The Ideal Premier of Saskatchewan

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This would be a premier that doesn’t put the interests of corporations ahead of people.  It would also be a premier that realizes true profit comes from forming a strong community by uniting everyone under the single banner that focuses on working together for common causes we can all basically agree on.

A true leader works on the strengths of everyone and finds a way to bind it as a powerful force that cannot be denied.  A true leader also works with the weaknesses of everyone and finds a way to bind that as a strength that perhaps nobody considered before.

If I were premier of Saskatchewan, the first thing I would do is make it clear to the people who voted for me that I appreciate them taking the leap of faith to believe in me enough to give me a chance.  I would also thank the people who didn’t vote for me who chose to stick with what they believed in, even if their views don’t agree with mine.  I’m not there to serve a select few.  I’m there to serve everyone because being held responsible for the fate of an entire province is a service that should be treated with the greatest regard.  It should never be treated as a joke or an opportunity to abuse power for some kind of personal gain.

Also as premier, I would give each political party equal say to everything that concerns the province.  Just because me and the party I represent won doesn’t mean we’re instant know it alls.  It means we’re the ones that have to answer for ourselves as we represent the province and I honestly believe this is a boat for everyone to sail equally.  If you want me to break it down further it’s simple; Round Table System.

Each political party and their leader would have equal say about every matter.  However, in order for this to be a significant set up there’s one more party that needs to be invited.  I call them the Public Party and these are the everyday people who live within the province of Saskatchewan and call this place their home.  They would have full, open access to every political meeting that takes place and would have full access to information that includes provincial expenses and incomes as they have a right to know what’s coming in and what’s going out.  It’s their province, not just mine.  This action alone would be my way of telling everyone I acknowledge this and respect this.  I have nothing to hide and neither does the people within my provincial government.

If I were premier one of the first tasks I would do is take a real good look at the oil industry and other fossil fuels our current government so lovingly embraces.  What makes it so special that makes it okay to have the kinds of decisions made that have been more than just mildly controversial?  At the same time, as premier, clean up measures to restore what we can where our environment is concerned would be top priority.  Those clean up measures would include forcing corporations to hone up to their responsibilities for as long as they wish to do business within our province.  This would not be done by force, but by negotiations that would best serve everybody.  If it turns out such a corporation opts not to cooperate, that particular corporation could very well see things becoming harder for them until they either come around or leave.  Either way, Saskatchewan needs team players who put their interests before mere profit.  What Saskatchewan doesn’t need are greedy jerks who care nothing about anything other than themselves.

Another top task would be installing a guaranteed income program where even when unemployed, enough funds are allocated per household to be able to afford the basic needs of shelter, food, clothing and key services that cannot be ignored.  This guaranteed income program would also be accompaned by a guaranteed employment program where each business, no matter how small or large they are, must have a minimum staff roster of 99% instead of trying to find a solution to eliminate the human workforce to avoid paying wages and wind up favoring computerized systems instead.  I’ve got nothing against computers, but I do have something against layoffs by any business who fails to understand that without people they’d be nothing.

In addition to a guaranteed income there would also be a guaranteed housing program where not one person would be living on the streets if it can be helped.  There is a number of abandoned buildings, both commercial and residential, that can be utilized by those who need it.  And how this is paid for would not be at the expense of the taxpayer.  Those who opt to have a roof over their head, plus qualify for the guaranteed income program must pitch in by either taking on the task of keeping the place clean or at least help out fulfilling needs their neighbors may require or even engage in a volunteer work program in areas that best suit their interests.  There’s always a big cry for volunteers and virtually nobody willing or able to get involved.  By at least giving the homeless a place to stay and an opportunity to become involved we’re giving them the opportunity to help them feel better about themselves and move forward with their lives.

In addition to these ideas as premier I would also encourage the people of the province to engage in “going green” projects where the most progressive groups would receive whatever funding they need in order to take their projects to a level that would not just benefit the people of Saskatchewan, but perhaps all of Canada as well.  The expense poured into something of this magnitude would see a profitable return where the consumption of expensive fossil fuels would be reduced (and hopefully eliminated) and the demand to bring such talent to a global level would put this province in a position where everyone stands to profit.  The profits would no longer be subject to a select few as such a program in mind would see an equalized shareholder program for every citizen that lives in Saskatchewan as a full, permanent resident.  This shareholder program would see money put into trust funds for children as young as infants to seniors as seemingly old as time itself.  Nobody would be singled out due to race, religion or skin color.

I’m not a political genius, nor do I have the experience level most politicians do, but I’m rather thankful for that because those so-called geniuses and political veterans are proving to be disasterous for the people and we are overdue to change this.

I’m not running in any political party, nor is my name on the ballot to become premier.  However, if I was in that kind of position and given the chance to run this province I would definitely go out of my way to make sure everyone got the best possible service they could get out of me so that we could literally become the envy of every other province in this country.


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