Recipes For Martial Law

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Divide the people of a nation and you’ve got the ideal environment to put together all the ingredients required to force martial law upon a society that is all too often too stupid to realize the err of their ways until it’s too late.

Hatred – and lots of it!
Violence – and lots of it!
Anarchy – and lots of it!
Ego – and lots of it!
Pride – and lots of it!

There’s no application of common sense here.  Common sense demands a person think their actions through first.  It pushes a human being to be what God had originally intended them to be; human.  Even the most decent among us turn into monsters, making even Satan himself look saintly.

The madness existing within America (and the rest of the world) is reaching new levels as for every new act of violence fueled by hate demands an explosive payback.  For some reason “getting even” outweighs the need for absolute resolution so that such senseless actions are no longer taken.

Remember, we all have to be held accountable for who we are and what we do.  If your actions are fueled by hatred, rage and violence then this paints you as a destructive being that has zero respect for anyone, including yourself.

America needs to heal, not create even more wounds.  The people need to come together regardless of skin color, racial background, religious beliefs and cultural traditions.  Strip all those so-called differences away and we are the same.  We call Earth our home.  We have family, friends and feelings.  We each have wants, needs and dreams.  Is it not more important that we work together to nourish all that is still good among us than it is to destroy?

I don’t know how many people this blog will reach, but I plead to those who are caving into their hatred to carry out acts of violence to reconsider.  What you’re doing is exactly what the Illuminati, the Elite 1% and all those wanting their New World Order wants.  You won’t get the results you’re seeking if it’s to make a statement that you’re fed up.  We’re all fed up – but to take it out on meaningless targets who don’t deserve it won’t solve anything.

Right now with emotions running so high it’s easy to give into that hate, which in turn makes it easy for those in power to declare martial law – the very thing they need to run every single American down to the ground with no chance at all to fight back.

People, by fighting each other you’re allowing the enemy to win.  You’re making it so much easier for them to control you – the one thing you don’t want.  If you value your life, your freedom, your family and all those that mean the most to you – control your rage and think first.  Taking out Mr. Jones across the street because of his skin color doesn’t put a dent in political corruption.  Chances are Mr. Jones is on the same side you’re on and is also fed up with the madness.  Wouldn’t it be smarter to set the differences aside and work together?  Chances are you’ll see something in Mr. Jones you hadn’t considered before and come to realize he may be the best friend you’ll ever encounter.

Think about it.  If you don’t and act stupidly, you’ve just become part of the Martial Law Soup that the governmental parties of your nation had prepped for you all this time.


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