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I recently did a blog where I posted a bunch of personally created memes that were of great inspiration to me based on my own experiences as I try to live my life the best I can.  So I’ve since developed a few more.  I actually live by these words and thought there’s no harm in sharing them.



Corporate Welfare vs. People Welfare

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Right in plain sight of the people, both our governments and the corporate sponsors are responsible for twisting our nations into something ugly as it’s overloaded with corruption. We, the people, allowed them to do it by voting in one bad choice after another, thinking the next person will do any better.
Folks, the banners those so-called leaders haven’t changed. They’re just the faces of the puppets the real people who’ve taken charge of something that was never theirs in the first place.
This world, nation for nation, region for region, belongs to YOU! The PEOPLE! Those who are in positions of authority know this, but despite it all, abuse it and have the masses thinking otherwise.
And the masses have allowed it. That’s the most tragic story out of all this global madness that has gripped every man, woman and child into a form of slavery many don’t even realize they’re in.
JFK warned us about this. As did many before and after him. Sadly, very few listen and fewer still take enough heed into the warning to do what they can to reverse this grossly mismanagement of fortune. They didn’t listen when Jesus Christ and his Apostles made those exact same warnings (via Revelations) either. If they did, the past 2000 years would have seen a very different world develop over time as the evils would have been kept in check by those opting to remain vigilant enough to remember what even the tablets Moses carved for the people as he was influenced by God to write them up.
People were too stubborn to listen back then (when Aaron shaped a golden calf and it was worshipped) and are still too stubborn now (as we have a worshipped golden cow at Wall Street) and this is what’s killing us all.
People, you are not going to play a role in solving the world’s problems, nation for nation, region for region, by voting in one politician after another simply because the current one is letting you down. When it’s collectively agreed the options for the next at bat are undesirable, this is when all the people must come forward together as a grand unit and demand we deserve better. If better cannot be provided, then we create that improvement ourselves.
I am just one person. I can only do so much. However, when I realize there’s a group of people who think and feel as I do and realize it takes more than just random FB posts to make a difference, I’m going to work with those people and together we’ll do what we can to make a difference.
We’ve been sold out. In fact, we are constantly sold to the highest bidder as to what new forms of abuse are they going to inflict upon us as a population, regardless of what corner of this earth we reside on. That is slavery. We are all trapped in it whether you choose to realize it or not. The corporations involved wheel and deal among themselves and then push the government to do their part. That’s how it works and it’s an extreme abuse of power they don’t deserve.
But for as long as we allow them to get away with this, it’ll never change. It won’t matter who is prime minister of Canada, nor who is president of America. Even the other leaders of their nations of the world are somewhat irrelevant. Think Putin is so great? He talks good game and puts on a good show, but people overlook for someone who claims he wants death to the Rothschilds he has an odd way of showing it by keeping their Coat of Arms as their Russian Coat of Arms.
In Canada, prior to Justin Trudeau, Stephen Harper was already selling out Canada. He merely picked up where Brian Mulroney left off. Prior to him it was Pierre Elliott Trudeau. It’s a pattern on a federal stage that to this day the people are clueless to the fact not one of them is truly in charge. Canada is a corporation, disguised as a nation, by the Commonwealth. That Commonwealth is run by a Monarchy, who in turn is run by the Rothschilds. The Rothschilds share the same Illuminati bed as Soros, Rockefeller, Clinton, and several other families who have very deep, dark secrets and agendas.
In the United States of America, the seeds of corruption began long before Bill Clinton, both generations of George Bush and Barack Obama got in. However, it catapulted considerably when Obama got sworn into an office he had no right to have in the first place. Call it racism if you will, but America was founded by those who wanted to keep America as a nation free of racial and religious corruption. And what I mean by that is not separating blacks from whites, or natives from whites, but separating those who use personal prejudice as a means to carry out their political agendas from those who exercise better forms of judgment.
Through Obama, the sellout of America has reached new heights to the point where it’s really not United States of America anymore. Instead of keeping out the corporate corruption he has allowed it to be in key positions of political power they should not ever have. This has reduced the people into an even deeper form of slavery that will make it harder for them to climb out of. But this is precisely what the sellouts of America want. And sadly, the people allow it.
In essence, folks, you have sold out your own nations, region by region by allowing the political sellouts to seize power and dupe you all into thinking their word is indeed law. It isn’t.
Not only has the nations been sold out, but so have the families within it. The souls of those families are at the mercy of the buyers who feel it’s their right to do whatever they please because of it. And because this abuse has gone pretty much unchecked and has pretty much remained that way all this time, the sneaky tactics of these bullies will continue to reach new heights of crimes against humanity until there is literally nothing left.
That is why I fight and bitch as much as I do. I won’t stand for it. Again, I am just one person, but I know I’m not alone in it. Sadly, not nearly enough join in on that fight nor dare voice out like they should and that’s what makes it harder than it needs to be.
And that’s why I find myself all too often angered and disappointed with the majority of the human race because I know deep down we’re better than this. I’m striving for it with everything I’ve got and although I’m far from being an ultimate warrior or a divine source of guidance, I won’t back down. I know as one person I’m no match against Wall Street nor the Sellouts, but I’m not seeking to dominate them. Just enough to wound them so that others can step in and pick up where I leave off.
Someone jokingly gave me a nickname back at a hotel I used to work with as “ankle biter” as I’ve never been one to back down from doing what I honestly felt was right, even if it meant it’d be an unpopular decision that could put me in jail or get me fired. I’m protective by nature (Chinese Metal Dog) and fiery (Leo) to go with it. I don’t mind biting ankles. I always have been the type to seek out the Achilles heel weakness in literally anything and everything and I don’t give it a second thought to exploit it if I’m given cause to do so.
Which is what I’ve been doing ever since “waking up” to the reality that this entire world has been lied to for way too long and I’m fed up with the puppetry. Global finance needs to be thrown into oblivion where it belongs. If my teeth are strong enough to wound their ankles so that others can swarm in for the kill then let’s do it!
I figured out a long time ago that money is indeed the root to all evil. Sadly, we’re all slaves to it (myself included) and that bondage of slavery will not be broken until the people take down corporate corruption and political puppetry that are in charge of all of it.

If I Had A $1,000,000…

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Ah.  Dreams.  Good ones.  Not bad ones.  The ones that get your mind reeling with possibilities.

How many of you have experienced “what if” moments when you buy a lottery ticket, or come across the remote possibility of a dream come true pile of cash fall onto your lap that you can do whatever with?

I’m no different.  I have those too.  For the fun of it, thought I’d share what I’d do…

#1 Dept Payment.  I think this is a given for everyone.  Whoever you owe, etc. you take care of and put that part of your past behind you.  It’s done.

#2 Locate the “perfect property” and go there.  Mine is simple.  I don’t want a beach, nor some fancy condo, etc.  I’m not even interested in a world cruise.  What I want is a nice chunk of land that puts me far enough away from mainstream civilization where I can live in peace, but at the same time not too far so that if there’s anything needed I can access it.  This would be as close to 100% off grid living as possible.  The only “on grid” I’d consider is phone and satellite services.

#3 Recruit folks who’d be interested in joining me in what would actually be more than just a permanent retreat for me, but for others as we’d work together as a community that serves each other to make ourselves as self-sustaining as possible.

#4 Build a sanctuary for both people and animals.  I make it no secret I’m a cat fan.  I hate the idea of abused, homeless and neglected animals and if I have a chance to design a safe place for them to go where those within the community I wish to carve feel the same as I do.

#5 Design a business where the community works together, exploiting the creations we design whether it be by gardening, food prep, artwork and crafting.  We make these available via farmers markets, trade shows, online and roadside vending opportunities as they arise.  (One idea was during warmer months from May to October have a roadside cafe of sorts that’s ideally located on a busy road or highway close to town.)

#6 With the profits, after all the bills are paid and enough assurances that everyone’s needs within the community are met, find folks who could use some help from time to time.  Assistance such as helping a family facing eviction catch up, or a young mom who can’t quite make enough to feed her child(ren) due to some unexpected expense that hit her.  I know we can’t help everyone, but I firmly believe even if it’s to cover a morning round of coffees for a bunch of seniors in a restaurant simply because, it’s great.  It shows you care.  I know I do.

Now, pictures say far more than mere words.  Okay, here are pic examples of what I’d do if I had that prize million dollars….

I’ve always been a strong believer in community, even when I didn’t wake up enough to realize it.  Prior to this, I had always dreamt of running a getaway resort somewhere.  That dream I’ve had since I was a teenager.

I still want that resort, but more community based than anything.  This is what I want.  This is what I dream for and literally pray for pretty much each day.

I value life.  I value our creator.  Some of you call him God (as do I) but I prefer to call him Father.  Mother, to me, is our Holy Spirit as she is what binds us all as we do the best we can endure in a world that has truly become nightmarish.

I value Jesus Christ, what he stood for and as an example of whom we should all strive to be.  I value humanity and willingly engage in all the possibilities we could achieve if we simply learned to come together, work together and just live together.  We do this as individuals, as a community and as a family.

Strip it all the way down to the very core of human beginnings of Adam and Eve, we are all related one way or the other.  We all came from the same creator and we all call this earth our home.  It’s not perfect, but neither are we.  There are vast differences that do indeed prove to be challenging, but that’s the beauty of it.

And all I really want, deep down, $1 million or not, is to see that happen.  My dream is a modest community that works with mother nature and not against it.  It’s also a dream that sees people working together and never against each other.  We also strive to not only protect each other as human beings, but what we’ve been appointed as stewards to.  We’re supposed to be looking after this earth and all life on it.  I really want to do this.  It honestly breaks my heart that I sincerely cannot do more than what I’m currently able to do.  It’s not nearly enough.  It never will be.

But at least I can still dream.  I still have hope and I still pray


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United we stand, divided we fall.

It’s more than just a cliche.  It’s a fact of life.  What is the most effective way for any foe to destroy an enemy?  Divide and conquer.

And right now the enemies of mankind are doing a splendid job of doing just that as we, the people, continue to remain divided over issues that really aren’t so important once you look at the grand scale of things.

So you’re black.  I’m white.  Big deal!  Underneath the skin pigments we both have red blood.  We both the exact same DNA patterns that make us what we are; human.  Neither of us chose what skin color we’d be born with.  We didn’t choose our family bloodline, nor whatever heritage we come from.  It simply happened because our Creator (I call him Father) blessed each of us with the gift of life.

Up until we are old enough to be on our own, it is expected our parents and whoever else is in the family circle do the best jobs they can to protect us from harm and educate us as we train for a world we’re expected to participate in whether we agree with it or not.

I don’t 100% buy the story that how we are raised dictates who we become.  Although it does play a heavy influence into our general psyche, it does not dictate to any of us how we should be once we become old enough to make sound decisions on our own.

Those decisions include how you approach various situations and what sort of person you wish to become once it’s dealt with.  Your fate is entirely in your hands, but don’t think for a second that every decision you make won’t have it’s consequences.  Every action, good or bad, has a reaction that is every bit as effective.

What defines you is up to you.  However, how you see yourself may not be the same as how others see you.  And although maybe you’re not concerned about what other people think of you, keep in mind that when all is said and done and you are returned to the seed from which you came there is indeed a higher authority you have to answer to in the end.  That authority will determine if that seed is worth planting again, or left in the dust where it belongs.

Am I talking about God?  Yes and no.  Yes because whether you choose to wrap your head around it or not, it wasn’t just the sexual act between your parents that ultimately resulted in your birth.  It wasn’t mere chance, or luck of the draw.  It is by design and as talented as you may think your parents are, keep in mind that not every unprotected sexual intercourse between couples has resulted in a pregnancy that has successfully carried to term.  It’s clearly not that simple and that has been proven since the dawn of time itself.

The no answer to the question about God is replacing him with Karma.  Like it or not, Karma has a way of balancing out every action, inaction, good deed, bad deed and whatever else one way or the other.  Payback is indeed a bitch and the more destructive you are towards others, that same level of destruction will bounce right back to you, and at a much meaner pace than you could have ever hoped to dish out.

So for you, as a person, what is the best definition you can describe for yourself?  Are you a loving, caring individual that isn’t afraid to show it?  Or, are you an angry person that feels the need to lash out at anything and everything you don’t agree with and couldn’t care less whom you hurt along the way?  However you answer that question is up to you.  However, keep in mind, how you define yourself may not match how the world sees you, or how God/Karma sees you.  As you work on your own personal definition of yourself, bear this in mind as to whether or not you want to be a seed worth saving, or one that should be discarded into obscurity.

We are living in a world that loves to divide people.  Believe it or not, it is human nature to want togetherness.  The enemies of this world know this and use that to divide us.  Too many fall for it as they see only with blind eyes that stare at false images.  They get so distracted by it that they don’t realize they’ve become oblivious to the real truths that are surrounding them like a swarm.  And jolting a person awake to see with opened eyes is very difficult to do.  Doing so puts a person in a situation where they have to take a good look at themselves first before discovering the truths on their own.

Most people don’t want to look at themselves.  Coming from a person who doesn’t even like looking at her own reflection in the mirror, I can understand this.  Looking inside ourselves means we have to see both the beauty and the ugly.  It’s not easy.  Doing so forces each of us to admit the obvious that we are flawed.  We are not as smart as we’d like to think we are, and most definitely not as righteous.

In the Bible, Job was forced to do this.  Look at how much he lost before he finally realized what was defining him in reality did not match the definition he had regarded himself.  He was forced to humble himself before the Lord and accept the fact that in order to become a better person he had to let go of all the false images surrounding him and see the bigger picture.  Once he was finally able to do this and accept it, that’s when things started to turn around for him.

It’s no different for the rest of us.  We are each a Job in our own right.  Each of us would like to think we’re the “it” thing when in truth we’re not.  However, the enemies of this world will tell you otherwise in their own, twisted way.

Black Lives Matter thinks they’re the “it” factor when they don’t realize they’re merely pawns in a deadly game that has been bought and paid for by a very wealthy man (George Soros) who has played this out before.

You know that other cliche?  You know, the one that says “Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it?”

Guess what?  Evidently we did not learn the lessons displayed when the Roman Empire rose and fell.  And sadly, we did not learn from World War II these exact same lessons.

What all this is doing is defining that we, as a race, will remain doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over again until there’s literally nobody left.

And that’s what the enemies of this world wants.  Through the false images displayed by mainstream media they have divided the people with politics, race, religion, socialist views, color and lifestyle choices.  Groups like Black Lives Matter, ISIS, Al-Qaeda, KKK, Freemasons, etc. are all designed to keep people distracted, keep them divided and keep them scared.

The ultimate definition of humanity is benevolence.  This means we are compassionate, loving, fraternal, philanthropists, humane, considerate, understanding, patient, sympathetic, tolerance and kindness.

It’s a definition that actually binds us together as one, but the enemies of this world don’t want that.  If all of us not only took the time to understand who we are as a race and learned to come together as it was intended by our Creator, those evils that seek to destroy us all wouldn’t stand a chance.  And they know it.

So, they divide and conquer.  Keep us divided through hate groups such as Black Lives Matter and ISIS.  If our governments truly wanted to put an end to terrorism, then why do they keep manufacturing it?  Make no mistake, this is precisely what they do as their corporate sponsors fork out all the funding needed to carry this out.  And mainstream media goes along, telling the news as they’re told to, even though majority of the time it’s not the truth they’re spilling out to the masses.  It’s just a twisted version of it, which ultimately makes it a lie.

We have to be better than this.  We have to prove that the definition of humanity for what it really is doesn’t mean we agree with the divisions placed upon us simply because we don’t have matching skin tones, hair color, religious beliefs nor lifestyle choices.  We are one.  The sooner we realize this and take action the better.

Social media is every bit as helpful as it is destructive.  However, how much longer will this last?  Now that unconstitutional changes have been made to make it more vulnerable than it has ever been before, this may not be the case for much longer.  Again, it’s a divide and conquer technique as now we’re going to see further censorship on matters that really need to be blown wide open.

The enemies of this world realize they’re running out of time.  More people are indeed waking up and learning how to redefine themselves.  Even those bent on the destructive path will eventually come around as they will each encounter that one moment where they’ll be forced to look at themselves.  When that moment comes it’s up to the rest of us to remind them what the definition of humanity is and how all of us, together, can use that as a weapon to take down the enemies of this world once and for all.

Then, we can finally utilize the true definition of humanity by becoming what our Creator had intended us for each of us to be all along; fruitful as our mustard seeds of faith grow into mighty trees that cannot be taken down for as long as we all choose to stand together and believe in the common cause that our humanity is worth fighting for.

My Favorite Dream

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Everybody has those dreams they carve for themselves where it’s a better alternative than dealing with today’s reality.  In the real world it is so full of madness that no sane person in their right mind would want to have anything to do with it in the first place.  Unfortunately we have to, but that doesn’t mean when we get moments to dream of an escape we won’t take it.

For some, that dream involves some sort of luxury getaway where all their wildest fantasies come true.  For others, the dream of being some sort of action hero that we see on the screens is their personal ticket to paradise.  Both of these types of dreams are larger than life and that’s why so many people are so drawn to it.  I’m certainly no exception, but there’s one dream I indulge in without second thought and keep wishing and praying for it to come true.  I even try in some feeble attempt to make it happen, but I know it’s something I cannot do for now.

I will admit, when 2008 hit and I got my chance to move away from the big city and towards a much smaller community I know I made the right choice.  I like my life better now than I ever did up to that point.  I live in a good community with good people, but in my dreams these days, this is what I want;

  1. A 100% self-sustaining community that doesn’t rely on government-run ones where the plug can get pulled at any given time, regardless if you keep up with the bills or not.
  2. A 100% self-sustaining community where everybody works together to grow, hunt and produce food for all folks within that community and not one person is ever put in a position where they feel like they have to go to bed at night without enjoying at least a single, fulfilling meal.
  3. It is a sanctuary, located far from the closest city for at least a few hours and this place caters to both man and animal in a mutual agreement that a peaceful way of life is the most important requirement in order to be a part of this community.  We look after each other, and the animals, and also the environment in which we live in.
  4. There is no more reliance on man-led governments that have proven over and over to be corrupt and short-sighted.  However, you do rely on yourself, your neighbors, on Mother Earth and on God to appreciate and function at the highest possible levels you can achieve for yourself.
  5. All medical concerns are dealt with naturally, not chemically.  The means is there to do such a thing, not to mention better dietary and lifestyle choices that vastly reduce any form of health ailments that tend to fly your way otherwise.
  6. This community puts the needs of the homeless first in the form of housing, clothing and food.  In exchange for providing them with these needs they contribute towards construction and/or repair of new dwellings so that more can join the community, resource collecting to cover as many needs as possible that include food, water, clothing, energies, health concerns, education, etc.
  7. In a world that insists we all pay taxes, our community would get by on this by participating in farmers markets, trade shows and commissioned sales by partnering with localized retailers to keep up with such bills.  It wouldn’t be that difficult considering this particular community would never have to pay electricity, water nor heat because we’d take care of those needs on our own.  This community has no real need for the telephone or internet, but for the sake of “keeping in touch” with the world a community-based “net center” would be installed to cover those.  It also provides another means of income via online sales of whatever products those within the community develops.

Sounds like one of those “backwards” communities we hear about, doesn’t it?  Thing is, if those communities were so backwards then why is it they seem to be more generally happy with each other and get along with each other better than we do?  The majority of the world, in my opinion, is the one that has it backwards.  We are the ones that have lost faith whereas those “stuck in time” haven’t.  We are the ones that call each other names due to color, racial and religious differences.  They don’t.  Even if they don’t like something, instead of being jerks about it they deal with it accordingly and without violent expressions that even they know would make a situation far worse than it already is.

That is why I created this blog site and why I named it Humanity World Order.  At one point I was actually going to change the name as I stared down the word humanity and realized it has a multitude of meanings to it and not all of them are good ones.

  1. Human beings collectively.  (Right now, our collection is filled with corruption, deception and have gone insane.  If this is humanity, then I want no part of that.)
  2. The quality or condition of being human.  (True human beings stick to their human nature, which is to love, cherish and obey themselves, each other and the laws of nature.  This is the humanity I do want to be a part of and why I will fight to my last breath in favor of it.)
  3. The quality of being humane through acts of kindness and benevolence.  (Another humanity definition I want to endorse/support as I believe in that.)

For me, Humanity World Order means we work together as one through acts of kindness, benevolence, love and obedience.  Now, I know people may not like the word “obey” but if there is any one thing I’ve learned in my quest to be independent I’ve come to realize that being obedient towards your creator is not a luxury merely exercised by the so-called religious, but a necessity among those who wish to remain faithful to the true roots of their being.

Those true roots started with an ultimate creator.  That creator granted the exact same gift of life you got through your parents, your grandparents, their grandparents and so on until the original lineage reaches as far back to the creation of Adam and Eve in Genesis.

Cringe at the thought I’m referring to the Holy Bible. I honestly don’t care.  There are many takes to who/what the bible really is and when you look past the 6000-year notion depicted by zealous religious factions that limit their research to the blind faith their preachers instruct them to, you can see just how in depth that bible really is.

I often come across the Annunaki, some race (also mentioned in the bible) of what I’ve deemed as control freaks that see mankind having no more worth than lowly slave rats to do their bidding.  It’s interesting when you start cross-referencing between science, science fiction, biblical history, astronomic and geographic discoveries, and mankind’s factual and fictional timeline how almost all of it puzzle together virtually effortlessly.  However, in order for the puzzle pieces to mesh without force, you have to approach every angle of an argument as open-minded as possible.  Close even just one avenue slightly and the vision becomes distorted.  This is where so many people actually go wrong and why the science community almost never agrees with the religious one, nor do all those who insist the religion they follow is the only correct one and all the others are false.

I used to be close to the splinters of the various Church Of God groups.  In fact, most recently I started paying attention to Restored Church Of God and although I agree with about 99% of what they have to say, there’s that 1% that still tells me not to trust them.  So, going with that I broke away again.  I cannot, nor will not, ever put full faith in anything man-led.  Man are too easily corrupted, myself included.

I trust only God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and Mother Earth.  Everything else is left in the dust.  I will work with humanity, as I not only feel compelled to do so, but it has been a dream I’ve had for a very, very long time.

At first, before waking up, I dreamt of running a community-like resort where it’s situated far away from the madness of the modern world.  I never dreamt of anything that matches the 5-star properties you see only the wealthiest of the wealthy can afford.  I merely dreamt of family sites where the environmental impact was minimal, but the impression it made upon people and animals was so profound that it helped shape (or reshape) who they are and what they wanted in their lives.

That’s my dream.  That’s what I want, but much has changed since 1984 when I first had that resort owner dream.  When I look back, even for 2008, I bow my head that I didn’t push for it better.  I allowed myself to get too distracted and now as I feel time is running out on this earth due to the massively hysterical madness that’s engineered it I feel the only way this dream will ever become reality is if God himself creates it for me (and those like me) because it is a good one.

It’s not asking to harm the environment.  It’s not asking for slaves.  It’s embracing life over death.  It’s favoring community without conformity, but at the same time a faithful requirement to appreciate and give thanks to the ultimate creators who’ve made it all possible.  Man is not to be credited for such things.  They can be credited for their assistance, but to take full responsibility is not only foolish but arrogant.  God (Father) and (Mother) Earth has provided all mankind needs in order to work with what we’ve got and how we go about it depends greatly on what kind of direction we choose to go.

Mankind chose badly.  Shortcuts and reckless squandering of such resources has plunged this world into great turmoil and like a child abusing the mom, we have abused Mother Earth without remorse.  We have a society where one half wants to continue tearing her apart with methods that are truly destructive and the other half want her left alone.  It’s like observing people purposely blowing a person’s arm off so they can use it for whatever reasons they’ve come up with, and then replacing it back on the person with a new one.  In their minds it’s like “no harm done” and yet they don’t realize the trauma they’ve just inflicted upon that person lasts more than just a short while.  It’s a lifetime scar.

It’s no different with Mother Nature/Earth.  We’ve scarred her.  Badly.  She’s trying to heal, but too many won’t let her.  The greed and pride that fuels such individuals to treat her like a non-living experiment is astounding.  And what’s worse is not enough people see this for what it is.  Of those who do, they get ridiculed that if they have such issues with this level of destruction then why continue using those very resources?

Anybody with an ounce of brain capacity realizes that today’s world has seen to it that it’s not possible.  Aside from the “backwards” communities that have managed to steer clear from the so-called progress of modern society, everybody has been steered down a direction where it’s either comply if you want to live or resist if you prefer death.

I don’t want to use my car, but I have to.  It’s necessary to use so that I can go to work and back and at least be able to try and keep up with the bills just so I can keep a roof over my head.  I don’t want to use fossil fuels of any kind in anything I do and I have been taking measures to break away from such things, but when lack of money limits a person to achieve this, not to mention lack of support from those who honestly should know better, it doesn’t make it easier.

Our governments have seen to it we’re captive in this sort of state and even as we speak, of those who’ve managed to develop the type of communities I’ve dreamt about, they’re being targeted to “get back on the grid” so that once again they can be controlled by an elite few who want to continue running the entire world their way.  It’s actually a dream to see more of those communities pop up, plus the one that I just shared.

I know I’m not the only one that has this kind of dream.  I know some of you got something similar.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could work together to pull it off?  And no, that’s not just dream talk, folks.  I mean it.  If enough of us band together to do this then why not?

I’m Sorry

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Misunderstandings happen.

Now, am I apologizing for anything in specific here based on the title I’ve chosen for this particular blog post?

The answer to that is both yes and no.

Yes, because I wish I had kept my eyes opened wide enough the first time I got jolted from my slumber when I was even just a small child.  Granted, children often cannot grasp the complexity of awkward nightmares that plague them that had nothing to do with horror movies or graphic stories they’ve watched or been told about.  Adults can’t, so expecting a child to do any better is unrealistic.

I also apologize for not being more vigilant when my wake up calls alerted me to the real truths.  I chose to shut everything out.  Wasn’t in denial, but simply kept my mouth shut for a series of reasons that go from not wanting to offend people to not wanting to draw unwanted attention my way and possibly being in the wrong with my viewpoints.  I know I’m not perfect and I know I don’t have all the answers.

But, did Noah have all the answers when he built his ark?  When God “spoke” to him, which is what I believe is a very direct form of a wake up call as there were specific agendas set into place at that time, Noah had no idea what was really in store.  All he knew was he had to build something to protect pairs of various wildlife from a grand flood that was soon incoming.  It was the job of he and his family to serve as stewards for these animals until the time came where they no longer needed to do so.

In this time frame, Noah tried to warn, as this was also part of what he was told to do.  He warned.  Nobody listened.  By the time they clued in what was in store it was too late.

Sometimes I feel like Noah.  I see things coming and sense things coming that I guess only the messenger can understand.  No matter how clear the translation is, or how well a picture is presented, people tend to see only what they want to see.  It’s easier to be coddled in a cradle of lies than it is to jump off the bandwagon and tread down the rocky road of truth.  It’s easier to let our eyes serve as our compass as it focuses only on the bright lights as opposed to closing those eyes and letting our gut instinct serve as our guide through even the darkest zones.

As I apologize for not being more vigilant right from the beginning, at the same time I do not apologize for being that way now.  I do not apologize for daring to speak up and if I offend you with what I have to say, how I prefer to think and how I go about it I’ve learned that’s more your problem than it is mine.  I do not believe in directly attacking any given person in a manner that paints me as a bully, but I will not coddle that person into a false sense of security either.  I have no problem listening to all sides of an argument, but I will have a problem if the presenter comes across as an idiot rather than a rational human being that just happens to see things differently than I do.

I love it when people have differences.  It shows our diversity and challenges each of us to take a moment to look at something with as many angles as possible.  Of this nobody should ever feel ashamed nor apologize for.

However, if it’s done in a manner where bullying is the preferred tactic over respectful negotiations then it does become a problem and that’s where a person needs to take a moment to breathe and apologize for attempting to be so forceful.  It has been my experience and observation that forceful people are always in the wrong as they shove their belief system in a manner that comes across as one-sided, and this is where so many people screw up.  So tunnel-visioned with their views, even if they are in the right, the wrongful way they go about it is guaranteed to have a backfire effect that will result in a senseless war instead of an intellectual agreement to disagree.

I don’t, nor will I ever, apologize for who I am.  I am me.  It took me over 40 years to come to terms with who I am, what I am, and why I’m here and not you nor any other human being for that matter is in a rightful position to convince me otherwise.  And I will not apologize by telling you the exact same thing about you.  You are who you are, what you are and why you’re here.

I will also not apologize for believing in God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and in the Holy Bible.  I do not apologize for following a path I have chosen for myself because it’s mostly guided by my gut feeling rather than the dulled senses of eyesight and heartbeats.

I actually do apologize for the occasional caving into the desire to lash out against those who’ve wronged me in a manner I know flat out was unjustified as each time those are done with childish tactics that bring out the worst in me.  I also do apologize for engaging in greed, vanity, gluttony, jealousy, lust and laziness as I’ve seen personally how unproductive those traits have been in literally anything I’ve ever done.

However, as much as I apologize for doing those, I don’t apologize for the experiences I’ve gained from doing them because they taught me valuable lessons needed in order to become a better person.  And I don’t do this for God’s sake, nor to appease Jesus.  I do it for myself because it is I that needs to be healed above and beyond anything else that matters.

That is how a human being moves forward.  Apologize for the mistakes you’ve made, but don’t apologize if the experiences you’ve learned from it makes you want to be a better person so you don’t repeat them.  That’s the whole point behind repenting in the first place.

Repenting for your sins isn’t necessarily something to apologize to God for.  It’s more about apologizing to yourself as each time you do a wrong, you’ve just injured a piece of your soul.  That soul is connected to the Holy Spirit.  When the soul is damaged, the life force that connects you to that spirit is weakened.  The only way you can strengthen it is to heal yourself by acknowledging your mistakes and making every effort possible to avoid making them again.

Not enough people do this.

Too many people, instead of accepting their faults and the responsibilities they owe themselves to move forward, they go into denial.  Through rage, pride, jealousy and greed they carry out actions without putting enough thought into exactly what it is they’re doing.  Most people are good by nature, but each of us have threads of evil within us that are waiting to be sewn together so all that goodness gets buried too deep to be noticed.

By birth, it’s human nature to love.  With that love comes the desire to learn.  Sadly, these traits get abused so often that too many wind up conditioned with a line of thinking that clouds proper judgment.  In turn, it causes people to carry out actions they likely wouldn’t do otherwise.  In cases like these, they must apologize and atone for those misdeeds if they expect to heal themselves enough to go back to that human nature trait they were originally born with.

Too many people don’t do this, though.  Pride prevents people from apologizing and learning from their mistakes.  Pride also serves as the primary catalyst to starting arguments and wars that may seem to make sense at the time when they engage in them, but when all the smokescreens are taken away the stupidity of it all becomes too apparent to ignore.

And this is where I feel the need to apologize on behalf of mankind.  As Jesus said when he was being flogged and crucified, he cried out “they not know what they do” I tend to agree with him because clouded people are carrying out their actions without realizing just how wrong they are in doing so.

The excuse “at least their hearts are in the right place” doesn’t wash with me.  Not anymore.  Hearts are just as easily deceived and can be just as easily abusive as our eyes.  Mankind has much to apologize for and much to atone for.  I’m not God, but even I know this.  And for those falsely believing Jesus will automatically save regardless if you do right or wrong, you need to apologize both to him and to yourself for such a lazy way of thinking.

Remember, one of the sins we must atone for is sloth.  Jesus is our savior, yes, but it’s futile to save something that doesn’t wish to be saved.  Just like a drunk or drug addict, unless the person is willing to snap out of the state they got themselves into, no amount of help extended to that person will rescue him/her from whatever abyss they’ve plunged themselves into.  They have to snap out of it themselves and take those important steps forward if they hope to survive.

The first and most important step to move forward is through the humbling effect of a personal apology to anyone and everyone that comes to mind, including yourself.  Don’t forget yourself!  If you can’t apologize to yourself nor forgive yourself you have no chance!  You have to heal yourself so that you can achieve the strength you need in order to move forward because it’s not going to be an easy journey.

Those evil threads within us are always eager to go back to work and will find any means to do so.  By apologizing and meaning it as you do so, you’re shoving those evils back into the unemployment line where they belong.  Let the good nature within you have their jobs back to help define who you really are, why you’re really here and what you’re really supposed to do with your life.

Once you’ve gone there then you’ve got very little left to apologize for.  You then become a better, stronger person for it and people will likely wind up apologizing to you once it’s their turn to come around.

Blood Is Blood

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Look at the shirts in the pictures very carefully.  Pay very close attention as this is important.

Now, look at the men in the pictures and study them.  Be sure you know what you’re looking at before you proceed.

Based on the bloodied shirt pics you’ve seen, plus the pics of the men above, can you match which shirt belongs to which man?  Choose your answer.  The results will be revealed before the end of this post so you can see how well you did.

Shirt #1 belongs to Man A, Man B, Man C, Man D or Man E?
Shirt #2 belongs to Man A, Man B, Man C, Man D or Man E?
Shirt #3 belongs to Man A, Man B, Man C, Man D or Man E?
Shirt #4 belongs to Man A, Man B, Man C, Man D or Man E?
Shirt #5 belongs to Man A, Man B, Man C, Man D or Man E?

And here’s a trick question.  Do the blood stains in this upcoming pic belong to an animal or a human being?

If you honestly think you know the answers to all those questions then clearly you know something I don’t, because every single question asked were out of satire rather than solving mysteries to puzzles that really don’t exist.

We all bleed the same.  We all have flesh, bone and tissue that sums up what we are.  It doesn’t, however, sum up who we are and this is where the choices of each individual dictates exactly what kind of person you really are.

If you’re judgmental, using only what your eyes see before you to make your final decision then you’re allowing vanity to serve as your chief witness instead of common sense.

If you’re going with what circumstantial evidence is available without taking the time to further investigate possible truths that are likely overlooked, you are allowing laziness to decide the verdict for you.

Too many people do this.  Too many people fall for lies without taking a moment to factor in all angles to an argument before making a final judgment.  This has plagued mankind since the very beginning and it still plagues us today.

Think we’ve come along way since the days of Genesis, the Bronze Age and even the Stone Age?  Think again!

Still to this day we place our trust into hands that don’t deserve it and walk away from those who have repeatedly proven they have our backs no matter what.  I’m not going to tell you who all those people and situations are because I’d expect you by now to have figured that out on your own.  It’s up to you to figure it out and not necessarily up to me to tell you who, what and where to place your faiths in.  All I can tell you is there is one thing you possess that will never lie to you if you take the time to listen to it.

It’s called gut instinct.  Too many people ignore it.  They spend too much time with the distractions their eyes and heart tell them to follow instead of bypassing their bullshit like a person with true intelligence would do.  Ignore that gut instinct too often and you no longer recognize it for what it is, but if you really want to seek the truth and let go of all that you’ve been taught by those who didn’t know any better themselves, you’ll figure it out.

In biblical terms, when it’s said “surrender yourself” this is precisely what it means.  Surrender the garbage you’ve been fed all your life.  All of it are distractions designed to keep you dulled down and clueless.  This is why the world is as divided as it is.

People focus on stupid things like race, color, gender and religions.  That gets nobody anywhere.  Stop giving attention to trash that doesn’t deserve it.  Pay attention to your gut feeling, but do so in a relaxed state.  The more tense you are the harder it will be to hear what our gut is saying to you.

Some people call it God’s voice.  Call it what you will, but this “spiritual beacon” will never steer you wrong for as long as you choose to listen to it.  Ignore it and let only your eyes and heart guide you and you’re once again guaranteed to tread down a path you shouldn’t be on.

People who are truly in spiritual sync with themselves, regardless if they believe in God or not, have a better grasp on what humanity is all about than those who don’t.  Even those who think they’re spiritual but are continually prone to carry out bullying tactics are only kidding themselves because they still remain part of the problem.

The madness of this world is being fuelled by divide and conquer tactics that are as old as creation itself.  And too many people allow it to happen because they use what they’ve witnessed with their own eyes, plus the immediate emotion they feel within their hearts, to carry out what they may think may be justice but in truth is nothing more than wrathful revenge that serves no form of correcting a wrong by any means.  All it does is create further division as those who make the same mistake to let their eyes and heart do all the thinking for them, which really isn’t thinking at all.

However, of those who take the time to breathe and let their gut in on the equation, it’s these people who stand out and deserve praise as it is they that make the effort to solve problems with long-term solutions that actually work.  The irrational only focus on short-term solutions that always backfire in the end and make matters worse.  The rational who exercise gut instinct to influence their eyes to focus better and their hearts to feel more than just one emotion at a time make it easy for their brain power to figure out what needs to be done to get the most important goals accomplished.

Those people come in all shapes and sizes, backgrounds and color.  Those people don’t care if their religious beliefs don’t mesh, or if an underweight street person is paired up with an overweight police officer.  They care more about humanity.  In the end, isn’t that what we’re all supposed to be fighting (and living) for anyway?