Blind Vision

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Sadly, too many people don’t see the writing on the wall even as it stares them right in the face.  I should know because I have been one of those people.  The biggest problem is too many of us are still in states of slumber, blindly choosing to believe that whoever is in charge of the people aren’t doing anything wrong.  This belief system has proven to be a flawed one as history repeatedly demonstrates the lack of vision shared by leaders and followers alike has resulted in one rise and collapse of a society after another.

Our society, regardless of what corner of the world you live in, is heading for an imminent collapse.  It’s unavoidable.  There is far too much going wrong and still far too many people living in a bubble of deceit and denial that once this bubble bursts, not only will we see nations fall apart on a worldwide scale, but the very survival of humanity on the brink as well.

This was almost achieved during World War II, but the brains and brawn behind this war were ahead of their time.  Or were they?  The end result of this war saw the creation of Israel as a state (or some refer to as nation/country) and the herding of a people the public refer to as Palestinians into the Gaza Strip.  Since then, the conflict between these two sides has raged on with the advantage heavily favoring the Israelis as they continue to bully the people of the one nation who sees these Israelites for who they truly are.  Sadly, the rest of the world doesn’t and until that day comes this corner of the world will remain unsettled until either A) the truth finally comes out and we do something about it or B) there’s nobody left to fight anymore due to the extinction of the human race as a whole.

This little story is just a tiny sample of how easily duped the masses really are.  While a select few seemed to break away from this blind vision we’ve been railroaded by mainstream media and their corporate sponsors, the vast majority still don’t get it.  Until this changes, mankind is indeed facing option B) where there’ll be nobody left to not just fight anymore, but understand just how badly we as a race screwed up and caused our very own species to become extinct.

That infamous cliche “The Good Guys Always Win” is false.  The good guys don’t always win.  They’re usually bad guys painted as good guys to convince the masses to rally behind them, each of them failing to realize they’re in bed with devils and demons all along.  The only good guys who are victorious are those in fictional broadcasts and even there they don’t always win.  The bad guys always find a way to resurface.

There have indeed been good guys in mankind’s timeline that have proved their worth, but as those of us who have clearer vision of what’s really going on, unless the masses clue in just how much danger we’re all really in and that time is rapidly running out, those victories the real good guys did pull off will be in vain.

There are powers in place that are in key positions to tear humanity apart, right down to the last child.  Their intent is to wipe out over 90% of the global population and they’re doing a very good job keeping everyone in the dark about their true intentions.  Of those who wake up and see what’s going on they’re instantly ridiculed by the masses who are too blind (or scared) to see it and silenced by those powers who come to regard such whistleblowers as a threat.

Why is it Edward Snowden cannot even return home to his own country?  Why do you think John F Kennedy was assassinated just days after warning the public about a secret society out to destroy them all?  Why do you think his son mysteriously vanished as soon as he reached an age where he could have picked up where his father started?  Each and every time a real good guy comes forward to save they are discredited and silenced by any means necessary.  This even happened to Jesus Christ during his day.  There’s far more to the story than him just dying for our sins.  Those exact same powers, the very same who rule us today, are quick to take out any form of threat that prevents them from achieving their New World Order scheme.

We, to this day, still play out the Adam & Eve storyline told in the Book of Genesis.  Each of us, just like that infamous couple, continue to embrace the Tree of Knowledge, failing to realize this is what’s blinding all of us to the multitude of truths staring us in the face.  That term “knowledge is power” also has a sidekick term known as “power corrupts” and is followed by “absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

That is the kind of legacy the Tree of Knowledge has.  Whether you’re into the biblical texts or not, the very irony that no matter how evolved the human race thinks they are the truth of the matter is we haven’t advanced at all.  All we’ve done is make the madness going on in this world spin faster and grant more power to those who don’t deserve it. We haven’t achieved true knowledge, people.  All we’ve done is learn the lies, accept the lies, live with the lies and teach those same lies without giving it any thought.  That is not the tactic of an intelligent person.  That’s the behavior of a brainwashed puppet.

Those who opt for the Tree of Life are very few and far between.  Every obstacle known to man is thrown in the way because this is where the real knowledge sits.  If a person just learns to live and treat life for the jewel it really is, this is where true evolvement begins. The path to this particular way of life is far harder to take and stay on because too few people are truly willing to go there.  I am trying, but even I get distracted as I can constantly feel the tugging to steer me off course.  I’ve tripped and stumbled, but I stay focused.  It’s a lonely road to take because most people don’t want to go there.  It’s easier to stay with a pack of blind wolves then it is to trek forward like a lonesome dove.

The powers in charge hate life.  They also hate people.  It’s in their belief system that this entire world belongs only to them and the rest of us, which is 99% of the world’s population, have no value.  And sadly, until all of that 99% wake up and realize this, those powers in charge are so far proving themselves to be right.  We all have got to wake up and fight back so that we can prove them wrong.


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