When Nightmares Come True

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When a dream comes true it’s great.  However, when it’s a nightmare that materializes into something real then it’s not so wonderful.

This is what’s happening right now and I’m not the only one with the nightmares.  There are many that are experiencing this also.  Some are fairly mild to something localized but there are more than a few really big ones that don’t bode well for mankind as a whole.

The earliest nightmare I recall was when I was just a small kid.  Not sure what age the first one hit, but do remember this took place before my mother died (and I was seven years old) in 1977.  I remembered people closest to me getting rounded up, along with myself and my parents, and thrown into small dark rooms that had no windows.  Didn’t even have a door we could visibly detect within the room.  It was just a dull, dark box that had no furnishings.  We all stood in this room, bewildered and scared.  What’s going on?  Why are we here?  What did we do to get ourselves put into these things?

It was believed it was for our protection, like a bunker or something, but even there as a child I knew it was something sinister.  The dream felt evil.  Everything about it suggested something bad was going to happen.  And soon enough it did as the sound of something mechanical clicked and this one wall began to move towards us, making the room smaller and smaller.  I woke up before realizing the end result, but even there I knew nobody would survive the scenario of that dream.

A child shouldn’t remember a dream like that so vividly.  Not at that age.  I actually remember getting this dream a second time and it was a few years after my mother died.  People in a dark room with no way out and waiting to basically die.  No food.  No water.  No comforts of any kind.  Just a barren room with people who were thrown in there against their will.

The closing in of that wall was a dream I had before Star Wars came out.  When I saw the movie and the garbage dump scene where the walls were closing in on them it was like watching something already familiar to me.  Hated it.

I do recall in 1986, at just 16 years old, standing in the middle of a bridge and noticing that no matter which end of this bridge I chose to get off of it would be encountering a war zone.  This city was on fire and it was chaotic.  So much destruction everywhere.  No where looked safe, not even the sound bridge I was standing on because I knew one of the ends would be compromised sooner or later because of the momentum of this destruction.  There was no stopping it.  I had to make a choice and do it fast, or so it seemed at the time.

I remember making the choice, but before I could get myself off this bridge it collapses and all I remember was plunging into uncertainty.

As I see World War III becoming more imminent, I see the destructive forces affecting the city in my dreams taking place everywhere.  There will not be one city on this earth saved from this kind of chaos.  When the killing machines launch their missiles and pure anarchy overtakes the streets, every single city will find themselves under siege and good luck surviving that.

BTW – this city I saw I had never been in.  Vancouver, British Columbia is what stuck out.  I have vowed never to go there because of that nightmare.  But, it does hit me that Vancouver wouldn’t be the only one struck in this manner and it could very well be any of the other cities I’ve been known to go to.  There isn’t a corner of this world that’s truly safe.

One of the most frequent nightmares I get are those of abandoned homes, neighborhoods, and entire towns, villages and cities.  In every single occasion I’m aware of what’s going on and I do the best I can to tune those in the dream with me to open up their eyes and see what I’m seeing.  They never do.  Family, friends and anybody whom I’ve crossed paths with well enough to know them by name seem completely oblivious (or are in denial) of what’s going on.  Every single time I have a nightmare like this I’m completely aware and trying to warn.  Every single time nobody listens and they’re the ones that wind up getting left behind as I somehow move forward safely each time.  In every nightmare of this form it starts off with a single dwelling such as a house that I somehow manage to escape from before it’s too late and then find myself in a dark, lifeless neighborhood before realizing it’s the whole town or city.

I’ve had nightmares where people abused their authority and did horrible things to the masses.  These have occurred both before and after I learned from school about all the wars mankind has fought over the centuries.  This is even before I got a good grasp about the Holy Bible also.  When I went to church all the sermons I’ve ever heard sounded like dull candy pieces.  It wasn’t until I read the bible on my own that I realized just how violent our entire lifeline really is.  I should also point out since reading the bible, especially Revelations, it made me wonder if some of those nightmares I’ve had (and still have) were merely warning signs of some kind.  Or predictions.

As much as my nightmares freaked me out, I didn’t put that much stock into them until now.  The realities of today as they take place are matching the horrors I recall from those nightmares.  And the sad thing is, I know for a fact I only remember a fraction of all the dreams and nightmares I’ve ever had.

I’ve had dreams where I’m not sure if I should classify them as nightmares or what.  Dreams of walking, then floating and then finding myself so high that I’m doing everything I can get get safely back down to earth but I can’t do it.  It’s either someone or something is deliberately keeping me off the ground, or it’s myself for not being better focused to keep myself grounded.  That one hit me like crazy as a kid.  I don’t get them nearly as often now, but it still pops up once in a blue moon.

Another dream I’m not sure is nightmare or what was waking up in the middle of a room that really isn’t a room anymore.  Clearly this house is destroyed as there’s no walls standing anymore.  I’m on a mattress, on the floor and it’s clean, white, etc.  Untouched.  Everything around me is dead.  That was obvious.  Bombed into oblivion, etc.  I knew there were no survivors around me and I knew I was on my own.  In that dream I’m uncertain of everything, but being the snoop I am, I bring myself to explore.

I recall observing the house is indeed destroyed, but oddly enough what was left of the interior was in surprisingly clean condition.  Destroyed, but clean.  I recall encountering a stairwell leading to a basement.  I go down it, not sure what’s waiting for me down there.  Once there it’s clean and in tact.  Nothing special about it other than a collection of toy cars I recall swooning over as a kid.  I was a real Hot Wheels fan in my day and still find them fascinating today.  I recall being exposed to the temptation of taking these toy cars because I knew there was nobody around that could stop me.  I also knew nobody would know.  However, deep down in my gut I knew doing so would be wrong as those cars were not mine.  Even the house wasn’t mine.  That much I knew.

I recall feeling guilty about even being tempted by those toy cars in the first place, especially once I sensed (as I was second-guessing about the toy cars) I wasn’t really alone.  I recall a small room just off this big room and the door was wedged open just enough that I could see someone in there.  That someone was sitting, back turned to me, wearing something like a bright white.  The person was dark-skinned.  This I remember.  Not white like me.  However, this person I already knew was not a threat.  If anything, this person who seemed oblivious to my presence, had this angelic aura to him.  I did soon figure out that the toy cars was a test of temptation and although I succeeded in not caving into taking what I knew didn’t belong to me, I was feeling horribly guilty about entertaining the thought in the first place.

And I recall as I approached this room that even though the dark man still kept his back to me and was apparently busy writing something, definitely knew I was there.  It actually made me feel that much more guilty about not only the sin I could have committed (theft) but all the ones I’ve done in the past.  I do recall him addressing me but that’s where the memory of this dream blurs way too much and I am lost.  I did get the feeling, however, that I was being judged and although it didn’t seem like the verdict was a bad one I honestly can’t say as I woke up before that happened.

What that dream did was paint me an impression that my verdict remains to be determined.  And since that dream I’ve also felt like I’ve been nudged further awake somehow.  I feel bad that I chose not to become more outspoken upon that dream, but at the same time I firmly believe everything happens a certain way for a reason.  Maybe before becoming so vocal (like I am now) I had to watch and learn first, which is what I did.  I still fell off the bandwagon of righteousness from time to time, but I always try to find my way back on and hope that it’s the right one to be on.  And I know I will continue to get bounced off from time to time.  Today’s world is a very rocky ride and it’s only going to get worse.

So, nightmares or not, I have to hold on.  We all do.  I’m clinging onto the faith that even though this journey mankind is on will indeed be a perilous one, in the end it’ll work itself out because God will indeed make good on his promise, through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, that he will correct all the wrongs and restore all that’s been broken as it has been told in the Holy Bible.

I make it no secret I’m no fan of this world.  I don’t like the direction mankind has taken as it sees sins performed more blatantly than ever.  I am very disappointed that the ten commandments are ridiculed instead of respected and followed.  I’m disgusted that the majority of the world still hasn’t realized they’re heavily deceived in absolutely everything they know.  I’m mortified that our society today was sculpted by a narcissistic emperor and his Roman Catholic Empire that has created the most corrupt and upside down cult of all time.  Same can be said for the Ashkenazi Jews (also known as Zionism).  It’s also sickening that the Islamic Sharia Law has been allowed to weasel their influence to alter both Christianity and Judaism in what’s supposed to be more civilized societies, which has since spat in the faces of those who are every bit as loving of God as they are, but do so in their own way.

I believe in God and I consider myself a Christian because I also believe in Jesus Christ.  My belief system doesn’t really match that of most people and I don’t mind, mainly because if there is any one thing I’ve learned in all those nightmares I’ve experienced is that most people seem to be way less observant than they think they are.  They are, quite frankly, still asleep.

Not me.  I’m wide awake.  I even have trouble sleeping at night now.  My spirit is so stirred and restless right now that not only do I see my nightmares becoming reality, but the nightmares of others who’ve also been experiencing this.  I honestly feel now collectively, we know we’re in the end times of some kind and there’s no stopping it now.  All we can do at this point is trust our gut, turn to God with the full force faith required in order to save humanity while we still can.


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