Pride vs Humility

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When I first started blogging under the name Humanity World Order the intent behind it was to wake as many people up as I could in hopes we’d all come together somehow in an effort to rip control away from those whom I’ve come to recognize as the true evils of this world.

I’ve made it no secret I’m no fan of the Illuminati, the Elite 1% that is the heart of that organization and all the family names associated with this group.  I also made it blatant how I disliked the puppetry that stems from this outfit that seems bent on keeping all those whom they’ve stringed oblivious and compliant.  I see things, both asleep and awake, that is quite troublesome and it is a huge reason why I’ve taken it upon myself to dig deeper to find truths for myself instead of just blindly believing whatever is told to me, regardless of who tells it.  In so doing I’ve become so disgusted with what I discovered that I became quite vigilant in my efforts to crack wide open as much of those truths I’ve discovered in hopes those who took the time to read the blogs I wrote regarding them would wake up as I have.

Sadly, most of them haven’t.  Instead, the veils of deceit still remain in place and I’ve discovered now that the best way for those veils to come off is if each person reaches the point where they choose to do this for themselves.  I can try and wake as many people as I want, but just like how it is to force awake someone in bed, it’s not an easy process and it’s always met with hostility.  Sleep is awesome.  Sleep keeps you in a dream world that is relaxing.  People, in general, prefer to be soothed.  Hard dose jolts of reality will force them awake to some degree, but what comes with that is almost never the desired result of the person you’ve touched.  In many cases it has the polar opposite effect where that person will lash out at you for daring to disturb their slumber and from that point forth they make every effort possible to fall back to sleep.  If you choose to wake that same person a second time you’re literally spelling out the perfect condition for a violent reaction to erupt and cause even further alienation between yourself and the person/people you’re trying to wake.

So I’ve been learning the best method to wake a person up is not by blunt force, but rather by convincing persuasion.  I find it’s far more effective to put events into motion where the person I’m trying to wake is gently given every opportunity to do so on their own.  Such events include a slight crack open of a window where the cold breeze taps just enough to alert their subconscious.  That is usually then followed by making something aromatic (like coffee) that will spark another sense.  I’m discovering little, subtle taps to trigger a person to wake on their own accord is far more productive than taking the “in your face” approach.

We, as individuals and as a people, are proud.  Pride is simply part of who we are and regardless if it’s deemed as a deadly sin or not, it’s just there.  This pride often prevents us from waking up and becoming better people as a result.  It’s what sportsmen have an abundance of as they take on their opponent in an effort to win whatever game it is they have engaged in.  It’s also what owners, CEOs of corporations, along with their board of directors, collection of supervisors and other top ranking executives are consumed with as they aim to topple their competition in an effort to win complete control over every customer they can get their hands on.

Pride within both adults and children often gets them into fights as they refuse to cave in to the other side of an argument.  It can block them from listening to reason and exercising better judgement where perhaps they can find a middle ground with whomever it is they’re disagreeing with.  That same pride is also what blocks people from accepting certain truths as they’re dished out because in so doing they’ve be forced to admit that not only were they wrong, but they were too weak or stupid to be so easily duped in the first place.

I’ve learned pride is both good and bad, but like everything we touch, how that pride is handled depends on the person.  If pride becomes so great within an individual it will corrupt them right to the core of their very being as they transition from a righteous person to a self-righteous one.  In the biblical texts, Job fell to this ‘disease’ and didn’t realize it until he nearly lost everything.  He made the mistake of allowing pride to get in the way of who he really is and how high he could climb as a person.  In fact, in many examples within that very bible there are stories of how different people all became victim to the grips of their own personal pride as they allowed it to overtake who they really are.

Stiff-necked people are proud people.  In the bible, God called the children of Jacob (Israel) stiff-necked and they proved it when a growing number of them strayed from the leadership of Moses to his brother Aaron.  Collectively, they became prideful enough to carve a calf made out of gold and worship it.  So quickly did these people stray from who they really are that they failed to realize none of them would have been fortunate enough to be where they are if it wasn’t for the humbling path of humility they walked down.

And where did they escape from?  They escaped from a prideful people (Egyptians) who refused to see the light of reason as they took it upon themselves to allow ego inflate to heights so high they could no longer see reality for what it is, nor even remember who they once were before becoming so corrupted.

Pride poisoned the Egyptians, just like it poisoned the escapees that’d eventually cover the earth as they populated it, one generation at a time.  While a select few had the presence of heart, mind, body and soul to stay humble (and true) to who they really are without allowing pride get in the way, the vast majority did not.  For what it’s worth, pride is power.  A prideful person will do whatever it takes to win and if that means abandoning all that’s good and decent in order to do so, those who are willing to go there do so without giving much thought about the consequences that automatically follows.

And that is why it’s so hard to wake up a person when they’re not ready to snap out of their slumber.  Pride, in all honesty, acts as a sleeping pill where it dulls the senses and turns people into mindless zombies.  So unaware of what’s happened, those people go about their lives in their quest to outdo their fellow man thinking they’re going somewhere positive when in truth they’re falling deeper into a pit of darkness.  Down there it’s hard to see and the further down you go as you allow pride to take over, the harder it is to climb out.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never met a happy person that’s riddled with pride.  They’re way too critical for their own good and rarely do you see them smile with sincerity.  They look down upon those whom they feel are lesser fortunate and glare at their equals and superiors with envy.  Even upon those closest to them such as family and friends, they’d rather hold their head up high and roar like a lion with them than bow their head with humility and purr like a kitten instead.  I see it so blatant and I have yet to encounter a truly prideful person that’s genuinely happy and isn’t afraid to show it.

It comes as no surprise, once again going the bible route, that the quote of a camel going through the eye of a needle is more possible than a rich (prideful) person to reach the gates of heaven.  Jesus Christ was not wealthy.  In fact, he’d be the Roman Empire equivalent to a homeless degenerate that we, as a society, often frown upon as stains needing to be wiped out.

So am I saying a wealthy person that’s got bank accounts so rich that they can buy up the whole world (like the Elite 1%) in a heartbeat has no chance to find that eternal peace also known as the afterlife?  Yes I am.  But, there’s two different kinds of wealth we need to look into here.  The one I just referred to is monetary wealth, which is really not wealth it all.  It’s just a luxurious illusion of those who think they have it all when in truth they’re the poorest people on the planet.

The second kind of wealth are those who, regardless if they have lots of money or not, have a proud abundance of humility and refuse to allow the poisons of pride strip them of all that’s truly valuable.  That wealth includes love, patience, understanding, respect and honor.  Money is nice too, but only as a means to keep up with the bills and fulfill true needs such as food, shelter and clothing in a world that still insists to be ruled by it.

Based on what I see in the world today, we are a very poor people as a race because too many are still too prideful to realize all they have in their corner are meaningless possessions that won’t accompany them in spirit when the times comes to cross that threshold.  They prize all the fancy items their money can buy and even use it to win over those in their lives so that they can be revered upon as kings and queens of their social circle.  And there are also very prideful people who don’t do so well on a financial scale, but are so bent on being proven right at all costs that those people have absolutely nothing at all except the hate that’s filled their hearts, the envy that’s filled their eyes, the lust that fills their hearts and the wrath that spews from their mouths.

I’ve spent my whole life battling my prideful demons and while I didn’t recognize them for what they are at first, I see them for what they are now.  Even as I woke up to the hardcore truths of reality and had every intent to do the same with others, I found one of those pride demons found his way back into my psyche and make every attempt possible to fully take over.  Sadly, he did make some progress as it resulted me pulling a few stunts I’m not all that fond of now that I see them for what they really.  Even there, during that time, no matter how hard I tried to justify my actions I knew deep down they were wrong, even if I did have good intentions behind it.

This is a big reason why I stopped blogging for a while.  It was mainly because I recognized some of my posts were done so with pride, which had me come across more aggressive and self-righteous than whom I know I really am.  For me, a proud lioness born under the Greek Leo Zodiac sign and seems to display every trait that supposedly comes from it, it’s not easy to both realize and admit to my wrongs.

I was wrong to become forceful.  I was wrong to become someone who’d rather bash you in the face with my reality baseball bat as a method to achieve my goal to wake and activate as many people as I can to join in on what I see as the most important spiritual battle mankind has ever known.  I was outraged at those who’ve engineered us down this path and had each of us brainwashed (dulled with pride) to a point where we’ve become modern day zombies.  I’m not a conformist.  I really despise being one.  Conformist means zombie mode, doing whatever you’re told to do, or going down a suicidal path you don’t even realize you’re on.  I see so many on this path and it drives me nuts and I want to save as many as I can, preferably all.  However, I do not have that kind of power, or right for that matter, to force that upon people.  That part is up to you.  The only part I can really play is bury my pride into the ground where it belongs and exercise only the humility of spirit as I make better efforts to love and understand who you are, why you’re where you are and how can I help you make the turnabout needed in order to help you reach heights I know you can achieve for as long as you and I agree to keep pride out of the picture.


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