Sit Or Stand?

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What do you stand for?  When at a big event, do you stand up and join the crowd singing the national anthem, or do you remain seated?  At church, when the congregation is asked to stand up when it’s time to sing or pray, do you take part or hold back?

Do you stand for freedom?  Independence?  God?  Humanity?

Or do you stand at all?  Is your preferred option to remain seated as the shows carry on before you?

So people are getting bashed for not standing up to show their allegiance to a flag being waved as songs and prayers are carried out to honor those who’ve fought and died, not for the flag, but for the nation for whatever reasons has been told to the masses.

It is a sign of disrespect after all.  The cries of those who feel the country they call home are not at a standard they feel it should be at may be legitimate, but there’s a huge difference between doing so honorably and dishonorably.

What we see by media are examples of both.  In the cases of Colin Kaepernick and Whoopi Goldberg, they’re showing the primary examples of how to do so dishonorably.  Regardless of the reasons, they fail to acknowledge that the country they feel is so much in the wrong gave them opportunities to put them into situations most people, regardless of race and color, can only dream of.

How many Americans, regardless of their skin color, would give anything to be a football star like Colin?  How many would love to share the kind of success both he and Whoopi have had in their respective careers?  How many of those would love such a thing and how many have actually achieved it?  The numbers are very different from each other and while both Colin and Whoopi are correct that America does indeed have much room for improvement, how they’re going about it is not the answer.

If anything, they’ve just played roles that make matters worse instead of better.  If the change they seek is a positive one they’re very much in the wrong and both not only should have known better before being so publicly ignorant, but should be ashamed for what they’ve done.

I agree that America is not beautiful.  There’s scars, both obvious and obscure, that prevent this nation from being the true gem it once upon a time deserved to be.  There is much Americans, both small and great, must answer for.  And they will.  Call it what you will; God, Karma, Mother Earth – payback is coming and it’ll be one hell of a bitch.

That same “karma” will also bite the likes of Colin, Whoopi, Bill & Hillary Clinton, the Bush Family and Barack Obama in their asses when she is good and ready to do so.  Each of them, like the rest of us, will deserve exactly what’s coming and it won’t be a pretty sight.

The farce behind Black Lives Matter are not nearly as righteous as they claim to be.  They share the heart of the great division that’s plaguing the nation, along with another terrible group known as ISIS.

Think ISIS is camped solely in the Middle East with their forces?  Think again.  They’re in your cities and in your neighborhoods.  Pay very close attention to the suits, the uniforms and all their mannerisms.  You are being corralled, people.  Just like how another great nation suffered the same fate leading up to that cute little war that erupted in 1939.

You know which one I’m talking about….

America (as well as the rest of the world) is divided.  And what’s worse is despite the seriousness of what’s already in your backyards pales compared to what’s coming next.  The aim is to divide you even further and the likes of Whoopi and Colin and their Black Lives Matter garbage are adding fuel to a fire that’s already raging out of control.

Economics.  Already spiralling out of control, the worst is yet to come.  Almost everyone is about to become unemployed and homeless.  You don’t own your homes, regardless if the mortgages have been paid off or not.  The Crown owns everything you own, including you and your family.  In their eyes you are merely property.  You are not a person.  You do not matter any more to them than a slave did to their Roman Emperors.

Resources.  Your food, air and water are in control of those who wish not to feed the world but control it.  And they do.  Too many still haven’t grasped the seriousness of what’s going on.  Adolf Hitler used fluoride as a means of control.  With a dosage high enough, he managed to render those whom he held captive too docile (like sheep) to potentially fight back.  Between that and barely enough food to keep the enslaved alive, the strength needed to regain all that had been lost was impossible.  Outside intervention was necessary in order to end that nightmare.

The American government, along with the likes of the biggest and most corrupt corporations in the world, have done the exact same thing to Americans, Canadians, those within the United Kingdom and in every corner possible that has to many people still unable to see through the layers of bullshit before them.  That fluoride, when manipulated to achieve more than just cavity control, is a great sleeper agent to render the people dumb enough to follow like sheep without question.  Mix that with food injected with enough chemicals to poison the masses with ailments and diseases, along with contaminating the air and soil with chem trails, and all this make perfect recipes for total population control.

These measures allow the grossly manipulated medical system, the questionable education system and the conniving capitalists with their schemes, to do their jobs.  Mainstream medicine, owned and operated by huge pharmaceutical corporations, convinces the masses to cure their ailments they must consume even more chemicals into their body in the form of pills, surgery and routine treatment sessions that have been designed by them for the greater good.

The education system has been rigged to teach people, both young and old, what suits the agenda of those in charge want.  History lessons conveniently leave out enough truth to blind the audience of what really happened.  While the other programs taught such as writing, science and mathematics seem ethical enough – deep down the primary goal for most of these educational facilities is to see who fits the mould as a corporate drone and who doesn’t.

I’ve observed during my days in school that those who couldn’t (or wouldn’t in some cases) fit the mould were quickly thrown into situations where they were bullied, mocked and even taken out.  And not just by fellow students!  Even teachers, once they realize they cannot control a certain student to their liking, will spare no effort making the life of that particular student miserable.  Seen it.  Experienced it.  Learned so much from it.

The number one thing school teaches, despite the variety of their subject specialties, is conformity.  Although I am all for teamwork environments and believe we must all be united, doing so as a mindless puppet is not it.

And in the manipulations of major corporations that are the heart of capitalism, these are the worst of the worst.  At this point, for those who’ve complied to become a human drone after being thoroughly educated (brainwashed) by the schooling system, this is the ultimate path of slavery.  Through this path the working habits, spending habits and lifestyle choices of the “educated” individual will develop into something the “Capitalist Captains” strive for.

So how does all of that have anything to do with the likes of Whoopi Goldberg and Colin Kaepernick?  Why is it relevant?

Whoopi and Colin had been brought up the exact same way as the rest of you.  In America, from start to finish regardless of their childhood situations, they were caught up in the system and absorbed it all accordingly.  These two, even perhaps bullied as kids for not quite fitting in, still managed to mould themselves into living out a life each got to experience that is the envy of the average citizen who can barely make ends meet as it is.

Using the American dream to their advantage they’ve reached heights of success they no doubt appreciate financially, but do they do so spiritually?  No, they don’t.  If they did and had issues they felt needed to be addressed, insulting the American people, the Founding Fathers and all those who believed in them enough to help get them to where they are today is not the way to do it.

What they’ve done is spat upon those who looked up to them.  Instead of using their positions in a positive manner to spark change within a nation that needs it they used it to insult both sides of an argument in a manner that quite frankly makes them look stupid, ungrateful jerks who’ve failed even the very people whom they supposedly sided with.

It’s not about the national anthem, nor even about the flag.  It’s about respect, which also includes invoking changes to something that’s broken.  There is no doubt America needs help, but the kind of help Colin and Whoopi are offering is not what’s needed.  That, in fact, is poison.  These two, along with those who share the same mentality, prefer division over unity.  They’re using color and race as a means to stand their ground and this is wrong.  This, in fact, is racist, which apparently is something those two claim is the reason what they stand against.

Racism won’t be solved by saying “us” or “them” as that just creates further division.  Racism will be solved by going color blind and shelving all the petty differences we have between us for the greater good overall.

Just because I’m white doesn’t mean I’m going to favor the white guy over the black guy.  I’m good friends with Native Americans and Native Canadians, not because of their nationality, but because I see them as decent people whom I am honored to be friends with.

I don’t care about color.  I don’t even care about the flags nor songs representing the nations they belong to.  I care more about what’s inside it all and that’s what should be the main focus here.  Folks like Colin and Whoopi, along with Black Lives Matter and those who thrive on division need to have reality checks and remember it’s not about color nor race nor religion.  It’s about humanity.  Overall, isn’t that most important?


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