am not in agreement with the methods being used.  I most certainly don’t agree with the expense of it as most of it is squandered on individuals who are making a ridiculous amount of money at the expense of the Canadian taxpayer.  That money has a long list of recipients that are more deserving and sadly, all that is once again being overlooked.

People are brought to believe Syrians are terrorists when the truth of the matter is they’re not.  In fact, they’ve been victimized far more severely than anything we’ve ever seen hit any given nation throughout the world.  The main reason why Syria is always under fire is because they’ve always stood up to the real evils of this world.  They’re not the only ones, but the most tenacious and this is the real reason why Stephen Harper, his Cons and those who chose to target Syria, using the ISIS excuse chose to obliterate them almost clean off the map.

If people are worried about Syrian refugees committing acts of terrorism within our borders they should be.  We had a government that deliberately committed war crimes without due cause and although the banner colors of that government has since changed, the evidence of what happened is still there. I don’t know about you, but if somebody turned my homeland into a heap of waste I would be angry too and to simply forgive and forget would not be in the books.  It’d take time and much healing.

That can only be accomplished through compassion and this is where the Liberal Party of Canada does excel in, but their flaw is a clouded judgement where that compassion is only as effective as the means exercised to make the most out of it.  The Liberals are dropping the ball on this one as that compassion seems to only be extended to “outsiders” and not towards those who have the power to decide whether or not they deem them worthy to be re-elected the next time voters go to the polls.

If the Liberals don’t smarten up in this regard alone their odds to get see a 2nd term with Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister of Canada will be greatly reduced.  The most loyal supporters of the Conservatives are already going to war by any means necessary to tear both the Liberals and NDP apart.  Don’t underestimate the Cons and their supporters.  Dividing people and forcing them to question their loyalty is something they’re very good at.

Another area where the Liberals are really dropping the ball is their stance on the marijuana legalization they promised during the election.  Now they’ve figured out that doing so would violate some treaties.  Well, they have the power to amend those treaties in a manner that could still be a win-win for everyone and this is something they should really consider doing if they expect to run the nation for more than just a few short years.  This alone scored them many of the votes they needed to take Stephen Harper and his Cons out and by failing to fulfill this particular promise may be poison that will cause the Liberals to implode and fall back into 2nd place as the Cons will likely once again pass them in the next Canadian election

Also, people are waiting for Justin Trudeau and his Liberals to reconsider the T.P.P. (Trans-Pacific Partnership) so that the rights of individual Canadians are not compromised.  Already many still feel betrayed about the Liberals siding with the Cons to pass the controversial bill of C-51.  That, by the way, is another issue the Canadians are waiting on Justin and his gang to follow through with the promise of serious amendments that put some freedoms back into the corners of individual Canadians.

Those within the fossil fuel industry already knew once Justin Trudeau and his Liberals got in that their jobs and lifestyle would be on the line.  With Rachel Notley and her reckless NDP now running Alberta we see evidence of what will clearly by the catalyst to a major Canadian recession that will do more than hurt the west.  Unless the Liberals get on the ball and do something productive that will stop this from happening fast, Canada as a nation will suffer greatly.



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