Arrogance of Hate

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“He’s not my president” so I’m going to dress in silly costumes, disrupt traffic and continue to act like an irrational moron until I finally get things going my way.  I don’t care that I look like a childish goof that has zero regard for discipline as I know I’m right and the rest of you are wrong.  I hate the new president and I hate the fact that you’re not taking matters into your hands to change this.

What?  You voted for Trump?  You support Trump?  What’s wrong with you?  Don’t you realize how unAmerican it was of you to turn your back on Hillary Clinton, President Obama and their Sharia Laws?  You’re racist, aren’t you?  Yes, that explains it!  You racist, fascist pig!  Damn you!  I’m going to show you just how stupid you are by throwing myself in traffic, right in front of you, waving signs of protest as I wear a vagina costume on my head and nothing else.  Yes, that’s right.  You heard me!  I’m going to run out there naked, in front of traffic, wearing a vagina hat as I wave a picket sign saying “I hate Trump!” on it.


Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?  Sadly, there are a number of people who are doing this.  They honestly believe they’re in the right and no matter how hard you try, listening to any form of reason is out of the question.  Even if you don’t support Donald Trump as president either, that’s not enough.  The fact you didn’t support Hillary Clinton nor the Democrats either is seen as an insult to them and it is you that’s unAmerican, not them.  And even there, even if you did, but have come to terms with Donald Trump as president, you’re still seen as a traitor in their eyes and you don’t deserve to go about your life like as if the current choice as the country’s leader hasn’t dragged you down to the point where you have to throw any ounce of your dignity out the window and join in on the lunacy.

What so many people fail to realize is the past eight years saw a new breed of arrogance erupt within the borders of these united states and has since divided it and all the people in it that much more.  The protesters will have you think otherwise, that it’s all Donald Trump’s fault, but this is not true.  The hate had always been there, but along with it came the denial.  Hate, like every other toxin, creeps about within the host body and turns what would otherwise be a perfectly sane individual into a monster.  So consumed with the poisons fueled by hatred, people erupt and are quick to point one finger at others while failing to realize they’re pointing the other three at themselves.  Who do they honestly hate more?  Their target, or the person they don’t realize they’ve become?

Those protesters running wild, claiming that Trump and his supporters are all about hate don’t realize it is they that incites the hatred and all the negativity that comes with it.  They’ve even gone as far to ignore that prior to Trump, Obama’s brand of hatred and all the tactics of hatred performed by presidents prior to him was in plain site the whole time, but everybody turned a blind eye to it because the media didn’t paint nearly as gross a picture of it as they do now with Trump.  In all honesty, Trump isn’t that much different in this regard than the presidents prior to him, including even Obama himself.

The only real difference is Trump refuses to play the game mainstream media wants to play.  This is the only reason why he’s continually painted as the bad guy because the media, knowing how gullible too many people are, continue with their false news broadcasts.  If you take a real good look at who is against Trump you’ll see these are people that are the most undisciplined and most arrogant among the entire North American population.  Instead of acting like rational adults who realize moving forward is the better option, these people would rather hold a grudge and throw tantrums.

But sadly, even those who aren’t Trump fans who’ve just learned to take the lump for what it is and shift focus to something more important, are being deemed as traitors by those who just can’t accept reality for what it is.  It’s unfortunate, because what’s going to happen is while those refusing to grow up and let go of the grudge will only push even those who weren’t in favor of Trump to begin with to start siding with him as they realize just how ridiculous the anti-Trump zealots have become.

And this is where you really see the arrogance in the people who choose to hate instead of just learning to let go and move on.  One wonders why America is so despised these days and it’s people like these that give the world every reason to believe that the United States of America is a joke worthy of ridicule.  If it wasn’t bad enough that America has been corrupted with one unAmerican president after another, the very fact that the people went along like clueless sheep made it worse.  The decline of America didn’t start with Donald Trump winning the presidency, people.  That decline started shortly after the founding fathers sent King George and goons back to their homeland.  As soon as it was realized by the Illuminati they couldn’t take America by force they’d have to do so in the exact same manner as they’ve taken Britain and all the other nations that failed to see the snares before them.  Corruption through sweet persuasion.  It has always been the best way to mess up the minds of people and turn their pure hearts into wormwood.  It worked for Satan in the Garden of Eden and it still works today.

Arrogance makes it easy for corruption to poison a person from the inside out.  All it takes is to get an otherwise perfectly sane individual to become so angry that hate fills the heart and leaves room for nothing else.  Hatred is powerful, which elevates a person to a certain level of arrogance that makes the host think they’re invincible.  Nobody can hurt the person and those who try will feel the wrath.

Sadly, the person consumed by hate is like a house consumed by fire.  Sooner or later, all of it comes crashing down as there’s nothing left for the hate to feed on and all that damage intended against whoever it is the person chose to hate falls back upon thyself at amplified levels.

And this is where the arrogance of hatred shared by people who are not exercising better judgment in their actions are going wrong.  Through their disruptive behavior, they’re actually killing themselves more than whoever it is they think they’re hurting.  I can only hope and pray they wake up before it’s too late.


Union Of Ignorance

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I can’t help but feel we live in a modern day Exodus where those who actually are doing something to fix all the wrongs that’s been done to the people go unappreciated instead of taking the time to realize the ultimate prize that awaits them in the end.

When God, through Moses, helped his Israel people escape the land of their oppressors and promised them something was awesome waiting at the end of their journey it was met with relief, hope and expectations.

However, the people seemed to expect this would come easy, like an overnight switch from dire straits to paradise.  Once they realized this was not the case as they encountered barren lands and waves of uncertainty, it didn’t take long before they started to whine.  The appreciation of being rescued was promptly replaced by contempt and Moses had to somehow serve as a bridge between the rational and the irrational.

It wasn’t easy for Moses.  Very little time passed before the very people he helped rescue from their oppressors started to behave in the same selfish manner as those whom they fled from.  Through his brother, Aaron, they had a golden calf sculpted as an idol they can pray to.  The calf was promptly destroyed and the people repented for the wrong done, but it didn’t take long before they reverted back to what is best described as selfish, impatient, childish behavior.

You see this more than in just Exodus.  Throughout the timeline of the bible you come across stories of people becoming so confused and so messed up that they honestly can’t tell the difference between right and wrong.  All hell breaks loose and of those who feel it as so cry out while the ignorant remain clueless as they plod along.

Sadly, of the few who dare to do good they get ridiculed for it.  Some were even tortured and put to death.  Jesus Christ is the most evident example of this as the ultimate Savior of mankind was viewed as if he were nothing more than vermin by those who couldn’t see (or accept) the truth for what it really was.

It’s no different today.  After years of people whining that things never change, finally someone comes along to make those changes happen.  He even warned it wouldn’t be easy, but it’d be necesary.

Already at this point, just as it has been throughout mankind’s history since the dawn of time, the fight of good against evil is a tedious, uphill battle.  All odds are typically stacked against the righteous, despite his/her flaws, are doing everything they can to do right.

What’s tragic is those who claim to be good people don’t see it as it happens.  It’s easier for them to remain blind to truths as the rest of the world around them incites hate, anger and wild stories with tongues convincing enough to keep the spiritually immature and dim-witted unaware.

I have very good family and friends that I can see are still running around with blinders on, despite my best attempts to snap them out of it.  It actually breaks my heart that those closest to me just don’t get it, nor do they seem to want to.

All this has me recalling a line that was quoted in a show called Babylon 5.  It was quoted by a character known as Lady Morella.


And how right she is!  Jesus was not appreciated during his living days, at least not at the level he deserved.  It was only after he died that reality sunk in he was put to death because he was right, not because he was in the wrong.  The evils saw to it that he was hated and misunderstood to such a degree they managed to convince the masses who were too clueless for their own good to see reality for what it really was at the time.

And it’s still not any different today.  Too many people blindly believe what’s thrown in front of them instead of separating themselves from the deception in an effort to figure out the truths on their own.


So as the great evils continue to deceive the people, they are delighted in the classic divide and conquer tactics that have always been proven successful since the dawn of time.  People are no smarter today than they were when a certain pair of characters from Genesis thought siding with the Tree of Knowledge over the Tree of Life would elevate them to greatness.

I see clean through most of it.  I’m not arrogant enough to think I see through all of it as I know that’s impossible right now.  Too much deception and too much division makes it rather difficult to discern who really has the answers among man and who doesn’t.  This is why I’ve come to realize the Holy Bible, Father and Jesus Christ are the only truths worth paying attention to and with due diligance.  Whether you care an ounce towards what is deemed as Christianity or not is quite frankly not my concern.  That’s between you, whatever you believe in and what fate has in store for you.  All I can do from my end is hope you figure it all out before it’s too late.

Meeting At The Bridge

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It’s been some time since I’ve written.  For those who’ve been following and liked what I’ve posted so far, sorry for my absence.  I have been doing lots of reflection as I observe what’s going on in my own little world and what’s taking place on the much broader, far more confusing worldwide stage.

So, January 20th, 2017 saw Donald Trump become the 45th President of the United States of America on an official level, despite all the protests, outcries and whatever else those who were so dismayed this man came into power.  I saw both sides of the argument and how much it erupted between two very different sides of something that I still believe today is quite ridiculous.

Or is it?

While the antics of both sides of the political coin proved that mankind isn’t quite as intelligent or as grown up as they like to be, it also showed just how divided we all are when it comes down to issues far more concerning.

Many fear Donald Trump will cause further division among the people and not just within the American Nation.  They fear this would be a worldwide thing.  People, the division was created long before this man came into power!  And no, he’s not elevating it.  He, like the rest of us, is stuck in the middle of it.  And he, like the rest of us, is fed up with it.  Unlike the rest of us, however, the inescapable popularity of this man has every little thing he says and does not go unnoticed.  Whether you like the man or not, he draws attention and has the remarkable talent to ignite emotions within people whether they’re ready for it or not.

Of those who are truly paying attention and are not swayed by the differences of political opinion, nor what any form of media has to say, these are the only members of human society that are capable of staying properly informed and exercising better perceptions of reality for what it truly is.  Sadly, there are not very many who fit this category.  As much as I’d like to think I’m among them, I know I’m still trying to wrap my head around certain issues that taunt me like a school bully who doesn’t know when to stop.  I’m a little slower and sometimes I don’t mind.

What’s blowing my mind away is the refusal of those who despise Donald Trump so much to find a way to work with the situation at hand that isn’t so disruptive.  This is what creates division more than anything.  Donald Trump is just a person and nothing more.  Whether or not you like the man shouldn’t even be relevant.  The focus should be more on working with those who both agree and disagree with you to help heal a nation that has never truly been united to begin with.

America was divided since day one.  It showed in the American Revolution, as well as in the American Civil War.  And it has never stopped as you constantly see division as “foreigners” fought against “natives” over parcels of land, possession of resources and the right to dictate how the territories they’re in should be governed.  It just doesn’t stop!

People claim Donald Trump is racist.  To be honest, yes he is, but we all are!  In our own way we each have an issue against someone, which sparks a form of racism within us that gives us reason to judge, to hate and to take action as a means to justify whatever it is we seem to think is worthy of our attention.

I’m racist and not afraid to admit it.  I’m racist against those who abuse and destroy animals, children and other people in any manner they see fit.  I’m racist against those who think it’s okay to treat our planet like it’s a garbage disposal.  I’m also racist against those who mock what they don’t understand as they opt to ridicule with closed eyes and a closed heart.  I’m very racist against those who refuse to open their minds to all possibilities as I feel ignorance is the most vile, dangerous disease mankind is plagued with.  And as for folks who have become too politically correct for their own good, I have zero tolerance for them.

The women who despise Donald Trump figure he’s an insult to woman’s rights and has complete disregard for the female half of the human race.  Many take his lewd comments to heart, plus his adulterous track record.

Remember what I said about being too politically correct for their own good?  Many of those who take offense to the jock talk Donald Trump has had to say fits that category perfectly.  Talk is one thing.  Action is something else.  If Trump was so sexist towards women then why does he have so many of them under his employ running businesses?  Wouldn’t he just rather have them all dress in skimpy maid uniforms and follow all the men around?  Instead of designing skyscrapers or bossing around a collection of workers, she’d cook all day, clean all day and run her boss man’s errands all day.  Oh, and odds are if she’s a hot babe with a great figure she’d have to do this in the nude or in some kind of costume that would arouse a man’s interest.  If she’s short, fat and ugly it’d be in a Muslim style get up where all you see is just her eyes (so she can see where she’s going), her nose (so she can breathe), mouth (so she can say “Yes, Sir!”) and hands (so she can push brooms).

I know many will take offense to that last paragraph I just wrote.  In all honesty, I will be in amusement if you do.  It only proves the point about being too politically correct for your own good that much more.

Of those who exercise enough common sense to see more clearly, bear in mind that since the dawn of time, even the greatest leaders weren’t exactly perfect people.  You not only see this in the Holy Bible (Torah for some) but even in the good old history books.

Going with the bible, we have Sarah (mocker), Noah (drunk), Jacob/Israel (liar), Moses (murderer), Jonah (arrogant), Hosea (married a prostitute), David (murderer & adulterer), Peter (coward), John (self-righteous) and The Apostle Paul (mass murderer).  None of them were perfect, but these were just a handful of people who were depicted as some of the bible’s most noble heroes.

Going with historical facts that cannot be ignored no matter how much the manipulative would like to pervert it, we have the Founding Fathers (deserters & traitors according to Imperialists), Abraham Lincoln (depression, nervous breakdown and bankruptcies) and John F Kennedy (adulterer).

So, establishing already that nobody is perfect, and establishing that this world has been manipulated since the very beginning, why does the imperfections of Donald Trump outweigh what really is the bigger picture here?

The problem is mankind, regardless of what corner of the world we’re in, has been so thoroughly brainwashed and conditioned that most of them can’t tell the difference between fact and fiction.  This is solid truth!

Look at Exodus when the people left.  Almost immediately after being rescued from a situation that was becoming increasingly inhumane, the Israeli Nation bitched out their differences and became divided.  It was evident taking the people out of Egypt was easier than taking Egypt out of the people.  Even the people of that time said so as they whined how much better off they would have been to remain in slavery despite the worsening conditions than it was to take a leap of faith and at least work towards a better destiny.

And we have that problem even today.  No matter how many times we see how terrible our situation has become, instead of taking those leaps of faith and find a way to work together as a whole, we’d rather bicker amongst ourselves and remain divided.  We always bitch about how bad things are and how we need to do whatever it takes to fix it and yet when opportunities present themselves for us to do so, too many of us would rather just keep on bitching at the sidelines instead of just jumping in and at least try to do something.

Now, is Donald Trump our modern day Moses who has to contend with a divided nation that has whiners all over the place that are both on his side and against?  I highly doubt that, but the people of today are so much like those of Exodus.  We all know things are screwed up and we all know change is needed and we all know we have to unite somehow.

What we don’t know is just how dire our situation really is.  Time is running out and I think more of us know this than we care to admit.  Whether you’re into the bible or not, you cannot ignore that never has mankind been as screwed up as it is now.  Sadly, I’m somewhat in agreement with the Illuminati that a certain cleansing is required.  However, I do not agree with their methods and those are the methods being used right now as too many of us are too stupid to figure that out.

It’s easier to hate, ridicule and remain divided as a blind person than it is to wake up, learn to love and understand and find a way to unite.  It has always been like this and why the world has such a violent track record.  Think God was so violent in the Old Testament?  People, you have no idea how much blood the followers of Lucifer have caused mankind to spill in comparison.  And to be frank, it makes no difference to the Illuminati if you believe in the bible or not.  The less you believe in it the easier it is for them to manipulate you.  The more you believe in it also gives them ammunition to use against you as they peg you only to believe in bits and pieces of it instead of the whole thing for what it really is.

Very, very few people put full stock in the bible, cover to cover.  These are also the very, very few people who are atuned enough to read beyond it’s pages and grasp the bigger picture at hand.  I’m working very hard to be one of those people, but I’m like many others who are constantly bombarded with misinformation and distracted by the bullshit antics going on in the world today.

I honestly don’t care that Donald Trump is President of the United States.  I also don’t care that Justin Trudeau is the Prime Minister of Canada, nor that the Vatican has Pope Francis at their helm at the moment.  I couldn’t care less about Vladimir Putin of Russia either.  To me all those are just people, just like the rest of us.

I do care to believe each of us are being used as instruments, whether it be small or large, by a variety of powers that are either seeking to save or destroy us.  Those who are seeking to destroy are members of the Illuminati and their top puppets.  Using the classic divide and conquer routine, they’ve excelled in duping the masses into carrying out their agenda without them even realizing what they do.

As Jesus said “Father, forgive them for they not know what they do” is every bit as accurate today as it was before he is allegedly put to death.  (Some even argue about his death.)  We’re no smarter now than we were during his day, and certainly every bit as clueless as the days of Adam and Eve during Genesis.  As much as we’d like to think we have evolved the truth of the matter is we’ve actually devolved.  Until we are completely united this will never change.

People have got to let go of the anger, the hate and the “I’m right, you’re wrong” mentality.  This stance resolves nothing and your side of the argument only seals your fate as among the foolish that will perish into oblivion.  At this point it doesn’t matter if you’re Anti-Trump or Pro-Trump.  What side of the argument you’re on is irrelevant.

People who dare to breathe, love and go with the “let’s work together and see what happens” frame of mind have a far better chance of survival at a much higher scale than those who refuse to go there.  These are people who are willing to walk out onto that unstable bridge and say “okay, we’re here” in hopes others will meet them there so that finally something can get worked out that actually makes sense.

I’m one of those.  I’m on that bridge.  I used to have nightmares of a city where both sides of it was raging out of control in chaos and destruction.  In those nightmares, I was on a bridge and I thought I had to run off that bridge and pick a side, even if I didn’t like what I saw no matter what direction I took.  I’ve now since realized I’d rather stay on the bridge.  I’ve come to realize the bridge is more than what it appears and I refuse to budge from it unless I’m given good cause to.

That bridge, to me, is not Donald Trump.  It’s not Vladimir Putin either.  Neither are strong enough to be that, but I do believe they’re serving as anchors for the time being.  However, neither are worthy enough for me to be anti or pro with them.  I will admit, I like what I see from them and can only hope their hearts are true.  If they are, this is great.  If they’re not then woe unto them when the one true judge carries out the final verdict when the time comes.

I stand on the Bridge of Jesus Christ and as crazy as that will sound to many of you, it seems to become clearer to me now that this is where I need to be.  Hopefully you’ve got something like that going for you too because I honestly believe we all need to meet in the middle to get the bigger picture and become what I believe our Father wanted us to be all along, which is far more than what we allowing ourselves to be right now.

Corporate Welfare vs. People Welfare

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Right in plain sight of the people, both our governments and the corporate sponsors are responsible for twisting our nations into something ugly as it’s overloaded with corruption. We, the people, allowed them to do it by voting in one bad choice after another, thinking the next person will do any better.
Folks, the banners those so-called leaders haven’t changed. They’re just the faces of the puppets the real people who’ve taken charge of something that was never theirs in the first place.
This world, nation for nation, region for region, belongs to YOU! The PEOPLE! Those who are in positions of authority know this, but despite it all, abuse it and have the masses thinking otherwise.
And the masses have allowed it. That’s the most tragic story out of all this global madness that has gripped every man, woman and child into a form of slavery many don’t even realize they’re in.
JFK warned us about this. As did many before and after him. Sadly, very few listen and fewer still take enough heed into the warning to do what they can to reverse this grossly mismanagement of fortune. They didn’t listen when Jesus Christ and his Apostles made those exact same warnings (via Revelations) either. If they did, the past 2000 years would have seen a very different world develop over time as the evils would have been kept in check by those opting to remain vigilant enough to remember what even the tablets Moses carved for the people as he was influenced by God to write them up.
People were too stubborn to listen back then (when Aaron shaped a golden calf and it was worshipped) and are still too stubborn now (as we have a worshipped golden cow at Wall Street) and this is what’s killing us all.
People, you are not going to play a role in solving the world’s problems, nation for nation, region for region, by voting in one politician after another simply because the current one is letting you down. When it’s collectively agreed the options for the next at bat are undesirable, this is when all the people must come forward together as a grand unit and demand we deserve better. If better cannot be provided, then we create that improvement ourselves.
I am just one person. I can only do so much. However, when I realize there’s a group of people who think and feel as I do and realize it takes more than just random FB posts to make a difference, I’m going to work with those people and together we’ll do what we can to make a difference.
We’ve been sold out. In fact, we are constantly sold to the highest bidder as to what new forms of abuse are they going to inflict upon us as a population, regardless of what corner of this earth we reside on. That is slavery. We are all trapped in it whether you choose to realize it or not. The corporations involved wheel and deal among themselves and then push the government to do their part. That’s how it works and it’s an extreme abuse of power they don’t deserve.
But for as long as we allow them to get away with this, it’ll never change. It won’t matter who is prime minister of Canada, nor who is president of America. Even the other leaders of their nations of the world are somewhat irrelevant. Think Putin is so great? He talks good game and puts on a good show, but people overlook for someone who claims he wants death to the Rothschilds he has an odd way of showing it by keeping their Coat of Arms as their Russian Coat of Arms.
In Canada, prior to Justin Trudeau, Stephen Harper was already selling out Canada. He merely picked up where Brian Mulroney left off. Prior to him it was Pierre Elliott Trudeau. It’s a pattern on a federal stage that to this day the people are clueless to the fact not one of them is truly in charge. Canada is a corporation, disguised as a nation, by the Commonwealth. That Commonwealth is run by a Monarchy, who in turn is run by the Rothschilds. The Rothschilds share the same Illuminati bed as Soros, Rockefeller, Clinton, and several other families who have very deep, dark secrets and agendas.
In the United States of America, the seeds of corruption began long before Bill Clinton, both generations of George Bush and Barack Obama got in. However, it catapulted considerably when Obama got sworn into an office he had no right to have in the first place. Call it racism if you will, but America was founded by those who wanted to keep America as a nation free of racial and religious corruption. And what I mean by that is not separating blacks from whites, or natives from whites, but separating those who use personal prejudice as a means to carry out their political agendas from those who exercise better forms of judgment.
Through Obama, the sellout of America has reached new heights to the point where it’s really not United States of America anymore. Instead of keeping out the corporate corruption he has allowed it to be in key positions of political power they should not ever have. This has reduced the people into an even deeper form of slavery that will make it harder for them to climb out of. But this is precisely what the sellouts of America want. And sadly, the people allow it.
In essence, folks, you have sold out your own nations, region by region by allowing the political sellouts to seize power and dupe you all into thinking their word is indeed law. It isn’t.
Not only has the nations been sold out, but so have the families within it. The souls of those families are at the mercy of the buyers who feel it’s their right to do whatever they please because of it. And because this abuse has gone pretty much unchecked and has pretty much remained that way all this time, the sneaky tactics of these bullies will continue to reach new heights of crimes against humanity until there is literally nothing left.
That is why I fight and bitch as much as I do. I won’t stand for it. Again, I am just one person, but I know I’m not alone in it. Sadly, not nearly enough join in on that fight nor dare voice out like they should and that’s what makes it harder than it needs to be.
And that’s why I find myself all too often angered and disappointed with the majority of the human race because I know deep down we’re better than this. I’m striving for it with everything I’ve got and although I’m far from being an ultimate warrior or a divine source of guidance, I won’t back down. I know as one person I’m no match against Wall Street nor the Sellouts, but I’m not seeking to dominate them. Just enough to wound them so that others can step in and pick up where I leave off.
Someone jokingly gave me a nickname back at a hotel I used to work with as “ankle biter” as I’ve never been one to back down from doing what I honestly felt was right, even if it meant it’d be an unpopular decision that could put me in jail or get me fired. I’m protective by nature (Chinese Metal Dog) and fiery (Leo) to go with it. I don’t mind biting ankles. I always have been the type to seek out the Achilles heel weakness in literally anything and everything and I don’t give it a second thought to exploit it if I’m given cause to do so.
Which is what I’ve been doing ever since “waking up” to the reality that this entire world has been lied to for way too long and I’m fed up with the puppetry. Global finance needs to be thrown into oblivion where it belongs. If my teeth are strong enough to wound their ankles so that others can swarm in for the kill then let’s do it!
I figured out a long time ago that money is indeed the root to all evil. Sadly, we’re all slaves to it (myself included) and that bondage of slavery will not be broken until the people take down corporate corruption and political puppetry that are in charge of all of it.

You Lose

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With the 2016 American election heating up as the battle lines are drawn between the Clinton Camp and Club Trump, more often questions are being asked between these two who would be better capable of bringing the people of the United States from the pits of abyss they’ve been plunged into.

The Clinton Camp will favor Hillary Clinton and the Democrats for reasons that include the desire for America’s first female president, the belief that the Democrats do indeed have the best interest of Americans at heart and that Barack Obama isn’t nearly as pitiful a president as his political track record suggests.  Also, the notion that anybody but Donald Trump or a Republican solidifies those who are within this camp from realizing the potential truth that they’re sharing a bed with a political leader and party that has every intention to burn them all the first opportunity they get.

Donald Trump’s Republican Club believes a sound businessman who bounced back from a bankruptcy to become even stronger than ever is what’s needed to at least rebuild America’s dismal financial situation.  Also, with growing evidence of a multitude of crimes committed by both Obama and Clinton, it baffles their minds as to why not only are they going unanswered, but allowed to stay in their positions of a power grab they feel they don’t deserve.  They, just like their Democratic opponents, strongly feel their side is the one that’s best for America and they will not change their minds no matter what.

What most people don’t seem to realize are the puppet masters behind this whole charade we call a presidential election.  Those puppet masters are those who control the central banking system, the corporate giants and even all the corners they can get to so they can manipulate both the Elite 1% and the masses otherwise known as the 99%.

Sadly, try to bring this up as fact to majority of the masses and they are still in denial that this is happening.  They cannot grasp that they are literally being strung along like puppets in all that they believe in, all that they say and even in all that they do.  The average person makes the mistake into thinking they’re smarter than all this and that there are no strings attached to them and their decision making patterns that constitutes their current lifestyle.  That line of thinking alone is flawed at best and these are the people still in states of slumber that have yet to realize they’re lying in a bed riddled with poison that’s literally killing them one shred of their humanity at a time.

Even of those who are more awake than others, those strings of control haven’t been severed entirely.  That day will never come for as long as the roots of corruption still have their say in this world, regardless of what any of us try to do against them.

So, going back to the election at hand here.  Clinton or Trump?  Digging around as much as I do and learning to puzzle as well as I have I can honestly say it won’t matter who wins because no matter the outcome the American People are still going to lose, at least for now.


For starters, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and at least 90% of their Democrats are 100% in the bed of those who are bent on achieving their New World Order.  This route wants a decimation of at least 90% of the world’s population.  Don’t think for a second Americans will be safe from this depopulation program.  In fact, thanks to the raping of the constitution Obama and his Democrats have performed against it, all those laws of protection the American People once had are gone now.  The majority of Americans (and the rest of the world watching on) don’t realize just how perilous their situation really is.

And it won’t be just America that will suffer.  This is a worldwide problem.

And as for Donald Trump, this is someone whom has always been surrounded with controversy even long before throwing his name in the hat to run as America’s next president.  What most people don’t realize is he’s done good deeds both privately and publicly and it isn’t always for the benefit to appease a public audience.  This guy actually doesn’t care about popularity votes.  If he did, then he’d be not nearly as brash as he has been in all that he does.

However, is he genuine or not?  He’s made it clear for at least a few decades now that there are people in places of power that are bent to keep the masses as unaware as possible while they carry out their questionable agendas.  He’s not only put down the Democrats but even the Republicans and even tried to run as an independent.  When he realized just how messed up the electoral platform really is and that Americans are fooled into ways of thinking that aren’t accurate he knew he had to do something.  What Trump is trying to do is rescue America the best way he knows how, even if it means getting in bed with a political party he doesn’t entirely believe in either.

And the Republicans know it.  Despite running for president, there are many Republican politicians that can’t stand that he’s running around with their banner because they know deep down Trump is his own man.  Trump is going to do what’s right for Trump.

What many Americans don’t realize is what’s good for Trump means grabbing a drowning nation from the pits of despair all the failed governments before him has done and save it the one way he knows how.  Like Trump or not, he’s a brilliant business man and right now America needs to do what’s best for business that benefits the people.  And Trump knows this.  A thriving population means a happy population.  A happy population is good for morale and that’s what’s needed if Trump does indeed intend to take down the evils that he knows are bent on destroying every living thing they touch.

However, if Trump is true to his word that he wants to put control of the world back into the hands of the people and (not only) make America great again, then those who don’t want this to happen will find a way to at least try to take him down.

The New World Order is too important and too close to realization for the powers that be that want this to allow disruption to those plans.  If Trump wins, they will swiftly come down upon Americans and all those who support the fight being taken to them.

America (and the rest of the world) has been backed into a corner where the options to come out of it will see a level of death and destruction unlike anything mankind has ever known.  However, how do Americans want to go about it?

It’s up to you.  Do you want to make it easy for those who are out to depopulate the world by any means necessary, which means voting for Hillary Clinton and her Democrats as they will continue to railroad such schemes?  Or, do you want to vote for Donald Trump and his Republicans where it sends a message that the American People are aware of the schemes and want their country (and everything else stolen from them) back?

If the people choose Trump the New World Order dreamers will not back off.  They may be slowed down, unless they already have plans in the works to deal with this possibility as well.

One such plan is Barack Obama declaring Martial Law upon America.  Even though the election takes place November 2016, Obama still has power until January 20, 2017.  With that in light, no matter who wins the election he still has the ability to nullify the decision made by the people by simply declaring martial law and trap Americans into a form of government that can now legally get away with taking what they want and there’s not a thing any human being can do about it.

It’s suspected if Hillary Clinton wins it’ll spark a civil war within America.  Same is said regarding Donald Trump.  Civil War is already upon the American people as we speak as violence continues to escalate and the division between racial, religious, political and lifestyle believes continue to widen.  And, like any virus, it’s spreading worldwide.

In Canada, we also debate who is the better choice between Clinton and Trump.  I’ve made it no secret voting for Clinton and the Democrats is a huge mistake because this sends a message that America is okay with the idea of losing all the fundamental values that once upon made their nation great and how now since been turned into a joke.  The America of today is nothing at all like the America the Founding Fathers created and it contradicts everything it was originally meant to be.  Even here in Canada we got voters who’ve voted for their nationwide version of a Democratic party, which is Justin Trudeau and his Liberals.  Don’t believe me?  Look it up.  The Democrats and the Liberals are political twins while the same can be said for the Canadian Conservatives and the American Republicans.

Canadians feel if Trump wins we have much to lose.  That is both true and not true.  In reality, Justin Trudeau and his Liberals have much to lose if Trump wins because the bed Trudeau and his Liberals willingly share is the exact same bed Trump wants to burn.  It’s the bed of the New World Order and Trudeau is a primary puppet of theirs who’ll side with them long before the very people who made the mistake into believing he’s in politics with noble intentions.

Trump doesn’t hate Canadians, but is disappointed that they too continually fall for schemes laid out for them and do so without daring to question.  We don’t make good business people and this puts a sour taste in Trump’s mouth.  He doesn’t want to destroy Canada.  He wants Canadians to learn how to be strong again and remember who they really are instead of the puppets they’ve all been made into.

And this is actually a worldwide thing.  The people need to be strong again and while some are headed in this direction as they should be, too many still won’t go there because they’re still swimming in the brainwashing tactics of those who want it that way.

Now, it did come to mind that Trump may also be playing us too.  That is possible as it’s a great tactic to sway the masses into thinking he’s their best choice to climb out of catastrophe.  Barack Obama succeeded at this when he first became president back in 2008 as he too convinced the people to believe in his campaigns.  However, unlike Obama, Trump has never hidden who he is.  He’s never pretended to be perfect and he’s not once danced behind a string of lies in order to make himself look cleaner than he really is.

Obama has.  Clinton has.  All politicians in power that are abusing it have.  The corruption has become so embedded into society that while once upon a time such people would get ousted into obscurity (like Richard Nixon did) nowadays it hardly raises enough outcry to demand justice be upheld to the fullest extend of the law as originally laid out by the original constitution.

So come November 2016 when you choose between Clinton and Trump bear in mind you’ve got a fight on your hands no matter what the outcome.  You are going to lose so much more than you’re perhaps ready for.  Choose Clinton and the continued stripping of everything you have will continue as you’ve given the green light that it’s okay for her and her posse to do so.  Choose Trump and it’ll spark outrage by those who will refuse to swallow this decision and will do everything possible to block it.  It paves the way for Obama to declare martial law and undermine the decision the people have made if it goes there.  Even with Clinton winning there will be outrage and the civil unrest will continue.  Again, this will make things easier for Obama to declare martial law and oppress the American People (and the world) that much further.

Vote Clinton you lose.  Vote Trump you lose.  No vote at all will still have you lose.  The only way to win is to go 100% Revolutionary and do so as one unit.  Don’t pick sides between presidential hopefuls and the parties they represent.  Pick the side of humanity that knows no titles and cares nothing about the petty differences that exist between us.  Then and only then will victory for all mankind will be achieved.

Help Wanted: Lambs & Lions

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Before reading the rest of my post, please take the time to read the page the link below takes you.  It’s a long post and you need to read it with an open mind.  Doing so by any other means will be a fruitless effort.

Anti-Christ Obama Article

When Barack Obama first became president of the United States in 2009 there was not one thing about it that sat right with me.  I’m sure those who chose not to vote for him felt the same way, but my reasoning is different.  I’m not American.  I don’t get to vote there, but it doesn’t mean I still can’t voice an opinion about it.

In all honesty, the fact it was the election that would see America’s 44th president go to a black face didn’t bother me.  In that regard I didn’t care.  However, what gnawed at me right from the beginning was the fact all the true colors of this guy came bursting out the day he refused to swear on the holy bible when assuming command of a nation that believed in him enough to allow him into such a powerful position.  Doing so was not only an insult to those who preceded before him, but to the founding fathers, the people and the rest of the world.

I recall the headlines when this took place and the outrage people felt about it.  Still, despite it all, Barack Obama was still sworn in and I knew from that day forth America would never be the same.  Neither would the rest of the world.  However, I didn’t realize the severity of the situation at the time, nor do I believe the rest of the population did either.

Once Obama assumed power as president, at first America seemed to flourish.  However, it was only momentary at best and since then America has floundered.  What started out to be a slow descent didn’t waste time picking up the pace and now the suicide run towards ultimate decimation of a nation, plus a world, has become an out of control speeding bullet.  Never before has the world been as divided as it has now and never before has the futures of a global population become so uncertain.

Is Obama really the Anti-Christ?  If you’ve read the link I provided, all evidence suggests that yes he is.  Just thinking about it has me bow my head in shame because for a brief period I actually gave this guy the benefit of the doubt.  And, to this day, I’d still like to but it’s becoming harder to do so.

As I’m writing this I fear that Barack Hussein Obama is indeed the final president for the United States of America and we have yet to see the full unleash of his diabolical intent for not only the people he represents on American soil, but worldwide.  There will not be a 2016 election.  Obama and his people will see to that.  The people within America (and worldwide) has never been as divided as they are now.  The state of the world has never been as perilous as it is now.  We live in a world where an elite 1% population owns more than half of it while the remaining 99% are literally getting weeded out of everything so that in the end they have absolutely nothing.

Even the elections itself is rigged.  We have two of the biggest clowns in political history vying to become the 45th president of the United States.  Hillary Clinton is getting her name smashed everywhere for criminal activities that has people in an uproar.  Not only should this person be forced out of the presidential run, but tried and convicted for crimes that have proven to be as serious as mass murder.

Donald Trump, who seems to be the lesser of the evils, isn’t exactly squeaky clean himself.  To be quite frank, nobody is, but it’s obvious all those in power in the United States doesn’t want this guy taking over America.  But is that really true?  Donald Trump is actually hinting at something that matches what Albert Pike suggested is required in order to have World War III well underway, which would see the decimation of both the Zionist and Islamic populations.  Trump talks about rounding up the Muslims and kicking them off American soil.  He also has bashed the Illuminati, without calling them by name, which is linked to the Zionist version of the Jewish religion as we know it.


What the media is doing, along with the aid of political leaders (both American & foreign), is painting Trump as another Hitler.  And he’s certainly coming across this way.  Whether or not Donald Trump’s stance against the Barack Obama, the Elite 1% or the Illuminati is genuine is besides the point.  He (and Hillary Clinton) are adding just the right elements needed for the president of the United States to declare a state of emergency before enforcing martial law.

People say the American people won’t stand for this.  Obama knows this.  Why do you think he’s been recruiting and training military that wouldn’t give it a second thought to fire upon their own people, and right on American soil?  Why do you think he’s ordered over 150 million plastic coffins to be made up?  Also, why are strings of events that’s bent to divide the people that much further are taking place right now and are intensifying as we close in on the election date?


Obama is set to kill America and keep it as an “Obamanation” so that he can continue with his course of destruction that he has only just begun to unleash.  ISIS is just the start.  Despite evidence connecting the creation, training and momentum this terrorist organization has to Obama’s political strings, too many people still just don’t see it.

Remember, the Prince of Lies is very good at deceiving the people and he knows their personal prides hinders their ability to see clearly, even if it’s something blatantly obvious in their face.  He’s proven this a multitude of times.  Even just through Obama alone, we’ve seen him turn his back on the bible, turn his back on God, turn his back on the American people and even turn his back on the rest of the world.  This is a tyrant.  Since his administration never before has America (and the world) seen such corruption.  Right now there’s fights everywhere over every resource you can think of.  Food.  Water.  Energy.  Environment.  Human rights.  Political, religious and racial differences.

In just seven short years we’ve seen virtually every Christian value shredded from schools to restaurants and to as many public venues as possible that fall for the notion that unless it’s Islamic, it doesn’t belong in society.  They’ve even got it where Merry Christmas in public isn’t deemed acceptable anymore.


The mainstream Christians and those who follow Judaism have their differences between each other too.  However, never once did one belief system try to force the other into kicking out their own traditions in order to favor the other.  These two cultures have mostly learned to live side by side with each other and respect each other enough to acknowledge that although they don’t fully agree with each other’s practices, they still reach a common enough ground that for as long as their primary faith focuses on God it’s good enough for them.

So why isn’t it good enough for the Muslims?  Actually, for the most part it is.  It’s the extremists, just like in any other religion, that suggests otherwise.  Obama, instead of keeping those extremists at bay, encouraged them.  He sided with the divisive tactics that forces those who do not follow Sharia Law to do otherwise.

I should point out, biblical references or not, ever since Barack Obama has come into power he has taken credit away from those who deserve it.  Even the founding of America he credits not the founding fathers themselves, but rather Islam.  Again, I have nothing against the Muslims, but I do have something against someone who is perverting history as we know it, along with our present day and even the future of mankind as a whole.

Barack Obama is a problem.  However, he is not the only one.  He’s not working alone.  The Illuminati has been working for and waiting for the prime opportunity to fulfill their New World Order aspirations.  And they’re almost there.  Once the Elite 1% has 100% ownership of this world (and they’re almost there) then it’s on.  Their desire to exterminate at least 90% of the global population will come into fruition for as long as they know they can pull it off.

I should point out something about the Elite 1%.  Did you know that prior to Barack Obama becoming president of the United States that they didn’t own nearly as much as they do now?  The momentum of their seizures of property skyrocketed shortly after Obama assumed presidency and the corruption that’s at the heart of it all is now on the verge of putting into place the final ingredient necessary to allow that 100% world ownership they’re craving.

The TPP.  Trans-Pacific Partnership.  As “legitimate” as this seems, it’s not.  Once this is put in place we’re no longer official nations with people still enjoying the last remnants of their liberties and freedoms.  We will officially become corporations and we, the people, will then be no longer regarded as human beings but rather herded sheep ready for slaughter.

That’s the true agenda behind the TPP.  It’s just another milestone towards the Illuminati’s New World Order.  It’s not just some conspiracy theory.  It’s fact.

Another fact.  The supposed “war” between Benjamin Netanyahu (Israel’s leader) and Barack Obama is that picture perfect Zionism vs Islam recipe Albert Pike called for in order to achieve the World War III the Illuminati wants.  Make no mistake, these are very bad men in very powerful positions, toying with the lives of every human being and doing so with a laugh.  ISIS belongs to them.  Both of them.  And this alone has the world greatly divided, but one thing I’ve learned quickly is if a person gets damned for speaking out against the state of Israel where it’s perfectly alright to speak against Christianity we have a real problem.

And isn’t it interesting how well prepped this World War III stage is becoming?  NATO (North American Treaty Organization) is surrounding Russia as we speak.  In prophecy, the bear strikes the eagle, officially launching WWIII.  Russia is the bear while America is supposed to be the eagle.  In this war, the bear strikes first, but the eagle makes a quick, decisive victory.

Considering Russia made it clear they reject Zionism and have declared the Illuminati top dogs (Rothschilds) as enemies of the state and are to be executed on site, this is no surprise.  Russia, along with Brazil, India, China and South America, are out to form BRICS, which would bring Rothschilds and their central banking system to their knees and render nations bowing to their every whim defenceless.  This would have actually been a good thing as this would have freed the masses from the grips of slavery such nations and their banking cartel has gripped us.

But, the Illuminati won’t have it.  Using their political puppets and the mainstream media networks they own, they were quick to paint Russia as once again the big bad guys.  Obama was quick to capitalize on this, proving he’s not merely a puppet so many of us thought he was.  He’s anything but this.  Even I regarded him as a mindless puppet until I realized just how diabolically genius he is.

So now Russia is surrounded, once again provoked to take action.  Did you know their so-called “unjustified” attack on Ukraine is not what mainstream media would have us believe?  No way!  If you dare to look further and bypass the lies the networks and politicians have told you you’d come to realize there’s good reason why Russia won’t leave the Ukraine alone.  It’s not the people they have a problem with.  It’s the administration, plus the fact this is an Illuminati/Rothschild stronghold.

But NATO is quickly springing into action. I should also point out that for the most part, Russia was left alone by the American government until Obama took over.  It wasn’t until he assumed leadership that he and his minions have been poking this bear like a pack of ravenous wolves.  They do this, all the while pretending to behave like mild lambs.


So the world got educated into thinking the Russians are bad guys once again.  So, by Obama’s queue, they line up through NATO to keep poking at the bear.  Did you know that despite the multitude of times through Obama’s administration of them poking Vladimir Putin and his Russian government that not once did they give into the kind of reaction the Illuminati wanted?  They’ll snarl and growl, but they won’t swat.  At least not yet.

However, even the most patient bear will sooner or later be forced to swat, and Russia is finding themselves in this position.  However, will it be by Putin’s order where this bear sends the first shot against the eagle, or will it be someone in his administration that is yet another Illuminati puppet?  Either way, this will happen.  And once it does, here comes yet another red carpet layout for President Barack Obama to declare martial law upon his own nation and wipe out 90% of his homeland’s population.  Again, he won’t do that on his own.  Remember, he has his own personal military, police and thugs to do all the dirty work for him.  And, just like puppets on a string, the people will be forced to defend themselves (if they can) against those who are bent on destruction.  People, America is in real trouble!

But it won’t be just America.  This is worldwide.  Other nations that follow Obama’s lead will force the same conditions upon their own people.  Canada will see Canadians suffer the same fate.  The UK will be no better off.  Neither will Australia.  Anybody that’s trapped within the Commonwealth is basically America #2 and will experience all the chaos and misery as well.  The Commonwealth, once upon a time a fantastic concept, has become corrupt as those who run it now are of the same calibre as Obama, Netanyahu and the Elite 1%.  It’s no accident the biggest political puppets the world’s got happen to run nations that have become 100% Illuminati owned and operated.  All the pieces on this deadly game board is in place now.  It’s not a matter of if something is going to happen anymore.  It’s now a matter of when.

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All this time we’ve been lied to.  All this time we’ve been brainwashed, keeping us divided and uninformed.  We’ve been thrust into emotional situations designed to corrupt our way of thinking, our way of feeling and our way of living.  All this so it can be easier to pave the way for the New World Order, diabolically brought to you by the Illuminati, their Elite 1%, and all their political, corporate, military and religious puppets.  And Lucifer.  Don’t forget about him.  All of this, regardless if you believe in God, the Holy Bible or even the notion that somehow Barack Hussein Obama may indeed be the Anti-Christ, is to fulfill a Luciferian goal.  That goal is to shred this world apart and everyone in it.  Flat out, your Christian faith doesn’t matter here.  Nor does your Atheism, Judaism, Muslim, Buddhist or whatever you want to believe in.

What matters here is our HUMANITY!  Fight for it.  Live for it.  Even die for it if you must, but do so with full awareness of what’s going on and full faith that doing so is indeed for the sake of mankind.  Whether or not you choose to believe it, God would.  Jesus did.  And both God and Jesus may very well do so again – but not until we all agree this is what we need.  I know deep down in my gut (the only thing I listen to these days) I need them in my corner.  Whether you choose to believe it or not, you need them too.





I don’t know about the rest of you, but I will not let a lame president, regardless if he’s the Anti-Christ or not dictate to me where my loyalties should lie.  I will not let a world who is so divided on who they should ally themselves with tell me whose corner I should be in.  My battles will be fought siding with God in hopes I have his strength, plus the guidance and wisdom of Jesus Christ and the flow of the Holy Spirit through my veins to do whatever I can the best way I know how.  I am not a popular person nor do I wish to be.  I want to be righteous despite my flaws in everything I do.  Not because it’s something I think God wants – but because that is what how I feel our humanity is defined and it simply feels right to me.

You Asked For It

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Be careful what you wish for.  You just might get it, but the end result might not be as you expected.  Also, it is proven that anything worth having must be done so by genuine effort and it’s up to you to go get it.  Nobody else will do this for you and quite frankly, nobody else but you knows what you want/need better than you do.

Sadly, most people don’t see it this way.  They claim they do but in all honesty they don’t.  Look at how most nations are run these days.  Especially within North America, never have we seen such a corrupt structure of what feels more like petty, criminal masterminds in charge.

But you know what?  You voted them in!  Of those who cared to vote, the vast majority didn’t care enough to vote with enough intelligence to put an end to the madness that spirals more out of control each day.  When politicians come forth vowing reach change in their election campaigns, people are all to eager to soak it up.  Of those who blindly fall for the promises they quickly pick a side and no amount of argument (reasonable or not) will sway them from picking whom they think is the best choice.

All too often I hear their reasoning as to why they favor a specific party or person “it’s the lesser of the evils” and to those people I laugh at them.  Just because it appears to be a lesser evil doesn’t mean it’s the right choice either.  Evil is still evil.  Corruption still runs rampant and by voting in what you think is that lesser evil doesn’t change the fact that the region, state/province or nation you call home has people in power that shouldn’t be there.

But you asked for it.  You voted them in.  Over the years, and even going as far back as the generations, people all too easily forget their roots as they cry for change.  We, as a people, are impatient.  Adam and Eve proved that back in Genesis when they chose the Tree of Knowledge over the Tree of Life.  They were in such a hurry to become “educated” that they forgot how to live.  Because of this, instead of elevating themselves at a pace that would have been more beneficial in the end, they opted for shortcuts.  They figured out the hard way those shortcuts were treacherous and full of unforeseen dangers and they knew there was no turning back.  This was the path they had chosen and one they had no choice but to stay on.

This is how everybody is.  There is not one man, woman nor child that doesn’t possess an ounce of impatience within them.  That impatience is the doorway to invite all the evils and turn us into something we shouldn’t be.  It makes us forget who we really are and throws us down those exact same paths of treachery and danger as we have no choice but to follow them.

How you do it is up to each of us.  So far, as a whole, we’re not doing well at all.  We keep allowing circumstances to make that path more hazardous than it already is, despite the fact there are numerous opportunities to prevent that process.

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I run into people who say they want to change this and that.  Stop smoking.  Eat healthier.  Finish projects still undone.  The list goes on.  The majority of those people always find excuses to never change their ways and this not only shows in their daily lives and habits, but in our voting patterns as well.

Sorry people, but you are a gullible race.  You fall for the serpents and their lies over and over again instead of paying closer attention to the lambs that are showing you ways to get out of the mess that you created.

Yes, you.  Not the politicians.  You.  Through voter apathy and failing to truly take action to spark the change you claim so much you want, you’ve played the biggest role here in why the world is as upside down as it is.  All those political leaders, despite all the corrupt influences that have moulded them into who and what they are, never would be in a position to abuse their authority if you had simply exercised better judgment than just blindly voting them in.

And it’s not just the politicians that play you.  The most popular artists throughout the course of time has managed to utilize entertainment as a means to distract people from the horrific truths of what road this world is on.  They’ve also mastered the art of exploiting all the seven deadly sins in a manner where it seems more fun to cave into temptation than it is to resist.  In time, all those commandments God laid out for us becomes a joke and in many cases, forgotten.  All the laws, statutes, etc. are also lost and before you know it, what used to be a worldwide society of decency has turned into a global collection of lost souls.

Don’t believe me?  Okay, how about the arena games within the Roman Empire?  They were brutal.  People were entertained by watching gruesome battles take place between individuals, most of them slaves thrown there against their own will, where it was a requirement to kill in order to win.  During this era, citizens were literally dehumanized as they thought this brand of entertainment was acceptable.

Keep in mind, however, these people didn’t believe in God.  They believed in a multitude of gods and it wasn’t until Jesus Christ came along that real change began to take place among the masses.  Prior to his arrival, during and after, those considered Christians or at least believed only in one god instead of a multitude were often thrown into that arena to die before an eager crowd that was so consumed with blood lust that any sign of decency or common sense was just not there.

Think we’re any better now?  Hardly.  Over time there’s always been violent tendencies towards any form of entertainment.  Even when the earliest wars were fought, the wealthiest and most influential among the population would actually watch from a safe distance as men would go up against men, killing each other on behalf of the government they support.  Nowadays we have televised broadcasts where it’s not just the wealthy who can watch.  Everyone can.

And if watching real wars isn’t enough to keep the people entertained, there’d be scripted shows glorifying violence where it’s usually good against evil.  Knowing people are usually going to side with the good, they see to it everybody gets their money’s worth.  And, alongside the scripted programs would be sports where it’s very purpose is to be violent enough to win.  Sports such as boxing and wrestling are prime examples of this.

Don’t get me wrong.  There was a time where the theatrics we were exposed to wasn’t so bad.  Shortly after the Roman Empire fell it did seem like the human race began to wise up as Christianity, Judaism, Islam and other religions began to blossom in what appeared to be peaceful enough.  Even though ugliness would still poke out from time to time, overall it seemed like we were able to keep it in check.

However, corruption always finds a way to catch up.  For as long as there’s enough pride to feed on to turn a patient person into someone impatient, the paths of horror will always overrun the paths of decency sooner or later.

Once again using television as my examples of choice, I remember growing up as a kid and watching programs of the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s.  As an adult it was from the 90s onward.  One thing I noticed was how the first two decades had programming with very little violence in it.  And, such violence was not graphic.  In fact it was probably more comical rather than anything else.  No foul language was used then and there was no nudity.  At least not on the major networks.  However, over time this had changed.  I remember watching Little House on the Prairie, The Waltons, The Little Rascals and a variety of shows that really focused on family and friends in a manner that was not only entertaining, but educational as well.  In some cases, even spiritual.  It was during a time where God was very much in the picture and in a positive way.

You don’t see that today.  The most recent televised program, Seventh Heaven, was really the final series that still had family values in place and still sent good messages about God.  They were able to do this both as Christians and as Jewish.  It was great.  They also excelled at taking today’s problems and using faith and decency to resolve them.

This isn’t the case anymore.  We now have programs where foul language is normal, as is nudity, violence, gore, etc.  Is this considered evolving?  Some say in the earlier decades we were oppressed.  But that’s now how I see it.

Programming was oppressed by the people as the networks knew in order to stay in business and keep those who sponsor them profitable, they had to keep the people entertained enough so that they could carry out whatever schemes they have in mind in hopes nobody would notice.

Make no mistake, those major networks are owned by the Elite 1% and I’ve made it no secret who they are and who they associate with and what their ultimate goal is.  All those big corporations that have aired their commercials over the stretch of time are in on it too.  They all worked together and still do today.  They know through commercialism and means of entertainment that would keep a person lured they could achieve their goals with ease.

One observation I’ve made is now that televised and theatrical broadcasts are no longer so oppressed, in turn the people are.  Today we have less freedoms as our charter of rights has been tainted, along with the constitutions, laws and regulations.  The only people capable of doing this are our politicians, the ones we vote in to rule over us.

Bottom line, people, not one politician in power has what it takes to do that.  In reality, they never did.  Of the rare political figure that would dare to side with the people, they were silenced one way or the other, usually by assassination or some form of mysterious circumstance that would baffle those paying attention.  And each and every time such an occasion would take place, the scapegoat who takes the fall for the crime is merely nothing more than a mindless puppet.  The real evils who set forth the silence act always manage to get away with their crimes, mainly because they have the general population too distracted with matters.

What’s crazy is despite all the fascist-based laws, rules and regulations that are in place today in some form to oppress the people even further, never have we become as heartless and as lawless as we are today.  Violence, as usual, takes center stage as all these divisional horrors are carried out.

Today human beings live brazen lifestyles that saw cities like Sodom and Gomorrah get scorched for it.  It’s everywhere.  And no, I’m not talking about homosexuality here.  I’m talking about embracing all seven deadly sins like it’s a normality, as well as ignoring the laws, statutes and commandments that God laid out for his people after their exodus from their oppressors.

But you know what?  You asked for it.  Not just by voting in political evils to run our world, but by supporting influences that should really be shelved into obscurity instead of receiving so much glorifying attention.  What does it say about idolatry?  We’re not supposed to worship any graven image, regardless if it’s a seal painted on a piece of paper, or a celebrated human being that knows how to captivate an entire audience.  Yet most of us do.

Okay, so I suppose this is where the argument of Jesus Christ comes in.  If we’re not supposed to engage in idolatry, where does he come in?  How about God for that matter?  Would not worshipping them be the same as worshipping Madonna or Kanye West?

My answer to that is both yes and no.  I’m not saying to round up all of Madonna’s recorded work and trash it.  What I am saying is the Holy Bible is merely a book.  For me, a very important book that serves both as a history lesson and a spirit guide, but I won’t run around the countryside with it in my grasp and screaming at people to repent.  That’s not my role and I know it.  I’m also not going to run around wearing a piece of jewelry with a cross on it because I have some grand illusion that it’ll bring me closer to God.  To me, that stuff is superficial and that’s the point I’m out to make here.

Idolatry is basically elevating something (or someone) into something more than they deserve to be.  God, in my opinion, should be worshipped as he is our creator.  I don’t care what those who don’t believe in him says.  However, I don’t idolize God in a manner where I will run out naked in the middle of some street in Bethlehem, drop to my knees and start praying aloud.  For me, I regard God in the same manner as I regard my biological father.  God created my ancestors, as well as my father and then me.  That’s how I see God and this is also how I see Jesus Christ.  I don’t see him as someone I have to drop down and kiss toes or oil down with ointment.  I see him as our big brother, so to speak, who has set out an example for all of us to follow.  Although it’s acknowledged none of us can be him, we can at least try to stay as close to the examples he laid out for us the best we can.

You know what?  I don’t want to be Jesus Christ!  That’s another form of idolatry in my eyes.  And it’s actually idolatry that has this world and everyone in it behaving so irrationally and most of them don’t even know it.  I hear people “Oh, I want to be just like Lady Gaga” and I’m thinking how unfortunate it is that person doesn’t see his/her own potential to be someone whom I think is way better than the goof they’re idolizing.

Don’t get me wrong.  I appreciate musicians, actors, writers, poets, etc. as I believe they are the heart and soul of mankind’s development.  However, like politicians, there are the decent and the corrupt.  Of those that are corrupt, most of them don’t even realize it and just as many of them don’t care.  Again, just like certain politicians, for as long as they got everything they want and have control of the masses they will continue with their ways for as long as they can.

At least for as long as you allow it.  Again, everything that’s going on this world, going as far back as Genesis itself, has by been your design.  We’ve brought this onto ourselves and it’s up to us to at least try and fix it.  I know we can’t because we’re flat out not talented enough to do that.  At least not yet.  And this is why we need help and there’s only one who can do that.  It’s not Barack Obama, nor Justin Trudeau, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Benjamin Netanyahu, Queen Elizabeth, nor even the United Nations for that matter.

Only a creator is going to care enough to step in.  All those in power are not these things.  They’re destroyers, manipulators and every bit as gullible as we are.  However, for as long as we keep making bad choices, that creator is not going to interfere until we all smarten up and ask for it and prove that we are worthy of asking.

We, in my opinion, are addicts.  The people in charge of this world knows this.  We’re addicted to pride, lust, greed, gluttony, wrath, laziness and envy.  These are all typical traits that are exploited when we allow our own impatience overtake our better sense of judgment.  Like an addict, engaging in these drugs makes us feel good at the time.  When the effects wear off and we feel the pain of reality sink in, too many of us are all too eager to go take those drugs again.  Next thing you know it becomes a way of life and like an addict, we want the help, but incapacitate ourselves to the point where we won’t.  Or, we become so desperate we ask the wrong people for help.

And this is where our corrupt political leaders come in.  They know how lost we are as a people.  Over the course of time we’ve set all the right conditions needed for the evils to just sway in, screw us up so badly we can’t even see anymore, and keep demoralizing everyone until there’s nothing left.

We have very little left now as it is.  How much longer we’ll be able to hang onto it is up to you.  It’s up to each of us.  Want to remain an addict until you die?  Then by all means, keep allowing all the wrong people to run your life for you and keep taking those drugs that continue to cloud your judgment.

I, however, refuse to remain as an addict.  Addictions are hard to fight and I battle those demons daily.  But I won’t give up.  I will fight to my last breath doing everything I can to keep corruption as far away from me as I can, even though I know I can’t do it alone.  I have no problem asking for help and that’s amazing coming from a person that’s overloaded with pride.  But, the help I ask for will never be of those I know full well would never understand exactly what I’m going through and how to fix the problem without contaminating me that much further.

In the meantime, until that help arrives, I do what I can on my own and help those who are in the same boat as me, or at least trying to get on it.  I’d love to help everyone, but I’m not God.  I don’t have that kind of power.  And, unlike the politicians that keep pulling the wool over your eyes, just as their corporate sponsors do, I will never pretend to be him either.

So, what are you asking for now?  Are you still asking for the same tyrants to save your life, despite knowing they’re going to destroy it anyway?  Or, are you finally going to wise up and make the effort to help yourself, but at the same time be humble enough to ask the one and only individual qualified and interested enough to join you?