Bringing Walls Down

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It’s not easy to wake up one day and realize everything you thought you knew to be true was not.  It’s just as difficult to stay awake in a world that seems bent on staying asleep as you try to nudge as many people as you can to break through the veils of deceit and see the bigger picture that’s literally staring each of them down in the face.

It’s easier to keep the eyes closed, the ears covered up and the mouth shut than it is to focus, listen and dare to speak up, especially during times where it matters most.  It’s not easy to break down the walls of uniformed conformity.  Doing so means knowing how, where and when to knock each brick of bullshit that is determined to block your view from the light of truth that sits just in front of you.  And it’s not just these walls you have to tear down and keep down, but the obstacle course that is designed to prevent you from reaching the truths you need to learn for yourself in order to develop a better understanding of who you really are, who put you here and where your true destiny really lies.

Right now as it stands, there are forces on this earth, in your world, that don’t want you to know who you really are.  They want you to be distracted with petty details that seem important such as names, religion and traditions that have been adopted and altered since the dawn of mankind.  These same distractions have us divided to fully understand who put us here and what our true destinies really are.  There is not a human being on this earth that can honestly admit that they’ve never fallen for these distractions because right from birth we’re plagued with them.  It starts with a name, which is then followed by teachings from those who don’t know any better themselves as it was also taught to them.  The cycle continues and sadly, the majority of the human population fails to see the suicide run for what it really is.

Of the tiny few who come to realize the vicious circle they’re on is full of lies and deceit there are fewer still who are successfully able to escape it.  For as long as this world remains in the hands of those bent on destroying everyone in it, there is truly no way out.  The fact that the masses still falls for the deception and refuses to look at the light of truth for more than just a fraction of a second is proof of this.  They, in fact, regard the tiny few who have woken up and attempted to sound alarm bells as crackpots who should be flogged, locked up and even put to death.

History, regardless of how factual or fictional they are, has shown this over and over again. When you take the biblical approach, Jesus Christ was one of those select few who had eyes wide awake, ears that would listen and a voice that would dare to speak out despite knowing he was surrounded by conformists who were too blinded to understand reason.  Because of this, Jesus Christ was hunted down, captured, tortured and finally put to death.  In that entire time his captors went to great lengths to force him to discredit even himself and what he believed in.  And sadly, the masses favored whatever their governing rulers and priests had to say instead of making the effort to think for a moment and figure out the truths for themselves.

We are still like this today.  Too many blindly follow what mainstream media tells us, thinking it’s news that is 100% factual.  Too many still fall for the lies political parties tell them when they fight for the votes of those who have the power to hand them total rule over their designated population.  Very few people stop to think they’re being lied to.  The biggest reason for this is too many people allow their personal vanities distract them from the realization that none of us are nearly as smart as we’d like to think.

Going down the path of history again, let’s look at mankind’s timeline, going as far back as Genesis itself, starting with Adam and Eve.  This couple fell for the lies of a serpent who convinced them they’d be better off biting into the forbidden fruit, otherwise known as knowledge so that they’re not stuck in the dark otherwise known as life.  Whether you look at this particular story from a biblical point of view or not is irrelevant at this point as the clear message here is people fell for the lie that a “shortcut” is a better road to take than the “scenic” one.  In their quest to be in such a hurry to wherever it was they were going, they failed to see and appreciate what is around them.

People are always doing this.  How many times have you taken what’s deemed to be a shortcut, only to realize you were probably better off staying on a road you either already know or has been proven to be safe?  This analogy also applies to life choices as all too often people tend to take shortcuts.  They’re so eager to rush their way to the top that they fail to take in all the wonderment along the way.  Evidence of this is shown in mankind’s timeline, both on individual and society wide levels.

I know this because I’ve been one of those people.  I’m very competitive (and vain) by nature and I’ve come to learn we all are.  This is the kind of world we’ve been born into as this was a choice that was made for mankind right from the beginning.  Over the course of history people have been sculpted to behave a certain way, think a certain way and flat out conform to whatever mold we’re told to fit into.

As a kid, I often had nightmares of people locked in rooms where all around us are just walls.  There’s no windows and no sign of a door.  Before long these walls start to close in and there was no way out except to literally wake up.  I always woke up before those walls were successfully able to crush me into oblivion.  Now as an adult, I look back and find how oddly similar those old dreams reflect on how I see the world today.  Even in that dream, as a kid, I urged the people around me stuck within that same room as me to snap out of whatever trance it was they were in.  I do remember I was the only one alert from the beginning there was a problem.  The others didn’t figure out until just shy of me waking up to escape getting crushed.  For them, as far as I knew, it was too late.

I see that now, today.  I’m awake and I see the walls closing in around us.  I’m trying to wake as many people as I can, and I know I’m not alone in doing this.  However, there’s so few of us that we’re still not heard.  We’re ridiculed by those too vain to realize they’ve been just as easily deceived as we are, and we’re ignored by those too scared to wake up at all.

I’m still hopeful, however.  Even though those walls are indeed closing in on all of us, I still like to believe enough people will wake up and join in on the fight to tear those walls of deceit down so we can finally claim the birthright that has been stolen from all of us by those who don’t deserve it.


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