Tricky Trump Cards

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The dangers of media and the puppetry games played against the population is often overlooked. This is why society continues to go through the vicious cycle of boom and bust where nobody but only an elite 1% of the people on this planet benefits. We are in trouble. It`s not just in America. It`s everywhere.

At every turn Trump exposes the Illuminati for who and what they are. He is, in his own way, trying to wake the masses. Thing is what I have yet to figure out is if he is playing the people (a typical NWO & Illuminati trick) or if he is genuine. If he is, then it is no wonder the media is going to great lengths to shred this man apart as they are all owned puppets of the Illuminati. If he is not then those who are speaking out against him have very good reason to do so.

I can see both sides of the coin with Trump. And with Putin. If they are playing us we are in severe trouble. If they are not and being honest we are still in trouble because either way, the Illuminati will go to great lengths by any means necessary to achieve their New World Order. For years, decades and even centuries they have planned this out, worked it out and manipulated the masses to steer us all down this direction. Whether you are a bible believer or not, we are indeed heading down the road it has warned us all about, all the way up to Revelations. Even if you don`t even so much as put 1% stock into anything the bible has to say, common sense alone is enough to realize this world and everyone in it is in huge trouble.

The NWO wants a one world, one government system where everybody must be in 100% compliance with what they want. Sadly, the NWO is an Illuminati dream that was passed down from as far back as the dawn of time itself through a religion they very much believe in which is Luciferian (Satanism) and the very thing polar opposite to not just God and all the religious beliefs that go with him, but against humanity itself.

The NWO cannot be achieved without a decimation of at least 90% of the world`s population. This is the only way they can `cleanse` the world and set it up for themselves. It is not at all a world that so many of us seek. World peace will never be achieved. The NWO does not want this. They want world domination and for the so-called fortunate few who do survive they will not live in paradise. They will live in supreme slavery that will have those survivors wish they had joined the 90% who`ve been killed off.

I take the bible very seriously, but also at the same time life very seriously. I fight like mad in what often feels like a futile attempt to wake as many people as I can into realizing we are not safe and that time is indeed running out. Throughout most of my life I kept quiet and I really wish I hadn`t done that. Keeping quiet is what got us in this mess to begin with. Compliance = puppetry if those whom we have to bow down to care nothing for us. We live in a world where our leaders don`t give a damn about anything other than themselves. In their eyes, our world, our environment and our very lives mean nothing. They serve what they think is a higher calling and it matters not whom you vote into power because one way or the other the greatest evils of this world will find a way to triumph for as long as we continue to allow it.

A few select people aren`t going to save this world. Too many evils are in place to prevent that. We, the people, are what`s needed to save this world and we have to do so by working together – even if we don`t always agree with each other. I do what I can, even if it feels futile. I fight constantly and try to make a difference here and there, even if it goes unnoticed. I`ve lost both family and friends doing this, as well as jobs, but if those are prices I have to pay in order to do whatever it takes to stop the NWO from happening even just in my own backyard then so be it.

I`ve never been much for conformity. Had issues with that all my life and this is where I see myself actually relating to people like Trump and Putin – but also regard them with extreme caution too. They do what I do when it comes to staying in alignment just long enough to get themselves into position so that when the time comes to break away to make a real difference they are better positioned to do so.

However, time is indeed running out and even the likes of Trump and Putin know this. So does the Illuminati and those who bother enough to pay attention. Quite frankly, the luxury of time is no longer there. So now the fight is on. I see what`s going on and really don`t care if people regard me as a nut job for saying so based on my point of view. I`d rather fight like mad with the possibility of being wrong than to stand by and be right the whole time and have not even attempted to do anything about it.

I`m doing what my father told me before he died – make a decision, drive down that road, pray for the best and just go with my gut. I`m doing this more than ever now and so far and I`m learning I wake up more each time I do this.

Trump is not perfect. Neither is Putin. But you know, for those bible lovers out there here`s something to chew on; neither was Noah (a drunk), Job (self-righteous boob), Jacob (the REAL Israel) and David (murderer).

We`re told to be on the lookout for the counterfeit Israel. I see it for what it is after being so deceived, but sadly I`m only among the few who do. The rest haven`t and that`s unfortunate for them. The veils of deceit haven`t been lifted from their eyes enough yet to figure it out. I used to mock conspiracy theorists and now I am one – but realized the majority of those conspiracy theorists have one thing in common; they don`t blindly take a story told to them and be expected to believe it. They do the math and research the facts before drawing to final conclusions. I`ve now joined their ranks and do the same. I`m not as good as those whom have really made their mark – but I do know I`m good enough based on past and present dreams and nightmares that have plagued me since childhood. I`ve seen most of those dreams and nightmares come to past and unfold in manners that made me freak. And I`m seeing today some of those dreams and nightmares I`ve had beginning to unfold before our very eyes – many years after I had them.

I now doubt everything told to me until I can find a way to either prove or disprove the story. This is why Trump and Putin fascinate me so much as these are puzzles I`m really trying hard to figure out.

Trump is not the guy I`m worried about, but am worried about what is surrounding him. I know the Elite hate him – that much I`ve figured out as far back as the mid-90`s. Trump in his own way is our modern-day Lincoln and Kennedy, but between his brash behavior and oddities I see that don`t add up. Whether Trump is the good guy America needs or not will see the same thing erupt regardless; WAR. It will happen. It has to. This world is in too deep to avoid it now. Too many evils are hell-bent to make it happen while the people remain too divided as way too many are still swimming in pools of deception what often feels like no interest on their part to swim out of it.

Until all mankind finally wakes up and unites in a fight that we will have no choice but to fight, humanity will never be truly where it should be.


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