My Favorite Dream

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Everybody has those dreams they carve for themselves where it’s a better alternative than dealing with today’s reality.  In the real world it is so full of madness that no sane person in their right mind would want to have anything to do with it in the first place.  Unfortunately we have to, but that doesn’t mean when we get moments to dream of an escape we won’t take it.

For some, that dream involves some sort of luxury getaway where all their wildest fantasies come true.  For others, the dream of being some sort of action hero that we see on the screens is their personal ticket to paradise.  Both of these types of dreams are larger than life and that’s why so many people are so drawn to it.  I’m certainly no exception, but there’s one dream I indulge in without second thought and keep wishing and praying for it to come true.  I even try in some feeble attempt to make it happen, but I know it’s something I cannot do for now.

I will admit, when 2008 hit and I got my chance to move away from the big city and towards a much smaller community I know I made the right choice.  I like my life better now than I ever did up to that point.  I live in a good community with good people, but in my dreams these days, this is what I want;

  1. A 100% self-sustaining community that doesn’t rely on government-run ones where the plug can get pulled at any given time, regardless if you keep up with the bills or not.
  2. A 100% self-sustaining community where everybody works together to grow, hunt and produce food for all folks within that community and not one person is ever put in a position where they feel like they have to go to bed at night without enjoying at least a single, fulfilling meal.
  3. It is a sanctuary, located far from the closest city for at least a few hours and this place caters to both man and animal in a mutual agreement that a peaceful way of life is the most important requirement in order to be a part of this community.  We look after each other, and the animals, and also the environment in which we live in.
  4. There is no more reliance on man-led governments that have proven over and over to be corrupt and short-sighted.  However, you do rely on yourself, your neighbors, on Mother Earth and on God to appreciate and function at the highest possible levels you can achieve for yourself.
  5. All medical concerns are dealt with naturally, not chemically.  The means is there to do such a thing, not to mention better dietary and lifestyle choices that vastly reduce any form of health ailments that tend to fly your way otherwise.
  6. This community puts the needs of the homeless first in the form of housing, clothing and food.  In exchange for providing them with these needs they contribute towards construction and/or repair of new dwellings so that more can join the community, resource collecting to cover as many needs as possible that include food, water, clothing, energies, health concerns, education, etc.
  7. In a world that insists we all pay taxes, our community would get by on this by participating in farmers markets, trade shows and commissioned sales by partnering with localized retailers to keep up with such bills.  It wouldn’t be that difficult considering this particular community would never have to pay electricity, water nor heat because we’d take care of those needs on our own.  This community has no real need for the telephone or internet, but for the sake of “keeping in touch” with the world a community-based “net center” would be installed to cover those.  It also provides another means of income via online sales of whatever products those within the community develops.

Sounds like one of those “backwards” communities we hear about, doesn’t it?  Thing is, if those communities were so backwards then why is it they seem to be more generally happy with each other and get along with each other better than we do?  The majority of the world, in my opinion, is the one that has it backwards.  We are the ones that have lost faith whereas those “stuck in time” haven’t.  We are the ones that call each other names due to color, racial and religious differences.  They don’t.  Even if they don’t like something, instead of being jerks about it they deal with it accordingly and without violent expressions that even they know would make a situation far worse than it already is.

That is why I created this blog site and why I named it Humanity World Order.  At one point I was actually going to change the name as I stared down the word humanity and realized it has a multitude of meanings to it and not all of them are good ones.

  1. Human beings collectively.  (Right now, our collection is filled with corruption, deception and have gone insane.  If this is humanity, then I want no part of that.)
  2. The quality or condition of being human.  (True human beings stick to their human nature, which is to love, cherish and obey themselves, each other and the laws of nature.  This is the humanity I do want to be a part of and why I will fight to my last breath in favor of it.)
  3. The quality of being humane through acts of kindness and benevolence.  (Another humanity definition I want to endorse/support as I believe in that.)

For me, Humanity World Order means we work together as one through acts of kindness, benevolence, love and obedience.  Now, I know people may not like the word “obey” but if there is any one thing I’ve learned in my quest to be independent I’ve come to realize that being obedient towards your creator is not a luxury merely exercised by the so-called religious, but a necessity among those who wish to remain faithful to the true roots of their being.

Those true roots started with an ultimate creator.  That creator granted the exact same gift of life you got through your parents, your grandparents, their grandparents and so on until the original lineage reaches as far back to the creation of Adam and Eve in Genesis.

Cringe at the thought I’m referring to the Holy Bible. I honestly don’t care.  There are many takes to who/what the bible really is and when you look past the 6000-year notion depicted by zealous religious factions that limit their research to the blind faith their preachers instruct them to, you can see just how in depth that bible really is.

I often come across the Annunaki, some race (also mentioned in the bible) of what I’ve deemed as control freaks that see mankind having no more worth than lowly slave rats to do their bidding.  It’s interesting when you start cross-referencing between science, science fiction, biblical history, astronomic and geographic discoveries, and mankind’s factual and fictional timeline how almost all of it puzzle together virtually effortlessly.  However, in order for the puzzle pieces to mesh without force, you have to approach every angle of an argument as open-minded as possible.  Close even just one avenue slightly and the vision becomes distorted.  This is where so many people actually go wrong and why the science community almost never agrees with the religious one, nor do all those who insist the religion they follow is the only correct one and all the others are false.

I used to be close to the splinters of the various Church Of God groups.  In fact, most recently I started paying attention to Restored Church Of God and although I agree with about 99% of what they have to say, there’s that 1% that still tells me not to trust them.  So, going with that I broke away again.  I cannot, nor will not, ever put full faith in anything man-led.  Man are too easily corrupted, myself included.

I trust only God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and Mother Earth.  Everything else is left in the dust.  I will work with humanity, as I not only feel compelled to do so, but it has been a dream I’ve had for a very, very long time.

At first, before waking up, I dreamt of running a community-like resort where it’s situated far away from the madness of the modern world.  I never dreamt of anything that matches the 5-star properties you see only the wealthiest of the wealthy can afford.  I merely dreamt of family sites where the environmental impact was minimal, but the impression it made upon people and animals was so profound that it helped shape (or reshape) who they are and what they wanted in their lives.

That’s my dream.  That’s what I want, but much has changed since 1984 when I first had that resort owner dream.  When I look back, even for 2008, I bow my head that I didn’t push for it better.  I allowed myself to get too distracted and now as I feel time is running out on this earth due to the massively hysterical madness that’s engineered it I feel the only way this dream will ever become reality is if God himself creates it for me (and those like me) because it is a good one.

It’s not asking to harm the environment.  It’s not asking for slaves.  It’s embracing life over death.  It’s favoring community without conformity, but at the same time a faithful requirement to appreciate and give thanks to the ultimate creators who’ve made it all possible.  Man is not to be credited for such things.  They can be credited for their assistance, but to take full responsibility is not only foolish but arrogant.  God (Father) and (Mother) Earth has provided all mankind needs in order to work with what we’ve got and how we go about it depends greatly on what kind of direction we choose to go.

Mankind chose badly.  Shortcuts and reckless squandering of such resources has plunged this world into great turmoil and like a child abusing the mom, we have abused Mother Earth without remorse.  We have a society where one half wants to continue tearing her apart with methods that are truly destructive and the other half want her left alone.  It’s like observing people purposely blowing a person’s arm off so they can use it for whatever reasons they’ve come up with, and then replacing it back on the person with a new one.  In their minds it’s like “no harm done” and yet they don’t realize the trauma they’ve just inflicted upon that person lasts more than just a short while.  It’s a lifetime scar.

It’s no different with Mother Nature/Earth.  We’ve scarred her.  Badly.  She’s trying to heal, but too many won’t let her.  The greed and pride that fuels such individuals to treat her like a non-living experiment is astounding.  And what’s worse is not enough people see this for what it is.  Of those who do, they get ridiculed that if they have such issues with this level of destruction then why continue using those very resources?

Anybody with an ounce of brain capacity realizes that today’s world has seen to it that it’s not possible.  Aside from the “backwards” communities that have managed to steer clear from the so-called progress of modern society, everybody has been steered down a direction where it’s either comply if you want to live or resist if you prefer death.

I don’t want to use my car, but I have to.  It’s necessary to use so that I can go to work and back and at least be able to try and keep up with the bills just so I can keep a roof over my head.  I don’t want to use fossil fuels of any kind in anything I do and I have been taking measures to break away from such things, but when lack of money limits a person to achieve this, not to mention lack of support from those who honestly should know better, it doesn’t make it easier.

Our governments have seen to it we’re captive in this sort of state and even as we speak, of those who’ve managed to develop the type of communities I’ve dreamt about, they’re being targeted to “get back on the grid” so that once again they can be controlled by an elite few who want to continue running the entire world their way.  It’s actually a dream to see more of those communities pop up, plus the one that I just shared.

I know I’m not the only one that has this kind of dream.  I know some of you got something similar.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could work together to pull it off?  And no, that’s not just dream talk, folks.  I mean it.  If enough of us band together to do this then why not?