Back In The Food Fight

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The first half of 2015 saw me do some major changes to my dietary choices.  The biggest choice was cutting myself off any Genetically Engineered/Modified foods as much as I could as I came to realize this was the most likely cause to why I had battled ailments throughout most of my life.  I was doing really good.

Then, I started to calm down with my fight against the food giants and figured a little bit wouldn’t be so bad.  Before I knew it, that little bit once again dominated my grocery shopping list and by the end of the second half of 2015 I found myself reverting back to my old ways.

Doing so was a big mistake as all those ailments have come back.  In fact, as I’m writing this particular blog I took the can of Pepsi I had just opened and bowed my head in shame.  I fought so hard to break away from my nemesis, only to be drinking it as if it were water again.  Needless to say, I swiftly dealt with the problem instead of kidding myself with the “one day soon” lie I was telling myself.  I dumped the contents of the can into the sink and purged myself of this toxic drink as I know deep down I want no part of it.  I never did, but fell back into a pattern I fought so hard to avoid.

I don’t think I’m the only one, but considering how determined I was to beat the GMO monsters and how eager I was to blast off about my disdain for countries, people and politicians who still think GMOs are a good thing I actually feel like a hypocrite for not being strong enough to stay on course.

But, I’m back in the fight again.  This time around more determined than ever to not fall down a 2nd time.  Although I know it’s not possible to be 100% GMO free with how the world is working right now, but I do know I can limit how much of it I’m willing to have it be a part of my dietary life.

I actually don’t mind the setback as it has taught me some valuable lessons.  For starters, never take anything for granted.  I was doing so well and then I started messing myself up in July of 2015 when we went on vacation.  It was while on the road I began to falter and never did recover from that.  I had good intentions that once I got home I’d go back on track, but never did it as I always found excuses not to.  When I look back I shake my head how badly I dropped the ball there.

However, I could punish myself for it and whine without results, or just get back on my feet and start over.  That is what life is about.  We never get it perfect the first time around and the whole point behind being human is the ability to learn from our mistakes so we can move forward in that quest to become better people from the inside out.

It’s not January 1, 2016 but it is the first day of the rest of my life.  What I do from this day forth, especially as I embark on this food fight challenge, determines what my tomorrow will be like and that’s all I can do.  That’s all any of us can do.


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