Humanity vs. Puppetry

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In wake of the flooding that has rendered the citizens of Louisiana in dire need of emergency aid in order to get past their current situation, it’s shameful to say the least that the federal government nor any of their Democratic posse has so much as lifted a finger to provide help.

Publicity stunt or not, at least Donald Trump and those of similar character demonstrated that humanity still exists within the fibres of their being as they step up to the plate to do at least a little bit of something during hours of need.

Bottom line, if an elected government by the people are unwilling to be there for those people then they fail in their oath as leadership material.  The Democrats have repeatedly shown this flaw ever since Barack Obama became president of a nation, and those flaws continue to speak volumes through Hillary Clinton and each of her followers.

While Louisiana is under water, Obama goes on vacation and Clinton chose to rest on her laurels and do nothing.  Neither they, nor the majority of their Democrat posse so much as batted an eye to even just offer an ounce of assistance.  That clearly demonstrates that any shred of decency within each of them as a human being is non-existent.  They are a direct contradiction of what humanity should be about and neither of them deserves to so much as even be considered presidential material.  If anything, these two have all the makings of uncaring tyrants who’d rather see every citizen within the nation they’re supposed to be leading drown and burn long before stepping forward to help.

America has never been in as dire a position as it has been now.  It’s not just about Louisiana.  It’s all of it.  The debt is out of control (even though it’s pure b/s – the debt can be abolished in as little as 5 minutes) and the people have never been so divided over issues we’re supposed to have learned to keep shelved by now.

The “Black Lives Matter” propaganda that has Obama literally the pack leader of those who fall for their garbage has actually contradicted themselves in a huge way by turning their backs on the flood victims of Louisiana, whom most of the residents affected are of black origin.  So my question to those who support that posse, if black lives matter so much then why do you not care what happens to your comrades who are struggling to survive in a state that’s mostly under water?

Or is it because the only black lives that matter in your books are those with criminal backgrounds and disrespectful behavior towards literally anybody and everybody that doesn’t share their same skin color?  Repeatedly, footage of those black “victims” of police brutality or white vs. black violence are of those with a history of violence and criminal activity in their personality folder.  Mainstream media is more than happy to paint a picture that sparks raw emotion out of people and have the most weak-minded among us act without thinking.

Mainstream media also acts like as if what happened in Louisiana is no big deal.  How is it less a deal than the hurricane (Katrina) that also put the people of this poor state in dire positions back in 2005?  When this occurred, the government at that time was harshly criticized for their “slow reaction time” and lack of empathy towards a community mostly consisting of black citizens.  Although I’m no fan of George Bush and his Republicans either, at least they did step in to help and no, it wasn’t slow reacting and it wasn’t a posses of politicians who lacked compassion.  Everything was coordinated to provide the best help possible in the most efficient manner.

This is far more than what can be said about Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and their Democratic baboons who’ve flat out not reacted at all.  Can’t blame them for being to slow to react when they opted to turn their backs and sleep through the chaos rather than even make an effort to coordinate any ounce of help at all.

So my question now is how can the people of America even remotely consider supporting a political party who seems to care nothing for the people, especially when they’re in their desperate hours of need?  Obama doesn’t care.  The proof that he’s allowing Louisiana to continue drowning in despair (and the rest of the nation for that matter) and literally laugh about it should be more than enough to outrage the American people enough to say “No More Obama!” and on that same not “No More Clinton” as Hillary has taken that exact same stance.

The Democrats, namely Obama and Clinton, are criticizing Donald Trump and his Republican supporters for doing what they consider mistakes and errors of judgement.  Excuse me, but since when does putting humanity at the top of the priority list is considered the wrong thing to do?  Oh yes, I forgot.  Obama and Clinton care nothing about humanity as they continue to support their giant corporate sponsors who’ve literally trampled on human rights and continue to take away all they can from every man, woman and child until there’s literally nothing left.

I’m no fan of Donald Trump nor his Republicans either.  The history of the Republicans is less than stellar also as they too are morally bankrupt and have shown little regard for the people they’re supposed to represent.  For me, trusting Trump is hard to do considering all I see in him is just another vain millionaire.  However, like Trump or not, he does put humanity first.  Always has, even long before he became a household name.  He even put people first before he racked his millions.  And in this regard he has not changed, which makes him a rare millionaire.  He is one that truly cares, publicity stunts involved or not.  Not very many people know this and mainstream media will never tell because if even the most weak-minded among the population realized this they’d turn their backs on Obama, Clinton and their Democratic dingbats as fast as that same bunch did to the Louisiana flood victims.

America needs to be great again.  Trump said so himself.  Like Trump or not, this is a guy who knows how to take a bankrupt situation and bounce back into prosperity.  Trump also filed for bankruptcy and look where he is today.  Did the government ever bail him out during his hours of need?  Nope.  He bounced back on his own.  If America stands a chance to get themselves out of the bogus debt they’re in, Trump is the guy to pull that off and he won’t kiss a multitude of ass to do it.  Trump is a good gambler.  He’s leading a political party he doesn’t even believe in for the sole purpose of putting himself in a position he feels America needs.

Trump isn’t stupid.  He tried running independently and that failed not because he wasn’t popular enough, but American politics has become so stagnate that the majority of the ballots only show Democrats and Republicans as options for the average voter, despite the fact there are a numerous number of other political parties in the running.  He knows his best chance to prove to America he’s more than just talk is to get in bed with whom he also regards as an enemy and work out as many kinks as he can along the way while he can.  This is why many within the Republican party whom he associates with don’t want him in their camp either.  They know what he intends to do and believe me, it doesn’t serve the Republican’s best interests either.  Trump doesn’t care about the Democrats nor the Republicans.  He cares about America and he cares about the people in it.

He showed it in Florida when he challenged that state in what he felt was racism against the black community, Jewish community and all those whom the political figures at that time were deemed unworthy to take part in their idea of perfect social circles.  He challenged them and won.

He showed it long before becoming a millionaire by volunteering to help those in need, even going as far as taking the shirt off his own back to do it.  Did he care about color then?  No.  Does he care about color now?  No.  He cares about people, but won’t waste his time caring about those who care nothing about nobody else.

What does Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and their Democratic puppets done to show they really care?  So far nothing.  Behind their fake smiles and lame waves to the public, all one sees is contempt towards the people, not just within America but worldwide.  People drown, burn, get bombed into oblivion and terrorized into obscurity and flat out the current government does nothing.  In fact, dig deeper (like the Clinton email scandal) and it isn’t hard to figure out just how deeply rooted the evils those within the Democratic Party (especially under Clinton & Obama rule) are.

Again, Donald Trump isn’t stupid.  He knows neither the Democrats nor the Republicans are ideal American representatives, but he knows for as long as the political structure within the American Nation remains as it is he has no choice but to learn how to manipulate the system to his benefit, which in turn he hopes will be to the benefit of all Americans.  This is what he’s out to do and why the Elite, the Democrats and those still too blind to figure it out oppose him so much.  Trump is a revolutionary.  Always has been and he always will be.  America needs a revolution and he knows it.  This is his best attempt to do that with as little violence as possible and it’s literally the responsibility of every American citizen, regardless if you’re capable of voting or not, to join in on that fight.

And the rest of the world needs to wake up and pay attention to.  Donald Trump isn’t doing what he’s doing just for America.  He’s trying to wake up the rest of the world too with tactics only he knows how to pull off.  Of the leaders of nations that oppose him the most it’s not because they feel the countries they represent are at risk.  It’s because they feel personally at risk because if Americans make the right choice and go with Trump and he is true to his word, it’ll spark a global movement where more people will stand up against the most corrupt of their own governments so they can finally take back all that’s been wrongfully taken away from them.


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