If I Had A $1,000,000…

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Ah.  Dreams.  Good ones.  Not bad ones.  The ones that get your mind reeling with possibilities.

How many of you have experienced “what if” moments when you buy a lottery ticket, or come across the remote possibility of a dream come true pile of cash fall onto your lap that you can do whatever with?

I’m no different.  I have those too.  For the fun of it, thought I’d share what I’d do…

#1 Dept Payment.  I think this is a given for everyone.  Whoever you owe, etc. you take care of and put that part of your past behind you.  It’s done.

#2 Locate the “perfect property” and go there.  Mine is simple.  I don’t want a beach, nor some fancy condo, etc.  I’m not even interested in a world cruise.  What I want is a nice chunk of land that puts me far enough away from mainstream civilization where I can live in peace, but at the same time not too far so that if there’s anything needed I can access it.  This would be as close to 100% off grid living as possible.  The only “on grid” I’d consider is phone and satellite services.

#3 Recruit folks who’d be interested in joining me in what would actually be more than just a permanent retreat for me, but for others as we’d work together as a community that serves each other to make ourselves as self-sustaining as possible.

#4 Build a sanctuary for both people and animals.  I make it no secret I’m a cat fan.  I hate the idea of abused, homeless and neglected animals and if I have a chance to design a safe place for them to go where those within the community I wish to carve feel the same as I do.

#5 Design a business where the community works together, exploiting the creations we design whether it be by gardening, food prep, artwork and crafting.  We make these available via farmers markets, trade shows, online and roadside vending opportunities as they arise.  (One idea was during warmer months from May to October have a roadside cafe of sorts that’s ideally located on a busy road or highway close to town.)

#6 With the profits, after all the bills are paid and enough assurances that everyone’s needs within the community are met, find folks who could use some help from time to time.  Assistance such as helping a family facing eviction catch up, or a young mom who can’t quite make enough to feed her child(ren) due to some unexpected expense that hit her.  I know we can’t help everyone, but I firmly believe even if it’s to cover a morning round of coffees for a bunch of seniors in a restaurant simply because, it’s great.  It shows you care.  I know I do.

Now, pictures say far more than mere words.  Okay, here are pic examples of what I’d do if I had that prize million dollars….

I’ve always been a strong believer in community, even when I didn’t wake up enough to realize it.  Prior to this, I had always dreamt of running a getaway resort somewhere.  That dream I’ve had since I was a teenager.

I still want that resort, but more community based than anything.  This is what I want.  This is what I dream for and literally pray for pretty much each day.

I value life.  I value our creator.  Some of you call him God (as do I) but I prefer to call him Father.  Mother, to me, is our Holy Spirit as she is what binds us all as we do the best we can endure in a world that has truly become nightmarish.

I value Jesus Christ, what he stood for and as an example of whom we should all strive to be.  I value humanity and willingly engage in all the possibilities we could achieve if we simply learned to come together, work together and just live together.  We do this as individuals, as a community and as a family.

Strip it all the way down to the very core of human beginnings of Adam and Eve, we are all related one way or the other.  We all came from the same creator and we all call this earth our home.  It’s not perfect, but neither are we.  There are vast differences that do indeed prove to be challenging, but that’s the beauty of it.

And all I really want, deep down, $1 million or not, is to see that happen.  My dream is a modest community that works with mother nature and not against it.  It’s also a dream that sees people working together and never against each other.  We also strive to not only protect each other as human beings, but what we’ve been appointed as stewards to.  We’re supposed to be looking after this earth and all life on it.  I really want to do this.  It honestly breaks my heart that I sincerely cannot do more than what I’m currently able to do.  It’s not nearly enough.  It never will be.

But at least I can still dream.  I still have hope and I still pray