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Word of warning.  This is a long post.  And for those who don’t have the time nor patience to read through it’s entirety will no doubt become insulted and quick to bash me for it because it’ll seem my view is one-sided.  Although I have made it no secret what I think of certain industrial, political and religious issues one thing I do not do is automatically take a side to an argument without really thinking over which side I’ve chosen.  And even there, I don’t dismiss the opposition for their views because I always take into consideration where they’re coming from as well.  So on that note, here we go…

The Star of David.  It’s controversial.  Very controversial.  To this day, the argument of it’s true origin and what it really represents each has very convincing versions to their own belief systems.

The majority of the people who believe in the Star of David do so with open hearts, but sadly, closed minds.  Challenge them on their beliefs that this is indeed a holy symbol God presented to David and an ugly fight will erupt.

I’m not one to back down from a fight, especially when awakened to realities too obvious to ignore.

Remember, Father said it himself that the vast majority of the world’s population would be deceived.  In fact, there is not one human being ever born that can honestly say that the veils of deception haven’t once clouded their vision at some point in their lives.  It happens to us as children and it’s just as easy to dupe an adult.  In many cases, even easier.

I came across an article on the internet that provided a very good case in favor of the Star of David and deep down, I’d very much like to believe it.  I’d hate to think a symbol that even I once revered as something holy has been anything but.  If you’d like to read about it, here is a link leading to that article; Star of David vs Seal of Solomon

Here’s another to sway a winning argument in favor of the Star of David; Hexagram vs Pentagram

I read them both and they actually makes sense.  For a moment I thought maybe I was at least partially in the wrong about David’s star and maybe I am, but I’ve learned from experience the gut feeling is the number one truth teller in my books.  The eyes are blinded by illusive visions, which in turn works on the heart to agree what was seen is genuine.  This is how every human being usually falls for even the wildest schemes.

However, get the gut involved and if the gut disagrees with the eyes and the heart I’ve learned there’s a good reason for it.  My gut just did not agree with what I read, even though my eyes and heart wanted to.  Sorry, but I’ve concluded the gut is also known as the human spirit and it serves as an indicator whether or not something presented before you is indeed true.  So in this case, gut trumps eyes and heart and my gut says the Star of David is not a symbol worthy of praise.  It is still a symbol each of us should remain wary of, even if deep down our hearts want to feel otherwise.

Here’s why I have such an issue with the so-called Star of David;
How Did The Star of David Originate?
The Star of David Deception
The “Star of David” is Pagan

Those are just three articles.  One thing I’ve learned is to never simply take an article for it’s word.  Don’t even take mine for it’s word either.  I would be very disappointed in you if I learned you’ve done that.  You have a mind, a soul and the ability to figure everything out for yourself.  Do that.  I have.  People whom I regard as the most awesome human beings I’ve ever encountered do this.

Here’s other reasons why I challenge the authenticity of what I actually refer to as the Seal of Solomon;

If you’ve read the Holy Bible, page for page, then you know about how Solomon drifted from God to favor the religious practices by his Egyptian wife.  That symbol originally belonged to them and not the Jewish whom they oppressed during the timeline of Exodus.

Also, what is Egypt most notable for?  Pyramids.  Take a look at that symbol.  What do you see that sculpts this “star” you see before you?  Remember, in the bible there are repeated mentions of paganism that the Egyptian culture fell for as they were not interested in following God at all.  They believed in multiple gods and engaged in multiple forms of actions so that they could elevate themselves to be at the same level of whom they regarded as the most supreme.

Of those who recall what they’ve read from Exodus, what was a request God made of his people?  Unleavened bread.  No yeast.  If you dig deeper as into why it’s pretty obvious.  Arrogance, the end result of over-inflated pride that has gone unchecked, “inflates” a person into thinking they’re better than what they really are.  This kind of attitude turns them into someone no longer recognizable and instead of remaining humble (which means true to your roots) that person becomes conceited.  So distant from their true being, a conceited person adopts the idea that he/she is better than everyone else and is more deserving to be a leader than anyone else.  Their lofty goals become loftier and not once do they take a moment to humble themselves and be thankful for what they already have.  Instead, they want more and couldn’t care less if they have to destroy everything and everyone around them to get it.  In their eyes, they’re more important than anything else and it no longer matters what you have to say about it.  Why should such a person care about you?  They don’t even care about God as they adopt the notion that they’ve become invincible.

That red seal symbolizes that.  Forget what it looks like?  Here, I’ll remind you;
It looks like a star.  Seems harmless enough.  But, don’t be fooled.  There’s deeper meaning to that than meets the eye and no, it has nothing to do with David nor the true Israeli people depicted in that Holy Bible.

The Rothschilds, the Illuminati they’re in charge of, plus the Elite 1% that’s part of this organization knows this.  Here’s another thing they know; it’s easy to fool an entire population of people into ways of thinking they don’t realize can do them more harm than good.  And this is something they’ve done extremely well with.

The proof of their success lies within how the people are today.  Conflicted.  Hateful.  Deceitful.  Inflated.  And blind.  That’s how the people have always been and this will never change until all those veils of deceit are finally lifted in a manner where even the most ignorant among us cannot ignore it.  When this happens, we will finally understand that we, the human race, have been lied to all this time and were too gullible to figure it out sooner.

We live in a world full of pyramid schemes.  In religion it’s obvious as enough manipulation has gone into each brand of belief systems where the majority of the followers don’t even realize most of the wrongs they do, even when they’re performed with the best intentions at heart.  I don’t damn these people for it.  Far from it.  I do, however, have issues with the creators of these different religions because regardless of the different brands almost all of them point to the same group of deceivers who started it.  They know each person has their own perception to things and what better way to convince them to believe in something based upon how they see it and react to it?

Take it from someone who was pretty good at schemes herself.  My trick to take people into my corner so that I could achieve my goals was to spark a reaction out of them.  The second I see that reaction I use it to my advantage and fuel that person where next thing they know they’ve done exactly as I wanted.  When I was in sales, it was a great gimmick.  When I was a problem solver at various places I worked at I could usually win any given argument in favor of whom I worked for.  I still exercise that today because I know it works.  My aim, though, is not to deceive.  It’s to flat out tell it like it is how I see it in hopes to at least spark enough reaction from you to at least take it in as food for thought and figure the rest out for yourself.

Let’s get back to the original intent behind this blog post.  I’m trying to explain why I have such animosity towards a symbol I believe deserves no worship from anyone at all.  In addition to my observation that the authenticity of this Star of David isn’t as it appears, it also strikes me that giving this symbol more credit than it deserves is actually a breach of one of the ten commandments issues from God, through Moses, to the people.
Pay very close attention to the second commandment.  I know you can read.  So, what do you think the so-called Star of David is?  It’s an image.  And it was carved, found and associated with Solomon.  No such thing was ever found with David’s personal belongings that we know of, nor even what the bible itself has mentioned.  Not once.

So why did a barber see this symbol, recognize it for it’s significance that only he could understand, change his name to something he felt was more fitting and produce generations of what has become the most powerful and wealthiest family known to man? This is also the part I point out that not once did he nor his family come about this honestly.  All of it was obtained by deceitful means and it’s a practice they’ve perfected so well that the vast majority of the people don’t even realize it.

How about the golden calf?  Remember when Aaron (brother of Moses) and the people that were just rescued from their oppressors carved something that God didn’t approve of?  It wasn’t the calf itself that their creator and chief rescuer had a problem with.  It was seeing they were becoming the very same type of people he had rescued them from.  Sadly, even destroying that carved image at the time wasn’t enough to keep it into obscurity.
The “Star of David” is no different.
rothschilds-timeline-16-638 This “star” would have disappeared into obscurity if it wasn’t for this simple act of demonic-related recognition by a person who at that moment chose his side and it wasn’t God’s.  Whether you believe in the bible or not is irrelevant at this point.  The bottom line is this guy did, but not as a follower.  As a hater who vowed loyalty to Satan (Lucifer).  That alone should have been enough to alert the people there’s a problem brewing here.
Red_StarBut it wasn’t…. Nobody noticed, or bothered to care to notice.  And it made it easy for Bauer-Rothschild to bring into fruition a Luciferian agenda by making sure he, his family and all those willing to go to bed with them to form the Illuminati and other secret and not so secret organizations.  Through these groups they saw to it they got control of everything they knew would grip the population regardless of where they stood as far as social statuses go.
img_nathan_mayer_rothschild_quote_fullscreenrothschilds-timeline-41-638Israel The state of Israel was created AFTER World War II.  There is much conflict based on the original intent behind this state, the flag chosen and even the government that was put into place.  Many believe the Israeli Government is really run by the Ashkenazi Jews, who are believed to be the puppets of the Illuminati that have been organized to bring the entire world to it’s knees through confusion, conflict and oppression.  This, in fact, is a tactic Adolf Hitler and his Nazis perfected.  Ever since it’s introduction to the world stage as a recognized nation on May 14, 1948, it has remained central stage of activity by mainstream media, world politics and the global population as they continue to spin in circles of controversy.
israel-nazi-flag The Israelis and the Nazis.  What if they really are the same?  So many fingers point to suggestions they are.  Even the argument of the 6 million Jewish who were exterminated has very different points of view of what really happened.  Of those who believe in the mass murder stories, they don’t question for a second that today’s Israel is genuine and undeserving targets of what they feel is anti-semitism.  Of those who don’t, they have good grounds for argument too.  Although evidence shows the gruesome deaths, the camps and all the horrors what truly convincing evidence is there of all who really died here?  My view doesn’t favor either side, but rather sits in between.  I do believe 6 million people were indeed massacred and I believe it’s a combination of Ashkenazi Jewish (to dupe the masses by preying on their humanity) and the other branches of this particular race.  I’ve learned the best way to deceive people is to perform both the truth and the lie at the same time.  Flat out, all those killed and all those who observed history unfold, are victims of something nobody has completely figured out yet and likely never will because there is simply not enough clarity on this particular subject.
Saudi Arabia 2005 swastika And it’s easy to merge enough lies together, using truths, to paint an image nobody realizes their true meaning and will automatically question without thought anybody who dares to oppose it.
judaism vs zionism

b87ef6a96fe7c7b85d7d3728e019db6c.jpg When images are portrayed this way, it’s very difficult to ignore it, whether you believe in God, the Holy Bible or not.  I mean, who wants to oppose God, even if you don’t think he is real?

Well, these people do….

And the top ranking Illuminati control what?
Get it yet?

I know this post is long and it seems like I’m reaching everywhere and I’ll be honest.  I am.  Because I know this problem sits everywhere and it won’t go away.  It will get worse.  All I’m doing here is what I’ve always done.  Treat my blog like an open book diary and lay out my thoughts as they come.  In all honesty, most of the time I don’t even feel like I’m doing the writing.  Sometimes it feels like someone has taken over and my fingers and internet skills are merely tools.  I know that sounds crazy and maybe it is, but I’d rather be in this state than a comatose one and do nothing.

Now here is a shocker for some of you….
I DON’T HATE ISRAEL!!!!  I’M NOT ANTI-SEMITIC!!!!  I don’t even hate the Rothschilds, the Illuminati nor even Satan!  I don’t frown on those who don’t believe in God and I couldn’t care less if they refuse to give an ounce of credibility towards the Holy Bible.

However, I am disappointed.  That’s a huge difference.  I am disappointed that mankind still blindly believes what’s thrown in front of them without taking the time to educate themselves first and make better judgment calls.  I am disappointed in the deceivers for not realizing the err of their ways and that they have yet to figure out all that they’re doing will be in vain in the end.  And I’m disappointed that the world today insists to remain divided when they should really be learning to find ways to work together.  Who cares if someone’s skin is black and the other person prefers to follow the Easter Bunny instead of God?  As long as people are mindful, compassionate and respectful in the end that’s what matters most.  We are in this together and blowing a Muslim clean off the face of the earth isn’t going to strengthen a Christian’s position with God because he thinks it will.

If someone wants to worship what they think is the true meaning behind the Star of David, okay.  I actually have no problem with that.  The only real problem I have is when refusal to take into consideration the controversial differences of the symbol itself impedes that person’s judgment and turns them from the loving person they should be into a spiteful spirit that throws common sense out the window.

Don’t worship/cherish a symbol.  This applies to the Star of David, the Seal of Solomon, the Cross of Jesus Christ, the Golden Calf and literally anything that has some sort of (biblical or non-biblical) association with idolatry.  Be wary of them.  All of them.  It’s warned that those who worship symbols actually open up doorways for evil to swoop in.

In all honesty, if it wasn’t for the Rothschild connection to the Star of David in the first place, I never would question it’s authenticity and wouldn’t have taken the time to question about it so much.  I’m not suggesting people go out and hate that symbol.  That’s not the point.  That’s the last thing I want people to do.  What I’m aiming for is for people to wake up and stop following whatever so blindly.  Faith is one thing, but blind faith without taking the time to educate yourself by trying to understand every point of view before making a final judgment is another.

Real faith means making the effort to understand.  Doing so wakes a person up for as long as they don’t just fall for what their eyes see, what their heart feels and what the mind thinks.  Those are too easily corruptible.  The gut, provided it too hasn’t been tainted by an excessive lifestyle of prideful stupidity, is your true spirit guide that won’t steer you wrong.  The more awake you are, the stronger your gut instincts become and the more important it is you listen to it.  This, I believe is the holy spirit within us, and God’s primary means of contact.  As long as the eyes refuse to focus on distractions, the heart stays clear from corruption and the mind remains open, God can easily bypass the clutter and get through to you.  When this happens it won’t be accompanied by a star, nor even a cross.  It’ll come to you like as if someone just walked into your living room to have a simple conversation.


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