Uncle Lucifer

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When Genesis is talked about and the big sin that Adam and Eve committed when they embraced the Tree of Knowledge over the Tree of Life, what did you think that sin was?

Biting into an apple?  So to speak, yes, but it was technically referred to as forbidden fruit. This is now the part I admit I could never really understand why God would have such an issue about a pair of naive kids plucking edibles from a tree he didn’t want them to touch.  I figured it was merely a test of a person’s willpower, just like a dieter is tested to choose between a healthy bowl of nuts or an unhealthy bag of manufactured potato chips.

For the most part, it is true.  The first victim, Eve, was given a choice as it was more than just her willpower that was tested.  It was her character.  And she failed.  When Lucifer approached her he seduced her to embrace the Tree of Knowledge.  That apple, so to speak, was Lucifer himself and not some hanging item off a tree branch.

What Lucifer did was take Eve’s virginity.  That’s the forbidden fruit God was referring to.  No matter how the story is told about Adam and Eve, the one common factor was the moment they gave into temptation all innocence was lost.

How else can a person go from being innocent to tainted and have no chance to restore that for as long as you’re still alive?  Bottom line is you can’t and that’s what happened to first Eve, then Adam.

If you recall how Genesis is explained, both in the bible and in other material, Eve fell first and then introduced Adam to take that exact same fall as she had yet to grasp the full consequences of her actions.  Also, if you recall how these actions resulted in God making the choice to have them live with their actions instead of killing them on the spot.  That price included painful childbirth for the mother and for the father the necessity to toil (work) at everything as a provider.  This means hard labour in a variety of jobs that include gardening, farming, carpentry, etc.

For those who question God’s decision to do this, keep in mind he had the option to cease mankind’s existence right from the beginning.  Who likes to be disobeyed?  Also, put yourself in  God’s situation here.  For those who are parents you’re most likely to understand how precious your child is to you.  If you learned your child was violated you would be incensed.  Your first reaction would be to punish the violator.  This is exactly what God did with Lucifer.  He punished him severely and swiftly, which is what any father would do.  Now, if that father (or mother) learned his/her child was an agreeing receptor of such violation, that disappointment and need to punish will also extend to the child.

Bottom line is, as a parent, you raise your children to be better than that.  You already taught them the difference between right and wrong and yet they had the nerve to go behind your back and choose wrong.  What’s worse is they do so with another member of the family that was already known to be a snake.

So this is now where my term “Uncle Lucifer” comes in and why I chose that for the title of this blog.  God created everything and Lucifer, who was his first creation, was by his side when he did so.  Lucifer was the closest to him, like a brother, until he betrayed him.

In true Lion King fashion, Lucifer rounded up those whom he managed to convince to join him in a battle against God and his team of angels for the right to rule.  Even though God created everything, Lucifer was already jealous at this point that he would never be more than second fiddle.  Then when God created Man, something of which he had intended to surpass his creation of angels, Lucifer went over the edge.  So consumed with jealousy, pride and lust for power, Lucifer approached the Heavenly Kingdom and won over angels that apparently felt the same way he did.

So the big fight is on as little brother Lucifer challenged big brother Yahweh (as some refer God) for the ultimate right to assume the role as king and rule over everything.  In this battle God and his team of angels won.  He could have, if he wanted to, kill off Lucifer and his team of angels, but he chose not to.  Instead, he cast them down to the earth and took away their divinity, twisting it into what we know as demonic.

Why would God do that?  Why allow brother Lucifer, who now at this point is known as Satan, and his angels (now demons) live where he’s created Man?  Believe it or not, so in tune is God with the universe, he wanted to put Satan and his demons in an environment where they can see for themselves the potential of Man.  I also believe he did this as he knew sooner or later Man would have to encounter these fallen brethren and how they’d react to them would determine the course of history as the timeline moves forward.

Adam and Eve reacted towards Satan and his demons badly.  Although they knew this group was to be avoided at all costs they were still taken in by them.  There was too much temptation for them to resist and they wound up disappointing their father (God) so that they could go have “fun” with Uncle Lucifer and his gang.

How many times, either as a kid or as a parent, have you witnessed a member of the family become disobedient as fun wins out over responsibility?  I can speak personally that I have all too often favored having a good time over starting and finishing tasks I knew had to be done.  This, in my opinion, is where gluttony and sloth creep their way into a person’s lifestyle as all too often I observe and personally experience jobs that are supposed to be done go ignored because partying with the pack is more enticing than cleaning a sink full of dirty dishes.

Innocent children are always the biggest prey of the most corrupt adults among us.  It has been this way since Genesis and it is still a problem today.  How many times have we come across stories of young children being abducted, sexually abused, physically abused and found either mutilated or dead?  Too many.  Even just once is too many.  Just look at Eve.  Look at Adam.

This is a curse, in my opinion, that has plagued mankind the second Eve caved into temptation with Uncle Lucifer.  Not only did she lose her innocence with him, but became impregnated as a result.  For those who’ll instantly challenge this conclusion let me point here that in Genesis Cain and Abel were not identical twins.  They were fraternal.  This means one came before the other.  Cain came first.  Abel came second.

Had it ever occurred to you, throughout the Old Testament, why God had his “chosen” people so violent in reaction to the Canaanites, Hittites, Amorites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites?  In Deuteronomy 20:17 it even says so.  Here is a link proving my point; Satan’s Lineage

Abel is Adam’s firstborn son.  And this is whom God favored as he knew Cain was not of his seed, but rather Satan’s.  No matter how hard Cain may have tried to appease God, there was no way he could do it.  He did everything wrong and, like Lucifer, hated this and the fact that his brother Abel always seemed to everything right.

Like jealous children in a typical family household, the one brother was deemed as the loser while the other always the winner and they’d often squabble against each other as a result.  However, even God acknowledged it wasn’t entirely Cain’s fault.  It was in his genetic makeup, which was a perverted version of what God had intended for Man.  He did not hate Cain, but he hated how he was conceived.  Big difference.

And that is why to this day the lineage of Satan, which is also Cain’s lineage, Ham’s (son of Noah) lineage and also the lineage of all the families that are the formation of the Illuminati are still allowed to roam the earth alongside with the rest of mankind.  Although doubtful anyone in that lineage would seek a truly righteous path for themselves, God is an amazing giver of opportunities.  There is always an opportunity to change a way of thinking, how we act, how we react and how we go about our lives the best we can with what we’ve got.

Unfortunately, most of those opportunities are passed up.  Just like the days of Adam and Eve, mankind continues to choose wrong overall.  And it’s not just the Lucifer lineage that does this.  We all do it.

When Cain murdered Abel, perhaps Lucifer saw this as a victory.  With Abel gone through Cain he can rule the world as he sees fit.  However, along came Seth, as well as a handful of daughters.  I figure God saw to it that he was going to win this war against Lucifer/Satan by playing his own game.  I will admit, the idea of brothers taking their sisters as wives that would bear them children, even in that era has me uneasy.  I make a point to remind myself that at that time it wasn’t like there was a number of options available.  And, if we want to go there, keep in mind Adam and Eve were essentially created to serve each other as well as God.  When Eve was seduced by Lucifer the act of family incest had already begun right there.

Keep in mind God pointed out that from that moment forward everybody would be born into sin.  Well, since the wives of Cain and Seth were also their sisters, the actions of incest would continue.  It wasn’t as if they were really given a choice in the matter as their parents had already chosen this road for them.  However, because this was the avenue mankind was forced to take, in order to multiply into a grand population this was simply how it had to be.

This is not what God wanted.  He wanted better for his children, but Lucifer seeded enough corruption into those plans that he now had no choice but to let all this ride out, just like any parent would do if their child produced grandchildren that may or may not have been born with their blessing.  Got to ride it out and love what you’ve got no matter what.  Even if they do wrong, love them anyway.  It doesn’t mean you let them get away with their crimes, but you never completely turn your back on your children henceforth for as long as the quest to remain a strong, happy family remains.

This is who God is.  He is our Father.  The first father.  Each of us, including Lucifer’s side of the family, are of his lineage through his creation and Eve’s efforts as the first mother of mankind.  Despite all the wrongs we do, he will not completely turn his back on us.  However, he isn’t going to coddle us from start to finish either.  That’s not what makes a great parent.

A great parent will be there for his/her child and nourish them the best they can, but will stand back just enough to allow that child to grow into the best adult form of a human being possible.  A parent can only hope that child will obey, be righteous and kind.  If a child succeeds at this then the parent can somewhat relax with hopes this will remain a successful legacy for generations to come.

A lousy parent will still be there for the child, but interfere in absolutely everything to ensure that child succeeds, even if that child doesn’t deserve it.  That child never learns to grow to become a strong adult that can stand proud.  From childhood to adulthood that person will become a spoiled brat and expect the world to feed from his/her hand at every whim instead of working with everyone and share the fruits of their labour equally.

And sadly, this is the state of the world today.  Uncle Lucifer and his seed has spread like wild weeds on this earth as they seek to own everything, control everything and ultimately destroy everything.  This is the polar opposite of what God wanted, but mankind chose this.  They chose it at the very beginning of their creation and still choose it today.

People often ask if God is so powerful and loving, where is he?  Why is he allowing this to happen?  Well, like any good parent that knows a thing or two about how to raise a child properly is to allow their own child(ren) learn from their own mistakes and grow up to become better adults.  Coddling them the whole way and failing to discipline where necessary ends up having helpless adults that have no sense of morality and can’t tell the difference between good and evil.

This is what our world has become.  We have children that are being raised without morals, without faith and without scruples of any kind.  These are Lucifer’s kind of children and what once isolated to just his lineage has spread like a virus to the lineage of Seth, Abram, Jacob, Joseph, Daniel and even Jesus Christ.  Never before has society become so faithless and lawless as we are now.

So quite frankly, this is Uncle Lucifer’s world that we’re living in, not our Father’s.  Mother Nature is doing the best she can to keep us nourished based on what our Father has created, but for as long as Uncle Lucifer and all his children keep contaminating all that they touch, including us, this will remain a world that will die as all our sins continue to kill it.

We live in a house that’s becoming more impatient, less virtuous, more hostile and less loving.  That’s Lucifer’s house.  The “light of Lucifer” is lit by the blood, sweat and tears that God cursed upon mankind when they chose to turn their back on him right from the beginning.  The children of Lucifer bask in the luxuries that mankind has unwittingly provided them and instead of being thankful, this lineage of Satan’s seed wants more.  So overtaken by greed, they won’t be satisfied with what they got until they’ve got everything and everybody else around them has nothing.

This is how it has been during the days of Exodus when the Egyptians (Lucifer’s, Cain’s and Ham’s lineage) thumbed down the Seth, Abram, Jacob and Joseph’s Jewish lineage.  They were eventually rescued by their oppressors and brought to carve out their own destinies.  Even then, God knew these people who are “stiff necked” would flounder somewhere along the way.  In fact, the arrogance that fuelled their mistakes surfaced almost instantly after they were freed.  And these are the same wrongs we do today.

And here’s why…

It’s because when Eve fell for Lucifer’s charms and allowed to be violated her purity was forever tainted.  Even with the birth of Abel being of Adam’s seed and not Lucifer’s, remnants of serpentine blood still made it’s mark.  It was (and still is) inescapable.  The big difference was those sharing a more direct connection to Lucifer and Cain willingly embraced the corruption.  Those of Adam’s and Seth’s seeds were not.  However, with the seeds of corruption still within them and their descendants, this venom always sought opportunities to spread it’s influence, just like how cancer likes to do the same with it’s victims.

What is cancer best known for?  Eating their victims alive from the inside out until there’s nothing left and the person dies.  Each of us has a piece of Lucifer’s cancer within us and each of us die from it sooner or later.  How we go depends entirely on how we wish to deal with his disease while we’re still alive.  If we cater to it our lives will indeed be fruitless.  If we fight it, the fruits of our labour sooner or later has it’s own rewards.

Like medical cancer, the spiritual cancer is tricky.  Sometimes you think you’ve won your battles, only to realize it’s not that easy.  It’s a lifelong struggle as you need to find ways to stay ahead of that cancer.  Some people succeed at this, some don’t.  The biggest mistake those who don’t is making assumptions they’re in the clear and they lower their guard.  Doing so makes it easy for the cancer to swoop back in and all too often become a terminal one.

Of those who succeed and wish to continue with that success, they never stop fighting.  Changes will be made to their habits that become a lifestyle.  It’s not an easy battle as it is exhausting, but in the end it’s worth it.  Doing so helps a person stay true to themselves and stay loyal to their one true creator and lifeline, God through Jesus Christ via Holy Spirit.

An extreme few people succeed in this.  Why?  Because it’s not easy.  Doing so means being humble.  We, as a race, have literally been taught to be anything but.  More so now than ever before we have become vain, petty and flat out stupid.  We live in an era where “selfies” are awesome, being faithful to God is ridiculed, and brainwashing forms of mainstream media is rarely questioned.  We eat more plastics than we do food these days, wondering why we’re getting sicker by the day.  Of those who’ve clued in why, too many opt to stay oblivious to the truth because it’s inconvenient.

People hate change, which is a Luciferian trait.  People hate to be wrong, which is also another characteristic Satan possesses.  Living all seven deadly sins without remorse is precisely how Uncle Lucifer wants us to be, which trounces on the ten commandments without mercy.  Satan is precisely that one relative in everyone’s family they’re told to stay away from because he’s a bad influence.

God, just like any other parent, hopes his children grow up to become outstanding adults and perhaps even outdo them.  God is the ultimate example of the perfect father.  He loves, he cares, he tries.  However, he does not coddle and will discipline where needed.  Although it may seem the innocent are struck down for no reason at all, there is a reason for it.  It’s teaching people humility that we are not as invincible as we’d like to think we are and for as long as remain in Satan’s world and be willing participants in it without regard for our actions, nothing is guaranteed except for certain death.

So I’ve learned in this world I’d rather follow God and the lineage I hope I’m with (Adam’s) because this is the world that wants creation, life, happiness, love and as much bountiful fruit as possible.  I want nothing to do with Lucifer’s world and nothing at all to do with his lineage.  I get fearful a bit of this because my own genealogy tree has names in it that have direct ties with the biggest families within the Illuminati organization.  I really don’t want to be on the wrong side of God’s wrath when that day comes!

I know I’ve sinned.  I know I have judgment yet to fall on my head that I have to answer for.  I’ve been lucky so far, but am well aware that luck will soon give out, even though I’ve repented and try to live as righteously as I can.  I know I’m flawed because I keep having to fight those battles the venom of temptation that constantly rears it’s ugly head at me.  Most of the time I win, but I still lose more often then I care to admit.

I won’t give up, though.  That is not God’s way and it was not the ways of Adam, Seth, Abram, Noah, Job, Daniel, David, Jesus, Peter nor all those who’ve encountered situations where giving up would have been nice, easy way out options.

I hope you don’t give up either.  You’ve got to fight the spiritual fight in order to keep your spiritual cancer at bay.  If you don’t, it’ll overtake you and Uncle Lucifer will have succeeded in his goal to destroy you.

I live for my Father, not my pitiful uncle who failed to understand the true concept of what a family is supposed to be about.


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