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Lions (and cats) are, for the most part, laid back creatures that really couldn’t care less about much of anything for as long as their world is left alone.  They watch everything around them and yawn.

However, threaten their environment in any given manner and how quickly the “lazy lion” becomes a ferocious creature that will not only command the attention of those dumb enough to wake them, but shred apart anything virtually without effort.

Lions, a member of the feline family, carry the traditional traits associated with it. They prefer a restful existence where the daily concerns of food, water, shelter and companionship are taken care of with relative ease.  Although effective enough individually, working as a group makes them virtually unstoppable.  Watchful, calculating and precise their ability to wipe out any foe is unmatched by even the most vicious pack of wolves.

Very proud and territorial creatures, lions don’t like to be forced into situations that make them uncomfortable.  This makes them wild and sometimes unpredictable.  There’s no telling when they roar what will come next.  Will that roar be followed up with a violent reaction that’s so fast it seems as it if it’s been done without thought?  Or, will there be a festering rally of fellow lions in a very organized, very methodical manner that will create absolute anarchy when they feel the timing is right to do so?

Either way, lions are very dangerous creatures when jolted awake from what would otherwise be a state of slumber.  In fact, one of the biggest downfalls a lion is known for is their pride as even the slightest bruise against it is enough to warrant full wrath in a moment’s notice not even the fastest creature on earth can truly escape from.  In many cases, lions have wound up becoming overly destructive in their quest to take out their enemy that sometimes they also hurt themselves in the process.  In that moment they generally don’t care because if they have to create personal injury in order to kill their foe, so be it.

I should know.  As someone born under the Leo sign and realizes all too well that the lion is the official symbol associated with it, I can personally vouch for this.  There’s been situations in my own life where this has happened where my reactions have been nothing short of a fireball of destruction that easily laid to waste anything I felt deserved it.


Now, going with the Chinese Zodiac symbols, I am also regarded as a “Yang Metal Dog” which seems to have remarkably similar traits to the Lion.

Dogs are pretty much laid back creatures and are fiercely loyal to whomever gives them reason to be.  Like the lion, dogs are social creatures that can perform just fine independently or in a teamed situation, pending on whatever it is that’s required of them.

For dogs, as long as they’re mainly undisturbed, will leave you alone.  Yeah, dogs bark, but they rarely run out and bite without provocation.

However, give a dog every good reason to react violently, and their bark suddenly becomes the least thing a person should worry about.  Loyalists will go as far as risking their own lives to protect that which is dearest to them.  They’re not going to care if whoever they attack gets killed in the process.  Their primary goal is defence and heaven forbid if you dare get past that.  They, like the lion, are extremely territorial and will lash out against anything they deem invasive.

Because of the timing of my birth, apparently according to the Chinese there’s the element of metal in that dog which I am.  These are rigid dogs that are motivated by devotion.  They are also gracious, generous and judicious.  So, very much like the lion, this type of dog really cares more about having a fruitful environment that is threat free.  The less stress involved in going about one’s business the better.  And the idea of sharing whatever is worth sharing is not a problem for as long as greed is kept out of the picture.

This is definitely who I am.  Quite often I tend to give out way more of anything than I ever receive and really don’t care.  The more you give me, the more I’m likely going to distribute elsewhere for a few of reasons.  I like being generous where I can.  I also don’t like waste.  If someone gives me a giant bowl of fruit I know I would not be able to eat on my own before some of it goes rotten, I am going to share as much as I can with as many people as I can until either A) I accidentally gave out too much and have nothing left for myself, or B) I got just enough for myself without risking over indulgence.

I really enjoy sending a surprise smile on someone else’s face that brightens their day for even just a minute.  Really couldn’t care less if I get acknowledged for it or not.  That’s just simply who I am.

On the flip side, when I see someone wronged I go nova.  I’ll roar, prance, prowl and attack just like that lion while at the same time snarl, growl and gnaw like a dog until I’m satisfied the wrong has been corrected.  If I injure myself in the process, I honestly don’t care.  I’ve already adapted the philosophy that which doesn’t kill me merely makes me stronger.  (And in some cases, even meaner!)

I know by heart I’m a lion.  Of that there is no doubt.  And by soul the metal dog certainly shines through without question.  I also know I’m not the only one.

The reason I shared this was to serve as a reminder to each person there’s more to us than meets the eye.  Although not one to 100% put stock into zodiac signs, etc. I do pay a great deal of attention to each person’s characteristics, including my own.  My biggest observation right now are many “cats and dogs” or rather “lions and dogs” are getting restless because they’re not being left alone by those who should really know better by now.  I’m actually imploring upon those too ignorant for their own good to really reconsider their actions before it’s too late.  Even the most docile creature can turn into the most vicious beast in a moment’s notice when too many trigger points are hit.

And right now they’re getting hit at a record pace that will ultimately result in a form of Armageddon.