American Pride -It’s A Killer

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Regardless of who wins the 2016 race to become America’s 45th president, the people of this badly bruised nation will still find themselves on the losing end of a very unstable ground.


Because too many people are divided over too many issues and neither side is willing to come over to the middle ground to truly work it out.  Instead, they’re more interested in hurling bombs of hatred towards each other, aiming to hurt as many people as they can in the process.

America is not a democratic nation anymore.  In fact, it hasn’t been for a very, very long time.  It has become a cheap imitation of a Roman Republic where equality has been tossed out the window in favor of a certain social order that mimics how things were done as far back as 2000 years ago.

Sadly, modern society has failed to learn from history and are dooming themselves to repeat the exact same mistakes that has taken down even the mightiest of nations that once upon a time owned the world by the clutch of it’s hand.

It happened to the Egyptians.  The Ottoman Empire, who replaced the Romans as the ultimate global power at one point, fell.  The mighty British Empire got put into place not just by Americans during the Revolutionary War, but by their enemies from their WWI and WWII confrontations.

The Trojans.  The Greek.  And let’s not forget Babylon.  All of them, once upon a time so great that one could almost cast them as godly, were thrust to their knees like helpless children due to their own arrogance getting the best of them.

Pride has been the ultimate catalyst behind every fall of every human being, every nation and every form of power that failed to see the err of their ways until it was far too late.  The biggest problem pride faces is tunnel vision.  Such souls who only look ahead fail to see the dangers that could blindside them and knock them off course.  Sadly, because they only choose to look ahead instead of also side to side, too many fail to realize as they’re knocked off course that what was once a prosperous path has turned into a suicidal one. Stubbornly, they stay on the only path their tunnel vision will allow them to see as pride continues to blind them from all the truths that are literally coming at them at all angles.  All the options to steer back on the true course are ignored.

It’s like watching a tourist take a wrong turn and refusing to acknowledge the mistake.  That tourist, instead of taking measures to steer back on course, will continue to plod ahead in hopes that somehow the desired destination will still be reached.  Almost always this decision results in mishaps that could have otherwise been avoided.  The pride of a person will refuse to admit a mistake has been made that requires repair.  Instead of fixing the problem, it gets compounded with more as additional wrong turns are made in some feeble effort to get back on course without taking the time to study a map or find proper directions from someone with more knowledge.  What comes with this as more mistakes are made is frustration, waste (of time, money and fuel) and even accidents that result in property loss and/or injury.

On a worldly stage, we see huge mistakes being made by those we’re supposed to trust most.  Those people include our politicians that are supposed to make up our governments.  It also includes our religious and military/police leaders.  Each of them have strayed so far off course from who they’re supposed to be that not even they remember who they are nor what they represent anymore.

Too many of them, so consumed by pride, are literally oblivious to the fact that they’ve actually become polar opposites from what their title is supposed to represent.  All those oaths they’ve taken have proven to be futile at best.

Let’s take a moment to look at our politicians.  Are they truly our world leaders?  Or, are they all engineered (trained) to carry out all the desires of a handful of people that are bent on carving out this world their way?  Which, in all honesty, goes against the very fibre of what makes up humanity in the first place.

Flat out, if our politicians truly cared about the people, then why are we all continually ignored?  For many years now, the people have cried out their concerns and despite the promises those politicians make to deal with them, all of it remains unresolved.  Instead of helping the people, they’re being shoved deeper into tight corners that make it harder for an average person to survive in.

This, as a result, puts an individual in a desperate situation.  Frustrated, such a person will feel the need to lash out and when in such a state, reason is not an option that will be listened to anymore.  Desperation will always result in a hasty reaction that all too often is the wrong one to take.  However, pride will cause a person to refuse to see where they’re going wrong and instead of making efforts to make corrections as needed, they will continue down that tunnel-visioned path of stupidity until they’ve exhausted themselves to the point where they have no choice but to get the help they truly need in order to at least live another day.

This is where usually the religious and military leaders come in.  And in this regard, both of them have failed miserably for as long as mankind has been in existence.

The religious leaders claim their role is to unify people within a belief system that’s supposed to be divine and true.  This may have been the case once upon a time, but it isn’t anymore.  These leaders have created zealous factions within their herds that become so prideful and tunnel-visioned that all their efforts to please whatever god it is they think they worship are the very things that God himself was warned none of us to do.  These so-called righteous examples of humanity are anything but this.  The righteous do not go out of their way to do good deeds in front of a worldwide audience and expect to get glory for it from the masses.  Those types of people are, in fact, self-righteous.  That’s the very thing we are all told right in the Holy Bible to avoid becoming.

Sadly, however, this is how most of our churches have become.  You have the religious leaders to thank for that, along with their zealots who literally have the people of the world so blinded to real truths that literally all of them have become too prideful for their own good.  This pride is actually what’s carving great division among the people and this is the absolute last thing humanity needs right now.

What makes it worse is the military and policing units come in as the muscle to enforce whatever political and religious agendas their prideful nature wants carried out.  The biggest puppets of all, this dangerous collection of mercenaries care nothing about doing what’s right for humanity.  They answer only to their superiors who dictate to them how to think, how to act and how to react.  These individuals are literally trained to go against the very nature of who they are as human beings in hopes they behave more like mindless machinery rather than mindful humanitarians.

The leaders of these military and policing units are not at all loyal to the people.  They’re only loyal to whomever has organized their uniformed gang to whatever needs to be done in their eyes.  Your eyes, as a human being, is not relevant to them.  It never was and it never will be.

Only a handful of military and police are true humanists.  They, unfortunately, are overshadowed by those who aren’t.  And those humanists are getting weeded out by both their own colleagues and by the irrational, desperate citizens who’ve become so clouded with hateful pride that they don’t realize what they’re doing.

And that’s what pride does.  Clouds the judgement.  Your senses become so bogged down with unnecessary clutter that you can’t think or even feel straight.  You see with eyes opened only wide enough to see straight ahead.  You don’t see what’s coming at you from all angles and this is what’s hurting you.

It’s hurting us all.  It’s killing us all!

Open up the eyes!  Look around!  This is what will help you knock pride on it’s ass where it belongs.  Do you realize you’d be so much stronger as a person if pride was kept in check and it’s place you put humility instead?

What’s great about humility is it forces you to look inside yourself, something of which tunnel vision prevents you from doing.  You are going to see what you want to see, yes, but at the same time, if you listen to your soul, you will succumb to seeing things that will jolt some reality back into your psyche.

It’s not pleasant at first and it is a bitter pill to swallow.  Pride causes you to spit out that pill.  Don’t let pride do that.  Swallow it and once you do, allow it to absorb through you.  Let it open up all the doors you once closed because pride insisted you to do so.  What’s amazing is once all those doors are opened (and keep them open) you see so much more.  You are then no longer lost and you find yourself realizing who honestly is worthy of your trust and who isn’t.

And then you realize this 2016 presidential campaign is one giant farce.  It’s not going to matter who wins.  Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton has what it takes to be a truly strong leader.  Why?  Both of them are too prideful.  The political parties they supposedly represent have this exact same problem.  Those who stand clear on either side are no better either.  All of them are horribly diseased with this poisonous corruption and are literally disfiguring themselves to the point where it’s actually hard to consider themselves as human beings anymore.  Everything about them has been reduced to mindless savagery and that’s what is going to pit American vs. American regardless of who wins the title of this once great nation’s next president.

And don’t think for a second just because whoever wins in November 2016 means they get to keep the role either.  Remember, there’s a current president in charge that has systematically dismantled everything that once upon a time made America great.  He has control until at least January 2017 and he’s far from the stupid moron people peg him to be.

Barack Obama has the power in his hands right now to nullify whatever happens during the 2016 election, including whomever it is the Americans opted to vote for.  There are too many prideful people in place with too much power in their hands they’re currently abusing to let America fall into the hands of Americans.  Especially since the population within her borders are as greatly divided (due to pride) as it is now.