Strength Of Fellowship

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Fellowship is the key to building faith in whatever it is you believe in.  For me, I make it no secret.  I believe in God.  Everybody has a name for him, but I prefer to simply call him Father as this is precisely how I see him.  He is our creator and judge, which is precisely how a paternal father typically is with his own children.

If you are looking for a mother in this equation, the mother is the planet which we live on.  Mothers are typically nurterers, which is what the earth does with us.  For as long as we treat Mother well, she will continue to provide for us (along with Father) all that we need in an environment that’s healthy.  However, mistreat mother to the point where she is no longer able to be there for us then we will pay the price for it.  Again, it’s no different than a typical relationship between a mother and her child(ren).

The only true difference here is we’re dealing with something more than just the physical connection between parents and their children.  We’re talking about something that extends far beyond that.  It’s called spirit, or rather in this case, Holy Spirit.  This is the glue that binds us all together and to our Father, and even to our Mother Earth.  This is our one true lifeline that we each need every bit as much as clean air, clean water and edible food.

I firmly believe this.  The more I find myself waking up to new realities and seeing bigger pictures, the more obvious it becomes.  The Holy Spirit not only binds us to our Father and to each other, but to Jesus Christ.  However you wish to call him, bottom line is he is the chosen Messiah and I have zero doubt of this.  As much as people try to downplay his importance and go as far as comparing him to Horus and other so-called religious figures that they think have a similar background to him, they ultimately fail to grasp the full reality of who he really is and why he is so important.

I’m not going to waste my time picking apart Horus nor the others that folks deem worthy enough to share the same stage as Jesus.  I couldn’t care less about them to be honest.  I only care about Jesus.  For me, Jesus is more than just our Messiah.  He is the ultimate plug to that lifeline I call Holy Spirit.  If you wish to keep the lifeline alive, you make the choice to plug into the word of God through Jesus Christ and refuse to let go.

So how do you do this?  Well, for starters, there’s this fascinating little collection of books that is most commonly known as the Holy Bible.  Pick it up and read it from cover to cover and so do with an open mind.  Folks who boast the reason they’re atheist is because they did read the bible from cover to cover failed to do so with that open mind.  Judgements were already in place before they even skimmed the first page.

And when you read the bible, don’t just do it once.  Go at it a second run and attempt to read it through a different version.  There are many English-based versions of the bible and it’s interesting when you read each version of it.  Although the core is same, there are little bits here and there that put a different twist into it.

However, even as you believe in God, believe in the Holy Spirit, believe in Jesus Christ and even believe in the Holy Bible, this is not quite enough to elevate yourself from what I consider a sleepy Christian to a bonafied, born again, no holds barred, devout Christian.  It’s even more than just going to a church with a congregation.

In all honesty, the routine of going to church on a regular basis is not enough to make you a devout Christian.  If you’re going only because you feel obligated to go, or you’re going because this is how you cleanse yourself of all your sins, then you are a sleepy Christian that hasn’t quite woken up yet.  Sleepwalkers are more than capable of walking from room to room, performing random deeds, and appear as if they know what they’re doing.  However, come morning they’re clueless.  Until they get past this phase, nothing changes and the routine keeps going in it’s uneventful circle.

Christians who are wide awake show no signs of sleepwalking, nor any form of slumber of any kind.  These Christians are loud, proud and dedicated.  These Christians also relish in fellowship, but not necessarily one that’s confined to a church environment.  For them, the church is not some building built by man that serves as a gathering place for worshippers.  For them, the true church lies within devout Christians who’ve figured out they are required to seek fellowship with other devout Christians who feel the same way in any manner possible.  It has been established that one person does indeed make a difference.  However, when you get a whole community that opts to make a difference, the power that comes with it is nothing short of amazing.

We are living a time where we can connect with each other at a worldwide level at the same time.  The most obvious of this people know it as the Internet.  And what a connection it is!  Through the Internet, the opportunity for a level of fellowship among mankind, especially devout Christians, has never been as awesome as it is now.  What I’m finding is that lost feeling I used to have in finding the “perfect church” or the “perfect group” to associate myself with to help me strengthen my faith in Father, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Holy Bible and even in myself is quickly fading now.

I’ve gone to different church places, seeking out who seems to be more on the ball than the others.  Although I have found some very good ones that are indeed lively in some ways, I’ve discovered they’re not lively enough in matters where it truly counts.  As great as it is to recite scripture and remind the people about the glory of God and the miracle of Jesus Christ, it’s rather disappointing when it doesn’t go further from there.  At least not to the level I know it needs to go.

The people were warned of this since the beginning of time.  The people were warned of different “ages” we’d go through.


As usual, people read the warnings but ignore them.  It’s way too easy to fall asleep and we have certain powers in place that are determined to keep people asleep.  The less aware the masses are, the less likely they are to oppose evil when it hits them in the face.  And sadly, we live in a time now where evil is not just ignored, but embraced.

I see this and I find myself disgusted.  Even before waking up as a devout Christian, as a sleepy Christian I saw and shook my head in disbelief.  However, I really didn’t say too much about it because I figured my opinion doesn’t really matter.  If this how society wants to go, then so be it.  I’d just plod along and mind my own business.  That’s what I was told to do, so figured this is what I’m supposed to do not just as a kid but as an adult.

However, somewhere along the way, I woke up and am not that sleepy Christian anymore.  I’ve become loud, proud and devout!  In all honesty, it’s not the first time I woke up, but this is the most profound experience of waking up I’ve ever had.  I woke up the first time I think in 1986, but fell back to sleep.  Then woke again 2008, but a certain level of arrogance didn’t have me as clear sighted as I thought so in a sense I was still somewhat asleep.  2014 was the year I really started coming out of it and I haven’t gone back since.

I realized where I went wrong in 1986 was I never sought fellowship of like-minded individuals to quench my thirst to learn more.  In 2008, I did seek fellowship and it looked good, but early 2009 had me realize it was the wrong crowd to hang out with.  Feeling disillusioned, I gave up on attempting to find fellowship of fellow Christians that don’t pretend to be devout, but truly are.  From 2008 onward, I never swayed in my faith and devotion to Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  But, where I went wrong was not pursuing the hunger of knowing more with the level of devotion needed to be where I prefer to be.

Oddly enough, the whole time I struggled, I knew I needed to be with people who pretty much felt the same as I do, as well as people whom I felt were at least one or two steps ahead of me, as well as one or two steps behind me.  This was how I perceived it at the time and I still feel this way today.  For me, fellowship is at it’s best when you have people at various levels of similar interests come together by whatever means they have at their disposal.

What I relish most out of fellowships is different voices talking, different personalities merging and the awake becoming that much more enthused in knowing they’re not alone.  We are alive!  We are growing!  We are thriving!  We are unstoppable!  We are Christian!

That’s what I get out of it.  For me, finding people who know the difference between good and evil and opt to do good to the best of their ability is vital.  It helps me grow and it prevents me from falling back to sleep.

One such person in particular I wanted to mention is somebody who goes by the name of Daryl Lawson.  What I like about him is he’s candid as he talks.  He does live shows, but isn’t arrogant about it.  He’s passionate, which is what is needed in order to be a truly devout Christian that’s loud and proud.  He does more than just talk the talk.  He walks the walk, or rather runs the run in his case.

And yes, big surprise when you visit the link that he’s a Donald Trump supporter.  If you don’t like Donald Trump, this won’t be the link for you.  But then again, maybe it is so you get a solid wake up call if you truly want to be a devout Christian that bothers to pay attention and think twice about whose side you really want to be on.  What kind of fellowship do you want?  How strong in faith do you want to be?

I’ll tell you what kind of fellowship I want.  I want a strong fellowship with fellow devout Christians so that we work together to spread the truth, even to those who don’t want to hear it.  I want my faith to become so strong that it would make my Father look upon me with a smile and nod, saying “that’s my girl” as such a father would say about his daughter who just defeated her opponents in a championship match.  I want Jesus Christ to know that I don’t just look at him as the Messiah.  I look at him as the ultimate big brother who I look up to and turn to, not just because of need but because I love him with the same level of convictionas he would upon me.