Wake Up Saskatchewan

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It’s been a very long time since I’ve posted anything on my blog site.  However, with the provincial election for Saskatchewan fast approaching (April 4, 2016) and seeing how the voters still seem to give overwhelming support to Brad Wall and his Saskatchewan Party I felt I had to come out of the shadows again in hopes to jolt enough people awake to the reality that we are living in the most dangerous era of mankind’s timeline and by favoring those who consistently put us in harm’s way just for personal gain as an elite few profit from our misery.

You, the voter, have got to stop blindly supporting those who care nothing about you.  They only pretend to care, but actions speak louder than words and all the actions that Brad Wall and his Saskatchewan Party has performed has been against the overall interest of the people who just happen to live in the province they’re supposed to represent.  All the “good” they’ve done for Saskatchewan are short-term solutions designed to distract the masses into corralled stupidity while they carry out the agendas they don’t tell their voters about.

Brad Wall, the Sask Party, and even the political parties that have represented Canada on federal levels for the past two decades never have and never will have the best intentions to do for whom they represent the way they’re supposed to.  Their true aspirations lie within the desire to please only an elite few who literally pay them off to serve dubious corporate agendas that put profit before people.  This is a deadly game that has always resulted in catastrophic consequences that span as far back as the earliest days of mankind’s timeline.  The biggest victims are always the “little people” whom in this case is every man, woman and child who are caught in the cesspool of corruption that continually pours more poison into it each and every single day.

We have a provincial election where Brad Wall and his Sask Party are out to prove that the NDP of Saskatchewan regards the biggest backbone of this province (the farmers) as stupid people who got what they deserved in regards to the blatant giveaway of the Canadian Wheat Board by Harper’s hands when he and his Cons abused their authority during their time as Canada’s official government.

What many voters may not realize is that Brad Wall and his Sask Party feel the same way about the people of Saskatchewan.  However, they don’t just limit their conceited attitudes towards farmers.  This is a very racist political party that mocks ethnic groups of every kind, plus skin color and even good old basic human values.  They’ve even gone as far as making fun of their own unjustified popularity by suggesting (they’ll never admit it directly on camera) the average voter is too apathetic and clueless to fully understand what they’re doing.

The Sask Party and their leader, Brad Wall, peg on you, the Saskatchewan voter to be stupid enough to continue buying the garbage they’re selling you as to why they should still have control of a province that is in far deeper trouble than they dare to admit.  You, the Saskatchewan voter, have got to realize we’ve got a political party that’s carrying a very important torch they treat as a kid’s toy.

Since the Sask Party has been in control, they’ve reduced the quality of this province’s medical care, educational facilities, and the environment.  In exchange, the provincial debt has climbed to new heights (despite having a rainbow fund they supposedly raised) and a narrow-minded view as to what would make Saskatchewan prosperous, but not to the people of this province, but rather to an elite few who are the true beneficiaries of Wall’s government.

The spending habits of Brad Wall and his Sask Party is reckless at best.  They say it’s to benefit Saskatchewan but how does it benefit the people when the money is constantly going out instead of being kept within?  How does it benefit the people when farmers are regarded as stupid cattle and seem to have zero say in helping maintain or even improve the agricultural trade?  How does it stand to be beneficial when that very same agricultural trade has the power to replace the oil industry by bringing forth proven successful means of energy conservation and usage, but is continually ignored?

We have a provincial government in place that has tunnel vision and is staring down a path that is not productive.  It’s not to the benefit of the people they’re supposed to represent nor will it ever be.  If we’ve got a province crying for change as they know the Sask Party is doing them wrong, then why even consider voting them back in?  Is it because you think there is only one other political party to choose and it’s not the one we want either?

The NDP is a shipwreck even at the best of times.  In actuality, if Notley and her NDP hadn’t made a shambles out of Alberta in record time there’s a good bet the NDP could have won Saskatchewan back.  However, Notley’s disasterous government is only helping Wall and his Sask Party secure their positions and this does not bode well for Saskatchewan at all.

What disappoints me most about the average voter is they also have narrow minds it seems.  Instead of taking leaps of faith towards political parties that have yet to be tested to see if they’re up for the challenges they say they’re ready for, they continue to vote in and out political parties that have proven track records of failure.

Stop doing that!  If you want change, then that change has to be made completely.  It’s not change when it’s a revolving door (Liberals/Cons on a federal level, NDP/Cons on provincial levels) of limitations.

For those who know where I’m going with this, you know I’m favoring the Green Party.  I will never back a political party 100%, but I will support a party that appears to be every bit as hungry for change as those who want the same thing are.  I will support people who’ve proven (even without the political might) that they do indeed care and will stop at nothing to replace the negative with as many positives as they can find.  This is something the Green Party does.  Even without the so-called political experience, this is a group of people who literally dare to care and literally do put people before profit – but still make it profitable.  However, unlike the Sask Party, they don’t do it for self-profit, they share the wealth.

Since Brad Wall and his Sask Party, sharing the wealth is something they don’t do with the people of this province.  They only do this amongst themselves and the elite few they choose to represent.  They care nothing about you nor your family.  If you are stricken with life-threatening cancer and have to wait an unacceptable amount of time for treatment they won’t care.  They’re not going to care if your child becomes homeless because he was orphaned due to your death at such a young age and nobody was able to take care of him.

They’re actually shipping the homeless out of province so they become someone else’s problem instead of honing up to the responsibilities they should be stepping up to.

Through Brad Wall and his Sask Party we don’t have leaders.  We have tyrants.  We have jerks abusing their authority by any means necessary who also have the nerve to laugh in your face as they do it.  If this is the political party you still wish to favor despite all this then shame on you.  You’re no better than they are and you do indeed prove to both the Sask Party and the NDP that you are indeed every bit as stupid as they peg you to be.

The smart will fight for better.  I’m hoping you opt for smart and choose not to side with those who continually fail to see you for the true potential you possess.


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