Blood Is Blood

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Look at the shirts in the pictures very carefully.  Pay very close attention as this is important.

Now, look at the men in the pictures and study them.  Be sure you know what you’re looking at before you proceed.

Based on the bloodied shirt pics you’ve seen, plus the pics of the men above, can you match which shirt belongs to which man?  Choose your answer.  The results will be revealed before the end of this post so you can see how well you did.

Shirt #1 belongs to Man A, Man B, Man C, Man D or Man E?
Shirt #2 belongs to Man A, Man B, Man C, Man D or Man E?
Shirt #3 belongs to Man A, Man B, Man C, Man D or Man E?
Shirt #4 belongs to Man A, Man B, Man C, Man D or Man E?
Shirt #5 belongs to Man A, Man B, Man C, Man D or Man E?

And here’s a trick question.  Do the blood stains in this upcoming pic belong to an animal or a human being?

If you honestly think you know the answers to all those questions then clearly you know something I don’t, because every single question asked were out of satire rather than solving mysteries to puzzles that really don’t exist.

We all bleed the same.  We all have flesh, bone and tissue that sums up what we are.  It doesn’t, however, sum up who we are and this is where the choices of each individual dictates exactly what kind of person you really are.

If you’re judgmental, using only what your eyes see before you to make your final decision then you’re allowing vanity to serve as your chief witness instead of common sense.

If you’re going with what circumstantial evidence is available without taking the time to further investigate possible truths that are likely overlooked, you are allowing laziness to decide the verdict for you.

Too many people do this.  Too many people fall for lies without taking a moment to factor in all angles to an argument before making a final judgment.  This has plagued mankind since the very beginning and it still plagues us today.

Think we’ve come along way since the days of Genesis, the Bronze Age and even the Stone Age?  Think again!

Still to this day we place our trust into hands that don’t deserve it and walk away from those who have repeatedly proven they have our backs no matter what.  I’m not going to tell you who all those people and situations are because I’d expect you by now to have figured that out on your own.  It’s up to you to figure it out and not necessarily up to me to tell you who, what and where to place your faiths in.  All I can tell you is there is one thing you possess that will never lie to you if you take the time to listen to it.

It’s called gut instinct.  Too many people ignore it.  They spend too much time with the distractions their eyes and heart tell them to follow instead of bypassing their bullshit like a person with true intelligence would do.  Ignore that gut instinct too often and you no longer recognize it for what it is, but if you really want to seek the truth and let go of all that you’ve been taught by those who didn’t know any better themselves, you’ll figure it out.

In biblical terms, when it’s said “surrender yourself” this is precisely what it means.  Surrender the garbage you’ve been fed all your life.  All of it are distractions designed to keep you dulled down and clueless.  This is why the world is as divided as it is.

People focus on stupid things like race, color, gender and religions.  That gets nobody anywhere.  Stop giving attention to trash that doesn’t deserve it.  Pay attention to your gut feeling, but do so in a relaxed state.  The more tense you are the harder it will be to hear what our gut is saying to you.

Some people call it God’s voice.  Call it what you will, but this “spiritual beacon” will never steer you wrong for as long as you choose to listen to it.  Ignore it and let only your eyes and heart guide you and you’re once again guaranteed to tread down a path you shouldn’t be on.

People who are truly in spiritual sync with themselves, regardless if they believe in God or not, have a better grasp on what humanity is all about than those who don’t.  Even those who think they’re spiritual but are continually prone to carry out bullying tactics are only kidding themselves because they still remain part of the problem.

The madness of this world is being fuelled by divide and conquer tactics that are as old as creation itself.  And too many people allow it to happen because they use what they’ve witnessed with their own eyes, plus the immediate emotion they feel within their hearts, to carry out what they may think may be justice but in truth is nothing more than wrathful revenge that serves no form of correcting a wrong by any means.  All it does is create further division as those who make the same mistake to let their eyes and heart do all the thinking for them, which really isn’t thinking at all.

However, of those who take the time to breathe and let their gut in on the equation, it’s these people who stand out and deserve praise as it is they that make the effort to solve problems with long-term solutions that actually work.  The irrational only focus on short-term solutions that always backfire in the end and make matters worse.  The rational who exercise gut instinct to influence their eyes to focus better and their hearts to feel more than just one emotion at a time make it easy for their brain power to figure out what needs to be done to get the most important goals accomplished.

Those people come in all shapes and sizes, backgrounds and color.  Those people don’t care if their religious beliefs don’t mesh, or if an underweight street person is paired up with an overweight police officer.  They care more about humanity.  In the end, isn’t that what we’re all supposed to be fighting (and living) for anyway?


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