If We Were Prime Minister of Canada…

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If I were running a political party, vying for control of a nation, I wouldn’t insult the intelligence of the voters by lying to them about what I’d do once me and my group got into seats of power, only not to do them once I did get in.  I would not force upon the people anything without doing a general vote among the masses first.  Such areas would include overall opinion about the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal that would have the biggest impact on Canada and the world stage since the founding of the nation itself.  It would also include the east-west energy pipeline, as well as taxation issues, immigration, laws and regulations, and finally dealing with domestic and foreign policies.

First thing that would be done upon entering parliament would be to convince the newly elected government to take a drastic pay cut where we each make no more than minimum wage.  The rest of the money that would normally otherwise be earned would be put into paying off the Canadian debt so it is no longer in the red.  Bear in mind, it’s the government, not the Canadian people who has plunged our country into debts none of us should be in due to reckless spending and greedy pay and pension packages they’ve created for themselves.  We have a government in place that’s literally rewarding themselves, as the expense of the taxpayers, for what they think are jobs well done.  They do this without checking with the Canadian people as to whether or not they truly deserve it and that’s wrong.  No government should ever reward themselves with anything unless it’s overall agreed by the nation’s people that they deserve it.  Based on the majority of public opinion, it’s been established that every politician is grossly overpaid for what little they do.

If I was the leader of the government of my nation a drastic pay reduction among the politicians would literally be the first goal I’d aim to reach as this would send a message to the people that my political party is willing to bear some burdens ourselves as we acknowledge it’s for the good of the country.  We’d also force the other members of parliament in opposing political parties do the same.  If they choose not to, examples will be made of them to force them out because in my opinion, it suggests they’re in that seat for themselves and not the people they’re supposed to represent.  Leadership means to lead by example, which means if you expect other people to follow you give them something that’s worth following.  We have a government in place that are terrible examples of what leadership should be and it’s pathetic to see them place people into situations they’re not willing to go to themselves.

So where would that money go aside from the nation’s debt?  Well, for starters, before working on the debt itself my government would have a nice little chat with the banking cartel, starting with the Bank of Canada.  We’d also get Revenue Canada involved and force both of these corporations (that’s exactly what they are) to come up with answers satisfactory enough as to why they shouldn’t be forced to cease operations and answer to some crimes they’ve been known for.  Such crimes include theft, extortion, fraud and laundering.  That’s just naming a few.  Of those who can answer for themselves to the satisfaction of the people (a vote would be put in place for that) they’ll be left alone. However, for those who can’t or won’t, they will be brought up on charges and put through a very public trial where the people decide, like a jury, whether or not the accused is guilty.  If found guilty, a mandatory jail sentance will be given, plus hefty fines to pay back what is owed.

After it is established what all is truly owed by Canada as far as debts go, then all those hefty fines forced out of those found guilty in what would be the Banks vs. the People trial would go towards what would be established as legitimate debt.  Anything found illegitimate would be challenged openly to force the creditors to come clean with all the information needed to conclude who is on the right side of the argument.  If it’s concluded the people believe the nation is at right and the creditors are wrong then that portion of the debt will not be paid and the challenges will continue.  However, if the people are satisfied the argument favors the creditors then that debt will be paid off in a timely fashion.

So what about the Supreme Court of Canada?  Where do they fit in?  They cannot be ruled out, but a closer watchdog system would be in place to make sure they’re doing what’s best for Canada and nobody else.  If it’s proven members within the supreme court are not doing their jobs with a code of ethics required of them they will be fired and in extreme cases, even charged for civic crimes if it’s been established they’ve been committed.

If it’s required for members of parliament to put into vote to change laws in order to put the people first over legalized loops that save the asses of those who don’t deserve it then so be it.  One way or the other, if I ran a government, I’d do everything in my power to return control of the nation I represent back to the people where it belongs.

If I became prime minister of Canada, another major move I’d make is kill the title to that role.  It’s a badly abused title by those who’ve used their power as one to make a mockery out of it.  In it’s place, something more humble would be the ticket and it would be a title chosen by the people.  If they choose to stick with prime minister, that’s fine, but the point I’m bringing across here is if I were in charge I would make it clear that it’s the people who really have the final say in everything.  It’s not about me and it’s not about the winning political party’s banner that’s being waved.

My government would also deal with the Senate, and once again through the people.  The Senate has been established to be every bit as corrupt as they’ve made it clear they don’t care about Canadians.  They only care about themselves.  This is wrong.  The Senate is supposed to put people first, not last.  Because of this none of them deserve the seats they’ve got and each of them needs to be ousted.  As they are, this is the point where I bring forth each of them would be thoroughly investigated and among those who’ve displayed questionable tactics while in power may get brought up on charges where they’ll face hefty fines and the final judgement of the people as to what their final fate should be.

Overall, the Senate as we know it today would be vastly rehauled into something else.  It would not be abolished, but turned into something better.  The Senate would become a voluntary group and members of this senate would be every voting citizen that has been born and raised as a genuine Canadian citizen.  In my opinion, who better to decide the final fate of what goes on within this nation’s borders than the very people who’d be profoundly affected by them?

If I assumed leadership of Canada by the people’s choice all the taxation laws would be closely and thoroughly examined where some major changes would be made.  For starters, of the biggest and most powerful corporations choosing to operate within Canadian borders must pay their fair share.  No more tax breaks that see the elite wealthy get away with paying nothing while the average citizen is unable to do so.  Of those who choose to escape this could very well face tax evasion charges that will not only force them to pay back what is owed, but face potential jail time if the people feel such a punishment is justified.  If it’s been established that those major corporations have abused their authority where Canada is concerned they will be given the option to either quickly make amends for all their wrong doings or get out.  It should be pointed out that in cases like these, all their Canadian assets would be promptly frozen and controlled by a publicly chosen “watchdog committee” that will see to it all employees belonging to that corporation are taken care of.

This would also be the deciding point whether or not Canada stays within the Commonwealth, which is under the British Queen’s rulership.  If truth be told, Canada, as a nation founded by the Commonwealth, is not truly a free nation until we reconfigure where we stand within that Commonwealth.  The option to leave this organization is there and if it’s genuine, Canada should either take it, or make amendments that would make the Canadian Nation a truly independent one for the first time in it’s history.  Right now Canada is treated like a corporation by the Commonwealth.  That has got to change if Canada expects to move forward in a positive way.

For too long we’ve got a government that has been represented by people who have no idea what it means to be a true leader.  We’ve got political parties that have become too distanced from what Canadians really want and need.  The previous and current prime ministers, along with their cabinets, senates and everyone else who takes part of the puppetry are all answering to an elite few that couldn’t care less what happens to Canada.  The big corporations only care about fulfilling their greed, as does the banking cartel.  They laugh at the expense of Canadians and even the politicians who fail to see the damage being caused by all this.

Sadly, Canadians are not laughing at all.  They’re hurting.  They’re desperate.  In 2015 we kicked out Stephen Harper and his Conservatives because most of us knew enough was enough where they were concerned.  However, Canadians made the mistake of allowing another gang of national rapists in; namely Justin Trudeau and his Liberals.  I call them rapists because that’s exactly what they’re doing to this country and everyone in it.  They’re raping us of what used to be a pristine environment, as well as raping us of our resources, freedoms and even our futures.  That’s not leadership, people.  That’s tyranny and this will never change for as long as we keep fooling ourselves into thinking a tiny handful of corporate-groomed clowns care enough about Canadians to do what’s right.

If Canadians want true change in a positive direction that’s actually good for the country for once, they’ve got cast very different votes here and vote for someone who shares the same kind of mentality most of us do.  What I’ve written here in this blog is not just coming from me.  It’s coming from those who think as I do that control of this nation is in the wrong hands and that has got to change.  The only way this is going to happen is if you vote for people who truly are grass roots and not groomed into the political puppetry we see now.  Those grass roots groups are there; namely the Green Party and a few others who are in this category.  The NDP (New Democratic Party) are not grass roots at all.  They only pretend to be.  Their municipal and provincial track records have proven that.  It’s because of them that makes it harder for a party like the Greens to get in because people are fearful the Greens would make the same bonehead moves the NDP have made.  Elizabeth May is just one person and the only one of the Greens in parliament right now.  Out of all those clowns in there, she’s the only one that has repeatedly demonstrated that she cares for Canada and everyone in it.  It shows not only in her speeches, but in her actions.

And there are those not in political parties at all that do the same.  Those are the people who should be leading this nation, not the goofs we have now.  Parliament is upside down and screwed up.  So is the Senate.  So is all of Canada.  We still have it pretty good right now, but that’s a bubble.  It will burst and when it does we will all find ourselves in something that could have easily been avoided if we had just learned to work together for once instead of always against each other.


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