You Asked For It

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Be careful what you wish for.  You just might get it, but the end result might not be as you expected.  Also, it is proven that anything worth having must be done so by genuine effort and it’s up to you to go get it.  Nobody else will do this for you and quite frankly, nobody else but you knows what you want/need better than you do.

Sadly, most people don’t see it this way.  They claim they do but in all honesty they don’t.  Look at how most nations are run these days.  Especially within North America, never have we seen such a corrupt structure of what feels more like petty, criminal masterminds in charge.

But you know what?  You voted them in!  Of those who cared to vote, the vast majority didn’t care enough to vote with enough intelligence to put an end to the madness that spirals more out of control each day.  When politicians come forth vowing reach change in their election campaigns, people are all to eager to soak it up.  Of those who blindly fall for the promises they quickly pick a side and no amount of argument (reasonable or not) will sway them from picking whom they think is the best choice.

All too often I hear their reasoning as to why they favor a specific party or person “it’s the lesser of the evils” and to those people I laugh at them.  Just because it appears to be a lesser evil doesn’t mean it’s the right choice either.  Evil is still evil.  Corruption still runs rampant and by voting in what you think is that lesser evil doesn’t change the fact that the region, state/province or nation you call home has people in power that shouldn’t be there.

But you asked for it.  You voted them in.  Over the years, and even going as far back as the generations, people all too easily forget their roots as they cry for change.  We, as a people, are impatient.  Adam and Eve proved that back in Genesis when they chose the Tree of Knowledge over the Tree of Life.  They were in such a hurry to become “educated” that they forgot how to live.  Because of this, instead of elevating themselves at a pace that would have been more beneficial in the end, they opted for shortcuts.  They figured out the hard way those shortcuts were treacherous and full of unforeseen dangers and they knew there was no turning back.  This was the path they had chosen and one they had no choice but to stay on.

This is how everybody is.  There is not one man, woman nor child that doesn’t possess an ounce of impatience within them.  That impatience is the doorway to invite all the evils and turn us into something we shouldn’t be.  It makes us forget who we really are and throws us down those exact same paths of treachery and danger as we have no choice but to follow them.

How you do it is up to each of us.  So far, as a whole, we’re not doing well at all.  We keep allowing circumstances to make that path more hazardous than it already is, despite the fact there are numerous opportunities to prevent that process.

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I run into people who say they want to change this and that.  Stop smoking.  Eat healthier.  Finish projects still undone.  The list goes on.  The majority of those people always find excuses to never change their ways and this not only shows in their daily lives and habits, but in our voting patterns as well.

Sorry people, but you are a gullible race.  You fall for the serpents and their lies over and over again instead of paying closer attention to the lambs that are showing you ways to get out of the mess that you created.

Yes, you.  Not the politicians.  You.  Through voter apathy and failing to truly take action to spark the change you claim so much you want, you’ve played the biggest role here in why the world is as upside down as it is.  All those political leaders, despite all the corrupt influences that have moulded them into who and what they are, never would be in a position to abuse their authority if you had simply exercised better judgment than just blindly voting them in.

And it’s not just the politicians that play you.  The most popular artists throughout the course of time has managed to utilize entertainment as a means to distract people from the horrific truths of what road this world is on.  They’ve also mastered the art of exploiting all the seven deadly sins in a manner where it seems more fun to cave into temptation than it is to resist.  In time, all those commandments God laid out for us becomes a joke and in many cases, forgotten.  All the laws, statutes, etc. are also lost and before you know it, what used to be a worldwide society of decency has turned into a global collection of lost souls.

Don’t believe me?  Okay, how about the arena games within the Roman Empire?  They were brutal.  People were entertained by watching gruesome battles take place between individuals, most of them slaves thrown there against their own will, where it was a requirement to kill in order to win.  During this era, citizens were literally dehumanized as they thought this brand of entertainment was acceptable.

Keep in mind, however, these people didn’t believe in God.  They believed in a multitude of gods and it wasn’t until Jesus Christ came along that real change began to take place among the masses.  Prior to his arrival, during and after, those considered Christians or at least believed only in one god instead of a multitude were often thrown into that arena to die before an eager crowd that was so consumed with blood lust that any sign of decency or common sense was just not there.

Think we’re any better now?  Hardly.  Over time there’s always been violent tendencies towards any form of entertainment.  Even when the earliest wars were fought, the wealthiest and most influential among the population would actually watch from a safe distance as men would go up against men, killing each other on behalf of the government they support.  Nowadays we have televised broadcasts where it’s not just the wealthy who can watch.  Everyone can.

And if watching real wars isn’t enough to keep the people entertained, there’d be scripted shows glorifying violence where it’s usually good against evil.  Knowing people are usually going to side with the good, they see to it everybody gets their money’s worth.  And, alongside the scripted programs would be sports where it’s very purpose is to be violent enough to win.  Sports such as boxing and wrestling are prime examples of this.

Don’t get me wrong.  There was a time where the theatrics we were exposed to wasn’t so bad.  Shortly after the Roman Empire fell it did seem like the human race began to wise up as Christianity, Judaism, Islam and other religions began to blossom in what appeared to be peaceful enough.  Even though ugliness would still poke out from time to time, overall it seemed like we were able to keep it in check.

However, corruption always finds a way to catch up.  For as long as there’s enough pride to feed on to turn a patient person into someone impatient, the paths of horror will always overrun the paths of decency sooner or later.

Once again using television as my examples of choice, I remember growing up as a kid and watching programs of the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s.  As an adult it was from the 90s onward.  One thing I noticed was how the first two decades had programming with very little violence in it.  And, such violence was not graphic.  In fact it was probably more comical rather than anything else.  No foul language was used then and there was no nudity.  At least not on the major networks.  However, over time this had changed.  I remember watching Little House on the Prairie, The Waltons, The Little Rascals and a variety of shows that really focused on family and friends in a manner that was not only entertaining, but educational as well.  In some cases, even spiritual.  It was during a time where God was very much in the picture and in a positive way.

You don’t see that today.  The most recent televised program, Seventh Heaven, was really the final series that still had family values in place and still sent good messages about God.  They were able to do this both as Christians and as Jewish.  It was great.  They also excelled at taking today’s problems and using faith and decency to resolve them.

This isn’t the case anymore.  We now have programs where foul language is normal, as is nudity, violence, gore, etc.  Is this considered evolving?  Some say in the earlier decades we were oppressed.  But that’s now how I see it.

Programming was oppressed by the people as the networks knew in order to stay in business and keep those who sponsor them profitable, they had to keep the people entertained enough so that they could carry out whatever schemes they have in mind in hopes nobody would notice.

Make no mistake, those major networks are owned by the Elite 1% and I’ve made it no secret who they are and who they associate with and what their ultimate goal is.  All those big corporations that have aired their commercials over the stretch of time are in on it too.  They all worked together and still do today.  They know through commercialism and means of entertainment that would keep a person lured they could achieve their goals with ease.

One observation I’ve made is now that televised and theatrical broadcasts are no longer so oppressed, in turn the people are.  Today we have less freedoms as our charter of rights has been tainted, along with the constitutions, laws and regulations.  The only people capable of doing this are our politicians, the ones we vote in to rule over us.

Bottom line, people, not one politician in power has what it takes to do that.  In reality, they never did.  Of the rare political figure that would dare to side with the people, they were silenced one way or the other, usually by assassination or some form of mysterious circumstance that would baffle those paying attention.  And each and every time such an occasion would take place, the scapegoat who takes the fall for the crime is merely nothing more than a mindless puppet.  The real evils who set forth the silence act always manage to get away with their crimes, mainly because they have the general population too distracted with matters.

What’s crazy is despite all the fascist-based laws, rules and regulations that are in place today in some form to oppress the people even further, never have we become as heartless and as lawless as we are today.  Violence, as usual, takes center stage as all these divisional horrors are carried out.

Today human beings live brazen lifestyles that saw cities like Sodom and Gomorrah get scorched for it.  It’s everywhere.  And no, I’m not talking about homosexuality here.  I’m talking about embracing all seven deadly sins like it’s a normality, as well as ignoring the laws, statutes and commandments that God laid out for his people after their exodus from their oppressors.

But you know what?  You asked for it.  Not just by voting in political evils to run our world, but by supporting influences that should really be shelved into obscurity instead of receiving so much glorifying attention.  What does it say about idolatry?  We’re not supposed to worship any graven image, regardless if it’s a seal painted on a piece of paper, or a celebrated human being that knows how to captivate an entire audience.  Yet most of us do.

Okay, so I suppose this is where the argument of Jesus Christ comes in.  If we’re not supposed to engage in idolatry, where does he come in?  How about God for that matter?  Would not worshipping them be the same as worshipping Madonna or Kanye West?

My answer to that is both yes and no.  I’m not saying to round up all of Madonna’s recorded work and trash it.  What I am saying is the Holy Bible is merely a book.  For me, a very important book that serves both as a history lesson and a spirit guide, but I won’t run around the countryside with it in my grasp and screaming at people to repent.  That’s not my role and I know it.  I’m also not going to run around wearing a piece of jewelry with a cross on it because I have some grand illusion that it’ll bring me closer to God.  To me, that stuff is superficial and that’s the point I’m out to make here.

Idolatry is basically elevating something (or someone) into something more than they deserve to be.  God, in my opinion, should be worshipped as he is our creator.  I don’t care what those who don’t believe in him says.  However, I don’t idolize God in a manner where I will run out naked in the middle of some street in Bethlehem, drop to my knees and start praying aloud.  For me, I regard God in the same manner as I regard my biological father.  God created my ancestors, as well as my father and then me.  That’s how I see God and this is also how I see Jesus Christ.  I don’t see him as someone I have to drop down and kiss toes or oil down with ointment.  I see him as our big brother, so to speak, who has set out an example for all of us to follow.  Although it’s acknowledged none of us can be him, we can at least try to stay as close to the examples he laid out for us the best we can.

You know what?  I don’t want to be Jesus Christ!  That’s another form of idolatry in my eyes.  And it’s actually idolatry that has this world and everyone in it behaving so irrationally and most of them don’t even know it.  I hear people “Oh, I want to be just like Lady Gaga” and I’m thinking how unfortunate it is that person doesn’t see his/her own potential to be someone whom I think is way better than the goof they’re idolizing.

Don’t get me wrong.  I appreciate musicians, actors, writers, poets, etc. as I believe they are the heart and soul of mankind’s development.  However, like politicians, there are the decent and the corrupt.  Of those that are corrupt, most of them don’t even realize it and just as many of them don’t care.  Again, just like certain politicians, for as long as they got everything they want and have control of the masses they will continue with their ways for as long as they can.

At least for as long as you allow it.  Again, everything that’s going on this world, going as far back as Genesis itself, has by been your design.  We’ve brought this onto ourselves and it’s up to us to at least try and fix it.  I know we can’t because we’re flat out not talented enough to do that.  At least not yet.  And this is why we need help and there’s only one who can do that.  It’s not Barack Obama, nor Justin Trudeau, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Benjamin Netanyahu, Queen Elizabeth, nor even the United Nations for that matter.

Only a creator is going to care enough to step in.  All those in power are not these things.  They’re destroyers, manipulators and every bit as gullible as we are.  However, for as long as we keep making bad choices, that creator is not going to interfere until we all smarten up and ask for it and prove that we are worthy of asking.

We, in my opinion, are addicts.  The people in charge of this world knows this.  We’re addicted to pride, lust, greed, gluttony, wrath, laziness and envy.  These are all typical traits that are exploited when we allow our own impatience overtake our better sense of judgment.  Like an addict, engaging in these drugs makes us feel good at the time.  When the effects wear off and we feel the pain of reality sink in, too many of us are all too eager to go take those drugs again.  Next thing you know it becomes a way of life and like an addict, we want the help, but incapacitate ourselves to the point where we won’t.  Or, we become so desperate we ask the wrong people for help.

And this is where our corrupt political leaders come in.  They know how lost we are as a people.  Over the course of time we’ve set all the right conditions needed for the evils to just sway in, screw us up so badly we can’t even see anymore, and keep demoralizing everyone until there’s nothing left.

We have very little left now as it is.  How much longer we’ll be able to hang onto it is up to you.  It’s up to each of us.  Want to remain an addict until you die?  Then by all means, keep allowing all the wrong people to run your life for you and keep taking those drugs that continue to cloud your judgment.

I, however, refuse to remain as an addict.  Addictions are hard to fight and I battle those demons daily.  But I won’t give up.  I will fight to my last breath doing everything I can to keep corruption as far away from me as I can, even though I know I can’t do it alone.  I have no problem asking for help and that’s amazing coming from a person that’s overloaded with pride.  But, the help I ask for will never be of those I know full well would never understand exactly what I’m going through and how to fix the problem without contaminating me that much further.

In the meantime, until that help arrives, I do what I can on my own and help those who are in the same boat as me, or at least trying to get on it.  I’d love to help everyone, but I’m not God.  I don’t have that kind of power.  And, unlike the politicians that keep pulling the wool over your eyes, just as their corporate sponsors do, I will never pretend to be him either.

So, what are you asking for now?  Are you still asking for the same tyrants to save your life, despite knowing they’re going to destroy it anyway?  Or, are you finally going to wise up and make the effort to help yourself, but at the same time be humble enough to ask the one and only individual qualified and interested enough to join you?


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