Brilliant Ignorance

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When that cliche comes up, Ignorance is Bliss, I see exactly what it means.

I don’t know if any of you ever watched the newer version of the V series, but the chief bad lady in it, who was the queen of this alien flock, “blissed” both her own kind and in the final episode of this series she did the same to the human race.

In the show it portrayed a blissed person became an unwitting drone that had just joined the hive of those who all followed this queen.  Everything she wanted she got through them as they performed deeds without realizing they’re not doing so as freely as they’d like to think.

Here in the real world, there’s no V-like aliens, but we do have a mass population that does indeed come across as blissed.  So many are blinded by the truth of what’s really going on and so manipulated into carrying out actions that is not in their (nor mankind’s) best interest at all.  When you try to snap them out of it, too many resist.  Some walk away as if their senses are too dulled down to make any effort to acknowledge anything.  Others fight back with great opposition, completely unaware they’re fighting on the wrong side of an argument that is as old as time itself.

Look in the dictionary and for bliss you get this; supreme happiness, utter joy or contentment.

In what I see with those closest to me, strangers nearby and all those from afar it’s contentment that is primarily the box of bullshit they’re all sitting in.  And in each case they’re either too comfortable to take the time to consider their situation, or too scared to at least try scrambling out of that box.

I want nothing to do with that box.  I fight like mad to avoid getting thrown back into it again, despite the fact sometimes it feels like it’s a losing battle.  It’s not easy (nor fun) to find yourself awake enough to realize you’re living in a world that’s so riddled with lies that the truths have become seemingly impossible to figure out.

It feels like being trapped in a maze of mirrors where everywhere you go you see yourself and where you are.  The mirrors are tricky.  Some show you standing tall and proud while others show you short and disfigured.  No two images are exactly the same and each of them are designed to have your eyes drawn to various forms of yourself.  It hopes you become so preoccupied with your own vanity that you either forget you’re on a journey, or lose yourself in circles of distractions.  In this state, you go no where and either wind up back in the box of bullshit or lost in an endless labyrinth of lies.

I know I’m still stuck in that maze, but am far from lost.  I do get distracted from time to time, but have learned to regain focus and pick up where I’ve left off.  Whether or not I have enough time to successfully get through this maze in order to reach my desired destination I honestly don’t know.  I do know, however, I cannot allow myself to go back into that box and I won’t give up finding the correct exit out of this maze because I know deep down my life literally depends on it.

This is now the part I add where each time I’ve felt like perhaps I need a nudge in the right direction to make sure I don’t get lost, I look to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit for guidance.  Anybody travelling unknown roads, just do they don’t get lost, knows the most fundamental rule to follow is bring a map.  These days most people favor the GPS devices that tell them where to go, but I still like my old fashioned maps.

In the journey of life the map I use is the Holy Bible.  Go ahead and laugh as I know many don’t believe in it nor God and Jesus.  And in all honesty, I don’t care what you believe in because it is not my place to judge you for your beliefs.  I can comment my side of the argument that you could make the effort to open your eyes more, but I will never force upon you my personal beliefs because for me that’s like forcing a child to eat a certain vegetable when they want nothing to with it.  You may eat and swallow it, but your reaction will be negative, even if what you just swallowed may have been your ticket to a health enhancing one.

I also know deep down I don’t have all the answers.  At least not yet.  Even if I did, I know telling people truths they need to hear doesn’t always meet the kind of reception it deserves.  The state of bliss is too comfortable and if there is one thing I’ve learned about people (and even animals) is that comfort zones are too luxurious to willingly walk away from.  Even forcing them out is a challenge.  It’s nicer to stay ignorant and asleep, bathing in the brilliance of bullshit than it is to wake up, learn and explore.

Believe it or not, I have nightmares of boxes.  Had them ever since I was a small kid and still get them today.  Boxes of conformity I fear a great deal and will trample on those things without hesitation.  Conformity = Ignorance and for me I flat out cannot allow myself to go there.

So I stick to my Holy Bible Map and use the GPS voices of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit to make sure I stay on course.  This even includes when I make the occasional wrong turn and realize I need to quickly find my way back so that I don’t get too lost.

I am also seeking out those who are on this exact same journey.  There are many who are on it, but only a tiny handful have refused to allow themselves to become lost.  Those people are hard to find, but I see and sense them.  We’re not giving up.

What I like about this tiny little group of whom I deem as Truth Seekers are dedicated to the one and only true church that Bible talks about.  It’s not easy because it’s hidden in plain obscurity, right behind brilliant ignorance.

Hope you got the meaning behind that last sentence as it was laid out that way for a reason.

I made it clear I belong to no church organization in previous blog posts and pretty much everywhere I go.  I do, however, belong to a church that dares to travel through the maze of deception without compromising too much of who they are, what they believe in and where their desired destination is.  It’s a great church.  It doesn’t get wrapped up in the arrogance of self-righteousness that way too many have (and don’t realize it) as they succumb to titles, property and life’s distractions.

I also make it clear I know I’m not perfect.  I am flawed.  And to claim I’m 100% righteous would be flat out lying, not just to you, but even to myself.  I try.  Sometimes I’m successful and sometimes I know I need to make improvements not to fail again.  If I were right 100% of the time I’d be God himself.  I think it’s safe to say I’m not him, nor Jesus.  I’d very much like to be in that same company, but in order to get there I have got to keep going on my little journey and hang onto the hand of Jesus Christ without letting go.  Doing so even just once is enough to throw me back to the start line where I have to venture through once again.

I don’t want to be brilliantly ignorant.  Too many people are like this already and I see it so plainly on them.  I even see this among some of my closest family and friends.  It pains me to admit it, but I have no problem leaving them all behind if they’re unwilling to snap out of that state of bliss that has kept them in their boxes of conformity.  My journey isn’t brilliant.  It’s dark and hard to see through those smoky mirrors all around me.  It’s hard to properly educate myself on everything I need to know when there’s so much falseness out to cloud my judgment.

But I won’t give up.  I also won’t shut up.  Doing so caters to those who want to remain brilliantly ignorant.  I’m more interested in smashing the mirrors in hopes to help those who are stuck in the maze realize they have got to move forward if the expect to survive in what I know is a growing threat against humanity.


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