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I am a natural born fighter.  In fact, we all are.  However, how we go about fighting our battles is up to us as fights of any kind, regardless of the circumstances behind it, is very taxing to the heart, mind, body and soul.

I posted earlier about how to win a war and my viewpoint is the best way to win any given war is by staying spiritually mature enough to know throwing fireballs of forgiveness and understanding is a better approach than fireballs of destruction.

My attitude is simple.  The more you take the time to love, your heart is so full of this wonderful trait that there’s no room for hate to make it’s way in and corrupt it.  A heart full of hate has that same effect on love, but I do see a big difference between a person that’s full of love and a person that knows nothing but hatred.

That difference is a person full of hate is limited.  It refuses to open up to reason, which can be a spiritually enlightening one to make that person so much stronger.  The eyes are closed, the ears are deafened and the mind is closed.  There is no chance to grow this way and sooner or later the hatred that person knows will distribute enough poison within that it’ll cause it’s host to whither and die – and usually alone.

The person full of love has no limits.  The eyes are wide open and sees everything.  The ears are able to hear loud and clear all that is within listening distance.  The mind is so alert due to it’s openness that the ability to absorb all that is seen, heard, touched and felt is a sensation so profound that it’s impossible not to grow as a person because of it.  The spirit thrives and thus so does the heart, mind, body and soul.  In time, this person becomes invincible on the inside because that kind of conditioning goes to great lengths to keep hate and all the evils that come with it out.

Is this arrogance talking?  Only people who are invincible are arrogant, right?  WRONG!

People full of hate think they’re invincible because hatred is indeed a very powerful state that makes it easy to unleash wrath upon all those you choose to lash out to.  It makes people fearful and in many cases turns them in to puppets easy to manipulate and control.  However, as the old cliche goes, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  The person full of hate that uses it to climb the ladder to supreme power doesn’t realize the further up they go the more corrupt they become.  By the time they reach what they think is the top their very soul and spirit has become so withered that they’re actually making it easy for those just like them to knock them off and send them into oblivion.

They also make it easy for those full of love to do the same.  This is why I firmly believe the biblical end-game result sees the “meek inheriting the earth” as an inevitable one.  What kind of earth that will be is hard to say.  Those full of hate rule it now and are bent on destroying everybody full of love because they know (even in denial) that those who are strong enough to love are strong enough to take them out and do so without throwing even a single punch.

The best fighters/warriors are those who are capable of winning any battle/war without resorting to the hateful tactic of violence as they know this is not the answer to solve a conflict or problem.  The best tactic is to figure out your enemy and turn them into your friend without them even realizing it as it’s happening.  It’s not easy to do, but possible and worth fighting for.


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