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With the 2016 American election heating up as the battle lines are drawn between the Clinton Camp and Club Trump, more often questions are being asked between these two who would be better capable of bringing the people of the United States from the pits of abyss they’ve been plunged into.

The Clinton Camp will favor Hillary Clinton and the Democrats for reasons that include the desire for America’s first female president, the belief that the Democrats do indeed have the best interest of Americans at heart and that Barack Obama isn’t nearly as pitiful a president as his political track record suggests.  Also, the notion that anybody but Donald Trump or a Republican solidifies those who are within this camp from realizing the potential truth that they’re sharing a bed with a political leader and party that has every intention to burn them all the first opportunity they get.

Donald Trump’s Republican Club believes a sound businessman who bounced back from a bankruptcy to become even stronger than ever is what’s needed to at least rebuild America’s dismal financial situation.  Also, with growing evidence of a multitude of crimes committed by both Obama and Clinton, it baffles their minds as to why not only are they going unanswered, but allowed to stay in their positions of a power grab they feel they don’t deserve.  They, just like their Democratic opponents, strongly feel their side is the one that’s best for America and they will not change their minds no matter what.

What most people don’t seem to realize are the puppet masters behind this whole charade we call a presidential election.  Those puppet masters are those who control the central banking system, the corporate giants and even all the corners they can get to so they can manipulate both the Elite 1% and the masses otherwise known as the 99%.

Sadly, try to bring this up as fact to majority of the masses and they are still in denial that this is happening.  They cannot grasp that they are literally being strung along like puppets in all that they believe in, all that they say and even in all that they do.  The average person makes the mistake into thinking they’re smarter than all this and that there are no strings attached to them and their decision making patterns that constitutes their current lifestyle.  That line of thinking alone is flawed at best and these are the people still in states of slumber that have yet to realize they’re lying in a bed riddled with poison that’s literally killing them one shred of their humanity at a time.

Even of those who are more awake than others, those strings of control haven’t been severed entirely.  That day will never come for as long as the roots of corruption still have their say in this world, regardless of what any of us try to do against them.

So, going back to the election at hand here.  Clinton or Trump?  Digging around as much as I do and learning to puzzle as well as I have I can honestly say it won’t matter who wins because no matter the outcome the American People are still going to lose, at least for now.


For starters, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and at least 90% of their Democrats are 100% in the bed of those who are bent on achieving their New World Order.  This route wants a decimation of at least 90% of the world’s population.  Don’t think for a second Americans will be safe from this depopulation program.  In fact, thanks to the raping of the constitution Obama and his Democrats have performed against it, all those laws of protection the American People once had are gone now.  The majority of Americans (and the rest of the world watching on) don’t realize just how perilous their situation really is.

And it won’t be just America that will suffer.  This is a worldwide problem.

And as for Donald Trump, this is someone whom has always been surrounded with controversy even long before throwing his name in the hat to run as America’s next president.  What most people don’t realize is he’s done good deeds both privately and publicly and it isn’t always for the benefit to appease a public audience.  This guy actually doesn’t care about popularity votes.  If he did, then he’d be not nearly as brash as he has been in all that he does.

However, is he genuine or not?  He’s made it clear for at least a few decades now that there are people in places of power that are bent to keep the masses as unaware as possible while they carry out their questionable agendas.  He’s not only put down the Democrats but even the Republicans and even tried to run as an independent.  When he realized just how messed up the electoral platform really is and that Americans are fooled into ways of thinking that aren’t accurate he knew he had to do something.  What Trump is trying to do is rescue America the best way he knows how, even if it means getting in bed with a political party he doesn’t entirely believe in either.

And the Republicans know it.  Despite running for president, there are many Republican politicians that can’t stand that he’s running around with their banner because they know deep down Trump is his own man.  Trump is going to do what’s right for Trump.

What many Americans don’t realize is what’s good for Trump means grabbing a drowning nation from the pits of despair all the failed governments before him has done and save it the one way he knows how.  Like Trump or not, he’s a brilliant business man and right now America needs to do what’s best for business that benefits the people.  And Trump knows this.  A thriving population means a happy population.  A happy population is good for morale and that’s what’s needed if Trump does indeed intend to take down the evils that he knows are bent on destroying every living thing they touch.

However, if Trump is true to his word that he wants to put control of the world back into the hands of the people and (not only) make America great again, then those who don’t want this to happen will find a way to at least try to take him down.

The New World Order is too important and too close to realization for the powers that be that want this to allow disruption to those plans.  If Trump wins, they will swiftly come down upon Americans and all those who support the fight being taken to them.

America (and the rest of the world) has been backed into a corner where the options to come out of it will see a level of death and destruction unlike anything mankind has ever known.  However, how do Americans want to go about it?

It’s up to you.  Do you want to make it easy for those who are out to depopulate the world by any means necessary, which means voting for Hillary Clinton and her Democrats as they will continue to railroad such schemes?  Or, do you want to vote for Donald Trump and his Republicans where it sends a message that the American People are aware of the schemes and want their country (and everything else stolen from them) back?

If the people choose Trump the New World Order dreamers will not back off.  They may be slowed down, unless they already have plans in the works to deal with this possibility as well.

One such plan is Barack Obama declaring Martial Law upon America.  Even though the election takes place November 2016, Obama still has power until January 20, 2017.  With that in light, no matter who wins the election he still has the ability to nullify the decision made by the people by simply declaring martial law and trap Americans into a form of government that can now legally get away with taking what they want and there’s not a thing any human being can do about it.

It’s suspected if Hillary Clinton wins it’ll spark a civil war within America.  Same is said regarding Donald Trump.  Civil War is already upon the American people as we speak as violence continues to escalate and the division between racial, religious, political and lifestyle believes continue to widen.  And, like any virus, it’s spreading worldwide.

In Canada, we also debate who is the better choice between Clinton and Trump.  I’ve made it no secret voting for Clinton and the Democrats is a huge mistake because this sends a message that America is okay with the idea of losing all the fundamental values that once upon made their nation great and how now since been turned into a joke.  The America of today is nothing at all like the America the Founding Fathers created and it contradicts everything it was originally meant to be.  Even here in Canada we got voters who’ve voted for their nationwide version of a Democratic party, which is Justin Trudeau and his Liberals.  Don’t believe me?  Look it up.  The Democrats and the Liberals are political twins while the same can be said for the Canadian Conservatives and the American Republicans.

Canadians feel if Trump wins we have much to lose.  That is both true and not true.  In reality, Justin Trudeau and his Liberals have much to lose if Trump wins because the bed Trudeau and his Liberals willingly share is the exact same bed Trump wants to burn.  It’s the bed of the New World Order and Trudeau is a primary puppet of theirs who’ll side with them long before the very people who made the mistake into believing he’s in politics with noble intentions.

Trump doesn’t hate Canadians, but is disappointed that they too continually fall for schemes laid out for them and do so without daring to question.  We don’t make good business people and this puts a sour taste in Trump’s mouth.  He doesn’t want to destroy Canada.  He wants Canadians to learn how to be strong again and remember who they really are instead of the puppets they’ve all been made into.

And this is actually a worldwide thing.  The people need to be strong again and while some are headed in this direction as they should be, too many still won’t go there because they’re still swimming in the brainwashing tactics of those who want it that way.

Now, it did come to mind that Trump may also be playing us too.  That is possible as it’s a great tactic to sway the masses into thinking he’s their best choice to climb out of catastrophe.  Barack Obama succeeded at this when he first became president back in 2008 as he too convinced the people to believe in his campaigns.  However, unlike Obama, Trump has never hidden who he is.  He’s never pretended to be perfect and he’s not once danced behind a string of lies in order to make himself look cleaner than he really is.

Obama has.  Clinton has.  All politicians in power that are abusing it have.  The corruption has become so embedded into society that while once upon a time such people would get ousted into obscurity (like Richard Nixon did) nowadays it hardly raises enough outcry to demand justice be upheld to the fullest extend of the law as originally laid out by the original constitution.

So come November 2016 when you choose between Clinton and Trump bear in mind you’ve got a fight on your hands no matter what the outcome.  You are going to lose so much more than you’re perhaps ready for.  Choose Clinton and the continued stripping of everything you have will continue as you’ve given the green light that it’s okay for her and her posse to do so.  Choose Trump and it’ll spark outrage by those who will refuse to swallow this decision and will do everything possible to block it.  It paves the way for Obama to declare martial law and undermine the decision the people have made if it goes there.  Even with Clinton winning there will be outrage and the civil unrest will continue.  Again, this will make things easier for Obama to declare martial law and oppress the American People (and the world) that much further.

Vote Clinton you lose.  Vote Trump you lose.  No vote at all will still have you lose.  The only way to win is to go 100% Revolutionary and do so as one unit.  Don’t pick sides between presidential hopefuls and the parties they represent.  Pick the side of humanity that knows no titles and cares nothing about the petty differences that exist between us.  Then and only then will victory for all mankind will be achieved.


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