What Makes A Hero?

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Being heroic doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve been a saint all your life.  It doesn’t mean you can leap tall buildings in a single bound, nor don a costume to fight the forces of evil in dark street corners of a city.

There are no real special qualities nor talent that makes a person heroic.  Sometimes just the daily routine of caring enough to make a difference is all it takes.  A real hero doesn’t do that for personal recognition, but for the genuine interest of doing good because that person knows it’s the most humane thing possible to do.  The only personal reward such a hero seeks is those who’ve been the recipients of the righteous deeds that have enabled them to at least survive one more day in a world that seems riddled with great evils.

In my opinion, some of the best heroes are those who’ve once upon a time sported villainous traits that have given them all the experience they need to know how to fight back against all the bullies, tyrants and warmongers that have nothing but evil intent stocked within their twisted agendas.  These heroes used the err or their ways as lessons to remind them that deep down even though they’re only human it doesn’t justify treacherous behavior just to have everything go their way.

I was one of those people.  I’m no hero, but I have lived my life thinking the only way I could get ahead was to lie, cheat and steal.  By worming my way around people whom I thought was undeserving to have what they have, I often achieved success in at least inching just far enough ahead to get what I want.  However, on each occasion those wins experienced short-lived victories as karma always found a way to dish a form of payback straight to my face that gave me what I consider doses of reality.

Like most people on this earth, I’m stubborn.  It’s very hard to convince me to change my ways, even if I know deep down it would be for the better.  Even though throughout my life I always believed in God, the Holy Bible, Jesus Christ and all that kind of stuff, I still opted for what I felt were shortcuts I needed to take in order to compete in a world I saw was clearly doing the exact same thing.  I saw justification in the lies, the theft and the stunts I’d pull so that I could get ahead.  What I did not see was each time I did this I tarnished my reputation in the eyes of those close to me and those who barely knew me.  It was enough to have people regard me with caution and know not to trust me in anything I had to say or do.  It has costed me friends, resources, jobs and I’d even dare suggest parts of my soul.

When I started to come around, realizing the pattern I chose as a lifestyle was more destructive than constructive, I made key changes to stop the lying, the cheating and the stealing.  I made myself clue in that just because the rest of the world are behaving like rats doesn’t mean I have to do the same.  I no longer wanted to be part of a race that I was now observing at that point was a suicidal one.

My first task I assigned to myself was reading the Holy Bible, cover to cover, with an open mind and just take in what I learn like I do with any other book I read.  Where it’d go from there I’d let my gut instinct decide and stop allowing my mind to manipulate what I’ve read so that it suits my own personal convenience.

Too many people do this.  This is how living the life of a liar, cheat and thief turns a person from righteous to self-righteous.  The mind is so busy with calculations that unless a person learns to just shut the mind off and listen to the gut instead, the succumbing to puppetry is inevitable.  Although a person may not mean to lie, cheat or steal, all these villainous traits sooner or later web their way deep into the soul where it’s entirely possible to behave like an evil doer and not even realize it.

This is how I was.  And sadly, still have bouts of weakness where I’ll be tempted to go there, but I fight like made to make sure I don’t.  It’s not a perfect system as the flaws have seen me crack but I know now I’m nothing at all like that person I used to be who had no regard for morality challenged decisions.

Again, I’m no hero, but I am a fighter.  I will fight for what I believe is right and not because I expect God to reward me for it.  I fight because I need to as it’s a matter of survival, not just for me, but for those whom I care about.  I will even do the same for strangers and have actually done just that in situations where turning my back on someone is simply not who I am.  In fact it never really was.  The only person I really turned my back on during my “bad girl” days was God because I couldn’t bring myself to trust him enough to be my hero in all the situations I got myself into.  Even with all the lying, cheating and stealing I had done in my past I never set out to put people in harm’s way and if I did so I’d seek to rectify it the best way I knew how.  However, even back then I recall not allowing God the opportunity to just do his thing and save everyone from total disaster.

However, karma, through God’s will, always does what’s needed to be done to fix what’s been broken no matter how much a person tries to interfere.  I’ve learned this lesson the hard way and I’m so thankful for it because I finally figured out my hero swooped in and saved me from myself.  I feel he picked prime timing because in so doing I’m now in a position to be of better assistance to help as many people with true heroic traits as possible in what I hope will make a positive difference.  This world is in desperate need of heroes who do what’s right because they trust God enough to guide them and do so by following their gut feeling (aka holy spirit) instead of allowing their minds to cloud their better judgement.

That’s what defines a hero in my books.  Someone who trusts their gut instincts and goes with it in a righteous pattern and doesn’t allow the villains damage them to the point where they can no longer figure out the difference anymore.

Real heroes fight using truth as their sword and their life experience as their shield, making them capable of taking on even the mightiest of foes that dare to challenge them.


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