Water Wall

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This is one of my dreams.  I’m making a point to talk about them more because I have a really bad, gut feeling that they’re more than just goofy little nightmares that are influenced by my conspiracy theories, etc.  Most of these dreams have taken place long before I took it upon myself to stop being so apathetic and speak out more.

I had a crazy dream that something hit the earth, or at least something really catastrophic happened that was impossible for any human being to avoid.  I dreamt people who escaped to underground bunkers were trapped down there with no way out and their means of escape wound up becoming nothing more than death traps.

I also dreamt many of those bunkers wound up experiencing structural damage where cracks and holes were created and surges of water and debris poured in with no way to stop it.

My most profound was being outside somewhere, in a field, and I could see the sky looking like a war zone – but the war wasn’t inside earth’s atmosphere.  It was beyond that, but visible enough to see what was happening.  Destruction of literally biblical proportions taking place way up high and knowing full well whatever comes of that will have remnants of hit hitting the earth.

And it did.  I remember hearing crashing, feeling the earth shaking, etc.  The biggie was hearing something coming from the east.  I knew it was coming from that direction based on where I was and how I was standing.

The sound was rumbling, as the ground was also doing the same.  To the west I could see ground breaking up like as if a multitude of miniature earthquakes going off.  Wasn’t super bad, but you can see further west it was actually worse and it was full of smoke, dust and fire.

As scary as that was, it paled compared to what I clued in was coming in from the east.  Looking on, a giant blue wall of water reached heights that could rival the tallest skyscrapers.  It was heading straight for me and I knew flat out there was no way I could escape it.  Nobody could.

That wall seemed to just stay up in the air with refusal to come down.  And it was getting closer.  Why won’t it crash?  I couldn’t understand why it took so long for it to crash down.  That is how the laws of gravity work, right?

But it did crash.  When all that water came down you could see what it had picked up when it reached it’s height.  It had vehicles, a house, debris, people and animals.  Like a tornado, that water scooped up all in it’s path without prejudice and was about to throw all that down with force.

Nothing in the path of this water and the items it took with it had a chance to get out of harm’s way.  I recall the water hitting me with such force that I could literally feel myself in what I can best describe as fluid flight as this powerful tidal wave seemed determined to sweep clean through the prairies without slowing down.

In that dream I honestly don’t know what became of me, other than that water wall hitting me and most definitely knocking the wind out of me.  Did I die?  Did I somehow survive?  I don’t know.  Woke up before I had a chance to figure that part out.