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Nightmares of watching entire communities blow up is not exactly the recipe for a good night’s sleep.  Yet, I still have them.

Watching cities like Edmonton, Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, New York, Los Angeles and Boston literally blow themselves apart as if millions of explosives were buried underneath was like witnessing all the end of day movies throwing in their most horrific scenes at you at once.

That’s what I see and why I have a growing gut feeling that this will be something triggered within the natural gas lines and oil pipelines once the shit doesn’t just hit the fan, but blast clean through it.  Then all that will get followed by military forces swooping to finish the jobs the explosions started.

The fastest way to take out the vast majority of the world’s population would be to literally obliterate as many cities as possible and it’s surprisingly easy to do when you think about it.  Get the right people to be in the right places and BOOM!  You’d have something that makes the 9/11 job look like it was merely a warm up act.

People don’t seem to realize (or are too afraid to let reality sink in) that we do have that kind of evil in our midst that care absolutely nothing for the human race.  When you’ve got a 99-year old man who has the nerve to say the world needs to be depopulated by at least 90% and yet has had a multitude of heart transplants so he can stay alive then you know you’re dealing with someone who is pure mad.

If he so strongly feels about this depopulation scheme of his to make way for the New World Order, then why not set an example and just let go of his life and let someone else live?  It’s because he and those who share the same mindset as him don’t look at it that way.  They see this world as theirs and theirs only.  The rest of us, in their eyes, are vermin that must be extinguished.  A tiny handful will be kept alive but will be treated more like we’re animals at a stock farm rather than as human beings.

That’s the kind of world they want.  It’s the one too many of us are handing them on a silver platter.  We, the 99%, are remarkably immature when it comes to not only realizing this fact but collectively doing something about it.  We’re stronger than we think, but that strength will never come out for as long as we keep fooling ourselves that our blankets of security will last forever.

They won’t.  Already they’re falling apart, but again not enough people see it.  Denial?  Ignorance?  No matter the reason, people have got to wake up!  Until that happens then little nightmares like mine will continue and they will indeed become reality.


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