Holy Spirit vs Duct Tape

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I make it no secret these days I believe in Father (God), Jesus Christ (Yeshua) and the Holy Spirit.  However, not in the same manner as I believe most people do.

Father (God) is our creator.  Jesus Christ is the gift he bestowed upon mankind as his begotten son as Messiah/Savior.  The Holy Spirit is the “glue” that binds us all and the strength of that glue depends on each person as they go about their daily lives.  The more righteous a person chooses to live, the stronger that glue becomes.  However, spend a lifetime of neglect and destructive ways of living and the material is so badly compromised that unless there is genuine attempt to save it, it becomes utterly destroyed.

We, the material, rely on the creativity of Father/God to make us what we are.  We, the material, rely on Jesus/Yeshua to continue using Holy Spirit (glue) on us to turn us from boring cardboard cutouts into brilliant temples that are designed to not only stand the test of time, but house ourselves with as much faith as we can in order to glorify it.

Also, we the material, must realize the difference between relying on various religious cults and relying on God’s Word.  Failure to do this weakens the effectiveness the Holy Spirit’s glue has on us and makes it harder for Jesus Christ to work with us to keep the temple strong, faithful and glorified.

This is why, despite following Father & Jesus that I will never follow a religious cult of any kind.  I am of Christian faith, yes, but I will not hook up with the “mother and daughters” we’ve been warned about in the Holy Bible.  And neither should any of you.

Why?  Because those are counterfeit artists who try to come across as their own version of prophetic messiahs and not one of them has the integrity level as Jesus himself.  When they work with us, the material, they don’t use the Holy Spirit’s glue to design us.  They use cheap duct tape, thinking it’ll do the job to build strong temples.  What they don’t realize is over time duct tape frays and weakens.  Eventually, they can no longer hold together the temple, even if the material still seems to be in relatively good condition.  Also, duct tape cannot glorify a temple in splendor.  If anything, all duct tape does is diminish what could have otherwise been a faithfully brilliant sculpture of wonderous achievement.

When you look at everything on earth as an art gallery and have the glue of the Holy Spirit firmly keeping you as the material together as an indestructable temple, you can easily see the flaws of the duct tape copycats who try to compete for some kind of glorification of their existence.  However, the type of glory they receive is short-term at best as they have the captive audience that turn fickle in a hurry.  People get bored too easily, especially once they see the flaws of whatever temple wowed them for the time being become harder to ignore.  Only the blind will fail to acknowledge the flaws and stay put while the rest will turn their attention to something else.

By instinct, people are drawn to theatrics, which is something Satan, the mothers and daughters of copycats and their false prophets use to keep them distracted.  It is they that have mastered the art of using duct tape to completely wrap each temple (person) they get their hands on.  They do this for two reasons.  The first is to have a person fooled into thinking they become strong with false teachings, even as going far as wrapping duct tape around their eyes so they don’t see through the veils of deceit for what it is.

The second is to have each person bound so that even if they see through the veils of deceit, they have their work cut out for them to break through the duct tape.  They have to find a way to speed up their fight for freedom as the copycat artists continue to roll layer upon layer of duct tape upon them.  It becomes a race for each temple to not get so weighed down by all that duct tape that they ultimately collapse into a lifeless heap of rubble.

As for the glue of the Holy Spirit, one which was created by Father/God and utilized by Jesus Christ and all those who believe in him, this creates a truly indestructible temple.  Using nothing but vigilant faith and truth, these temples learn how to absorb the glue in such a manner so that they are not bogged down into nothingness.  Instead, the weight they take on strengthens them to the point where if copycat artists attempt to use duct tape on them it will be in vain.

Through my own personal observation, as I can feel myself become stronger as a temple who is completely loyal to Jesus Christ and to our Father, I often find myself bombarded by copycats who insist to throw duct tape on me.  It’s quite the battle to keep that duct tape off, but it’s one I must fight daily in order to stay strong.  It’s something each of us has to do if we expect to be properly glorified as God’s material of creation.

When the Grand Opening of God’s Kingdom opens those doors, I want as many of us fine sculptures to be part of that experience.  It’s a no duct tape zone, so make sure you keep those who want to throw that on you as far away from yourself as you can.


Sign Of The Times: Exodus

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It’s been a while since I’ve blogged.  I’ve been doing some reading.  Lots of it.  At present, I’m reading the CEB version of the holy bible and as I ventured into the Exodus chapters I found myself reading something that is more than just a history lesson told by a very old book, but a series of current events that’s happening in all our lives right now.

Hence this part read from the book;

Now a new king came to power in Egypt who didn’t know Joseph. He said to his people, “The Israelite (Jacob) people are now larger in number and stronger than we are. 10 Come on, let’s be smart and deal with them. Otherwise, they will only grow in number. And if war breaks out, they will join our enemies, fight against us, and then escape from the land.”11 As a result, the Egyptians put foremen of forced work gangs over the Israelites to harass them with hard work. They had to build storage cities named Pithom and Rameses for Pharaoh. 12 But the more they were oppressed, the more they grew and spread, so much so that the Egyptians started to look at the Israelites with disgust and dread. 13 So the Egyptians enslaved the Israelites. 14 They made their lives miserable with hard labor, making mortar and bricks, doing field work, and by forcing them to do all kinds of other cruel work.

So how does this piece compare to today’s reality?  Okay, let’s go there, shall we?  In today’s world, the 99% are facing an identical situation that the Jacob’s Israelites did within the land of Egypt.  However, in our current reality, it’s not the land of Egypt we’re trapped in.  It’s a worldwide stronghold by the very same people who ruled Egypt during the Exodus era.

And no, it’s not Egyptians that have this unconstitutional hold on us.  It’s people such as;

And that’s just brushing the edges of what is becoming increasingly obvious.  Donald Trump controversially won the 2016 USA presidential election by suggesting to the public he stands against known oppressors such as these.

In Syria, there’s a reason why they’re being heavily targeted by mass powers and why the media is painting them as bad guys.  Trust me, people, what mainstream news is telling you is far from the truth, as usual.

Overall, even since the days of the original Exodus, mankind has been deceived.  Even today, we’re just as easy to dupe as Adam and Eve were back in the book of Genesis.  That so-called “Tree of Knowledge” is, in reality, the tree of ignorance.  We are no smarter today than the “first parents” of mankind and it shows.

What most people don’t realize, and this is by design of those that have been in control of this world all this time, is that the “state” of Israel that was created in 1947 after WWII is not the nation of Israel that are the descendants of Jacob’s bloodline.  Those who rule the state of Israel also rule every corner of this globe and their bloodlines belong to;


And again, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  There’s so much more we don’t know, but one by one we are getting there.

Now, for those within the bloodlines that are against the descendants of Jacob, the descendants of Isaac and the descendants of Abraham, they’ve gone to great lengths to seize control over all of us by any means necessary.

And you can see the deadly fruits of their labour.  Or rather, our labour.  They pull the puppet strings while we, just like the Israelites trapped under Egyptian rule, are forced to dangle along whether we want to or not.  Despite the belief that slavery was abolished after the American Civil War, most citizens don’t realize slavery is still every bit as part of our lives today as it was even within the Roman Empire.

Don’t let those paychecks fool you.  You’re a slave.  Think about it.  Without a job you’d have no home.  In fact, many people do have jobs and are still homeless because the cost of living has become so expensive that more and more people are just not able to house themselves.  We are all slaves to a system that counts on you to work yourself to death.  You do it.  I do it.  We all do it.  And why?  Because we need food, shelter and clothing in order to continue.  Not just for ourselves, but for our families too.

And we are losing our human rights, freedoms, liberties and so much more along the way.  The oppression against mankind by those who are abusing their power becomes more obvious each day as stories (not told by mainstream media) are leaked out, showing just how ridiculous our world is becoming.

During the days of the biblical Exodus, the Israelites were oppressed to the point where they couldn’t do anything of their free will anymore. The reason being is the Egyptian rulers feared them because they knew they were of strong spirit and mighty.  They knew they were favored in the eyes of God, not that it mattered to them because at this point they were favoring a multitude of other gods too.  They favored everything God stood against and had become a nation so corrupt that they couldn’t stand to see any potential threats of any kind in their faces.  So, their idea was to strip the Israelites of their spirit and reduce them into pure helplessness.

This is happening today.  We, the true Israelites, are being treated the exact same way by the imposter Israelites.  Remember, in the bible it stated to be wary of counterfeits.  However, just like Adam and Eve, we’ve all dropped our guard and failed to heed those warnings.  So, as a reward, we’re trapped in a worldwide version of Exodus Egypt and right now there’s no way out of it.

Or so it seems.  This is what those who are bent to control us all and destroy our spirit wants.  There’s a tiny handful that refuse to give up.  While most bash at their brands of truth and vigilant efforts to fight back, there is a growing number of souls who are yearning to break free from the tyrannical reign our oppressors have cast upon us all.

Those in power see this.  They fear it.  Just like their Egyptian ruler ancestors did.  So, no effort is spared to ensure that all spirits are broken and any hope to achieve what our ancestors did during the original Exodus are permanently lost.

It’s an eternal spiritual war and one that will only heighten as new atrocities are carried out by those in power who are now become desperate as they realize time is running out.  Like a typical spoiled brat, if they can’t have what they want they will see to it nobody else can have it either.  This is how Lucifer was before becoming Satan, and this is how all those angels who fell alongside with them felt.  They still feel this today and that is why this world is very much theirs and not at all ours.  We’re just dwellers, trapped within the borders of madness laid out before us because none of us are grown up enough yet to be better than what we are.  Just like the fleeing Israelites of Exodus Egypt, we are in need of rescue from a situation we honestly have no way out of for as long as we remain just as stiff-necked and divided as our ancestors.

Remember, even after fleeing Egypt, the Israelites were a stiff-necked people according to God and he saw their fall as a race imminent.  Hence why the Gentiles would have a door opened to them as it seemed corruption was imminent with many of the Jewish whom he saved.  That corruption is evident.  The golden calf of Aaron has a modern-day replica in front of Wall Street.  And it’s worshipped, along with all the evils that come with it.  Those evils are best exploited by;

And this is nothing.  Approximately 1% of the world’s population each has the means to put an end to poverty, unstable economics and every form of corruption there is but this they will never do.  As far as they’re concerned, the 99% are vermin and should be treated as such.

This is precisely how the Egyptians felt about the Israelites.  Even during the days of Joseph when he was most respected, the Egyptians felt it’d be “beneath them” to dine with the foreigners no matter what the circumstance or occasion.  After Joseph was long gone, the situation got far worse and the oppressive tactics reached new heights.

This is where we are today.  And it’s not like we haven’t been warned.  During the days of Jesus Christ, he lived during a time of great corruption and he not only pointed out the obvious (which is the key reason for his death) but warned of what all is to come if all the people didn’t find a way to band together and restore control of the world into the hands of those who wouldn’t be so eager to corrupt it.  Hence the book of Revelations and all the prophetic messages that came with it.  Nobody listened then and it certainly shows nobody is listening today.  Mankind is asleep and has been for centuries.  And this has been by design as the enemies of mankind know a wide awake 99% would become vigilant enough to seize control of the earth, something of which the bible states in the “meek shall inherit the earth” statement.

There are a select few who are not asleep, or at least refusing to remain in a comatose state as they see how this world has become and what needs to be done in order to save what’s left of humanity.  It is this select few that the 1% fear as they know sooner or later the spirit behind their vigilance will spread like wildfire and once that day comes, the balance of power will shift.  The false Israelites have no chance against the true Israelites and all their counterfeit schemes will come crashing down once all the veils of deceit have finally been lifting.  An outraged population, once united, becomes an invincible force.  The oppressors of this world know this so they’re using every means they can to keep people divided over every issue they can find.  Ploys such as religion, racism, politics and lifestyle choices are being used in abundance against the people who have been drugged with brainwashing schemes, contaminated food & water supply, and other contaminants that we are forced to wear, breathe and work with on a daily basis.  These are all methods to keep us docile.

It was used during WWII when Adolf Hitler ran the concentration camps and it’s been used against the masses.  The excuse of fluoride is good for you ends when the dosage of it is brought up to levels that act as a sleeper agent against those exposed to such levels.  Hence this brings about a slothful nature among the people where waking them up to the horrors of what’s really going on is very difficult and it’s even tougher still getting them to become vigilant about it.

After the biblical Exodus, it was laid out before those whom were saved how to avoid themselves and their future generations of the fate they had just escaped from.  Rules, laws and statutes were all laid out and as ridiculous as many of them may sound, the price of ignoring them is the gradual allowance for the oppressors to worm their way back into our hearts and seize control of every human’s fate once again.  Again, just like Adam & Eve, our saved ancestors ignored the warnings and allowed their stiff-necked attitudes lead them down paths that have once again laid out a scenario that has trapped their future generations (namely us) into the very same oppressive society they fled from.

We are just as stiff-necked as those original Israelites who were rescued in Exodus and even some of those rescued from the WWII concentration camps.  Manipulations run rampant and has literally corrupted every human being to the point where unless some divine miracle comes along to snap us all out of it, we are doomed to an inescapable fate that quite frankly we all deserve.  Why do we deserve it?  Because our ancestors let their guard down and even in today’s modern times, our guards are still down.  Not enough people are willing to educate themselves properly and wake up to the reality that we are living in a world that’s toxic, both physically and spiritually.

For those who follow the bible and are among the few who get it, you know what’s in front of us and you know what’s coming.  For those who don’t follow the bible at all but still know there’s something very wrong and it’s about to snap, I’d recommend read every version of it you can and don’t treat it is a bible.  Treat it as a historical novel that has a science fiction twist to it and see how it’s applying to what’s going on today and what is very likely going to happen tomorrow.

We’re never going to escape our modern day Exodus oppressors for as long as we remain divided.  We need to band together and we need to be on the same page, even if we don’t always see things the exact same way.  Diversity is awesome, but only when we use that to our advantage as a combined force to drive away the evils that plague us.


Sorry, Obama

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This is coming from many Americans and the rest of the world that are waking up to the painful truth that made the mistake to put an ounce of faith into you as the saviour needed to put everything back in at least reasonable order.

We’re sorry we saw something in you that clearly wasn’t there.  Sorry we thought you could bring a badly damaged nation into a better situation.  If we had known you were going to spit on the beliefs of our founding fathers and all they’ve done not one of us would have considered you leadership material to lead a population that needs someone who knows how to make tough decisions with a compassionate heart.  It is clear you lack the leadership qualities required to lift people from the abyss to a higher ground.  If anything, you’ve brought us to new lows and most of us Americans have since forgotten who we really are and why our founding fathers created this nation in the first place.

However, there are those among us who are waking up and speaking out.  Sorry, Obama, that they’re not behaving like obedient little beasts that you want them to be.  Sorry, Obama, that they see clean through your ISIS schemes and your quest to achieve martial law over a nation so that you can continue to carry out your diabolical plan to bring forth the New World Order you and your minions have worked so hard for.

Sorry, Obama, that none of us remembered the warnings the great John F Kennedy gave in 1963 about societies wanting to turn every man, woman and child into a life of slavery.  He tried to warn the people but the Illuminati got to him first and saw to it the people went back to sleep.  Through your manipulations you’ve introduced nothing but corruption into our political ranks and we’re so sorry that we were too blind to realize that Obama would be the pinnacle of that corruption as he has reduced this nation into a cesspool of thugs who now run the entire show.

Sorry, Obama, that we thought you cared about the people.  Sorry, Obama, that we fell for your lies.  Sorry, Obama, that we’ve allowed you to plunge this nation and everyone in it into new lows.

Sorry, Obama, that not all of us are Muslim like you want us to be.  Even as you force the Sharia Law down our throats against our will and confuse us all with programming to drift us further away from who we really are that there are still some among us who remain every bit as American as our founding fathers.

Sorry, Obama, that more of us are waking up to realize what a monster you truly are.  Some call you the third anti-christ and so far you fit this bill very well.  When you first came to us as some obscure presidential wannabe we saw potential in you.  People believed in you.  Sorry, Obama, that most of those people don’t believe in you anymore but you brought that onto yourself.  As cold and conniving as you have been you’ve also been sloppy in areas where you should have been more careful.  Like it or not, Obama, the American people have something within each of them that you will never have and that’s called integrity.  We may have lost our way, but many of us are finding our way back and rediscovering who we really are.  Sorry, Obama, that those who are waking up are determined to shove your New World Order up your ass and feed you to your Illuminati cohorts in hopes they taste enough of your poison that all the atrocities they’ve done unto mankind since the dawn of time are returned back to them.

Obama, like it or not, the American People will take back what was wrongfully stolen from them.  You make take countless lives (which many of us know you intend to do anyway) and trample on what’s left of the freedoms but the righteous always find a way fight back and win over even your most valued allies into your worst enemies.  Sorry, Obama, that you hate the American People so much because that hatred is your ultimate undoing.  You could have risen above the occasion and prove to all those who doubted you that you’re something better than what you really are.  You didn’t do that.  Instead, you’ve catered to the Illuminati, the Elite 1% and to Sharia Law.  And for what?  Because of your arrogance or twisted notion that perhaps you are indeed the anti-christ so many fear and have to carry out what you think is your destiny?  No, Obama, sorry to say we each have a choice.  Yes, Obama, the Americans chose badly by choosing you and have lost their way even more since then.  However, the beauty of what happens to a person when they become so lost is sooner or later they ask for guidance from the only one who knows how to help them find their way back.  Once this important step takes place not only does that person find their way back, they’ll find others in the same boat and inspire them to do the same.

But you hate that, don’t you Obama?  You know where this is going.  As much as you’re out to decimate the Christian, Jewish and even atheist populations in the end all you’ll accomplish is butchering yourself and your Illuminati.  If you’re as much into that unavoidable destiny belief as you seem to be then you know no matter how hard you try in the end you will still lose.  Grip America in martial law, thumb them down into virtual obscurity and despite all that you’ll still wind up on the losing end of a fight you know you cannot win.  History has demonstrated winning by force always blows in the tyrant’s face sooner or later.  It happened to Napoleon (rumored to be the first anti-christ) and Hitler (the second anti-christ) and even to Satan himself.  And it’s destiny it will happen again.  So, Obama, if you’re following the Luciferian path like your Illuminati buddies are, then you know those of us who pay attention are right.  So, sorry Obama, but by hiding behind the Islamic faith and using the Muslims as your mercenaries, all you’re doing is forcing the hands of Americans and the one God many of them still believe in to carry out the rest of what the Book of Revelations in the Holy Bible insisted would happen if this road we’re all on continues.

Sorry, Obama, but force the Americans into corners with all your might and they’ll still find a way to come out swinging and take you down.  Force the rest of the world into this same situation and they’ll do the same sooner or later.  And in the end, we all become better people because of it.

Instead of apologizing to you, Obama, perhaps we should be thanking you.  By your attempts to divide the people that much further all your efforts will only cause them to merge together as one mighty force that will rediscover themselves and find strengths within each soul they perhaps didn’t realize was there.  So, thank you, Obama, for causing more of us to wake up and learn to work together to reestablish our faith, our foundation and most importantly, our humanity.

Dream Worlds

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elmstreet7How much stock do you put into your dreams?  Do you feel it’s God’s way of communicating with you, or are they merely experiences you’ve had that’s being streamed about within your mind as you’re in a subconscious state?

For me it’s both in a way.  Not necessarily God speaking to me, but a potential glimpse through a window by the human spirit of what was, what is and what is about to come.

When I was a small kid I had profound dreams of being trapped in a room with familiar faces.  This room had no window.  It had no door.  However, there was just enough light where we could see each other, but we were merely shadows to each other.  Nobody recognized me but I recognized them.  Together we were all trapped in this room but sadly, I was the only one who realized this from the very beginning the dream began to weave it’s story within my mind.  I recall in the dream feeling quite frightened about our situation.  I tried to communicate to others about it but it all fell on deaf ears.  Everybody around me was oblivious to the situation and it wasn’t until the walls started to move and make the room smaller did the odd person, one by one, figure it out.  However, by then it appeared as if it was too late.  Still not enough grabbed the reality of the situation and just before we were all crushed I’d wake up in a state of fear from my dream.  I’d look around and see all seems well, but good luck falling back to sleep.  Wasn’t going to happen.

For me, even though this is a dream that took place nearly 40 years ago, I still remember it vividly as if it just happened.  A dream like that is hard to forget.

As a teenager I had another dream that stuck out in such a profound manner that forgetting what happened in that one is impossible.  In that dream I’m standing on a wooden swing bridge that is situated very high above ground.  Actually, there was no ground below.  It was a surging river rushing far below.  Even during the best of times, crossing this bridge from one piece of land to the other was scary as this was not really a very sturdy bridge and for those who are afraid of heights or have issues with bridges this is not a recommended form of travel.

However, it was not the best of times in my dream.  There was a massive earthquake, or something that felt like one, and there was nothing but chaos, death and destruction all around me.  I’m on this bridge, alone, and as I’m standing right in the middle of it I look to the right and see nothing but an enflamed war zone.  The view to the left was no better either.  As I stood on that bridge, I knew neither direction was a safe one and this added to my dilemma as to which side would be the one where I’d have the best hope for survival.  Hope, to say the least in this dream, was bleak at best.  At the moment, staying on that bridge was the safest option, but I knew between the violent nature of the situation I was in I knew I had to literally take a leap of faith and make a run for it towards a side of my choosing and literally hope for the best.  As it turned out in that dream, however, just before  I reached the ledge the bridge gave out and I fell.  At least I think I did as I woke up just when that bridge gave out.  I know I didn’t plunge into the waters below, but I also don’t recall actually grabbing onto something to prevent me from falling either.

I felt even then, as a teen, that somebody was trying to tell me something.  Who that somebody was I’ve never been 100% certain.  The spiritual side says God was sending a warning while the analytical side pegged me being at a crossroads when it boils down to making key choices in my life that would carve out whatever destiny I have waiting before me.  In essence, both messengers I felt had the same type of message; standing on a bridge is only a temporary safe haven for the undecided.  You have to choose and take that leap of faith towards the direction you’ve chosen that it’s the right one for you.  Although you don’t want to make the choice hastily, you do have to think and act fast if you don’t want indecision to be the ultimate cause of your own demise.

As a young adult I had a pair of awkward dreams where I’d visit a vacant home that seemed simple enough on the outside, but on the inside it was entirely different.  The first of these two homes was an older house (much like the one I live in now) that was built like most homes of it’s era; box style.  While the main floor seemed simple enough, this was not the case at all when I descended down the basement.  This became a whole new world pretty fast as I explored.  At first the basement was simple, but when I went down a hallway at the end of it was a door.  I opened it and on the other side was the lower level of a fancy new home that was nothing at all like the older one I was just in.  I venture forth, not knowing what to expect, but still curious enough to want to know where this path would lead.  I was fine until I started hearing voices and when I look up the half flight of stairs I see people gathered in a family room.  What they were talking about I don’t know, but they were completely oblivious to my presence.  I was scared because I felt I had suddenly become an intruder for daring to explore.  However, before anything more could come of this particular dream I woke up and that was it.

The second home I toured was a single wide trailer and at first when I was inside it seemed normal enough, but when I made it to the back of that trailer I discovered additional rooms and before I knew it this simple trailer became a labrynth of hallways and rooms that seemed endless.  I merely woke from that dream wondering how did something that started out so simple become so complicated so quickly.

Just shy of turning the age of 40, I had another awkward dream that has managed to implant itself in my memory like the others.  In this one I woke in the middle of a living room of an older house and I’m on a mattress.  All around me it’s clear this house is destroyed as there are torn down walls and no roof.  Everything around this house was also destroyed, but blurred.  The focus clearly wasn’t on the rest of the world.  It was about me and this house.  When I stood and explored within the ruins of this house I spot stairs leading straight down into the basement.  Unlike everything around me, this was the only unblemished piece of construction.  I remember going down these stairs and finding myself in a perfectly sound basement that seemed to be impervious to the destructive forces that destroyed everything else.

One thing I recall in this basement was seeing a toy car collection right in the middle of the floor.  Beautiful set and undamaged.  Very tempting for someone to want to scoop them up and take them.  It’s not like anybody would notice because it seems in this dream I’m the only survivor of whatever calamity had just happened.  However, I knew even in that situation taking something that doesn’t belong to me was wrong.  I paused at the sight of this temptation and in so doing it caused me to have a good look around from where I was standing.  As I did this I discovered a small hallway and to it’s left was a room that had a door slightly ajar.  There was a brilliant beam of light that shone out of this room that now made it impossible to ignore.  At that moment I felt guilt for even remotely considering taking that toy car collection even though I knew at that point those items were no longer relevant to me.

When I approached this bright room, as soon as I could get a better look I saw someone sitting at a desk with his back turned to me.  The brilliance of white he wore was partly the reason why this room glowed so much.  I never did get a look at the face of the man, but I do know he was darker skinned than I was and although he seemed oblivious to my presence as he was busy writing with a pen whatever it was he was doing, I knew he knew I was there.  Oddly enough I felt a mix of fear and relief when I saw him.  And no, it wasn’t because I saw him as a fellow survivor.  I saw him as something else and as someone of great importance.  However, before I could indulge further into where this particular dream was going to take me I woke up.

Of all the dreams I’ve ever had up to this point this was the first time I actually woke up from it without feeling any form of anxiety.

The most recent of my oddball dreams I’ve had was again encountering an older house and it was late at night.  It was in a city I was familiar with and I was with people I knew that I considered as friends.  We had just attended a concert of some kind and were too tired to go back to our respective homes.  One of the friends said she has a relative that lives close by and we can crash there.  Seemed like a good idea at the time and I accompanied these friends to it.  What I saw was a home that looked healthy enough on the outside, but it was lifeless as there was no sign of anybody in it.  We entered this house and while most of the friends opted to go upstairs, which was nice and clean enough, my closest friend and I went downstairs instead.  Down there it was terrible.  Abandoned.  Musty.  Everything down there was worn out and it was an entirely different world than what was upstairs.

What I recall most from that dream was the uneasy feeling I developed the second we stepped foot into that house.  It amplified once we were in the basement and suddenly that fatigue I felt was replaced with a sense of urgency to get out.  I tried hard to alert everyone around me that we should not be in that house but nobody would listen.  They, like every other dream I’ve had in this kind of situation, were oblivious to the dangers that evidently only I saw plain as day.

As it turned out, I was the only one with enough sense to get out of that house.  Everybody else stayed in side, refusing to listen to my reasoning.  No sooner did I get out did that house collapse, burying everyone inside with no way out.  I knew just by watching not one of them survived.  As horrific as it was to see that I knew I had to keep moving.  Evidently escaping that house wasn’t enough.  The danger wasn’t over and I knew I had to press on.

I remember in this dream I was surrounded by so many familiarities in the form of buildings and landmarks.  It wasn’t difficult for me to walk around in my effort to get as far away from danger as I could, but I knew not one spot was safe for as long as I remained in that city.  Along the way I’d encounter shadows of people and when I was in situations where I could warn them I’d try, but it’d be in vain.  They, like those closest to me, were unaware just how dire their situation really was.  Some saw me give warning but either mocked or ignored it.  Some didn’t see me at all.  However, all of them didn’t survive.  They, like my friends, found themselves trapped in situtations where death was imminent and not one of them could find their way out.

In this particular dream I went from being surrounded by people to watching the population drop off until it felt like I was the only one left.  Everything around me had become barren and any sign of life was gone.  I remember somewhere along this dream I went from walking on the ground to finding myself floating slightly above ground and then above whatever buildings that still stood.  I also remember not being fearful when this happened, but rather relieved. The further I ascended the further I could see the darkness that surrounded me wasn’t just isolated to the neighborhood I had wandered in.  It was literally worldwide.  I also observed I wasn’t alone going up, but there were such a tiny few who were.  I knew they could see everything I saw and I felt this was the primary reason why our ridiculously small number of survivors were getting taken away from a world of darkness that had proven to be inescapable for all those still stuck in it.

The reason I shared these particular dreams is sometimes I look back at them and wonder if that application of God trying to tell me something is valid, or if the life experiences I’ve had has strung these particular dreams together as a result of the kind of life I lived.  One thing I have come to realize is that I do see things most people don’t.  I am also no conformist despite at one time I made efforts to become one.  This doesn’t make me a better person than anyone else, but one thing I also often do is wonder why I am here and in the kind of world I’m in.  Why me?  Why here?  Why now?

I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, regardless if we agree with it or understand it.  I also believe in God, but at the same time take moments to have a good look at myself too as I know only I am responsible for my actions no matter how much in control God may be of everything that takes place at all times.

When I look at these particular dreams I wondered if they can actually be strung together to make sense.  To me they do.  As a kid I see people trapped in a room, surrounded by dark walls with what appears to be no way out.  As a teen I see what starts out to be a bridge of safety from two worlds that are in states of pure chaos, but it’s evident just standing on that bridge won’t make you safe as you have to make a decision in order to survive.  As a adult what seems simple on the outside becomes complex as soon as you’re on the inside and are willing to take steps and explore around.  As an adult, as I get older, these complexities branch out to more than just my immediate surroundings.

One common ground I’ve found most of these dreams have is darkness.  The next is oblivion.  I actually never gave this much thought until a few short days ago, which is what prompted me to write this blog down.  Most people who know me think I suffer from some sort of Chicken Little Syndrom lately where I’m always sounding off alarms and am willing to go to bat over issues where most other people don’t care to.  I was a relatively quiet person until the end of 2014, even though I felt awake and alerted much sooner than that.  Ever since taking the decision to speak up and try to wake as many people up as I can I’ve found that I’ve actually become the very thing I dreamed about since early childhood.  I feel like I’m all alone when I try to get others to see what I see and acknowledge the clear and present danger that stares them in the face.  Of those whom I try to warn they either fail to acknowledge it or choose to ignore it.  Because of this, my fear that those dreams I’ve had will come to see fruition in a manner I had hoped deep down would never occur has heightened.

I’ve become that kid who is warning those trapped inside the dark walls that we are in a bad situation that will kill us all.  I’ve also come to relate to that teen stuck on the bridge as she eyeballs the options sitting at all angles from where she’s standing.  No option seems to be a safe one but I have to take it.  I fear now that I have chosen that side that I didn’t do so quickly enough and am now finding myself still trapped between that bridge which has given out and the side that I have chosen.  This is a strange spot to be in because I feel like I’m being held in place that I can probably best describe as suspension of faith.

I’ve also become that young adult who dreamt of the oddball houses where it seems simple enough on the outside, but as I dare to explore I find they’re more complicated than they appear.  This is how I’ve always approached life as I’m not afraid to just pick up and explore and quite often I do find what seemed easy enough at the start has a few forks in the road that put me back to that unstable bridge feeling all over again.  And now as an older adult, I see what’s going on with much clearer eyes and for the past two years I’ve been sounding off the best I can to warn those closest to me and even strangers.  Up until 2014 I opted to keep my mouth shut for the most part because I was afraid of how people would react to what I have to say and I was afraid of being wrong.  That all changed when I took the decision to take more control of my life and stop expecting others, including God, to help do it for me.

Did my dreams lead me to this point?  Not really, but I don’t rule them out either.  Dreams, just like our experiences in life, happen for a reason.  This is my belief, whether it’s God trying to tell you something or merely your own mind weaving some sort of spiritual message that’s meant to reach deeper.

Faith Manages

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Despite all the troubles going on in the world today, not to mention that feeling of suffocation by an elite few who want to claim this world for themselves at the expense of all mankind, I still maintain the hope that the faith I have in humanity will still prevail.  It won’t be easy and it will indeed come at tremendous cost, but in the end I firmly believe that for as long as we make the effort to believe in ourselves and in each other, faith will somehow manage to get us out of this mess we’re all in.

I make it no secret that I very much believe in God and I do believe in Jesus Christ.  I, however, don’t blindly believe in any form of religion that associates itself with God as it seems religions to me glorify man more than the intended target.  Granted, there is much praise to God and in some religions to Jesus as well, but that is the only redeeming quality these religions have.  Everything else is a sham.  In actuality, all religions do is twist people’s personalities into the polar opposite of what they think they are.  They unknowingly transform from a righteous individual who does all the good in the world for all the right reasons into a self-righteous drone that performs questionable actions that may seem charitable but in truth it’s nothing more than a brown-nosing tactic that lacks any true meaning.

I can go there because I’ve worked for a Roman Catholic Church as a hall manager and in my time that I was there never had I come across such a petty group of people as I have with them.  Despite all their volunteering and charitable acts it was quite clear the majority of these people weren’t involved because their heart was in the right place.  They were doing this as a means of competition against each other to see who devotes more time to God.  Quite frankly at that point God had nothing to do with it.  All it boiled down to was feeding one’s ego in the name of personal vanity.  Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that one of the seven deadly sins we’re warned about?

I’ve also attended various churches and in all due defense in favor of those who really do have their heart and soul in the right place, kudos to them for maintaining their status quo as a remarkable human being that knows faith manages for as long as you maintain the best qualities humanity has to offer.  They don’t allow the poisons of others influence their judgement and those are the folks, regardless of the religion they’ve aligned themselves with, are worthy of praise.  They do good not because it’s expected of them, but because it’s just who they are as a person.  Their heart and soul is in the right place as they put the needs of many before their own, even if it means nobody notices or even cares.

I want to be that kind of person.  I want to do good, even if it means it’s at my own expense and nobody notices or cares that I’ve done it.  I have actually done these actions and it feels so awesome.  Do I care if God noticed?  Not really because in all honesty I didn’t do it for him.  I did it for those who clearly needed a helping hand and I’m the type of person that would still like to believe that human kindness still exists in a world that seems to becoming colder everyday.

The faith I have in humanity is actually unwavering, despite all the atrocities going on in the world today.  The faith I have in God (and Jesus) is also unwavering.  I have read the bible, cover to cover, and I consider myself an oddball for actually merging science (and science fiction) with it where the entire publication makes sense.  Keep in mind, these are stories written by people who lived in an era very different from ours so what may seem ludicrous in our eyes makes sense to them the best way they know how to explain it.

Where I consider myself the oddball here is putting a science fiction spin into the existence of God, Jesus Christ, Satan, the angels and demons and even the Holy Spirit (Ghost) itself.  Remember in Genesis it says in the beginning there was nothing.  Then the lights come on.  To me, the lights coming on means somebody woke up and opened his eyes.  They way I look at it, that somebody was God.

Immediately after he wakes he and those closest to him go to work to build worlds.  They start with the basics, but they don’t act alone.  They work with the natural forces of a specific world to bring forth all that is needed, like a complex puzzle, in order to complete the artwork at hand.

Sometimes I look at it as a rebuilding process, or rather restarting from scratch, because it was all destroyed once.  Or rather reduced to nothingness.  Again, remember in Genesis it said in the beginning there was nothing.  Well, nothing can be the end result due to the utter destruction of something where all life on a world has been destroyed and there is literally nothing left.

This is how I also justify the argument how God can be all-knowing.  You don’t just know it all without experiencing something like this beforehand.  I honestly do believe that God has been where we are going today.  And he’s not the only one.  Jesus, Satan, the demons and the angels have been there too.  It’s a cycle.

The book of Revelations paints out realities unfolding in such a manner where those who’ve read it and bother to pay attention to what’s actually going on right now can easily see how everything is aligning exactly as foretold.  Also, remember in the book of Daniel how he seemed to lunge into a distant future (our present day) and witness the horrors of what took place at that time.  How is this possible?  We’re talking about time travel here, something of which seems highly unlikely, especially in Daniel’s day.  However, if God truly is all powerful and all knowing he clearly knew a way to accomplish this.

So this is where the science fiction side of things kick in, which I’ve already figured out becomes less fictional as mankind continues to break new ground in the name of science.  Keep in mind we’re living in an age where we can clone animals.  Do you think back in the days of flapper dresses that this sort of thing was considered remotely possible by the average human mind?  If there’s anything I’ve learned from the television programs and movies we’ve been exposed to, even the most outrageous storylines have an element of truth hiding within it.

Does this mean God is a time traveller?  If someone in Daniel’s timeline can go from one era to another in the blink of an eye by what seems like by God’s influence then yes, I believe travelling through time is something God is very familiar with. As I’ve stated, everything we’re going through today is what he’s already been through.  Because of this, he’s going through great lengths to ensure we don’t wind up experiencing that same end result of nothingness like he did.

So this is probably now the part where you ask if God is all knowing and all powerful then why allow the madness of this world go on?  Why allow Satan, someone he already knew would turn on him and become the official ruler of this world, get away with all the deception and destruction he’s carrying out?  My answer to this one is easy enough.  God expects each of us to learn from our mistakes ourselves and become a wiser people because of it.  I actually believe at one point there was probably the attempt to steer clear from this kind of path altogether, but it didn’t work so here we are now.  It’s no different than a parent wanting their child to live their life error free and with not a single ounce of pain or suffering, but unfortunately the best way to learn is by taking that very uncomfortable road and deal with it.

Notice I mentioned the part “best way to learn” in my last sentence there.  Keep in mind this is what WE CHOSE, not God.  We chose knowledge over life.  So, the price for that knowledge is making a flurry of mistakes that would likely have been otherwise avoided if we stuck to the path of life.  In the path of life, we’d learn as we go anyway and there’s a good bet the pain and suffering we experience today would have been a very unlikely factor if we had just learned to avoid the rushed path in our feeble attempt to be know it alls.

There’s nothing wrong with learning, but at a controlled pace a human being can handle.  The most common trait I find among human beings is lack of patience.  It just isn’t there, even among the most patient of us.  We always have that ounce of “hurry up” within us that sometimes we can ignore, sometimes we can’t.  Shortcuts is something mankind has always embraced in some given form, whether it be driving to grandma’s or lessons in life.  Personally speaking, if I were in God’s shoes and I saw for myself just how impatient people really then I’d let them learn from their mistakes instead of trying to get in the way.  I have actually tried to get in the way of people who were in such a hurry and it never works.  All it does is create conflict and the person determined to do the speeding is going to have it their way anyway, so let them make the mistake for themselves and hopefully they’ll learn from it.  Oddly enough, when it comes to roadway speeding, I have faith that sooner or later the police will catch up to that speeder and he/she will get hit with a speeding ticket.  If that person fails to learn from their mistake and continually gets the tickets then one can only hope they lose their license to drive.

I also look at life the same way too.  If a person fails to learn from the same mistakes they’ve repeatedly made and are so determined to keep making them, then I have faith that sooner or later that flawed sense of judgement will catch up to them.  The only part I don’t like about it is the potential of hurting other people in the process.  When that happens I can only hope those people instantly learn from the mistakes they’ve witnessed and make efforts to avoid them.

I’m also aware people are very impressionable.  This has been bred into us as babies as we learn by living (a child learns what they live) whatever life they’ve been born into.  Sin is inescapable.  Satan introduced it to us and we embraced it.  Because of this, instead of God standing in our way he’s allowing us to choose whether or not we want to be the observer of mistakes to make them ourselves or make every effort possible to avoid them.

However, if you remember your childhood, or is a parent to a child, how effective is the “don’t touch” rule for you?  In many cases (almost all) even though we’ve been told not to touch something, sooner or later we will.  We are not only an impressionable people but curious.  This is why we wound up choosing knowledge over life because our curiosity is so great that it’s all too easy to allow the flaws of impatience impede our better judgement.

Don’t get me wrong.  There’s nothing wrong with being curious, but only if that curiosity is paired with patience.  Anything less than that would be an open invitation for mistakes to waltz in and take over.  Before you know it, that innocent inquiry about something has just become a guilty pleasure too impossible to escape from.

Despite all our mistakes and temptations to keep making them, I still have enough faith in humanity that we’ll somehow manage to climb our ways out of the messes we’ve gotten ourselves into and find our way back to the path God originally intended for us.

I also recall the quote about the only way to God is through Jesus.  I look at it this way, Jesus (whether you believe in him or not) is not just some divine person that just happened to grace mankind by joining the population for a short period of time, but rather the divine example of what kind of person we should each strive to be.  Jesus Christ, in my opinion, is the ultimate example of faith management.  There was nothing this guy could do wrong because it seemed he always placed faith in everything he did and chose not to waver, even during his weakest moments.

This is where I believe we, as members of the human race, need to steer ourselves towards.  We each have our own paths to follow, but ultimately the end goal is relatively the same.

Attitude Allowance

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I just returned from being with my family as we joined together to honor my brother who recently passed away from a brain aneurysm at the age of 56 years of age.  It was a surreal experience that actually saw some interesting events that took place that wound up causing me to be late for my own brother’s memorial service.  What happened was the brakes to the vehicle I drove down with seized up and I wound up spending a good portion of the day getting these things fixed as quickly as possible so I could get to where I needed to be on time.

Okay, so I wasn’t on time, but I still made it.  Everybody was still there and it was all good.  The reason why I am bringing this up in this particular blog is I wanted to share my experience with anyone who cares to read it.  In essence, this is what I have done with all my blog posts since I started doing this thing.  For those who have not figured it out by now I just put what is on my mind at the time either as a means to vent or just express myself in a manner I see fit.  I do not do this for appraisal or approval.  I actually don’t even do it for attention.  I treat my blog like a diary of sorts and just share it because it is my hope that whoever comes across whatever I write either takes it as an educational experience or a dose of amusement, based on however you view my little rants and raves.

This past weekend was more eventful than I bargained for.  Already I knew it would be a trying one because it was not a pleasure trip I was embarking on.  It was to pay respects to my brother in a manner that was almost robbed from me because of the mismanagement of his affairs by someone whom both he and I thought could be trusted.  I could go into the full scale drama about it, but this would not honor my brother or bring him back so I choose not to go there.

The direction I am choosing is more focused on the importance of recognizing our blessings as we get them and count them all for what they are worth.  This even includes moments where they may not seem like blessings as they’re happening, but once reality sinks in that is precisely what they are.

Before my boyfriend and I even embarked on our trip there was a decision as to which vehicle to take for the trip.  I had just traded mine in for another the day before.  Yes, this was odd timing, but my vehicle trade was already in the works prior to my brother’s death and as profound as that situation was the truth of the matter is life still goes on.

The dilemma between the choice between the two vehicles was to either take one that I hardly know yet on a long distance trip (9 hours one way) or take one that already had rough brakes.  I wanted to take mine, but the boyfriend insisted to take his so I went with his decision.  I figured since it was mostly highway driving it shouldn’t be that bad.

I was wrong.  For starters, one of the highways we took literally deserves to be dubbed Highway From Hell because that is precisely what it was.  The very fact this road was even accessible to the public is a crime by the transportation department itself.  It was extremely dangerous and definitely contributed to the rapid decline of the condition of the brakes of the vehicle we chose to drive.  However, a guaranteed fact is if we took my car instead of his we would not have made it through that highway at all.  My car is much lower than his SUV and some of those bumps and holes we encountered would have mutilated my machine and we never would have made it out the province of Saskatchewan let alone my own brother’s memorial service.

So, in a sense, I counted my blessing with the fact that we did go with a vehicle that had brake issues.  This is even after the fact that once we made it to our motel I had observed the grinding noise of these brakes did give me strong cause for concern.  However, despite knowing this I knew there were still tasks at hand that needed to be done.  This included picking up my brother’s remains from the funeral home that was kind enough to honor my wishes.  This also included meeting up with members of my family for an evening where it was just a tiny handful of us before the big day, which was slated for the next day.  My boyfriend opted to stay behind at the motel as he was fatigued and has actually been battling a few health ailments.  For me, the very fact that he chose to come with me was enough.  It was initially agreed the day of the memorial service would be more ideal.  He has only met a tiny handful of my family once while the rest are still perfect strangers to him.  Meeting them while sick and fatigued would not have been a good move so I allowed him his night to relax while I got my night with some of those closest to me to share stories and vent.

It was a great evening until I attempted to leave their home for the motel.  I couldn’t even move the SUV.  I could start it, no problem, but going in reverse was out of the question.  That was the only way out of the driveway.  My cousins come out and we try to figure out the problem.  No luck.  This vehicle was not going to move.  We noticed 3 wheels were willing to turn.  However, in order to get a vehicle moving properly you need all 4 of them to cooperate.  Clearly the 4th was not going to cooperate and we saw why.  Something was seized or melded in such a manner that the only way this vehicle was going to go anywhere was by a tow job.

Realizing there was nothing further we could do for the night given the hour (everything closed by then) my cousins were good enough to drive me back to the motel and then agree to come and get me again in the morning.  I explained all this to the boyfriend and to my surprise he took it better than expected.  He is one of those types of people where if something does not go well he will have some sort of emotional meltdown.  Now granted, he did not take the news well that his SUV was hooped, but shared the same mentality I did.  No point fretting over something you can’t do anything about just yet.  Tomorrow is another day.  Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

We spent the rest of the evening simply relaxing until the next morning.  This is when I sprung into action.  First it was a call to my cousins to see when they’d be at the motel to pick us up.  Immediately after that it was contact a garage that could work on these brakes on a Saturday.  I found a garage and explained my situation.  They were great.  Already they knew what to do from their end.  Now it was a matter to get that SUV to them, which I knew would be a long haul and an expensive tow job.  The towing fee was already $100 just for the hook up, plus $3 per kilometer.  The mileage is approximately 80 kilometers so do the math.  $240 + $100 = OUCH!  And if anybody has had any kind of mechanical work done to their vehicles you know this is not a cheap undertaking.

Luckily for me, there was roadside assistance coverage so no towing fee all to take care of.  We actually had our coverage lapse, but my relatives whom my SUV was still at came through with their coverage and all was well.  When my cousins drove me back to their place we arrived just moments before the tow truck driver did and once all the details were mostly ironed out it was agreed I’d accompany the tow truck driver to the garage the SUV was being taken to.  My cousins actually followed us in with their car.  They saw to it that I was not left hanging or stranded by any means.

This is the point now where I should point out that my boyfriend’s ailments did not get any better.  Although no longer fatigued, the stress of the situation simply forced the ailments he had already been experiencing to be compounded to the point where it was best he stay behind in the motel room and just take it easy.  The financial details was left in my hands, but with his funds as it was his vehicle.  He trusts me enough to know I would never do anything dubious, just as I trust him the same way.

Now, getting back to the SUV story, once we arrived at the garage I observed how great the tow truck driver and the garage staff were.  The way they handled this immovable object without error was so impressive I swear I was watching a live artwork taking place before me.  Truly amazing.  At the same time, my cousins showed up and they stayed with me for as long as they could before realizing they had to be back in order to help their mother finish with setting up my brother’s memorial arrangements.  I, unfortunately, had no choice but to stay behind but oddly enough I was okay with it.  Why?  Because I knew between these awesome relatives of mine who got so involved with this showed me my brother was in good hands with them and I had nothing to worry about.  All I needed to do was show up.

The staff at the garage knew this and were nothing short of speedy and professional as they did whatever they could to get my SUV road worthy before the end of the day.  One positive we did learn before my cousins had to go back was that the SUV would indeed be ready before the end of the day.  The negative was how much it was going to cost, but again the positive side to that one is there were enough funds to cover it.  I will tell you right now in this regard you have on idea how thankful I truly was that we were somehow blessed to have enough to cover something that was a very costly repair to do.  Normally we don’t have such funds but the company whom my boyfriend and I both work at paid him a very healthy bonus for his loyal workmanship that it was enough to take care of something immediately without too much stress about it.  For me, as unfortunate as this situation was I actually counted our blessings that the ability to come up with quick resolves to such a sudden handful of unpleasant experiences was there.

Granted, the situation was stressful but I was okay with it.  Even my less than healthy boyfriend was okay.  We were both okay and before the day was done the SUV was okay too.  Well, sorta.

Turns out it was more than just one brake that needed immediate attention.  There were two.  Both were replaced but we also observed the tires were not wonderful.  In fact, two of them are bald.  Very bald.  The garage didn’t have the right tires to have them replaced, but did rotate them as they were originally in the front.  Now placed in the back, even if they blew on the way home for some crazy reason it is way easier to handle a vehicle with a blown tire in the rear than it is in the front.  It still won’t be a pretty experience, but certainly more manageable.

Lucky for us it didn’t come down to that.  We were able to make it home without any further vehicle trouble.  However, I should point out I did wind up late for my own brother’s memorial.  However, of those who attended, they were all good enough to at least wait until I got there.  That was great.  It showed me how awesome family truly is.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  It was never about me.  It was about my brother.  It was also about people who cared coming together and just enjoying family time together.  For me, this is more important than anything.  I don’t get to spend enough time with my family as it is, so this was great.  It would have been better if my boyfriend was with me too, but I am a firm believer everything happens for a reason.  We may not always agree with it at the time and it may not always be pleasant, but the very fact that a person can still get through it without losing their cool and still hold their head up high speaks volumes.  To me it shows that the power of positive thinking and a good attitude goes a very long way to help a person get through even the most difficult days.

I also believe in the power of prayer.  I believe in God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and even in angels.  I firmly believe the human race is connected by what the Holy Spirit provides in all of us.  We are all connected and this is what I find an essential ingredient that binds our humanity to where it needs to be.  God is our creator and our one true father.  We each have parents, yes, but without God’s say not even this particular blessing would have come into light.  I believe each of us have people and situations in our lives that give us the sculpting tools needed to shape who we are and what we wish to become.  For those who make the most out of it by opting a positive road and counting their blessings no matter what the occasion is, I honestly believe these are the best qualities that make humanity such an awesome masterpiece in my eyes.

There’s been situations thrown in my face, especially recently, where I could have opted to feel sorry for myself and hate the world as a result.  I have learned both my brother and I have been wronged by someone we trusted and while my brother is no longer alive to do anything about it, I am.  However, instead of taking the hateful road and condemning those who’ve done those wrongs I opt to make a positive out of it.  That positive is helping me realize just how valuable family and friends truly are who exercise the true meaning of compassion, love and understanding.  This is what defines the human race and what drives me to do whatever I can with whatever power I have to believe not just in God, but in humanity as a whole.

Family to me is everything, as are my friends.  I am not the most emotional person in the world and at times I may actually come across as cold, but in truth I am far from this.  I am passionate, there is no doubt about that, but at the same time I do try to keep my sense of humanity in check.  This means doing whatever I can to maintain a positive attitude no matter how dire a situation becomes.  I do have moments where I fail and have a breakdown, but those are momentary at best and I believe needed moments to just let the pressure go.  Each person experiences these, but the key is to make the effort to bounce back.  Don’t look at a bad event or situation as a curse.  Look at it as a blessing in disguise.  Life throws all sorts of curves in our direction and it is up to us how we wish to learn from the experience.  Do so in a positive manner and be a better person for it is my favorite option because it keeps me focused on what’s truly important in my life.

Not only is family and friends the most important aspects to my little world, but my faith in humanity and in our creator.  I believe as crazy as our weekend was what helped us get through it was believing in that one way or the other everything would work itself out through the wonderful combination of prayer and resourcefulness.  To be perfectly honest, I do not believe you can have one without the other.