Tough Job

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There are some occupations that are clearly more hazardous than others.  Running into burning buildings when everybody is anxious to get out is a job only firemen do as they put their lives at risk despite the best training possible to avoid tragedy.

Window cleaners that put their lives in the balance high above the ground, strapped to the side of a building, have the courageous ability to defy the heights as their job is to ensure not only is the building nice and clean on the outside, but those inside it get clear views when they look out the windows.

The military go through an intense training program so that they’re in a position to defend their homeland, whether it be close to home, or afar.  They are sent into war zones no human being in their right mind would want to have anything to do with.

Police officers are similar to the military, but their battlegrounds are always at home.  You’d think because they’re posted in hometown neighbourhoods that their occupation of choice would be a relatively safe one.  For the most part it is, but with the surge of division taking place between the over zealous and those who have zero regard for human lives this is not the case at all.

To serve and protect.  That is the motto of the police.  For the most part it seems to be an easy enough task.  How hard is it to have people control their driving speed on the road, especially in specified zones where they need to slow down due to a higher count of pedestrian traffic?  It can’t be that difficult for people to understand the law is there to protect all the good people from the bad, right?

There may have been a time when this was so, but there are a number of factors now that makes the job of a police officer far more complex (and dangerous) than it has ever been before.

#1 The Courts.  Nowadays the fine line between getting properly punished for breaking the law and being law abiding has thinned out to virtual non-existence.  Those who should be serving full time for their crimes all too often get away with it, especially if such a person has a higher social standing due to economic wealth, political influence or corporate favor.  And on the flip side, when someone tries to defend themselves against a criminal, how fair is it that the person who originally intended to do wrong that wound up getting hurt for their efforts gets to sue the person who refused to be wronged?

All too often we see this problem and in virtually every case the police are sent in to do jobs as they’re assigned to do.  It’s not their place to judge, even if they don’t entirely agree with the orders they’ve been given.

I used to work at a rather seedy hotel where I got to know the officers who had the beat there.  They were so frustrated that people they’d arrest, people they know should remain behind bars for a very long time, are released merely hours after throwing them in there.  And we’re not just talking about drunks, drug dealers, pimps, hookers and thieves here.  We’re talking even more serious crimes like murder.  These policemen that I got to know felt the same as I did.  Those who have addiction problems should serve a mandatory 28-day cleansing program in a facility that specializes in this if they want to return to society. Those with violence in their rap sheet should undergo psychological evaluation before determining what kind of treatment would best serve that person so they can emerge as a better citizen.

These officers were not trained to shoot first and talk later.  It was the opposite.  Unfortunately, not everybody (especially if they’re intoxicated) are willing to listen.  Emotions rise and forceful action becomes the last resort choice to resolve a situation so that everybody’s lives can move on.  It’s not the policeman’s fault that the law system in place continually fails everybody within the nation.  Just like a mechanic that has to deal with old tools, police officers do the best they can with what they have to work with in an environment that has much room for improvement.

#2. Sharia Law.  Face it.  It’s a problem.  The most influential Muslims among the North American population, despite supposedly moving to our nations for a better life, still want the kind of laws and lifestyle they fled from.  They don’t agree with Judaism nor Christianity and feel we’ve got it all wrong and are bent to turn our nations into one that is strictly Islamic by nature.  I’ve got nothing against the Muslims nor their faith, but I do have something against forcing a nation and the people within to adjust to how they do things instead of us being allowed to stick to our own belief systems and traditions.  The Jewish and Christian, despite their differences, have managed to live (mostly) side by side without so much conflict were one felt it necessary to force their religious laws upon the other.  The Muslims should never have been allowed to weasel their Sharia Law into the laws set up by the constitutions that have made the North American countries into what they are.

So how does this affect the police?  It affects them a great deal.  One thing that is observed is nations that have Sharia Law as their primary legal system are actually riddled with more violence and considerably more crimes against humanity and the environment than nations that a considered a democracy.  Even communist nations (like Russia) have a more peaceful setup.  Ever since Sharia Law has wormed into our legal systems the violence within neighborhoods has increased considerably.  One observation made is since the introduction of Sharia Law to pervert American & Canadian laws is the most powerful Muslims within the population are able to use it to get out of having to serve much needed time and punishment for the crimes they commit.  Again, this is the fault of the courts more so than the police themselves.  Bear in mind, the police are like the military for the most party.  They’re going to follow orders by their superiors whether they agree with it or not.

#3. Corruption Within The Ranks.  This is not a new problem.  It’s always been there.  It’s what mainly sprung the American Civil War during the 1860s, surged the racial riots of the 1950s-60s and the more recent emotional division that has reared it’s ugly prejudiced head to new heights.  In every case there has been antagonists that push all the buttons they can to spark even the most rational person to become insane with powerful emotions that cause them to go from civil to barbaric.  People behave very much like wind up toys.  Crank us just enough times to make us blow our top and most of the time we do just that.

The most corrupt among us knows this and they will use it to first exploit the easiest to influence within any given population.  They’ll take an already simmering situation and bring it to a boil by putting bad people in positions of power where they can work on those who’ve already got racist tendencies within them to bring it all to surface.  Those people, regardless if they’re in uniform or not, will perform actions that are not just criminal, but inhumane.  If you want a really good example of this, watch the movie known as Mississippi Burning.  This is a movie about how good, decent folk get wrapped up in something very ugly and drives a wedge between those who know how to keep their cool and those who don’t.

Corruption will only find a place of power if people allow it.  All too often we, as a people, seem to forget our past and in so doing wind up repeating the exact same mistakes made that we’re supposed to be learning from.  This has been the case since the dawn of time and it will always remain as a piece of poison we’ll always have to deal with, just like how a recovering alcoholic must always be mindful just how easy it is to fall back into the bottle if that guard is dropped down too low.

The police, sadly, are sworn to stand on that tricky line between what’s lawful and unlawful.  Because the courts have become so corrupt with judges who fail to do their jobs to put bad people away, lawyers who weasel even the most criminal to avoid punishment and even government who allows such things to happen in the first place, we have reached a point where nobody even knows where that line is anymore.

And we expect the police to know?  Even the best trained officers are finding it more difficult to maintain their balance between right and wrong when his poor limbs are being torn apart by those who claim to be righteous and those who couldn’t care less about any law.  It’s even that much more difficult for them when those sharing that same badge, uniform and gun have jumped clean off that line to pick their side.  Those officers, unlike the majority of them, pick a side and go with it.

There are officers that have no regard for the law at all, but are still following orders of their superiors.  These are the most corrupt among an organization that is, for the most part, decent.  It is they that make the jobs of honorable police officers far more perilous than it needs to be.

The police, essentially, are in a race riot of their own.  It’s good cop vs. bad cop and all too often the good cops are painted as bad because sadly, all it takes is the occasional extremist to make the rest of the herd look every bit as criminal.  Let’s go back to the Muslims.  Most people of the Islamic faith I know are very good people.  For them, Sharia Law only applies to their household and are in agreement that America should remain American and Canada should remain Canadian.  In their eyes, there’s no place for Sharia Law to infect whom they regard to be the hosts of a nation they are in agreement has given them a safe haven to explore new opportunities they otherwise would never have back in the homeland they fled from.  However, because of the extremists among them, their influential actions that have caused our nations to flip upside down has put even the most docile Muslims among us in vulnerable positions they don’t deserve to be in.

And that’s what’s happening to the police officers, not just within our own borders but worldwide.  The vast majority of men and women that have sworn an oath to honor the badge and uniform they wear are being unfairly painted as bad guys when they are not this at all.  Don’t take it out on the 99% just because the 1% have abused their authority.

This is what the Elite and their Illuminati association has done.  They are 1% of the global population and bound to have this world all to themselves.  We have no more value to these people as do cattle sent to slaughter to feed bellies.  That 1% loves the fact that the misguided 1% within the police force are making their jobs easier to achieve their New World Order.

#5. Irrationality.  This is what’s killing us.  We, as a people, are extremely emotional right now and deeply divided.  This results in us pointing fingers, casting blame, and deliberately getting into fights we’d otherwise stay away from.  We are allowing the worst traits within ourselves leap to the surface and beyond, which is actually making the jobs of the most noble police officers among us virtually impossible.  How do you expect them to maintain law and order when many of seem like we don’t want to?  We claim we do, but we don’t.  If we did, we’d stop fighting about who is more in the right here; the police or the civilians.

Quite frankly, both are in the right and in the wrong.  They are in the right wanting to defend themselves and their homeland.  However, they’re in the wrong to pit blame against each other and refuse to find a common ground that works for both of them.  Not everybody is like this, but too many already are.  And this is dangerous.  This kind of attitude gives the most politically corrupt and powerful among us to take measures against the people as a whole that will actually do more damage than good.

America is getting closer to martial law.  Don’t think it won’t happen.  It will.  During his time as president, Barack Hussein Obama has manipulated national policy just enough where he can assume full dictatorship as fast as a signature on a piece of paper.  Once this happens, there will be no 2016 election.  There will be no more freedoms the people enjoy as in the state of martial law, Obama at this point has every legal right to take you out of the home you’re trying to protect and all your supplies you may have been stockpiling in case of emergency.

And Canada won’t be far behind!  We’ve got our problems here too and it’s no accident that the Canadian Government has also manipulated law (and our constitution) in a manner that make the people here every bit as vulnerable as our southern brethren.

So in the middle of all this madness is our police.  Once martial law is declared, not even the police will be able to at least try and protect you anymore.  Most of them will still make the attempt, but at this point even their power to protect and serve their nation will be stripped away as at this point the military takes over.  And the military in place to do this is not of the same calibre as those who fought our world wars, nor the one in Vietnam.  These are more like hired mercenaries whose employers are that same Elite 1% that wants to carry out their 90% depopulation program as a means to start their New World Order.

So instead of taking your anger out on the police, who don’t deserve it at all, take it out on those that it needs to be directed to.  Take it to the courts, who actually play a bigger role in the upside down state of our nations than one may realize.  Take it to the media, who are supposed to be doing their jobs to report the news honestly.  Many of you already know they don’t.  They, like the courts, cater to the Elite and not to the people.  You also need to take your case to the government, regardless if they listen or not.

Believe it or not, just like the police, there are politicians that are on your side.  They don’t want martial law, nor chaos, nor the New World Order either.  They want this world to be an ideal environment for humanity to live in at peace with each other.  For them, the 90% depopulation program is insane.  For them, the division between police and civilians is also insane.

Both these police and politicians that truly do care about the people want the exact same thing you do.  Law, order, civility and humanity.  We should be making an effort to stand by their side, just like they’re doing everything they can to stand by yours.


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