The Malicious Seven

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They are responsible for the mass murder of mankind and the mass destruction of the world as we know it.  They have no remorse and will continue with their chaotic spree for as long as the apathetic witnesses continue to stand by and pretend they’re too helpless to stop it.

This gang of seven ruthless men and women have managed to get away with their crimes mainly by putting all their victims to a sleepy state, causing each of them to fall into a situation they’re unaware of what’s happening to them until it’s too late.  These criminals are very good at what they do and have managed to convince the majority of the world’s population that they’re not only necessary evils needed to make it in this word, but simply a makeup of who we really are and learn to embrace them instead of being wary of them.

One of these gang members is known as Lust.  A crafty seducer, this one will distract the victim with all the desires he/she has within.  It’s not hard to figure out what turns a person on and lure them by using temptations too impossible to ignore.  Lust knows the ultimate desire of every human being is to feel good.  What better way to entice them with visions of grandeur that Lust has to offer via sensual sensations that arouse the spirit in such a manner that it’d be considered a waste not to engage in them?  To turn your back on Lust is also turning your back on wanting to feel so good and that’s hard to do.  This is why, almost every single time, Lust succeeds with the primary directive to reduce a person to his/her knees and turn them into a puppet that will perform tasks upon Lust’s every whim.

The second gang member works with Lust very well.  Envy finds a way to creep within the soul of the victim and (usually) everyone the victim knows and spread a special poison that slowly takes over who each of them really are.  As a result, this creates openings for the other five gang members to capitalize on their talents upon this victim as they seize control of that person’s mind, body and soul when he/she least expects it.  Envy has a remarkable gift to crawl under a person’s skin and spark the most primal instincts to speed past the barriers of our conscience so that it’s easier to perform even the most heinous criminal acts a human being under any other circumstance would never do.  This poison that Envy injects into all victims never completely goes away as the strains act like puppet strings, determined to control every thought, every emotion and every action it can reach.

Wrath is also a member of this gang and a very powerful one.  Most often using the signals Envy sends, Wrath charges through without thought as the conscience Envy has successfully poisoned is no longer in the way to block the destructive force coming.  Most of the time, anything and everything that’s in Wrath’s way will get knocked down.  This particular gang member is usually very violent as those who are too close never come out unscathed.  The damage is done, usually forever altering the mental, physical and spiritual state of every victim reached.  This is, of course, assuming the victim somehow managed to survive Wrath’s furious storm.

The fourth gang member is Greed.  This criminal is often regarded as the heart of this organized syndicate.  There is not one gang member who hasn’t fed off Greed’s personal goals as they each try to become every bit as profitable in their own way.  Greed stops at nothing to gather everything possible that’s deemed worthy.  As a queue, Lust, Envy and Wrath will work with what Greed has set eyes on and work as a team to ensure it’s obtained by preying on the victim to adopt the exact same personality Greed has so that through this victim they can achieve their goals.  Everybody wants.  Everybody has desires.  Everybody is willing to make sacrifices in order to get what they want.  Greed knows this and uses all fellow members of the gang to work their special talents into people Greed knows is the easiest to infect.  Once Greed has successfully gripped the victim into a hold impossible to escape from, the combined efforts of Lust, Envy and Wrath take their turn stripping away everything that’s truly valuable about the person they’ve trapped.  Their primary goal here is to take everything they can from their victim and let Greed do the math to see how far they can go.

As the other gang members do their thing, Gluttony is quick to join in by serving special drugs to keep the victim unaware of what’s really going on.  Gluttony knows, just as Lust does, that the easiest way to keep a person docile is to keep giving what he/she wants.  Through this brilliant means of distraction, the victim continues to be devoured.  The weaker the victim becomes, the easier it is for Gluttony and the others to keep up with their efforts of total domination over everything (and everyone) they touch.  This is a necessary task each of them must perform in order to make it easier for their sixth gang member to participate.

That sixth gang member is known as Sloth.  Unlike the others, this one appears remarkably lazy.  Slithering slowly like an old snake, Sloth worms through all the weaknesses exploited by the others.  Rarely anybody sees this coming, but definitely sees the impact done upon the victim once it happens.  Already weakened, the person Sloth infects not only keeps him/her unaware, but unwilling to make a genuine effort to fight against these gang members, allowing their dominance to grow like the viruses they are. In some occasions, it appears as if Sloth works against fellow gang members as it appears they’re the ones doing all the hard work while Sloth merely swaggers in and takes a nap.  However, of all the gang members, Sloth is actually the most effective killer against the human spirit as the victim is all too often placed in such a docile condition that the preference of lazed apathy overtakes the desire to fight back against these gang members in order to retake all that’s been stolen.

The final gang member of the Malicious Seven is Pride.  Pride has been saved for last because this is essentially the leader of this entire group.  Pride rightfully earned this role because it was Pride who recruited and trained the other six.  If it wasn’t for Pride, Lust would remain in confinement, unable to get to Envy and Wrath to team up and join in.  If it wasn’t for Pride, Greed never would have influenced Gluttony to partner up and take anything and everything they see.  Sloth would have remained an unknown if it wasn’t for Pride dragging this gang member out of bed to participate.  Through Pride’s refusal to be second best, this gang organized themselves to be the best at what they do.  It took lots of calculation and practice to become this good.  Pride saw to that.  Most of the time the others (except for Sloth) wanted to rush through like wild bulls in a stampede, but Pride knew doing so would knock them all back down into obscurity.  Pride’s eyes were on the ultimate prize and knew the entire team had to be patient and work together in order to pull off the greatest heist only Pride knew The Malicious Seven could pull off.

It wasn’t easy.  A warrant had been placed for the arrests of all seven gang members, along with warnings of their capabilities and how it’d affect each victim that crossed their paths.  In the beginning, the people feared them and did the best they could to avoid them.  However, a few didn’t see them this way and actually regarded them as misunderstood good guys.  Instead of fleeing from their presence, these people embraced them.  Most of those who made this mistake didn’t survive long enough to spread the word that they were mistaken.  The Malicious Seven were very effective to take these people out, along with all those caught in the crossfire.  They tried to take out as many witnesses as they could, anything to stop the truth from spreading about who they really are and that they are indeed every bit as evil as the warrants suggest.

Each time this gang would get beaten down, Pride saw to it they were never all imprisoned at once.  Quite often, it was Pride that would come to the rescue of fellow gang members.  The talent this particular evil possesses is unsurpassed.  Unlike the others, Pride doesn’t seek the weak.  The strong make the best victims to prey on because each of them have so much in common with Pride.  Disguised as Spirit, Pride grips the victim by the throat and convinces that victim how necessary it is to include the other six evils in order to become better.  Pride knows how to twist truths to convince a person to change ways of thinking, which effectively finds a way to poison and shut down Spirit.  With Spirit out of the way, Pride can then cripple Emotion from something lovely to something ugly.  Once this happens, Pride can then force the victim into performing actions to free Lust, Envy, Wrath, Greed, Gluttony and Sloth so that they can work with Pride to fulfill their collective mission.

What mission is that?  Well, for them there’s four specific missions they cater to on behalf of their criminal mastermind most commonly known as Satan.  The first is War, which is designed to pit people against each other with issues the Malicious Seven have managed to poison each of their victims with.  War is a necessary mission in order to pave the way for the second mission, which is known as Famine.  Once Operation Famine is underway, it makes it that much easier for the Malicious Seven to overtake even more victims as it’s during this time they’re at their weakest.  Beaten down by the horrors Operation War carried out, those still alive at this point are so desperate to survive that it will be during this Famine an even further wedge between the people will make it that much harder for them to stand up to Satan and his minions as the introduce the third mission of their plan.

Operation Death is a finale.  By taking out as much life as possible, the ultimate goal of destruction Satan and his Seven have in mind has become that much closer.  And it’s cruel because those who haven’t died yet bear witness to how humanity’s chance for survival is dwindling.  Hope is lost.  Spirits die off without the Malicious Seven even lifting a finger to interfere.  And this makes it easy for the fourth and final mission to begin.

That mission is known as Pestilence.  Death is not enough.  To punish mankind and their Father that much more, it is through Death where Satan and the Malicious Seven continue to introduce new plagues to further diminish the human spirit.  With Pestilence running wild, Death continues to spread as it carefully follows War and Famine on this path of destruction.  There is not one corner of this world that is to remain unscathed.  In order for Pestilence to succeed, everything must be diseased.

What most people don’t realize is Operation Pestilence was actually the first mission introduced to mankind, despite it being considered number four in the grand scheme of Satan and his Malicious Seven’s things.  Mankind was diseased the second Pride was introduced to them, going as far back as the dawn of time itself.  Pride, along with Lust, Envy, Wrath, Greed, Gluttony and Sloth all managed to find homes within each of us the moment each of us were born.  Experts at hiding from their warrants, they found dark corners within our souls to sit and wait for opportunities to strike.  Acting as unnoticed viruses, they tapped into weaknesses they knew they could affect and yet still keep their victim unaware.  So effective with their methods that those warrants placed on their heads so long ago were mostly forgotten over time.  In fact, many regard those warrants as farce and as a result, treat the Malicious Seven like as if they’re the Magnificent Seven.

And this is exactly why the world as we know it is in the state it’s in today.  Chaotic.  Divided.  Destructive.  Hateful.  Mankind cannot survive this and the Malicious Seven know it.  So does the kingpin they serve, Satan.  They have managed to effectively cast their missions of War, Famine, Death and Pestilence upon us all without most of us even realizing it.  Sure, we’ve seen the wars fought over mankind’s timeline.  We’ve seen the famines, deaths and even diseases that have plagued us, but they’re far from done.

In fact, they’re only getting started…


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