Payback Is A….

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Given light of how the story behind the Panama Papers only confirms just how truly filthy the super rich really are, it comes as no surprise so many caught in this scandal are once again fleeing from their responsibility to do their part as members of the human race.

It makes no difference if you have a billion dollar bank account or barely make enough to cover your food bill.  When that final curtain falls down and your story of life is over, whatever you’ve accumulated in your lifetime cannot come with you.  Leaving behind a legacy for your children, if you have any, involves far more than just monetary value.  It includes what kind of people those you leave behind choose to be.  Those choices are going to weigh heavily on what kind of person you have been.  If you’ve lived your life as a tyrant, thinking you’re so much better than everybody else simply because you have more than the average person this vain attitude is going to be passed to those who’ve been taught to believe this is how a person is to live their life.  This is the personality of a shallow character that has no true sense of what it means to be a human being.  Of the few who are smart enough to realize this is not the way to live, they’ll regard how you’ve lived your life as a joke and pass on to those around them how foolish you have been.  Either way, that legacy you’ve left behind still carries the same message; you’re a pompous ass that put greed before grace.  Your lust for power and all the riches in the world had you drowning in a pool of self-righteous bullshit that has poisoned you and all around you from the inside out.  Your inability to do what’s right has been influenced by your vanity as that plateau you’ve placed yourself on is every bit as plastic as you are.  No matter how strong you make that plastic, sooner or later time will take it out of existance and all that effort you’ve poured into your “legacy” will be for nothing.  Not even your chlidren, in the end, will be able to save what you’ve left behind – including themselves.

The best kind of legacy anyone can leave behind has nothing to do with monetary value. In truth, money has NO VALUE!  The only reason it’s as important in people’s lives as it is today is because the collection of tyrants have engineered it so.  And, blindly, the masses have fallen for it because their governments have said so.  Every man, woman and child is snared in a vicious trap that none can escape on their own.  It has to be a unified effort on a global scale to send a message to the banking cartel that we, the 99%, have more value even with empty pockets than all that so-called wealth the Elite 1% thinks they’ve accumulated.

Going biblical, Jesus complained about a fruitless olive tree.  Guess what, people?  We are those trees he’s referring to!  Legacies are the fruit that is bore from who each of us are as a person.  The best kind of legacy is teaching each generation how important it is to value life on all fronts.  We are all connected, no matter if you have lint only in your pockets or a fat wallet.  How we treat each other dictates how future generations will treat each other once we’re gone.

What the super-rich doesn’t realize is in order for them to survive they have to stay connected to the human race and stop thinking they’re above the 99%.  They are not, nor will they ever be.  This is the lack of fruit Jesus refers to.  Even if you don’t have a biblical belief in your psyche, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that we are all in this world together and in order to survive we have to work with each other.  This means all of us, regardless if you’re in the Elite 1% category of the 99% one.

One way or the other, the super-rich have got to pay back what they owe.  And no, not just money, but absolutely everything they’ve robbed from the 99%.  Make no mistake, the Elite STOLE the places they’re in right now.  And although I highly doubt any of them will lift a finger to make amends now, sooner or later they’ll have to.  No doubt the banking cartel will go to great lengths to protect themselves and the Elite – but more veils of deceit are finally getting lifted and more people are realizing what a farce our society as a whole has become.  This will make it harder for them to escape their final fate – which amplifies once again a biblical quote about the “meek inheriting the earth” and those super-rich will have nothing, not even what’s left of their own soul to their name.

Perhaps this could be why they go to great lengths to destroy it.  Between Monsanto, Bayer, and all those connections the Elites are tied to, they’ve been killing this earth and everything on it.  Valuable resources are depleted to emergency levels worldwide and is fast-tracking our world into one final big battle that will wipe out the majority of the population.  What they fail to understand is they won’t be the lucky minority to survive.  They are targets, and the bullseye on their backs are getting larger upon the discovery of each new atrocity they’ve been connected to.

The New World Order those super-rich are killing all in their path for won’t be theirs for long.  Most of them won’t even live long enough to see it, of that I’m certain.  The Elites lack empathy, even towards each other and they will turn on each other like rabid dogs because this is who they are.  This is their legacy – something of which they’ve taught from one generation to the other.  All they know is hate, greed, lust and vanity as their slothful behavior continues to have them indulge in luxuries each have taken for granted and none deserve.  Sooner or later, that bitch called payback will be forced upon them and the 99% will be more than ready to take it.


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