Attention America

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How far you have fallen.  Not only have you turned your back on the founding fathers who originally created the nation you call home, but also your back on God (whom they believed in) and even on yourselves.

Whatever happened to United We Stand?  You are clearly demonstrating these days you’re not united at all – at least not where it matters most.  Between the corruption of politics, the manipulations of corporations and the dumbing down of the American People you have become unrecognizable to yourselves and the rest of the world.

Right now you’ve got presidential hopefuls vying for your votes that once upon a time would be laughed at before even seeing their names ever printed on a ballot slip.  Hillary Clinton, a woman who should be behind bars for the multitude of her crimes, and Donald Trump, a man whom has had enough scandals to stop even a mayor from running in a city.

Is this what it’s boiled down to, America?  You’d rather see sorry excuses of human beings who’ve clearly demonstrated over and over they have a broken morality compass to lead your nation rather than working together yourselves to demand better.  This is not only sad to see, but tragic!  The road you’re on is suicidal at best and it will be yourselves in the end that will suffer most – something of which both God and the founding fathers warned would happen if you strayed too far from the paths that had originally been attended for all Americans.

There was a time where Americans were educated enough to understand the importance of love, honor and respect.  You show very little of these traits now as you op to demonstrate hate and ignorance instead.

For starters, bashing other nations for how they celebrate what matters most to their own country is not only rude but proof that you’ve become too self-absorbed in your own little world to pay attention to what’s truly important.  If you want America to become great again then you need to wake up and realize you’re all being duped – even by those who claim they’re your friend.

Donald Trump is no friend to America.  He is only friends with himself and this has been demonstrated loud and clear throughout this obnoxious man’s publicized lifetime.  A true leader doesn’t promote hate within his own borders to have them ridicule anyone.  A true leader would encourage his people to understand the world better and make a point to educate themselves so that they don’t come across as the mindless puppets anymore.  A true leader educates himself in this exact same manner and finds ways to work with people, even with those he dislikes, because it’s not only the right thing to do but makes the most logical sense.

Donald Trump prides himself as a business guru.  And it’s showing because what he’s doing to America is demonstrating the perfect example of a corporate takeover as he bashes anyone and everyone who doesn’t agree with him.  Although the point to winning an election is to prove you’re better than everyone else, doing so with messages of division and hate is not the best answer.  Sure, it may work in the beginning (as it did for Hitler) but sooner or later the real truths find their way through the walls of deception and that victory becomes short-lived.

Hillary Clinton is no prize either.  It’s very clear she’s a corporate puppet and is not the least bit interested in doing Americans right at all.

America, you can do better than this.  Between a presidential hopeful that hates and a presidential hopeful that doesn’t think for herself you’ve got a shaky future at best to hold it together as a nation.  Already you’re hated by many throughout the world.  For the most part, that hate was originally unjustified, but the bad choice of politicians you’ve put into power over the years is earning that hatred where sooner or later all those crimes they committed against the masses has to be answered for.  What’s worse, is because you keep voting them in and in some cases displayed that same level of arrogance, you have to answer for your decisions as well.

So perhaps between Clinton and Trump you’re answering for them already.  Neither will make America great again.  What most Americans don’t realize is both of these presidential hopefuls couldn’t care less about any of you as they care only about themselves and serving those whom they think are more worthy of their efforts.  And those whom they serve are the very same who want you all dead, including the rest of the world who deep down would rather see America pull itself together and become great again instead of continuing to fall into a pit that they’ll never be able to climb out of.


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