Sorry, Obama

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This is coming from many Americans and the rest of the world that are waking up to the painful truth that made the mistake to put an ounce of faith into you as the saviour needed to put everything back in at least reasonable order.

We’re sorry we saw something in you that clearly wasn’t there.  Sorry we thought you could bring a badly damaged nation into a better situation.  If we had known you were going to spit on the beliefs of our founding fathers and all they’ve done not one of us would have considered you leadership material to lead a population that needs someone who knows how to make tough decisions with a compassionate heart.  It is clear you lack the leadership qualities required to lift people from the abyss to a higher ground.  If anything, you’ve brought us to new lows and most of us Americans have since forgotten who we really are and why our founding fathers created this nation in the first place.

However, there are those among us who are waking up and speaking out.  Sorry, Obama, that they’re not behaving like obedient little beasts that you want them to be.  Sorry, Obama, that they see clean through your ISIS schemes and your quest to achieve martial law over a nation so that you can continue to carry out your diabolical plan to bring forth the New World Order you and your minions have worked so hard for.

Sorry, Obama, that none of us remembered the warnings the great John F Kennedy gave in 1963 about societies wanting to turn every man, woman and child into a life of slavery.  He tried to warn the people but the Illuminati got to him first and saw to it the people went back to sleep.  Through your manipulations you’ve introduced nothing but corruption into our political ranks and we’re so sorry that we were too blind to realize that Obama would be the pinnacle of that corruption as he has reduced this nation into a cesspool of thugs who now run the entire show.

Sorry, Obama, that we thought you cared about the people.  Sorry, Obama, that we fell for your lies.  Sorry, Obama, that we’ve allowed you to plunge this nation and everyone in it into new lows.

Sorry, Obama, that not all of us are Muslim like you want us to be.  Even as you force the Sharia Law down our throats against our will and confuse us all with programming to drift us further away from who we really are that there are still some among us who remain every bit as American as our founding fathers.

Sorry, Obama, that more of us are waking up to realize what a monster you truly are.  Some call you the third anti-christ and so far you fit this bill very well.  When you first came to us as some obscure presidential wannabe we saw potential in you.  People believed in you.  Sorry, Obama, that most of those people don’t believe in you anymore but you brought that onto yourself.  As cold and conniving as you have been you’ve also been sloppy in areas where you should have been more careful.  Like it or not, Obama, the American people have something within each of them that you will never have and that’s called integrity.  We may have lost our way, but many of us are finding our way back and rediscovering who we really are.  Sorry, Obama, that those who are waking up are determined to shove your New World Order up your ass and feed you to your Illuminati cohorts in hopes they taste enough of your poison that all the atrocities they’ve done unto mankind since the dawn of time are returned back to them.

Obama, like it or not, the American People will take back what was wrongfully stolen from them.  You make take countless lives (which many of us know you intend to do anyway) and trample on what’s left of the freedoms but the righteous always find a way fight back and win over even your most valued allies into your worst enemies.  Sorry, Obama, that you hate the American People so much because that hatred is your ultimate undoing.  You could have risen above the occasion and prove to all those who doubted you that you’re something better than what you really are.  You didn’t do that.  Instead, you’ve catered to the Illuminati, the Elite 1% and to Sharia Law.  And for what?  Because of your arrogance or twisted notion that perhaps you are indeed the anti-christ so many fear and have to carry out what you think is your destiny?  No, Obama, sorry to say we each have a choice.  Yes, Obama, the Americans chose badly by choosing you and have lost their way even more since then.  However, the beauty of what happens to a person when they become so lost is sooner or later they ask for guidance from the only one who knows how to help them find their way back.  Once this important step takes place not only does that person find their way back, they’ll find others in the same boat and inspire them to do the same.

But you hate that, don’t you Obama?  You know where this is going.  As much as you’re out to decimate the Christian, Jewish and even atheist populations in the end all you’ll accomplish is butchering yourself and your Illuminati.  If you’re as much into that unavoidable destiny belief as you seem to be then you know no matter how hard you try in the end you will still lose.  Grip America in martial law, thumb them down into virtual obscurity and despite all that you’ll still wind up on the losing end of a fight you know you cannot win.  History has demonstrated winning by force always blows in the tyrant’s face sooner or later.  It happened to Napoleon (rumored to be the first anti-christ) and Hitler (the second anti-christ) and even to Satan himself.  And it’s destiny it will happen again.  So, Obama, if you’re following the Luciferian path like your Illuminati buddies are, then you know those of us who pay attention are right.  So, sorry Obama, but by hiding behind the Islamic faith and using the Muslims as your mercenaries, all you’re doing is forcing the hands of Americans and the one God many of them still believe in to carry out the rest of what the Book of Revelations in the Holy Bible insisted would happen if this road we’re all on continues.

Sorry, Obama, but force the Americans into corners with all your might and they’ll still find a way to come out swinging and take you down.  Force the rest of the world into this same situation and they’ll do the same sooner or later.  And in the end, we all become better people because of it.

Instead of apologizing to you, Obama, perhaps we should be thanking you.  By your attempts to divide the people that much further all your efforts will only cause them to merge together as one mighty force that will rediscover themselves and find strengths within each soul they perhaps didn’t realize was there.  So, thank you, Obama, for causing more of us to wake up and learn to work together to reestablish our faith, our foundation and most importantly, our humanity.


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