The Perfect World

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My idea of a perfect world is simple.  It doesn’t involve money, so this means no financial debt nor burdens of this manner taking away a human being’s ability to enjoy life as God had intended.

I don’t expect you to believe in God as I do, but I do expect you to be thankful for what you have and realize without engaging in a teamwork environment and appreciating who you have in your life and what you’ve got as possessions.

How I see it is every person works at a job they want to do that would not just benefit a person but as a whole community.  As a reward for their efforts a “point system” would be created where after a person accumulates so many “points” to their credit rating they’ve earned valuable assets for themselves such as a vehicle, house and furnishings.

Each person would be recognized for the desires and talents and placed in fields that best suit their interests and abilities.  It would be an equal point distribution system where nobody makes more than the other if they’re sharing the same work load and responsibilities as equals.  Equal colleagues = equal opportunities.

The more a person puts in, the more they are rewarded, but there is a cap to ensure nobody overdoes it.  And how many points are distributed from person to person is based on their contributions such as a carpenter putting in 7 hours (the daily cap) a day towards a building project would see 100 points per hour granted.  In that 7 hour day there is a 30 minute break at the half way mark, plus a pair of 15 minute breaks.  There are no point deductions for taking these particular breaks because my view is you’re still on the job and for as long as you’re focused on doing your job within that 7-hour time frame, you’ve earned those breaks.  If you opt to not take those breaks that’s your option, but you wouldn’t get paid extra for that.  The amount stays the same.

The maximum amount of points a person can earn weekly at any given job is 2800 points.  Now remember, the cap is 7 hours per day, so your weekly workload only sees 4 out of the 7 days actually worked at a job site.  The other 3 days belong to you so you can spend time to wind down, whether it be on your own or with your family and friends.

In my perfect world, goods and services are on a trade system.  Every item is priced more fairly.  There are also no such thing as taxes.  If you want a property with a house on it it will cost you a minimum 280,000 points to get it.  The bigger/fancier you want the more it will cost but for at least a one bedroom home that’s clean and comfortable (like a condo unit) would require 280,000 points to get it.  Now, sort of like a mortgage, you can grab such a dwelling before actually having all the points you need to get it.  However, in order to qualify you’d need 10% of it in order to “lock your spot” and move in.  Not bad considering all you need to do is work 10 full weeks in order to achieve this.

Imagine if it were this simple.  Be employed and fruitful (productive) and you have yourself your own home in just 10 weeks if you saved all your points to lock your spot and move in.

So you’re then asking what about furniture, appliances, bills, food, fuel, etc.  Those need to be covered too, right?  Well, here’s the great part.  Your home comes furnished.  It’s a packaged deal.  You pick what you want based on what would cover your most needed comforts.

Keep in mind I said most needed.  There’s no room for vain luxuries here.  If you want a double bed and a solid frame that’s good and comfortable you will get this.  If you want a fancy pillow top with a gold headboard that’s mirrored this is considered more like a vanity item rather than a genuine need.  The fancy stuff, no matter what it is, will always cost extra points.

Your home also comes with a garden and/or greenhouse.  It is your responsibility to grow at least some of your own food and you will be given seed packets to get started.  If you don’t know how to garden take a class.  It’s free.  There will always be a team of experienced gardeners that will help you, but only if you’re willing to help yourself.

That’s where the 5th day of your week comes in.  You work at your job for 4 days, but on the 5th day you’re expected to take a class of something in order to better yourself whether it’d be a new trade you’d like to learn, or polish a skill you feel you need improvement on.  There is no cost to this.  What you get out of it will determine how much you’re willing to put into it.  In the end, the benefits fall on your shoulders.  The more you put in the more you get out of it.

Day 5 is also your “fun” day, especially if you feel you don’t need to better yourself in something for the time being.  Visiting theme parks, a campground, or just hanging out is highly encouraged as it’s vital the human spirit have an opportunity to fully unwind in order to remain strong.

The 6th day of your week you are expected to work on some sort of volunteer project such as teaching others a new trade, polish a skill, or exercise your talents in a pooled effort with other community members to either build (like a new school), renovate (like an old school) or do something collectively beneficial (like a teamed sport activity or group quilt project) and although there’s no points rewarded from it there is the personal award of neighborly accomplishment.  It is also a fun day of sorts as you’re likely going to volunteer towards something you enjoy doing and be with people who share the same interests as you.

The 7th day is Fellowship Day.  On this day it doesn’t matter where your personal belief system sits.  For those who participate in religious gatherings, this is the day to do it.  For those who don’t, this is the day you meet with family and friends as if it were a weekly reunion so you can all take the time to say thank you to each other and appreciate the gifts life has to offer, no matter what they are.

It’s a simple system.  It builds on both personal and community development.  That’s the primary focus.  In this world there’d be no room (or tolerance) for greed.  For those who opt to be lazy they get no points and will remain in a community housing facility where basic needs are still met, but must agree to some form of therapy in order to resolve what is a self-destructive human trait.

The same is said for those who are unappreciative.  Law breakers such as thieves, rapists and murderers will be thrown into a community housing facility with tight security measures so that they don’t pose a danger to their neighbors.  Upon incarceration they are given a choice.  If they wish to better themselves they agree to therapy in an effort to resolve their issues.  These people are not given up on, but not expected to go unpunished for their crimes either.  They remain in isolation from the public until it is at least 75% agreed by the entire community that the guilty is fit enough to return to society.

The other choice while thrown into imprisonment is the death penalty.  Does the person wish to live?  Pending on the severity of the crime and the mental state of the guilty, the death penalty option will be exercised if the violator wishes it.  Less severe crimes and wrongs committed by mentally unstable will be assessed more thoroughly as granting the death penalty in this situation would not be given.  Intensive therapy to get to the root of the problem and resolve the issues would go into play here and the same “don’t give up” ruling would apply to this automatically.

In my perfect world all life is sacred.  It’s not just human beings that have a right to live with all the comfort and peace possible.  Animals have this right too.  Any wrong committed against an animal will be punished at the same severity level as wrongs committed towards another person.  Animals are to be care for, loved and never abandoned.

Abandonment is not acceptable under any circumstance.  The price for abandonment will be incarceration as it is a crime of neglect, something of wish that requires attention and resolve.

In my perfect world food costs nothing.  Neither does clothing.  Or even furnishings for that matter.  You go get what you need as you need it.  However, gluttony is not tolerated.  Each time you get something for yourself it will be recorded and based on your living situation, you will only be allowed to take home what you can honestly use.  For instance, if you’re a single person with no children then you don’t need to take home a family sized grocery collection.  You are permitted to stockpile (encouraged) but not to be greedy.  Practicality comes first as survival should be your primary concern.  Fulfilling your personal vanities should never be a priority at any given time.

So things like selfie sticks for your cell phone, makeup for your face, paint for your nails or a collection of toys that you honestly don’t need will always sit on the back burner.  Not saying it’s wrong to have these things, but if they take away your sense of community and turns you into a vain hermit then there is something wrong enough with you where therapy would be highly advised if you expect to keep your humanity in tact.

My world is simple.  There are no corporations nor elite few that hold nooses around people’s necks.  Everybody works together.  There is still a pyramid system of directors overseeing the tasks of needed commodities fulfilled at community wide levels, but the only extra points they’ll get for their services will be based entirely on their individual productivity levels and the voted opinions of the entire community that labors for them.  Directors don’t get to sit on their asses in big, plush offices.  They have got to remain in the trenches with the rest of the crew, but serve as foremen as they exercise their advanced experience levels to help each person within that crew be good enough to reach director status as well.  The only extra points these directors get is an extra 100 per day (maximum of 500 per week) but only if the rest of the crew feel they deserve it.

There is no company profit system.  The bottom line is the more people work together at something the better off everyone is.  There is no room for unemployment because it costs nothing to hire a person and keep them working.  There are no banks that exist other than a team of auditors that monitor how many points each person has made, spent and has left over.  Simple system.

No money to corrupt and no competitive drive to shove someone out of business.  In fact, competitors would gain more off each other by working as a team instead of as rivals.  This also welcomes opportunities to heighten teamed sporting activities and create leagues where the most talent players aren’t paid points for their efforts, but simply rewarded with community wide recognition.

In my perfect world there is no cost to use fuel of any kind because all of it is 100% renewable.  Every home is powered by the combination of sun and wind energy via solar paneling and wind turbines and is heated in the same manner, but paired up with a geothermal system as well.  The water, which would be 100% collected by the rain, remains free also.  It should be pointed out that each house would have a water collection system connected to it and how much water that house consumes will depend greatly on what it has collected.  This reduces water waste as people would have to focus using only what they need and stop indulging in what they don’t need as that is merely an exercise of vanity and my world has no room for exploitation of that particular trait.

The governments in my world would be assigned territories and that government is powered 100% by communities residing within the particular territories they’re supposed to represent.  Government officials volunteer into this position and share the exact same payment system as the directors of the community services they’re working with.  Their earnings will be based strictly on how productive the community they’re representing feels they have been.  If any government official fails to represent the people as they feel they deserve, the people will put a vote to whether or not that official should be ousted.  If removed, the official merely returns back to the working population in whatever field of work he/she did prior to volunteering (and being elected) and no longer has the director’s pay benefit.

The election system of any government is simple.  Whoever volunteers will be voted by the people whether or not such a person is deserving to represent them.  And votes are 100% proportional.  And the voting is easy.  Community assemblies are arranged and when it’s time to vote, it’s up to the people to walk over to a corner of the room they’re in and stay put to be counted.  Whichever corner has the most people in it wins based on whoever has the representative wannabe standing in.  If it so happens a tie results, then the dual winners share the position as equals and must work together if they truly want to represent those who’ve put the faith in them for the roles they strove for.

Of those who don’t get voted, they don’t get completely ruled out either.  They will remain as government volunteers if they wish, but will not receive the director point benefits unless those within the community vote in majority that he/she deserves it.

Points cost nothing.  No debts come from points.  There’s nothing to print, nor electronics to implant or implement.  They’re not needed.  Just responsible people who take their roles seriously enough to ensure this world doesn’t fall into pits of corruption that would ultimately kill it.

In my world, for as long as corruption doesn’t have opportunities to root their diseases into people’s souls then it has no chance to thrive.  The greedy will have no choice but to comply with the rules set in my world because those rules come from the people as a whole and not by an elite few that may have twisted agendas in mind.

There is no depopulation system in my world.  There’s lots of land and resources to serve every man, woman and child on this earth.  As long as all of it is exercised with needs only in mind it works for everyone and it does so equally based on who really wants it.  For those who don’t, there’s no room for them in this world.  The greedy will be confined like criminals because that’s what they are.  Greedy people, lazy people, violent people and vain people are all problem people and need to be straightened out.  It is they that poison society and in order to keep my world clean from that, they need to be isolated as far away from the healthy as possible.  Don’t kill them, but rehabilitate them in an effort to help them realize we are all in this world together.  The sooner everybody realizes this and works to strive for that the better.

My world has no room for division.  Racism will not be tolerated.  Racists are both vain and violent people and have no place among civilians who aren’t blinded by skin pigmentation, cultural backgrounds nor even religious beliefs.  Communities work together as one regardless if this includes a black man and a native woman that are neighbors to a pair of Muslims who just happen to be raising a Christian Asian boy they obtained through a Jewish adoption agency run by an atheist gay couple.

Right now we live in a world now that’s too complicated and way too corrupted.  It’s not the world to be in.  We need a better one.  The one the Elite 1% and their Corporate Nations want (the New World Order) isn’t the answer.  That’s every bit as evil as the one we’re presently stuck with.  We are a human race enslaved to a tiny group of demonic people that devour on our blood, sweat and tears as if it were a delicacy.  This is not how we should be living.  We deserve better.  And the thing is, that dream world I just talked about is far easier to achieve than people realize.  That dream world doesn’t have to be just mine.  That dream world belongs to everyone and you all deserve it.


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