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GMO Corn and Soy May Damage Vital Organs Study Says

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May? I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t stomach corn, what used to be my favorite vegetable, for the past two years. Each time I ate it, like pork (another thing I stay away from) I’d get super sick and literally force myself to throw up to get rid of that sick feeling. I’ve been having this problem as far back as early 2008. At first I thought it was stress because I lost my best friend that summer.

Then I pegged it had something to do with the Meniere’s Disease. It wasn’t until I had the gall bladder surgery that I figured it out, but even there wasn’t totally clued in yet about how much a GMO product can impact a human being. I continued with my Pepsi drinks and a lifestyle that has been nothing less than ridiculous.

Before embarking on the No Junk Challenge I started to educate myself and wake up that much more. Upon going on the challenge and digging around to ensure I succeeded at it and somehow maintained a way to steer clear from any form of junk food I learned so much more and am awake that much more because of it.

This has stepped up my efforts to fight back and not just for myself. I know I offend so many people when I take my stand against Monsanto and the governments, but I don’t care. This is what I’m after. The only way to wake a person up to take action is to either scare them awake or piss them off so much that they’re fired up enough to do something aobut it and figure this all out for themselves. This is what happened to me.

As hopeful as I am to do this, I’m not stupid. I know there’ll be those pissed off enough to just flat out ignore me and diss me as a goof. I don’t care. To me that just tells me they’re not ready yet to grow up and figure this all out for themselves. To stand against tyranny takes guts. Way too many people have forgotten how to listen to that and it’s sad because that’s God’s direct link to you. I strongly believe this, whether one wants to believe in any form of religion or not. From a purely scientific view, I think the gut acts as our “organic alarm clock” and we need to listen to it way more than what our feeble minds tell us. Our minds are easily tricked and dumbed down, which is why there are so many people today still stuck in corporate comas and deadly denial.


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