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I believe in God and not afraid to admit it.  I believe in Jesus Christ and not afraid to admit it.  I also believe in words of the Holy Bible and not afraid to admit that either.  And, I believe in the Church and the covenant with God.

What I don’t believe in is religions and I’m not afraid to admit it.  I believe in Humanity, but I don’t believe in people enough to truly grasp what that means.  At least not yet.  I believe in myself, but not enough to conclude I have all the answers.  I know enough and that is enough for me to follow my beliefs and stay the course I’ve chosen to take and I will not waver from it.  You can hurl all sorts of distractions my way and I may take a misstep, but I will always find my way back.

Why?  Because I believe, that’s why.

Do I believe blindly?  No I don’t.  Although I do believe leaps of faith is what’s needed in every person to find their true self and stay close to God and what he has in mind for mankind, I don’t believe we should aimlessly follow something without taking the time to educate ourselves about it first.

I don’t believe in priests, ministers, nor any member of any given congregation in the same manner most people do.  They’re people and every bit as flawed as I am.  They, in my opinion, don’t know more than I do and don’t believe stronger than I do.  In many cases, many of them blindly believe with shrouds of ignorance that pours down on them through traditions that are rarely questioned and histories that aren’t nearly as accurate as they seem.

Just because I don’t go to a church doesn’t mean I don’t believe in church.  In the bible it states the true church cannot be torn down by any means, no matter how forceful they are. Structures made by man can be taken down by anything.  However, the spirit within cannot.  That’s where the real church sits and this I believe is the indestructible force we carry that keeps this church strong and allows us to maintain our covenant with God.

That church gets stronger with the combination of faith, education and love.  I believe faith is required in order to open the mind so we can be properly educated.  That education, I believe, is what helps a learn to love and grow to new heights that otherwise cannot be achieved.

Sadly, most of the structured churches made by man are filled with blind believers who carry out a self-righteous attitude that only their path is the correct one while everybody else is in the wrong.  It is because of this we have the kind of division we do in mankind today and why the evils of this world are currently winning a war that God himself warned us all about right from the very beginning.

Remember, in the bible God sees the people he rescued from Exodus’ Egypt are a stiff-necked people.  This means they’re stubborn and in many ways, self-righteous.  It is they that figure since they were rescued from oppression in what appears to be a supernatural way, that they are the chosen and there’s nothing they can do wrong in God’s eyes.

That is an arrogant belief system and one that still plagues every human being that calls this world their home today.  This is what I believe is killing the world and everyone in it.  Until this pattern of madness ends, this suicide course will continue until there is no life left on earth.

And I believe this is precisely what Satan wants.  Through the Illuminati, who supports the Luciferian goals, which is polar opposite to God’s, this world has been gripped within this deceitful, destructive clutch all this time.  Sadly, most people don’t even realize it, or are in denial to the fact that yes, we are not as advanced nor as smart as we think.  That Tree of Knowledge chosen is really, in truth, the Tree of Ignorance.

If only we chose Life instead.  What a difference that would have made!  Sadly, however, life is not what is the most treasured commodity here.  Even those who believe they choose life over everything else continually make decisions that goes against even their own so-called belief system.  The reason I say that is simple.  Instead of taking the time to figure out the facts for themselves, too many people blindly believe the news as the only real truth worth listening to.  How can our most trusted sources possibly lie to us?  What do they have to gain from it?

I believe the answer to that is simple.  Control.  That’s what all this is about and I believe whoever has control of the masses has control of every outcome they have planned.  Most people still don’t believe the Illuminati is real.  They don’t believe there really is an Elite 1% within the global population that sees the 99% as vermin to be extinguished.  They also don’t believe that they are drowning in a deceitful world that’s speeding up their own demise.

Strangely enough, lies are easier to believe than truth.  The best lies told are those that have truths in them, but twisted just enough to carry out malicious intent in order to achieve sinister goals that are conveniently kept from the conversation.  The media has mastered this art as they practice it through televised broadcasts, theatrical productions, newsprint and the world wide web otherwise known as the internet.  Also mastered is commercialism as a means to lure unsuspecting customers who usually don’t take enough time to understand what it is they’re actually buying.

This is also how it works in politics, which I believe is the ultimate control centre to corral people into believing we have governmental programs that work on behalf of the people.  This is also how it works within most religious factions that actually spend more time dividing people from each other than practising what the bible actually tells them to do.  The most talented truth twisters have even managed to take something from the bible and tell it in such a manner that those who blindly believe without question fall for that one small untruth that can completely turn the original intentions behind any given scripture upside down.

Remember, it is warned to watch for counterfeits.  Counterfeits are basically using the truth in such a manner where it actually becomes something else, thus making it a lie.  Unfortunately, most people fall for it because the good nature within us refuses to believe those whom we’re supposed to trust the most are actually deceiving us.  Also, the pride within us, even if the real truth is revealed, makes it difficult to believe we can be fooled so easily.

Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing that pretend to be educators but are actually storytellers set out to devour the masses instead of nurture them.  We are warned of this, not only in the bible, but by all walks of human life that date as far back as Genesis and as recently as the so-called conspiracy theorists and whistle-blowers.  Even those who have no ounce of biblical faith within them and don’t believe in God at all are daring to come forward, knowing that the world we live in is not one we can ultimately survive in.  It’s chaotic, destructive and deliberately designed to exterminate all life on earth as we know it.

Of all those who’ve warned us, they’ve been executed both publicly and in secret by those who don’t want the masses to know the truth.  The crucifying of Jesus Christ, the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, John F Kennedy and disappearance of JFK Junior are all just a tiny handful of examples of these impossible to ignore facts.  Look at the men and women that are forced to live in hiding today that have dared to speak up and alert the masses.  Those that wish to silence them are well aware that if more truths come out then all the people who are making the mistake to believe in them (and I’m referring to the Illuminati and their puppets) will reform their way of thinking and a worldwide revolt to steer this world into a more positive (and honest) direction would become imminent.

Right now there’s a major world war going on and I believe before it’s over the majority of the world’s population will be decimated.  The New World Order cannot come to be without the slaughter upon the Jewish and Muslim peoples, which will then make it easy for them to gang up on the last remaining Christians (who’ll be caught in the crossfire between the Akanazi & Islamic sects) and railroad them down the final phase of their plan to blast open the door for a 100% Luciferian population.

Sadly, what those worshippers of Satan fail to realize is the primary purpose behind his goal is to wipe out all life on earth, including them.  Their belief system, at best, is flawed too.  Remember, in the bible it states repeatedly the jealousy Lucifer/Satan has towards what God considered to be his greatest creation; man.  Even if those who opted to follow Satan over God do as they believe he wants, he will still regard them as an insult to his very existence.  He will take them out too.

I didn’t come to believe what I do lightly.  If I’m considered insane for it I don’t care.  I’d rather be crazy and aware than sane and asleep.  I believe in God not because the bible tells me to.  I believe in Him because everything I’ve seen from my heart’s point of view instead of just my eyes makes it impossible to think otherwise.  I believe in the bible because I see it as both a history book and a go-to guide on how to live your life to the fullest.  One observation I’ve made is those who have zero regard for the bible and contradict everything it suggests as an ideal way of life have even bigger life issues plaguing them than those who believe in it as I do.  Same can be said who think they believe in the bible but actually follow the words of their congregation more than the book itself.  I find their lives seem okay on the surface, but when you take the time to dig deeper and see through that shell it’s not as picture perfect as they portray.  Neither are they as a person.  It’s unfortunate because I believe they are selling themselves short by limiting themselves to only what their eyes see.  They don’t listen to their hearts enough and this causes a division within themselves that prevents them to really grow in a manner I believe God had intended for them.

I’m not picture perfect.  Far from it.  But, I dare to see more than just with my eyes.  It wasn’t easy for me to open up my heart enough so it could see as well, but I have learned in so doing I have become more aware than ever.  It’s because of that awareness I speak up more.  My aim is not to divide, but to unite.  Even as I dislike everything I see unfolding by those whom I know full well is out to destroy, I cannot bring myself to dislike them as people either.  I’m disappointed in them, and in all those still blindly believing the deceptions laid out for them, but cannot bring myself to hate anymore.  I just can’t do it – which solidifies my belief in God.  I keep hoping deep down those veils of deceit finally get lifted to the point where even the world’s most deliberate destroyers realize what they’re doing and not only put a stop to it, but reverse all that damage they’ve done.

I have to believe that.  If I don’t, then I honestly believe my faith in God, Jesus Christ and the bible once again becomes limited as I allow fear, hate and doubt creep back in.  I worked hard to kick all that out and although I know I’m not immune, I have to keep fighting for my beliefs and defend what I believe is the last real hope humanity has left.


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