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It is said by many that the 44th president of the United States, Barrack Obama, will be America’s final president as deciphered by those who believe a certain piece of the Holy Bible, namely in Revelations.



America at its inception in 1776 was a wonder to behold. James Madison said this:

“”We have staked the whole future of American civilization, not upon the power of government, far from it. We have staked the future of all of our political institutions upon the capacity of mankind of self-government; upon the capacity of each and all of us to govern ourselves, to control ourselves, to sustain ourselves according to the Ten Commandments of God.”

But America in 2013 demonstrated it is no longer a country that James Madison or any of the other Founding Fathers would even recognize. It has, in fact, become the very nation they fled from.  God and His Commandments have been thoroughly expunged from public schools, courthouses and Washington, DC in general. The murder mill of abortion takes the lives of well over 333,000 unborn babies a year. Right now, President Obama is using the full faith and credit of the United States government to raise money and support for Planned Parenthood.

Obama is so enthusiastically in favor of sacrificing babies on the altar of Planned Parenthood that when he was a state senator he voted 3 times against the “Born-Alive Infants Protection Act”. The bill recognized babies born after attempted abortions as persons and required doctors to give them care.’ Obama voted to withhold that care. 3 times. Under his recently-passed Obamacare bill, abortion is now taxpayer-funded. That means that all America shares in the killing of these babies, their blood is upon all of us.

The lessons from Boston

Those who watched in shock and horror as two Muslim terrorists planned out and executed the bombings at the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013. When it was over 4 lay dead and scores wounded and fighting for their lives in the hospital. But for those who were paying attention, the bombings were not the real story. The real story was the dress rehearsal for martial law that had well over 1,000 armed-to-the-teeth urban police commandos locking the entire city of Boston down while they “searched” for the lone, skinny, 19 year old terrorist who was hiding in a boat.

By running this exercise – Martial Law 1.0 – they accomplished a variety of things in one event: Boston became paralyzed, not by fear, but by the police. They went from house to house, forcing out people they “deemed a threat” at the point of a gun while making over one million people stay indoors. Why did they do this? Under orders from the Commander-in-chief, the city of Boston used this false flag event to run a real-time exercise in martial law. That is exactly what they did, and was exactly what you saw with your own eyes. They were hiding in plain sight.

  • Got the people used to seeing a massive, over-sized police presence on the streets, much like what an invading army would look like.
  • They were able to gauge how quickly people would respond when ordered, and more importantly, the people who refused to comply. Everything was duly noted and recorded.
  • By using the false flag of the bombings, they were able gauge reaction to the commandeering of cell phone records and social media accounts.

The bombings, the Tsarnaev brothers and the bloodshed were just gruesome decoys for the real event of the single, largest martial law exercise in United States history. And by all accounts it was a rousing success.


President Obama has no intention stepping down when his second term is through. But he has no intention of remaining president, either. Barry has much loftier goals than that. Obama sees the presidency as the stepping stone and natural path to complete dictatorship just as Adolf Hitler did before him. The paths of both Obama and Hitler have much in common and are well worth considering.

It is widely believed by those who pay attentin that Obama is going to take your guns, but he will take much more. The plan his handlers have for him involves making a police state out of the entire country. You will soon see why the United States government has purchased 2 billion rounds of ammo and 150,000,000 plastic coffins.

They’re for you, the people of America.

When the Jewish people no longer wanted God to rule over them, God gave them a king after their own hearts. He gave them the wicked King Saul. America has shown both in word and in deed  that it does not want anything to do with the Holy God of Israel and His Bible, so God has given us a king after our own hearts. King Barack Hussein Obama.

If you don’t think this can happen, think again.  All President Obama has to do is declare martial law and there goes the 2016 Election Campaigns and the opportunity for Americans to choose their next leader.  Before Obama, America was recognizable.  Now it isn’t – very much like how Hitler vowed by the time he was done with Germany nobody would recognize it anymore.  He saw to it that happened and it costed scores of human lives as the chaos and destruction that erupted as the ultimate catalyst to the second world war.

Now, my question to you right now is, have you ever heard of the infamous prophet known as Nostradamus?  If you don’t know who he is, look him up.  However, in this post I’ll explain how he successfully predicted the first two anti-christs, each of them paving a map out for their successor, and how these two have painted the way for the third (and most deadly) to do his part.

Nostradamus code-named him “PAU, NAY, LORON.” All in uppercase. An obvious decoding would give us three towns in southwestern France: Pau, Nay and (O)loron. The rest of the prophecy strays the subject away from three villages to describe a human being. The upper-case presentation is a literary nudge in our sides to envisage a person’s name hidden in the letters spelling three towns.



His name encoded is “Napoleon King”


An Emperor will be born near Italy, He will cost his Empire very dearly: He is less a prince than a butcher. – Nostradamus (1555)



adolf hitler

“Germany Lives!” by K. Stauber (US Army Historical Collection), depicts Hitler as a Nazi Messiah. No dove of the Holy Ghost descends from Heaven but Wotan’s raven flying down from Walhall, (Ayran warrior paradise). In Norse mythology, the raven is the Teutonic god’s messenger. Hitler is the message.

Nostradamus code-named the second Antichrist “Hiƒter” — or “Hister” with a Gothic “s” — after the ancient name of the River Danube, which is the Ister. Nostradamus spells it with its most arcane variant Hister as some specific hint. Again, there’s a pattern to follow here. This “Danube” finds itself a thing representing a person mentioned as Hister in five prophecies containing similar story lines. He becomes the “Captain of Greater Germany” born in Noricum (the ancient name for Austria). He will have a “crooked cross” as his symbol: the Swastika. The people of “Irale” (an anagram for Israel) would be sent as captives into a great furnace by this “Hister.” It seems Nostradamus saw the boy who grew up on the banks of the Hister (Danube) River in Linz, Austria, dreaming of concentration camps for the Jews, Nostradamus’ kin, to be sent up in ash clouds.


Check out the Quatrain from Nostradamus…
Century 2, v 62 ‘Mabus’ then will soon die, there will come
Of people and beasts a horrible rout:
Then suddenly one will see vengeance,
Hundred, hand, thirst, hunger when the comet will run.

A close look at the verse does not really reveal MABUS as an antichrist figure, but something of a gateway for #3 to fulfill his part of this prophetic role.

If one looks at the verse in context, there are no clues that Mabus is a word for antichrist, or that it is connected to the king mentioned in X.72.  It mentions his death, but not his life activity.  It does not say anything good or bad about Mabus.  However, in President Barrack Obama’s political cabinet he has US Secretary Ray Mabus by his side.  Is this mere coincidence, or something that hasn’t completely unfolded yet?  Right now, all focus is on Barrack Obama and his wannabe successors; Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  Mabus, for what it’s worth, is barely but a shadow hardly anybody pays attention to.

I am not convinced that Nostradamus predicted a third antichrist figure.  And I’m not convinced it’s Ray Mabus.  I do think, however, he is merely a piece to a much bigger puzzle.

So following another angle…

-IF- Mabus is a clue, then maybe it is a clue to the name of the country, and a clue to the name of the person.


The only country I see is “US” or United States.

MAB – US, Or maybe BAM – US.

Is it Barrack Obama?  He is the 44th president and his very name also matches something else…
Luke 10:18: “I saw Satan as Lightning from Heaven.” “Lightning” in Hebrew is “Barak”. “Heaven or Heights from the sky” in Hebrew is “Bama” “From” in Hebrew is “O”.
For further insight on this angle, please visit the site attached to this link; http://mediaexposed.tumblr.com/post/8748131154/luke-1018-i-saw-satan-as-lightning-from
However you read into it is up to you.  I did so from the eyes of someone who believes and someone who speculates.  But, stemming from that has me wonder a great deal about who Barrack Obama really is, what is is true game plan and where do we all (not just Americans) fit into this grand scheme of things?

In all honesty, I have a gut feeling each of us has underestimated Barrack Obama, as well as the diabolical schemes that have yet to reveal themselves in a world that is all too quickly becoming too dangerous for it’s own good.

However, are we wrong about Obama being the final president in America and we see a 45th president, namely Donald Trump?  What about Hillary Clinton?

In all honesty, Hillary has got too much going against her and the American people are fed up with how they feel the recent democrats have represented the nation.  All eyes are on someone far more charismatic and has gained far more attention (both good and bad) and is far from finished.

Donald Trump.  Like him or hate him, you cannot deny this guy has a presence to him.  He’s winning the hearts of those who want to see every Muslim rounded up like cattle and sent to slaughter – EXACTLY how the Germans of the 1930s felt towards the Jewish under Adolf Hitler’s rule.  He’s creating animosity towards other nations, and is even pitting nation against nation where America is concerned, which is what Hitler did that apparently caused WWII to erupt the way it did.  Remember, in WWII it wasn’t just Americans vs. Germany.  It was also Americans vs. Japan.  Before WWII was over it became Germany vs. Russia when Hitler ordered his Nazi regime to turn on them in for reasons to this day nobody fully understands.

BTW….as far as the Muslims go, what faith do you think Barrack Obama favors?  It’s not Christianity, that’s for sure!  He’s made that clear and during his run as president he has dismantled everything America had originally been founded with and in it’s place he seems to have seen to it that Muslims have more respect and rights than everyone else.

But, is it because he favors the Muslims, or is it because he’s carrying out something the Illuminati has been working for all this time?

Much like how Adolf Hitler roused his people during a tough time that saw the leadership before him fail his people on so many levels, Donald Trump is doing the same with the Americans.  The hate speeches he makes loud and clear in his campaigns makes it clear the Muslims (anybody who follows Islamic Faith) are the enemy, along with all those who support them.  Not everybody sees the Muslims as monsters.  Not all Muslims are extremists.  In fact, Muslims, just like any other form of religion, has radicals among them that strip away the true nature of that belief system really is about.  All radicals, no matter who they are, wind up staining the very religion they represent and it is they, above all, that have catapulted anti-religion to new heights and why so many people now turn their backs on whoever they have in mind is their God.

And right now who is the most obvious Muslim radical?  It’s Barrack Obama, hands down.  More and more Americans (and people of the world) see him this way and that alone is a big enough block to prevent Hillary Clinton from taking the White House chair after him.  Not only is he paving the way for Donald Trump to cinch victory (if he chooses to hand control of a whole nation to “the enemy”), but he’s also paving the way to rouse Muslims, both the meek and the radical, to not bow down to “white supremacy” by any means.

So, we’ve talked about Pike’s vision of what happens to the Islamic people.  What about these Zionists?  Who are they?  That’s easy to figure out if you take the time to pay attention.  The Zionists are the Ashkenazi Jewish and all those who have yet to discover this is the Luciferian counterfeit the Holy Bible has warned mankind about.  Remember, the majority of the world is deceived as they follow a belief system that actually contradicts the original teachings that first bestowed upon Adam and Eve back in the timeline of Genesis.  It is said this particular brand would rule the world.  So, looking at it from that point of view, who rules the world today?  Who has ruled it all this time?

The Illuminati, that’s who.  And it is they that control every powerful nation, along with all the basics humanity needs in order to survive.  Our food, water, clothing, shelter and even the air we breathe is all controlled by this group.  Another name for these guys is also the Elite 1%.  Did you know that these guys own over half of the world’s assets while the rest of us 99% have (and are losing) the other half?  They control the world and in their eyes this world is overpopulated and with what they deem as vermin.  In case you haven’t clued in, we’re the vermin.


Remember what I said earlier about Obama and his plastic coffins?  Seeing this quote makes you wonder, doesn’t it?  If you don’t see the big, ugly picture yet, how about these quotes?

Don’t just take the quotes for their word.  How about these events?  And the links they have with each other if you take the time to take a really good look at just a small handful of what my limited amount of time had me find?

And we’re not done yet.  WWIII is coming!  Don’t kid yourself into thinking it won’t happen because it will.  In fact, WWIII already started the second WWII closed it’s curtains to pave the way for it’s next act.

So who will start WWIII?  Who is the third anti-christ, if you believe in that sort of thing, or even remotely put an ounce of stock in what Nostradamus has seen coming?

Some say it’s Obama.  Maybe so.  Others are leaning towards Trump as this guy has even gone as far as saying erecting a wall around America (namely from Canada) so that entry into a nation he’s determined to make great again can no longer be vulnerable to whatever threats he claims would be imminent.  I suppose nobody is considering that perhaps that wall isn’t meant to keep outsiders at bay, but to trap those within America’s borders so they have on way out.  Maybe they should.

That wall, if Trump means it and achieves this dream, not only keeps enemies out, but enemies in too.

Now is the time I should point out that Zionist faction Pike is talking about is the very one that Trump himself belongs to but will never admit it, despite the fact that he and his children are very much part of the Illuminati.  Donald is a great gambler.  He’s gambling on the predictable stupidity of the masses to fall for a hero they think is the modern day version of the second-coming we’re all supposed to be waiting for.

And sadly it’s a gamble he’s winning because it’s not the stupidity of the people that’s taking everything down this road, but rather their desperate hope that there really is a hero among them that can rescue everybody from the pits of despair we’re continually plunged into as if we were sponge toys.

Also, people love good game talk.  Right now there’s nobody better at it than Donald Trump.  Instead of dancing like he’s on fragile glass he’s blunt.  He’s also disrespectful.

This actually reminds me of the “attitude era” of the World Wrestling Entertainment when Stone Cold Steve Austin displayed this exact same defiant attitude towards authority figures that would display themselves as abusers of such a role.  It sucks the people in like and whether you care for professional wrestling or not you cannot deny that the WWE has a remarkable fan following that rakes in millions. These guys went from an obscure wrestling outfit where most people were offended by the violence stemming from it to a household name where if there’s isn’t enough creative means to keep it violent the fans complain.

Isn’t this how the Roman Empire managed to keep their people entertained also?  Granted, the sports of today doesn’t have their participants fight to the death, but they’ve mastered the art of using sex, violence and excellent storytelling to have those who bother to watch remain mesmerized.  In the meantime, every human being is getting knifed in the back as more pieces of themselves are stripped away.

This is what has become of America.  Distracted.  Clueless.  And soon, helpless.  This problem doesn’t just exist within the United States borders, but throughout the globe.  The nations most obvious of this same suicidal dance is Canada, the United Kingdom, and anyone else still within the Commonwealth.  While a few are waking up, not enough has come to realize just how perilous our situation is.  Bottom line is, people, you have got to wake up and take action.  Whether or not you believe God is on your side, how do you think God would feel if you could have made his task easier if you simply did your part and got involved but chose not to?  It’s no different than as a child your parent expects you to learn how to drive a vehicle for the first time and simply hands the keys and says good luck.  It’s a team effort.  God says one of the seven deadly sins is Sloth.  Well, standing idly by as the evils continue to take everything away from is is precisely that.

So, America, like it or not, whether it be Obama, Clinton or Trump you have no way out of what has to pass.  It will be brutal.  It will be deadly.  You will experience misery at new levels that nobody has ever seen before – assuming they survive it.  And it’s not just you.  Whatever America does the rest of the world does whether they want to or not.  It’s one big, ugly circle and until we all smarten up and work together to become better people, we’ll simply get dizzier as more atrocities will continue getting thrown at all of us until there’s no targets left for the NWO to hit.



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