Death Rain

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Volcanic rain of fire dream last night. This one was really something. The thing just blew, but this was no ordinary event. The power of the projectiles that came from it, via ash, sulphur and fire was truly mind blowing. This volcano wanted to do damage and damage it did.
Cities closest to it had no chance. They experienced the Sodom Effect and not one person survived. It happened so fast and literally without warning that there was no time to form an escape plan. At least this appeared to be the case.
The wildest part about this was there were a variety of festivals going on in many cities and towns that would be pulverised by this. It was also during a season where this particular region sees more human life go near it than the rest of the year.
This was catastrophic at a level where even the word epic couldn’t come close to describing it.
In addition to the volcano blowing it’s top, a handful of earthquakes also took place.
Picture in your mind at this point a spider’s web. The middle is the volcano. As it’s doing it’s thing, like a chain reaction, the grounds surrounding it literally do a violent zigzag dance that could be felt by at least 2/3 of the nations involved.
Noticed I said nations. Not just one. Many. In fact, this was worldwide. In addition to the volcanic eruption and the earthquakes, because of the sheer force involved here, the oceans had eruptions of their own, literally forming huge waves of water that reached high enough to engulf and take down low flying aircraft. I watched a plane that just took off from the ground and it looked like it’d be okay to avoid disaster, only for it to get nailed by a wall of water that literally looked like it just backhanded the front of this plane.
The plane does a wild, violent dance, which is joined by this water, and the entire airport and anything near it was destroyed. Between the destructive forces that literally shoved and crushed anything in it’s path and the watery burial, not one living creature survived. The death toll near this airport area alone was in the thousands.
This particular airport was located in Hawaii. That much I’ve managed to figure out.
This is also the part where I should mention that all those islands of the Hawaiian region stood no chance against what I then see those giant rocks called islands literally get broken up and moved about as if chess pieces on a very unstable game board. Yes, folks, the islands were moving! They were breaking apart and crashing into each other. Even saw one large chunk of land get lifted with ease by the force of the water and slam down straight on top of another chunk of land.
Not one creature survived Hawaii. Not even a plant. Even those who hid away in their little bunkers, thinking they’d be safe, found themselves either sandwiched by the forces that treated the bunker like a flimsy tin can, or literally flooded as all that security around them burst open as they could not withstand the pressure of so much water.
Because of so much force involved, this was triggering additional chains of reaction that quickly spread to become a global calamity. Like horses racing to the finish line, the waves of water, plus either an earthquake or volcanic reaction that responded as if on command, all headed westbound where all of Eastern Asia, plus Australia and New Zealand, found themselves fighting an unexpected battle that overtook almost everybody over there very quickly.
This was nuts. Standing on the shoreline of Eastern Australia, or the Phillipines, or an eastern Chinese or Japanese beach, you’d watch the shoreline literally pull away so fast that anybody in the water at that time that was knee deep and above got taken with that water with no chance to make it to dry land.
Clearly, those who see this know something’s up, but there’s not enough time to react. No sooner did that water pull away did it come back. It came back as walls so high that it towered even the tallest skyscrapers. That water catapulted itself in what I can best describe as a demonic force that was determined to destroy as much as it possibly could during it’s wrath.
So, while the North American and South American west were being rained upon (by volcanic eruption), flooded and torn apart, anything and everything between that eastern Asia was getting bombarded by walls of water that just kept coming and coming.
Forget about Australia here. It, along with New Zealand, found themselves completely buried underneath a watery grave that saw to it not one living creature survived.
In addition to them becoming buried into watery graves, Fiji, Japan, Solomon Islands, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Papua New Guinea, Cambodia and Vietnam all experienced the exact same fate.
And if this isn’t enough, due to giant chunks of land literally breaking off from these locations, they were being tossed around like rag dolls by a very angry ocean that wasn’t about to calm down anytime soon. North Korea and South Korea found chunks of what was left of Japan literally falling on their heads. Add that with bodies of water also rushing in on them and that too is quite the sight to see.
Those little countries south of China, namely Cambodia, Thailand and Laos, found the ground shaking so hard and so violently that they honestly thought it was an earthquake. But no, it wasn’t. It was their eastern neighbours getting pulverised and literally forced out of place as if God himself decided it was time they got relocated.
And where did they relocated? Straight into these little nations as whatever hit Vietnam, shoved parts of that nation clean into it’s western neighbours. Instantly, entirely new mountain ranges were being created as fast as the eye could see.
Because of so much land and water displacement all happening so fast and so forcefully, this caused additional earthquakes as those tectonic plates became even more fragile than fine china at this point.
And yes, more volcanic eruption. These things were reacting as if they had already had an upset stomach to begin with, only to be thrown onto a wild coaster ride. Yeah, folks, do the math here.
Here’s the weird thing. The east coast of Russia was barely touched. Yeah, it took a hit, but of the entire eastern shoreline that sees the Pacific Ocean, this was the safest place to believe.
Well, sort of. Remnants of Alaska’s west coast did come over to say hello in a rather violent way, but by the time they went over there enough time had passed where the Russians were able to brace for impact and protect themselves before this happened.
Did I just say remnants of Alaska? Yes I did!
If you haven’t figured out by now the volcano that started it all was sitting in the North American west coast, now you have.
Which one? The birth of all this calamity came from Yellowstone, but I can’t give the credit to their volcano alone. No, folks, it was a joint effort by this particular volcano and a nuclear hit arranged by a team of individuals who collaborated together in I guess what can be described as a sinister landscaping deal.
Apparently, Yellowstone’s volcano wasn’t moving fast enough to their liking, so they opted to speed it up and give it a little extra “spice” to get more bang (literally) for their buck.
I saw it. Saw something like this as far back as the late 70’s and last night was a crazy wow experience. If, as an adult, you have a tough time wrapping your head around this, imagine what it does to a kid that hasn’t even reached 10 yet.
Going back to this disaster dream of last night, here is more of what I saw.
Fire showers, going as hard as what I’ll call fire hail storms, levelling entire cities that reached as far west as Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle and Vancouver. Going straight north, Montana became a lava bed. North of that, the border of Alberta and Saskatchewan shared Montana’s fate. Over 90% of the living population of Alberta were either buried alive or poisoned to death. You had no chance to flee as it happened too fast to react. If you lived not far from both borders of the Northwest Territories and it’s connection to British Columbia and it’s connection to Saskatchewan within this province you had a small chance of survival. At least for a little while.
In Saskatchewan, over 60% of her population died from this volcanic eruption and it’s aftermath. Again, like in Alberta, escape was not possible. In Saskatchewan, anybody along or south of the Yellowhead Highway had zero chance. Those north of this and east of Humboldt had a chance, at least for the time being. Of those north of La Ronge, most of this territory was a temporary safe haven from what Yellowstone had to dish out.
All of British Columbia, except for a very small northeast corner that met Alberta and Northwest Territories was destroyed.
Vancouver Island was gone. All of it. Every island along the entire west that reached into the Yukon Territory and Alaska had so much damage done to it that even the largest chunks of rock became like powder. All that powder then became washed away mud as the waters overtook all of what used to be land mass.
Alaska was crushed and ripped apart at the same time. So was the Yukon. There were survivors, but only 20% of this collective population.
How much % of British Columbia survived? Only 5%. This province got destroyed, just like Alberta.
Going from west to east and then south within North America what happened? It’s easier at this point to just point list.
Washington – no survivors
Montana – no survivors
North Dakota – 5% in the northeast survived for the time being.
South Dakota – no survivors
Minnesota – no survivors in the southeast corner. If you lived within the triangle of Fargo, St. Cloud, Rochester and Sioux Falls you had no chance. Most northeast of this triangle were lucky enough to be far away to not get wiped out so quickly.
Nebraska – no survivors
Iowa – very few survivors. Those east along the line of where Cedar Rapids and Iowa City are were at least bought a little bit of time.
Oregon – no survivors
California – no survivors
Nevada – no survivors
Utah – no survivors
Colorado – no survivors except for those very close to the borders of Kansas and Oklahoma and the northeast corner of New Mexico.
Arizona – no survivors
New Mexico – only those located along the Oklahoma and Texas borders managed to avoid this first chapter of diaster.
Baja California – forget it, it’s gone. All of it.
Texas – anybody who lived within the box of El Paso to Amarillo, Midland and Lubbock that met up to the New Mexico border never knew what hit them. No survivors in this region.
Mexico – those located along the shoreline of the Gulf of California had no chance. Even as far south as Mexico City, forget it. In fact, Mexico City was wiped out when a wildly displaced Guadalajara rained it’s remnants on top of it.
Guadalajara was hit with a wall of water from the west and bits of sulphur and ash from the north. What happened to this city felt biblical. Same can be said about Mexico City.
Mexico City, literally, was ripped in half. Everything south of this city, going as far down as the northwest corner of Cambodia got shoved and washed away by the forces a wildly out of control Pacific Ocean that seemed bent to take them out.
The entire west coast of South America did get hit hard, but what was hitting them along this part at the time was more like mild to moderate hurricane-style shots.
Now imagine, as this unfolds, what the domino effect would be. Between additional forces of nature acting up as a result, plus panicked people, just picture all that comes next.
The other oceans, namely the Atlantic, Antarctic, Arctic and Indian, seem to follow the Pacific’s lead to do their part. Although not nearly as wild as this one was going, they responded with their own breed of destructive forces.
The rivers also get involved as for some reason their waters can’t decide which direction do they want to flow. The clashing as water met up against water created something I don’t think any human being has ever witnessed.
Bigger lakes, as the ground is shook about by forces of nature, also react.
And the bays, gulfs and straits also had their moment. The islands, peninsulas and anything that had a coastline found themselves at the mercy of wild waves thrashing about.
And don’t think for a second just because you live in the heart of dry ground that you were immune!
Remember I mentioned earlier “for the moment” or “for the time being” when I mentioned the states and provinces that were in the direct line of fire (literally) of Yellowstone? Well, those who escaped instant death found themselves racing against time as one can only imagine a disaster of this magnitude would bring.
The entire world reached it’s all time high in nuclear disaster. Fukushima was 100% decimated, as if nature decided to finish off what it started when this nuclear plant first got hit. In fact, every single nuclear plant located along coastlines throughout the world were decimated.
And not just by mama nature’s little temper tantrum. Another force got into the big picture here. In addition to all this, there were drones that got into the act as they flew directly to one nuclear site after another and either torpedoed it or went in kamikaze style.
It was as if somebody was out to finish the job that Yellowstone started.
The (sort of) funny part about this was while those who sought to carry out additional destruction upon mankind, their efforts were backfiring as they clearly didn’t make good enough calculations to avoid the fate they were determined to inflict upon others. They took themselves out too and in a far more horrific way than those already taken out at this point.
Underground bunkers became tombs. All of them. Safe havens of every sort they created became death traps.
The forces of nature, starting with Yellowstone, combined with the nuclear holocaust that came with it, saw to it no corner on earth, including anything underground, was habitable.
In the end, no survivors. Not even a plant. The world, ladies and gentleman, was 100% dead. At least for the time being…
That’s the weird part. I knew after the conclusion of this dream that it lined up with another I had approximately 10 years ago.
Now, before anybody tells me it’s my imagination running wild with me, bear in mind I’ve had bouts of this off and on for as far back as 1976 that I can actually remember. There is not enough argument in the world anybody can dish out to me that at 6 years old, long before learning about nuclear energy, or all the stuff that’s been hurled at us as late as (going onto) 42 years later that I could possibly come up with even fragments of this.
I see the patterns of before, during and after. I even see everything in between. And no, I’m not going biblical route here even though that is very much part of the bigger picture at hand. I’m coming forward as if someone has already been there and saw it all unfold as I’ve just described.
In order to be thorough and accurate, I had to look on the map to be sure I got it right. That whole time as I’m doing so, there was this mixed feeling of urgency and release that overwhelmed me. I could feel someone “pushing me” to hurry up while at the same time relaxing me not to panic.
Of those who get it, you know. Of those who don’t, I can only hope (and pray) that you will. As dismal as all this sounds, that feeling of urgency becomes replaced with that feeling of release as I actually have figured out what comes next after all this.
Yes, folks, even after all this death there is another chapter.

The Bridge

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I’ve talked about this dream before and even wrote about it in a few different blog posts I’ve done.  I talk about it often because of all the dreams and nightmares I’ve ever had, this one really sunk into me hard.  I remember the year it happened; 1986.  I was just sixteen years old then and not really as awake of a person as I should have been as far as being spiritually enlightened, so to speak.

I did clue in that it was a prophetic message of some kind.  That much I did figure out, but still had many questions surrounding.  And I knew not one human being could figure it out, not even those who claim to be dream specialists.

The dream involved me being on a tall bridge, high above the ground (more like water) and it was connecting two sides of a city.  For some reason, Vancouver, British Columbia felt like it was the city I was in.  For me that’s weird in itself because I’ve never been there.  And, after that dream I had, I have zero intention of going there.

In the dream I am on this bridge and it’s dark out.  I fathomed it was evening, but there really wasn’t enough time to figure out if that was the case or not.  The dream started immediately with a violent shake that felt like a mammoth earthquake.  All I recall was hanging for dear life on that bridge as the world around me burst into absolute chaos.

I guess I must have closed my eyes while on this bridge because next thing I remember is seeing chaos and destruction on one side of this bridge and the exact same thing on the other.  The only thing that remained unharmed was the bridge itself.  However, laws of physics suggested based on the level of destruction that occurred and that the nightmare was far from over, the fires raging would sooner or later get to the bridge and I’d be done for.

So I wrestled with the decision to which side of this bridge should I run to.  Do I go east or west?  Neither option looked good as they both had so much chaos and destruction going on within them that staying on the bridge was actually safer at the time.  However, there was an urgency to pick a side and just go for it.

Without putting any further thought into it and opting to save my life by any means necessary, I decide to make a run for it towards one of the sides.  However, I do recall stopping just short of reaching the destination as the connection between the bridge I was standing on and the land I was going to run for broke was severed.

Looking back, running to the other side wasn’t an option either as the connection between the bridge and it was also broken.

Now, I do remember the bridge making movement, but it wasn’t as expected.  The lands this bridge was in between were the ones that gave way, not the bridge itself.  I finally figured this one out after years of thinking that bridge was a crossroads for me based on life decisions as to what I wanted from this particular world.

All this time I thought the bridge was telling me time was running out for me to make a choice between sides that had so much uncertainty to them.  But recently I’ve come to realize this wasn’t the case at all.  The bridge was my protection from those two sides of uncertainty.  Remember, in the nightmare those sides were extremely unsafe.  They were in states of chaos and everything was destroyed.  There were cries of despair as lives were being decimated and it was clear survival from all that was just not humanly possible.

I’ve come to realize the bridge was Yeshua (Jesus Christ), hence why I felt so safe on it despite me being clueless to what was really going on.  However, in this nightmare I did not trust Him enough to keep protecting me and I made the mistake of attempting to pick a side in some vain belief that it was the right thing to do.

As I look back, I recall the latter half of 2008 having me at a crossroads in life where I was reacquainting myself with Father by picking up the Holy Bible and do what I’ve never done before.  Read it from cover to cover.  It was already established even then I trusted no denominational church and no man-appointed priest.  I also came across a name and face I recall seeing back in the mid 1980’s that had a profound effect on me.  His name was Herbert R. Armstrong.

It was one of those late nights where I couldn’t sleep.  So, I decide to watch TV and came across The World Tomorrow and it was hosted by him.  It was the only episode I ever saw as I was fatigued and didn’t pay attention to the name of the show nor what hour it came on. I do remember looking for it again but never could find it.  Until 2008.  There was stuff he mentioned that really hit me hard and it was the best piece of ministry I ever knew.  To this day it still is, aside from the bible itself.

What’s uncanny is all that he warned about in that particular episode actually happened.  There’s still more yet to come.  In 2008, when I got the name, the programming and the name Church of God, I did some searching.  I tried to connect to the Worldwide Church of God, but they contradicted what Armstrong preached.  So I searched again and found Restored Church of God.  I then learned about Living Church of God and I started remembering the splinters even Armstrong mentioned.  At first I wasn’t too wary because I was excited about certain veils being lifted I never saw through before.  However, when I started to see certain attitudes and inconsistencies I pulled back.

It was if someone pulled me back.  Again, it’s the bridge feeling.  I felt like when I first read the bible I was on the bridge, searching for a side that seemed approachable enough despite it’s uncertainty.  I had a taste and realized that side is not survivable in it’s current state.  Too much chaos within the ranks and too many splinters that can fly out and take out my eyes and more.

It was even at a time where I favored Zionism, not realizing what it really meant.  For me, I assumed the Zionists were the Jews of the Holy Bible that God rescued from Exodus.  It did not sink in they could be the very counterfeits warned about.  I already knew something was off about the Roman Cathoilc Church and their splintered denominations, but didn’t think too much about the splinters of Judaism.

Again, picking a side with too many uncertainties.  That bridge felt like it jolted me away from fully committing to that side and thus sealing my fate in a manner that would have brought about my destruction.

I already knew the other side of the bridge was not an option.  That side lied to me my whole life.  Even with good intentions, the darkness that engulfs that side is so toxic that it keeps the victims clueless that they’re being systematically killed off.

The raging waters below I’ve come to learn is the symbol of the storm that’s erupting from the wars brewing from the two opposing sides.  The bridge that is situated high above it had me in a position where I could see everything.  However, my judgment was so clouded at the time that panic won out over faith.  It was because of that I nearly ran to my death by failing to believe in the bridge of protection I was standing on.  Those raging waters below is the fight between good and evil that dwells within each of us.

We each have choices to make.  How often are we told to pick a side, or choose your fate?  But, as I’ve taken it upon myself to read the bible the second time recently, I’ve learned there’s another choice we’re offered but this world doesn’t give that to you.  Only Father does via Yeshua (Jesus).
Save Lose.jpgIt then hit me that it wasn’t about a choice what to do with my life as a member of this world, but what I choose to do with my life spiritually.  It was about choosing life on this earth or life with Christ.  Staying on that bridge, even knowing it will let go and plunge into the rough waters below, was choosing to believe in Christ instead of the world I was trapped in that kept me distracted.

Those two sides represented neverending quarrells that had resulted in their inevitable destruction.  So distracted were they with their own pettiness they didn’t realize running to that bridge was their only way out of a fate that would otherwise have them burning forever in that eternal fire the bible talks about.

It’s not the first time I’ve had dreams of this nature, nor has it been the last, but it is the most profound that has really dug deep enough into my psyche where I can’t let it go.  And I won’t let myself let it go even if I could.  Something deep down tells me to remember that bridge and never make the attempt to step off it again.


Drawing Lines

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People seem to think because I speak so harshly against the Islamic faith that I hate Muslims.  Nothing can be further from the truth.  Most Muslims, just like every other form of religion (Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Scientology, Atheism, etc.) don’t fully understand what it is they’re following.

I even speak harshly against various sects involving Christianity and Judaism as I’ve come to recognize that the leaders of the Roman Catholic Church isn’t at all what they appear and neither are the leaders of the Ashkenazi Jewish.  The masses are deceived, just as predicted in both the Holy Bible and the Torah.

Are you aware that the name Allah is Hebrew for curse?
If this doesn’t send an alarm bell to both those of Christian and Jewish faith systems then clearly they’re not as devoted to the true word of God/Yeshua as they claim.


Don’t just take the bible’s word for it.  How about the Quran itself?


But too many, despite learning the truth would rather keep themselves entertained by other means.  And that is because of….


Do you realize pride is what keeps you from reaching your true potential?  It keeps you drowning in a world you shouldn’t be in.

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And pride also causes people to be blind to even the most obvious of truths.

I know what it’s like to have pride get in the way of better judgment.  It prevents you from seeing, makes you deaf and the walls it creates around you has you trapped like a prisoner.  That wall of pride, just like the walls of Jericho, can be taken down.  If necessary, one brick at a time until that wall is completely destroyed so you can cross over into the harsh truths of reality for what it is.  It’s not easy, but it is necessary.

This is what Yehua/God taught his people when they went up against all of the enemies when they were brought out of Egypt.  Who do you think most of those enemies were and why do you think he had such issues with them?  And no, it’s not due to vanity as the atheists would claim.

When you go over the pics do you now understand where this is coming from?  Do you get it yet?  When you reach this state you know there’s no turning back.  And really, when you think about it, do you even want to?  I know I don’t.

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United we stand, divided we fall.

It’s more than just a cliche.  It’s a fact of life.  What is the most effective way for any foe to destroy an enemy?  Divide and conquer.

And right now the enemies of mankind are doing a splendid job of doing just that as we, the people, continue to remain divided over issues that really aren’t so important once you look at the grand scale of things.

So you’re black.  I’m white.  Big deal!  Underneath the skin pigments we both have red blood.  We both the exact same DNA patterns that make us what we are; human.  Neither of us chose what skin color we’d be born with.  We didn’t choose our family bloodline, nor whatever heritage we come from.  It simply happened because our Creator (I call him Father) blessed each of us with the gift of life.

Up until we are old enough to be on our own, it is expected our parents and whoever else is in the family circle do the best jobs they can to protect us from harm and educate us as we train for a world we’re expected to participate in whether we agree with it or not.

I don’t 100% buy the story that how we are raised dictates who we become.  Although it does play a heavy influence into our general psyche, it does not dictate to any of us how we should be once we become old enough to make sound decisions on our own.

Those decisions include how you approach various situations and what sort of person you wish to become once it’s dealt with.  Your fate is entirely in your hands, but don’t think for a second that every decision you make won’t have it’s consequences.  Every action, good or bad, has a reaction that is every bit as effective.

What defines you is up to you.  However, how you see yourself may not be the same as how others see you.  And although maybe you’re not concerned about what other people think of you, keep in mind that when all is said and done and you are returned to the seed from which you came there is indeed a higher authority you have to answer to in the end.  That authority will determine if that seed is worth planting again, or left in the dust where it belongs.

Am I talking about God?  Yes and no.  Yes because whether you choose to wrap your head around it or not, it wasn’t just the sexual act between your parents that ultimately resulted in your birth.  It wasn’t mere chance, or luck of the draw.  It is by design and as talented as you may think your parents are, keep in mind that not every unprotected sexual intercourse between couples has resulted in a pregnancy that has successfully carried to term.  It’s clearly not that simple and that has been proven since the dawn of time itself.

The no answer to the question about God is replacing him with Karma.  Like it or not, Karma has a way of balancing out every action, inaction, good deed, bad deed and whatever else one way or the other.  Payback is indeed a bitch and the more destructive you are towards others, that same level of destruction will bounce right back to you, and at a much meaner pace than you could have ever hoped to dish out.

So for you, as a person, what is the best definition you can describe for yourself?  Are you a loving, caring individual that isn’t afraid to show it?  Or, are you an angry person that feels the need to lash out at anything and everything you don’t agree with and couldn’t care less whom you hurt along the way?  However you answer that question is up to you.  However, keep in mind, how you define yourself may not match how the world sees you, or how God/Karma sees you.  As you work on your own personal definition of yourself, bear this in mind as to whether or not you want to be a seed worth saving, or one that should be discarded into obscurity.

We are living in a world that loves to divide people.  Believe it or not, it is human nature to want togetherness.  The enemies of this world know this and use that to divide us.  Too many fall for it as they see only with blind eyes that stare at false images.  They get so distracted by it that they don’t realize they’ve become oblivious to the real truths that are surrounding them like a swarm.  And jolting a person awake to see with opened eyes is very difficult to do.  Doing so puts a person in a situation where they have to take a good look at themselves first before discovering the truths on their own.

Most people don’t want to look at themselves.  Coming from a person who doesn’t even like looking at her own reflection in the mirror, I can understand this.  Looking inside ourselves means we have to see both the beauty and the ugly.  It’s not easy.  Doing so forces each of us to admit the obvious that we are flawed.  We are not as smart as we’d like to think we are, and most definitely not as righteous.

In the Bible, Job was forced to do this.  Look at how much he lost before he finally realized what was defining him in reality did not match the definition he had regarded himself.  He was forced to humble himself before the Lord and accept the fact that in order to become a better person he had to let go of all the false images surrounding him and see the bigger picture.  Once he was finally able to do this and accept it, that’s when things started to turn around for him.

It’s no different for the rest of us.  We are each a Job in our own right.  Each of us would like to think we’re the “it” thing when in truth we’re not.  However, the enemies of this world will tell you otherwise in their own, twisted way.

Black Lives Matter thinks they’re the “it” factor when they don’t realize they’re merely pawns in a deadly game that has been bought and paid for by a very wealthy man (George Soros) who has played this out before.

You know that other cliche?  You know, the one that says “Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it?”

Guess what?  Evidently we did not learn the lessons displayed when the Roman Empire rose and fell.  And sadly, we did not learn from World War II these exact same lessons.

What all this is doing is defining that we, as a race, will remain doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over again until there’s literally nobody left.

And that’s what the enemies of this world wants.  Through the false images displayed by mainstream media they have divided the people with politics, race, religion, socialist views, color and lifestyle choices.  Groups like Black Lives Matter, ISIS, Al-Qaeda, KKK, Freemasons, etc. are all designed to keep people distracted, keep them divided and keep them scared.

The ultimate definition of humanity is benevolence.  This means we are compassionate, loving, fraternal, philanthropists, humane, considerate, understanding, patient, sympathetic, tolerance and kindness.

It’s a definition that actually binds us together as one, but the enemies of this world don’t want that.  If all of us not only took the time to understand who we are as a race and learned to come together as it was intended by our Creator, those evils that seek to destroy us all wouldn’t stand a chance.  And they know it.

So, they divide and conquer.  Keep us divided through hate groups such as Black Lives Matter and ISIS.  If our governments truly wanted to put an end to terrorism, then why do they keep manufacturing it?  Make no mistake, this is precisely what they do as their corporate sponsors fork out all the funding needed to carry this out.  And mainstream media goes along, telling the news as they’re told to, even though majority of the time it’s not the truth they’re spilling out to the masses.  It’s just a twisted version of it, which ultimately makes it a lie.

We have to be better than this.  We have to prove that the definition of humanity for what it really is doesn’t mean we agree with the divisions placed upon us simply because we don’t have matching skin tones, hair color, religious beliefs nor lifestyle choices.  We are one.  The sooner we realize this and take action the better.

Social media is every bit as helpful as it is destructive.  However, how much longer will this last?  Now that unconstitutional changes have been made to make it more vulnerable than it has ever been before, this may not be the case for much longer.  Again, it’s a divide and conquer technique as now we’re going to see further censorship on matters that really need to be blown wide open.

The enemies of this world realize they’re running out of time.  More people are indeed waking up and learning how to redefine themselves.  Even those bent on the destructive path will eventually come around as they will each encounter that one moment where they’ll be forced to look at themselves.  When that moment comes it’s up to the rest of us to remind them what the definition of humanity is and how all of us, together, can use that as a weapon to take down the enemies of this world once and for all.

Then, we can finally utilize the true definition of humanity by becoming what our Creator had intended us for each of us to be all along; fruitful as our mustard seeds of faith grow into mighty trees that cannot be taken down for as long as we all choose to stand together and believe in the common cause that our humanity is worth fighting for.

Check, Please!

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We all need them.  Reality checks as a regular dosage to remind ourselves there is quite a difference between the type of world we’re being moulded into and the type of world we should be wary of.

The world that’s bent on moulding every human being into drones that think, walk, talk and act the same way goes to great lengths to keep you distracted with headline stories, various forms of entertainment and idolatry.  It’s a way to keep people clueless and divided and they succeed quite well at this.

The world I prefer to live in is very different.  Every human being has a heightened sense of awareness where drone-like behavior has got to be avoided at all costs.  This means learning to look beyond whatever mainstream media and their cohorts broadcast, along with cluing in that the entertainment industry is nothing more than a mind-controlling tool and promotes idolatry in as many forms as they can in the process.

It’s like going to a restaurant and you have the option to sit either in the smoking section, the non-smoking section or outdoors.  Of the restaurants I have ever gone to with this kind of set up their layouts are questionable at best.  There was one where if you preferred to be in a smoke free environment you had to pass through the smoking section first, thus being exposed to something you opted to avoid as a choice.  Same can be said for those who wish to dine outside.  You have to pass through the smoke first if you expect to be seated where there’s fresh air.

That’s how I see the world too.  And I’m not the only one.  For those who wish to enjoy a less toxic atmosphere, you will be forced to travel through the road of cancerous smoke first.  You have on choice if you expect to move forward.

At another restaurant I noticed the smoking section was boxed in while the supposed non-smoking and outdoor ones seemed more open.  At least here there was better isolation except for one problem.  The air ventilation system still had the smoke find it’s way into the very sections that are supposed to be kept clean.

And typically outdoors is not a viable option.   Smoking is allowed there too because for some reason restaurant management figures at least outside the harmful and uncomfortable effects of the smoke isn’t nearly as intolerable as being indoors.  If you’re a nonsmoker and want to eat outside in the fresh air, you’ll have to put up with the smoky air to go with it.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against cigarette smokers.  However, it’s ironic for me that we live in a world where it’s literally smoke screened.  Those who want nothing to do with it are still forced to put up with it all as the “establishment” continues to cater to those stuck with all the addictions they have fed them with.

Mankind is stuck with all sorts of addictions.  Smoking, alcoholism, drugs, food, news, sports, entertainment and traditions.  In essence, I’m not angry with mankind for these things, but do feel sorry for them.  For all of us because none of us are truly immune.

Each of us, from time to time, need to yell out Check, Please! so that we can step out and away from getting too caught up in the madness.  However, like in life, if the restaurant has a bar and gambling machines in them, too many will stay put as they’re lulled senseless by an environment too enticing for them to ignore.

The establishment, otherwise known as the Elite, go to great lengths like any business owner to maximize customer intake.  Whatever methods they can find to lure, trap and drain dry the masses they will do so.  There’s so much smoke thrown into the eyes that almost nobody can see through it.  Of the few who can, this establishment will throw out whatever poses a threat to their business.  Just like how bouncers take out the drunks who become too disruptive for the management’s tastes.

However, there is a huge difference between protecting an honest business and the type of operation this Elite has been up to.  Hiding behind the smoky veils the Illuminati has cast upon the masses, they seek out to control every little thing they can, every human being they can, so that they don’t just drain dry people’s income, but their very souls as well.  As ridiculous as this may sound to you, bear in mind the biggest families in this world that own over half of the world’s assets make it clear they follow a Luciferian religion otherwise known as Satanism.

They use Judaism as a smokescreen to carry out their practices, but once you get past the smoking section of bullshit you see all of it for what it really is.  They also use Christianity and Islam in this manner too.  They are a huge reason why there’s a surge of atheism because when all these religions have been perverted as bad as they have, along with the ministers and congregation that has proven to be no better, it’s easy to understand why so many people now believe there is no real God, there is no Jesus Christ and no such thing as a Holy Spirit.

That’s the whole goal behind Satanism.  Create a world of disbelievers by brainwashing the masses into a variety of dulled states where arguing over petty issues like race and color keeps everyone distracted and divided.  The Elite (and Illuminati) don’t want the world united.  A united world that can see through the smoke would understand the type of world we’re expected to live in and the type of world we deserve to be in are not the same ones at all.

Hate, fear, anger, jealousy, pride, lust, greed and addictions all interfere with the ability to see clean through the thick smoke of deceit.  The sooner people figure this out and deal with those issues the better off they will be.

Love, courage, understanding, forgiveness, patience and humility are awesome tools to help a person tell the difference between what’s real and what’s counterfeit.  As long as reality checks to keep all the negative garbage previously mentioned at bay, not only is that person better off, but if enough people became this way it’d be so much easier for all to band together and change this world from a mad one filled with smoke to a sane one filled with life.

Water Wall

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This is one of my dreams.  I’m making a point to talk about them more because I have a really bad, gut feeling that they’re more than just goofy little nightmares that are influenced by my conspiracy theories, etc.  Most of these dreams have taken place long before I took it upon myself to stop being so apathetic and speak out more.

I had a crazy dream that something hit the earth, or at least something really catastrophic happened that was impossible for any human being to avoid.  I dreamt people who escaped to underground bunkers were trapped down there with no way out and their means of escape wound up becoming nothing more than death traps.

I also dreamt many of those bunkers wound up experiencing structural damage where cracks and holes were created and surges of water and debris poured in with no way to stop it.

My most profound was being outside somewhere, in a field, and I could see the sky looking like a war zone – but the war wasn’t inside earth’s atmosphere.  It was beyond that, but visible enough to see what was happening.  Destruction of literally biblical proportions taking place way up high and knowing full well whatever comes of that will have remnants of hit hitting the earth.

And it did.  I remember hearing crashing, feeling the earth shaking, etc.  The biggie was hearing something coming from the east.  I knew it was coming from that direction based on where I was and how I was standing.

The sound was rumbling, as the ground was also doing the same.  To the west I could see ground breaking up like as if a multitude of miniature earthquakes going off.  Wasn’t super bad, but you can see further west it was actually worse and it was full of smoke, dust and fire.

As scary as that was, it paled compared to what I clued in was coming in from the east.  Looking on, a giant blue wall of water reached heights that could rival the tallest skyscrapers.  It was heading straight for me and I knew flat out there was no way I could escape it.  Nobody could.

That wall seemed to just stay up in the air with refusal to come down.  And it was getting closer.  Why won’t it crash?  I couldn’t understand why it took so long for it to crash down.  That is how the laws of gravity work, right?

But it did crash.  When all that water came down you could see what it had picked up when it reached it’s height.  It had vehicles, a house, debris, people and animals.  Like a tornado, that water scooped up all in it’s path without prejudice and was about to throw all that down with force.

Nothing in the path of this water and the items it took with it had a chance to get out of harm’s way.  I recall the water hitting me with such force that I could literally feel myself in what I can best describe as fluid flight as this powerful tidal wave seemed determined to sweep clean through the prairies without slowing down.

In that dream I honestly don’t know what became of me, other than that water wall hitting me and most definitely knocking the wind out of me.  Did I die?  Did I somehow survive?  I don’t know.  Woke up before I had a chance to figure that part out.

Blood Is Blood

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Look at the shirts in the pictures very carefully.  Pay very close attention as this is important.

Now, look at the men in the pictures and study them.  Be sure you know what you’re looking at before you proceed.

Based on the bloodied shirt pics you’ve seen, plus the pics of the men above, can you match which shirt belongs to which man?  Choose your answer.  The results will be revealed before the end of this post so you can see how well you did.

Shirt #1 belongs to Man A, Man B, Man C, Man D or Man E?
Shirt #2 belongs to Man A, Man B, Man C, Man D or Man E?
Shirt #3 belongs to Man A, Man B, Man C, Man D or Man E?
Shirt #4 belongs to Man A, Man B, Man C, Man D or Man E?
Shirt #5 belongs to Man A, Man B, Man C, Man D or Man E?

And here’s a trick question.  Do the blood stains in this upcoming pic belong to an animal or a human being?

If you honestly think you know the answers to all those questions then clearly you know something I don’t, because every single question asked were out of satire rather than solving mysteries to puzzles that really don’t exist.

We all bleed the same.  We all have flesh, bone and tissue that sums up what we are.  It doesn’t, however, sum up who we are and this is where the choices of each individual dictates exactly what kind of person you really are.

If you’re judgmental, using only what your eyes see before you to make your final decision then you’re allowing vanity to serve as your chief witness instead of common sense.

If you’re going with what circumstantial evidence is available without taking the time to further investigate possible truths that are likely overlooked, you are allowing laziness to decide the verdict for you.

Too many people do this.  Too many people fall for lies without taking a moment to factor in all angles to an argument before making a final judgment.  This has plagued mankind since the very beginning and it still plagues us today.

Think we’ve come along way since the days of Genesis, the Bronze Age and even the Stone Age?  Think again!

Still to this day we place our trust into hands that don’t deserve it and walk away from those who have repeatedly proven they have our backs no matter what.  I’m not going to tell you who all those people and situations are because I’d expect you by now to have figured that out on your own.  It’s up to you to figure it out and not necessarily up to me to tell you who, what and where to place your faiths in.  All I can tell you is there is one thing you possess that will never lie to you if you take the time to listen to it.

It’s called gut instinct.  Too many people ignore it.  They spend too much time with the distractions their eyes and heart tell them to follow instead of bypassing their bullshit like a person with true intelligence would do.  Ignore that gut instinct too often and you no longer recognize it for what it is, but if you really want to seek the truth and let go of all that you’ve been taught by those who didn’t know any better themselves, you’ll figure it out.

In biblical terms, when it’s said “surrender yourself” this is precisely what it means.  Surrender the garbage you’ve been fed all your life.  All of it are distractions designed to keep you dulled down and clueless.  This is why the world is as divided as it is.

People focus on stupid things like race, color, gender and religions.  That gets nobody anywhere.  Stop giving attention to trash that doesn’t deserve it.  Pay attention to your gut feeling, but do so in a relaxed state.  The more tense you are the harder it will be to hear what our gut is saying to you.

Some people call it God’s voice.  Call it what you will, but this “spiritual beacon” will never steer you wrong for as long as you choose to listen to it.  Ignore it and let only your eyes and heart guide you and you’re once again guaranteed to tread down a path you shouldn’t be on.

People who are truly in spiritual sync with themselves, regardless if they believe in God or not, have a better grasp on what humanity is all about than those who don’t.  Even those who think they’re spiritual but are continually prone to carry out bullying tactics are only kidding themselves because they still remain part of the problem.

The madness of this world is being fuelled by divide and conquer tactics that are as old as creation itself.  And too many people allow it to happen because they use what they’ve witnessed with their own eyes, plus the immediate emotion they feel within their hearts, to carry out what they may think may be justice but in truth is nothing more than wrathful revenge that serves no form of correcting a wrong by any means.  All it does is create further division as those who make the same mistake to let their eyes and heart do all the thinking for them, which really isn’t thinking at all.

However, of those who take the time to breathe and let their gut in on the equation, it’s these people who stand out and deserve praise as it is they that make the effort to solve problems with long-term solutions that actually work.  The irrational only focus on short-term solutions that always backfire in the end and make matters worse.  The rational who exercise gut instinct to influence their eyes to focus better and their hearts to feel more than just one emotion at a time make it easy for their brain power to figure out what needs to be done to get the most important goals accomplished.

Those people come in all shapes and sizes, backgrounds and color.  Those people don’t care if their religious beliefs don’t mesh, or if an underweight street person is paired up with an overweight police officer.  They care more about humanity.  In the end, isn’t that what we’re all supposed to be fighting (and living) for anyway?