Circus, Circus

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Politics, plain and simple, is a circus act.  Is always has been and it always will be.  What may start out as noble intentions always has a weak spot somewhere that makes it easy for corruption to sneak an and do it’s dirty work.  For the most part, people don’t see it coming or are in denial when it first happens.  Main reason is we’re a trusting folk and want to believe we can trust those who say they have our best interest at heart.  When evidence comes to light that this is clearly not the case and we’ve been deceived, it’s hard to swallow that pill of reality.

So, in attempts to rectify the problems we turn to so-called solution solvers who vow to do better than those currently in charge.  Call it the political opposition if you will, but bottom line is there’s always somebody who thinks they can do a better job than the one who is currently doing it.

In many cases this is true, but in the case of politics all the masses continue to witness is once deceiftul political party after another dupe the masses into thinking nobody else is better qualified to handle the nation’s most trying issues than their collective band of banner wavers who belongs to some kind of named collective.  They prey on the average human being’s most pressing concerns and manipulate them into thinking once voted into power they’ll resolve them.  All too often the public, after voting the party they believed in into power, they realize that promise was a lame one at best.

Quite frankly, politicians are salesmen and nothing more.  In order for them to win an election they have to earn your vote.  In so doing they will do whatever it takes to win your trust, just like a keen salesperson would do the same.  If successful, a salesman earns his/her commission.  In the case of politics, the successful candidate wins power for a specified length of time where, in essence, is a form of commission to themselves as well.

Face it.  Successful politicians, once in power of whether it be a municipal, provincial, state-wide or federal government, they’re on the payroll.  And it’s a good one at that.  It also comes with a pension that literally guarantees them a financially secure lifestyle for as long as they live, if they play their cards accordingly.  Nowadays it seems playing those cards accordingly doesn’t mean doing the right thing where the people are concerned, but rather doing what the big corporations want done in order to keep control over everything that involves politics.

Politics have their hands in everything.  They’re supposed to be the leaders of nations, person for person, but never are they to meddle into the personal affairs of every man, woman and child to the point where it feels like oppression.  Unfortunately, the politicians of today don’t see it that way.  They’re out to control everything, but it’s not for themselves, but rather the people they’re answering to.  Trust me, as a voter, you’re not the one they answer to.  They don’t care about you.  They only care about their corporate sponsors – who are the true leaders of every nation they have their claws sunk into.

Hence why politics will always be a circus act.  It’s a three-ring routine of bullshit as the most powerful parties (usually the ones are the oldest) continue to manipulate the masses by having them convinced they’re on opposite sites with their political views when in truth they’re all on the same side – and it’s not yours, the voter!

In ring #1 you have Party A that does things their way, but answers to the true powers that be, namely their puppet-masters who tell them how to breathe, how to act and how to react.  In ring #2 you have Party B, the official opposition, that does things their way also, but in the end still answer to those exact same puppet-masters who serve as their dictators.  In ring #3 you have Party C, the ones strong enough to always stay prominent in the picture but never quite enough to earn the official role of federal government status.  However, Party C has, from time to time, made provincial and regional impacts and sadly, none of them have been positive.  What most people don’t realize is Party C often caters to Party A and Party B as ordered by those exact same puppet-masters who command them to do so.  If you don’t want to blindly take my word for it pay attention to the news, both mainstream and reporters who actually dare to tell you the whole truth without corporate manipulation.

Until you, the people, come to realize the only way this world is going to get out of the feiry ring circus act we’ve all been thrown into, there is no escape.  You have got to stop believing the lies the political parties and their biggest supporters tell you.  If you want the nation you are in to shape up, then you’ve got to join the growing number of those who’ve come to realize you don’t just kick one political party out to make room for another.  You kick them all out and force a fresh start from the ground up.

That’s the only way true progress is going to happen.  In Canada, the Liberal Party, Conservatives nor New Democrat Party will never put Canada back together as the proud nation they deserve to be.  In America, the flip flop between Democrats and Republicans will resolve nothing.  We are two nations that continue to make one bonehead move after another despite the fact that by now we, as a people, should know better by now.

Sadly we don’t.  We, as a people, are still every bit as stupid as Adam and Eve when they fell for the lies fed to them that supposedly plundered mankind down the path we’re on now.  That “knowledge” they reached for merely turned out to be “ignorance” as there are still too many of us that fall into that category instead of favoring “life” which is where the real “education” is.

This circus act we’re all stuck in, mainly led by our politicians and their puppet masters, cannot last forever.  The ringmasters, all whom favor the idea of total decimation of the human population, realize this and are stopping at nothing to keep the masses as divided and as confused as possible.  They do this by continuing to captivate the audience with enough distractions they hope will continue to keep as many people as unaware as possible.

It’s time to put the circus acts to an end once and for all and each of us work together to replace them with acts of reality that really matter.  Those acts include waking up and dealing with those who’ve deceived us for too long.  Take back what is ours and rebuild this world, corner for corner, nation for nation, from the ground up and for once learn how to live for ourselves and stop expecting others to carry such important torches for us.


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