Drawing Lines

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People seem to think because I speak so harshly against the Islamic faith that I hate Muslims.  Nothing can be further from the truth.  Most Muslims, just like every other form of religion (Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Scientology, Atheism, etc.) don’t fully understand what it is they’re following.

I even speak harshly against various sects involving Christianity and Judaism as I’ve come to recognize that the leaders of the Roman Catholic Church isn’t at all what they appear and neither are the leaders of the Ashkenazi Jewish.  The masses are deceived, just as predicted in both the Holy Bible and the Torah.

Are you aware that the name Allah is Hebrew for curse?
If this doesn’t send an alarm bell to both those of Christian and Jewish faith systems then clearly they’re not as devoted to the true word of God/Yeshua as they claim.


Don’t just take the bible’s word for it.  How about the Quran itself?


But too many, despite learning the truth would rather keep themselves entertained by other means.  And that is because of….


Do you realize pride is what keeps you from reaching your true potential?  It keeps you drowning in a world you shouldn’t be in.

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And pride also causes people to be blind to even the most obvious of truths.

I know what it’s like to have pride get in the way of better judgment.  It prevents you from seeing, makes you deaf and the walls it creates around you has you trapped like a prisoner.  That wall of pride, just like the walls of Jericho, can be taken down.  If necessary, one brick at a time until that wall is completely destroyed so you can cross over into the harsh truths of reality for what it is.  It’s not easy, but it is necessary.

This is what Yehua/God taught his people when they went up against all of the enemies when they were brought out of Egypt.  Who do you think most of those enemies were and why do you think he had such issues with them?  And no, it’s not due to vanity as the atheists would claim.

When you go over the pics do you now understand where this is coming from?  Do you get it yet?  When you reach this state you know there’s no turning back.  And really, when you think about it, do you even want to?  I know I don’t.

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Asleep No More

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In the jungle, the mighty jungle the lion sleeps tonight…


This lion is awake!  This lion is alert!  And this lion is on the prowl and pouncing with a mix of prayer and spiritual might on anything and everything I see warrants it.

Prior to reaching this state, I opted for a more slothful state of slumber as I was so focused on myself that I didn’t really pay too much attention to what was going on around me.  In my head, as long as it stayed out of my own little jungle, I’m good.  What can I do anyway?  I’m just one person.  What can one person do against the whole world?

But then when you think of Jesus Christ (Yeshua) reality sinks in that one person can indeed change the world as he was more than just the Son of God.  He was (still is) our Messiah, whether people choose to believe it or not.  All those who challenge his existence and who he really was has no grounds for reasonable argument to dismiss him as none of those living among us were there for the experience.  And, mankind’s timeline has repeatedly demonstrted truths get altered into stories that heavily cloud the events as they truly happened.

Even the bible itself has been manipulated.  Many believe the bible to be false and while some are correct with this conclusion, they fail to dig deeper that extends their argument beyond the perversions the Roman Catholic Church imposed upon who our Holy Father really is, who Jesus is and who we are supposed to be as a people.

The Vatican, which is the official headquarters that control Catholicism on a worldwide stage, seems to practice good Christian faith, but they are anything but this.  They practice idolatry, which is a huge no if you bother to pay attention to the ten commandments.  What’s worse is they teach others to do the same, who in turn blindly follow without daring to question.  And this is not the only falsehood they teach.  There’s so much more to them than meets the eye and none of it is good.

How many of you Christians are aware that the Sabbath was changed from Saturday to Sunday by Constantine?  I understand it was changed mainly to honor Jesus, which is cool, but if Jesus honored the Sabbath on Saturdays to honor Father, then what right do we have to change this?  How many of you Christians are aware that unless followers of Christ conformed to the new day of worship they were put to death?  Are you aware that when you go to Sunday service that this is not our Father’s appointed day, but one appointed by man?  Most of the common holidays celebrated today belong to man, not Father.

Wikipedia Sabbath
Who Changed the Sabbath?

Also, how many times has the Catholic leaders been caught in the news for crimes against humanity that know no age limits?  How much do we not know?  Are you aware just how much control the Vatican has on the world as we know it?  Do you have any idea how deep their fingers dip in the bloodied pools of deceit?  Odds are many of you don’t.  Do a thorough Google search on this and figure it out.

Of the few who do, fewer still are willing to speak up about it.  Already challenging everything we thought we knew about the Vatican and their Roman Catholic practices is difficult.  It’s even harder to convince the masses, who are still wearing veils of deceit over their eyes, to take the time to see it and figure it out for themselves.

I used to be one of those people.  Granted, I don’t think I ever cared for the Vatican nor their popes for as long as I can remember, but I did care a great deal about my religous beliefs.  I always believed in Father (as God) and in Yeshua (as Jesus), but never really saw the point of going to weekly church services to prove that fact.  I already knew they’d know our hearts and would even see clean through the b/s of those who don’t go to church because they want to, but do so out of obligation that somehow God would notice.

Oh yeah, he notices alright, but he knows the difference between those who follow some minister who prophets with his own belief system and those who’d rather hear the truth directly from the Father’s mouth.  I always have (and always will) put what is written in the Holy Bible above and beyond what any minister has to say.  And I’m certainly going to believe it over the congregation.  Most members within the congregation haven’t even read the bible from cover to cover with the same level of devotion they do with their weekly church attending practices.

To me, those people are lambs.  Innocent enough to follow a belief system that focuses on Father/Jesus, but not smart enough to realize they’re making the exact same mistakes Adam and Eve made back in Genesis.

I used to be one of those lambs until I realized I was merely another member of the sheep family being lead to slaughter by wolves who disguised themselves to be a shepherd.  It’s really quite scary when you first wake up to this fact and a part of you wants to just fall back to sleep as you try to convince yourself the nightmare isn’t real.  I’ve actually been able to do this a few times, but when you’re jolted awake enough times you realize falling back to sleep is no longer an option.

So, instead of trying to lull myself back to a state of slumber, I do some reading.  The news is so riddled with false information, which in turn causes people to deliver the news in the exact same manner had me realize turning to them for answers was not the right way to go.  Want to be right with Father and Jesus?  Go to the only truth that counts, namely the bible.  So I went there.

When I first really snapped out of it (2008) I realized the true day of worship fell on Saturdays, not Sundays.  I also realized holidays like Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s and many others were man-made twists to Father’s holidays.  When I realized all this I was livid that I (and the masses) had been lied to all this time.

So I started looking up Judaism (while reading the bible) and I discovered animosity towards Zionism.  At first I thought “this is the group to follow” and defended them because it seemed so many people were against them.  But then I realized that this is not the group to follow either.  They, just like the Roman Catholics, are one of the many counterfeits Father and Jesus warned about in that bible.  I think it was 2014 when I really clued in just how false the Zionist version of the Jews really was and it was 2015 I started to join the (much smaller) ranks of those who saw clean through their deception.

And you don’t even want to get me started on Islam and their Quran.  That, hands down, has become the most vile religious practice there is.  Dig around enough and once you make the connection between them and the very people Father instructed to decimate it is all those who follow this particular religion.  The very symbol associated with Islam has nothing to do with Father, but rather their moon god, Allah, which is merely another alias for Satan.  Even the Quran itself admits it.

I’ve since learned to stop following groups.  Even in the bible, you see entire congregations go astray that riles up the temper of Father.  Some will say what kind of god is he if he’s a jealous god.  Well, think about it from a parental point of view.  You have a child born to you whom you love with all your heart.  How much does it hurt when that love isn’t returned?  How much does it hurt when your child disobeys your every word and is so defiant against you that you can’t help but wonder if this child was switched at birth and you were given something that resembles more like demon spawn?  How does it feel when your child runs around saying “I hate my mother!  I hate my father!” or, “They’re not my parents.  They may have created me, but that’s it.  I want nothing to do with them.  I’d rather spend time with more worthy people, like that fun couple who are my best friend’s parents.  You know, the friend my parents want me to have nothing to do with.”

As a parent, would you not feel jealous that your child has favored someone other than yourself?  For those who don’t have children, how does it feel when you’ve done something that you know you deserve recognition for, but someone else (who is far less deserving) steals the spotlight from you instead?  It’s not a great feeling, so try to see it from Father’s point of view and maybe you won’t see him as such a jerk after all.

I know for me, when I first actually read the bible I was shocked at how violent it was.  It completely dismantled the “loving god” sugar coating quotes I got from the visits I had with the church (as a kid it was a mix of Lutheran and Pentecostal).  I started to understand why atheists came up with the kind of conclusions they did and I will admit, was starting to think maybe their viewpoints were more accurate than everyone elses’s.

However, there is a huge flaw to the way of thinking those atheists share.  As good of an argument they can come up with, nothing compares to solid truth.  The creation of all we know wasn’t strung together by random chance, nor by some sort of alien presence that had a slave race in mind.  The history of mankind was played out by bad choices people made by listening to the wrong voices.  We chose wrong since Genesis and we still choose wrong today.

Some will argue if God is so mighty then why use human beings to do his dirty work?  Why the killing?  Why the sacrifices?  Well, this is what mankind chose, not him.  When the choice to embrace the Tree of Knowledge was favored over the Tree of Life, what was chosen was suicide.  God already knew this, as did Satan (formerly known as Lucifer).  That is why Satan deceived Eve, who in turn led Adam to deception also.  And no, it wasn’t something as simple as biting into some apple.  If people haven’t figured out by now the bible is riddled with parables and metaphors by now they never will.

We chose to elevate ourselves (like yeast) to a level we weren’t ready for.  We still make that mistake to this very day.  Sadly, mankind never learns from their mistakes and this is why we continually repeat them.  We wanted to be like the gods, so this also means learning everything they know, including how to kill.  Satan, like that crazy uncle who promotes mindless antics in the so-called name of fun, knew mankind was all too eager to grow up fast so he handed to them exactly what they thought they wanted.  And we still make it too easy for him and his minions to keep us blindly entertained to this day.

Look over the entire timeline of mankind’s history books and it’s overloaded with violence.  Is this God’s doing?  Well, like any loving parent, the best way to teach a child to grow up is to let them learn from their own mistakes but at the same time don’t forget to discipline them.  So we allow Uncle Satan to mess us up because God knows if he interferes it’ll just make us that much more defiant with him.  However, he will come to our rescue (as proven in the past when you read Exodus to Revelations) if he sees us crying out for it to the point where his loving nature overtakes his feeling of rejection.  All parents who give a damn about their kid does this, even if they know somewhere down the road that kid is going to screw up yet again.

However, even a parent knows that sometimes the best way to discipline a child is to temporarily cut them off if that child refuses to get their act together despite all the rescues.  This is how it is between mankind and Father/Jesus.  This is like trying to get someone addicted to something that’s known to be destructive to stop when deep down that person isn’t ready (or willing) to do it.  Why waste time on those too stubborn to be saved when you can focus on the child(ren) that are crying out for it and are genuinely trying to make things right?  It doesn’t mean the stubborn child gets permanently ignored.  It just means those who are ready, willing and able to do right are going to get the attention they do deserve a bit quicker because Father knows by helping them out he’s just earned himself some assistants to focus on the stubborn child who continues to be so defiant.

Does God need assistance?  Not really, but God truly is the very definition of Father as he seems to focus on family and teamwork.  This is why, the people who chose “knowledge” over “life” are put to tasks that are really trying on the human spirit.  This is what they wanted, so this is what they get.  When God wishes to hand victory over to people whom have really won over his favor, he’s not doing it as an act of malice against the targets he has in mind.  He’s doing it as a cleansing program, much like the flood during Noah’s day.  Of those who choose to live wickedly where there’s zero regard for life and zero regard for what’s truly righteous, they are to be either re-educated or rooted out.  What better way to teach the people of Israel (real Israel – not the counterfeit we see today) this lesson than to get them to learn how to do this themselves?  They wanted to be like gods, so here’s their chance.

However, being god-like comes with responsibility.  Father tried to teach them this through Moses and Aaron during Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy.  As often as difficult lessons were taught to them, it was equally often the people reverted back to acts of defiance against the very hand that brought them out of Egypt by acts of wonder that never should have been forgotten in the first place.

It’s easier to act immaturely than it is to exercise better judgment, so all too often people take what is the lazy route to living.  Again, it’s easier to stand back and yawn rather than plow forward and be responsible for every action you do.

And this is what keeps getting mankind into trouble.  Right from the very beginning mankind has been defiant with Father.  Even as they want to be more like him and his angels and the foreign gods they opt to worship, they always revert back to some form of stupidity that warrants rude awakenings and reminders they still have lots of growing up to do.

That’s why the wars.  That’s why the violence.  That’s why all the pain, death and suffering.  This is the way of life people have chosen.  And if you opt to disagree with me, take a good look at the most popular genre of entertainment that has existed since the dawn of time.

During the days of the Roman Empire they hosted games that glorified violence in every form imaginable.  Today we have various forms of boxing, wrestling and animal fights that rake in big money for mankind’s seemingly incurable need for violent entertainment.  The most popular movies and television shows feature violence as a means to make them more exciting for the audience who is more than happy to pay for this sort of thing.  And the news itself has learned how to manipulate scenes of violence into their programming to captivate the largest audience they possibly can for ratings.  Higher ratings means better windows of opportunity for commercials to swoop in and brainwash the masses into buying product they most likely don’t need.

This is who we think we are.  This is what we asked for, but while the majority still don’t see beyond the veils of deception that goes with it, the tiny few have become more aware.  The few realize this world we live in right now is a giant song and dance show thrown at us by Satan and all those who are in his camp.  Uncle Satan is entertaining the masses with everything he’s got and I have to admit it’s a brilliant puppet show.

However, all shows come to an end sooner or later.  Even long-running soap operas have fallen into obscurity.  All those involved will fade away into dust as the makup wears off.  At that point all the flaws are exposed and people see the true faces behind the masks that has kept them fooled for so long.

Once reality hits, it hits hard.  For me, just like I can map out scene for scene of a show before it even comes up, I am able to do the same with what’s going on in this world.  I do get surprised from time to time, but those occasions are become rarer each time I become more awake.

However, I never take even my own answers as gospel.  I’m not that insightful.  Only Father, through Jesus/Yeshua, has that ability and that’s the only truth I cling to as it’s the only one that really matters.


2017 HELLywood Academy Awards

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Announcing the winners of the 2017 Academy Awards!

Best Picture – Anything produced by the CNN as their storytelling still has the masses convinced their news is anything but falsified to suit the corporate agenda of their sponsors.

Best Actor – Some will say the former president of the United States should get this, but the academy has spoken and it goes to Pope Francis.  He has brilliantly carried on the Vatican tradition of fooling the masses into thinking they’re devout Christians when they’re anything but this.  It shows in his speeches and it shows in his actions.

Best Actor in Supporting Role – Barack Obama wins this one instead of best actor because every word he said and every action he performed was to make it easier for Pope Francis to do his job.

Best Actress – Hands down, Hillary Clinton earns this one.  It takes sheer talent to fool the masses into still thinking she was worth a vote after a mass flood of evidence and scandal riddled her before the 2016 presidential campaign even started.

Best Actress in Supporting Role – This is tough because do we really consider Michelle Obama a woman or a transgender?

Best Director – George Soros is very good at people getting to do what he wants them to do.  Although his rigged machines didn’t give his team the victory he desired, he still has managed (and still manages) to dictate as much as he can behind the scenes.

Best Foreign Film – ISIS is easily the winner due to the overwhelming footage and support they’ve received by mainstream media, especially the CNN.  Some people are still convinced they’re acting on their own and not for a shadow government that has globalist agendas in mind.

Best Original Screenplay – There’s so many to choose from, but the 2016 presidential debate would have to be it.

Best Animated Feature Film – Animation is not just a cartoon.  It also involves puppetry.  Nothing says it better for 2016 than Queen Elizabeth’s Christmas Speech and the story that revolves around her so-called illness that prevented her from making a public appearance.  The truth is she was immediately placed under house arrest where she then issued a second speech that was aired by the Canadian Broadcast Corporation.  And if that’s not enough, speculations and even an admittance by herself suggests she’s not even human.  If that’s not defining animation I don’t know what is.

Best Writing Adapted Screenplay – It would have to be the rewrite of the 2016 Christmas speech by Queen Elizabeth II while under house arrest.  In a perfectly scripted manner, she did her duty.

Best Original Song – Sung by those who got themselves involved on a political level and in the most ridiculous way imaginable.  The best way to describe it would be Libtards R Us.

Best Original Music Score – Make America Great Again!  Hey, it is original and it’s so far been proven not to be just another song and dance routine.

Best Cinematography – Keep You Dumb is a brilliant masterpiece strung together by mainstream media, their corporate sponsors and all the programming extras that’s wedged between them.

Best Film Editing – The media is notorious for editing whatever they can to paint the opposite picture of the actual story that’s taking place.  They do this so they can tell what  they’re told to report to the masses as a means to spark raw emotion and all too often bad decisions made by a purposely misinformed public.

Best Visual Effects – There’s nothing like shocking footage to capture an attentive audience who will blindly fall for whatever it is they see before them without even thinking about cross-referencing the facts for it’s validity.  This one is called Visual Lies.

Best Documentary Feature – Spiritual Warfare follows the arguments existing between religious factions that have driven wedges so deep within the psyche that it won’t take anything short of a miracle to repair.

Best Costume Design – The Make America Great dress in support of Donald Trump has got to be the best outfit ever.  Although not worn until 2017 at the Grammy Awards, it counts.

Best Short Film (Animated) – Holy Fukushima!  What should be the primary focus of our governments and mainstream media, it hardly gets the mention it deserves.  Clearly the most dangerous threat to all life as we know it and it’s treated as if it’s nothing more than a minor convenience.  Very few people are aware of the dire reality of our situation.

Best Production Design – Whatever George Soros gets his hands on he succeeds.  Usually.  The 2016 election didn’t exactly go as planned, but what Soros Wants, Soros Gets.

Best Sound Mixing & Best Sound Editing -The media really knows how to sucker in a captive audience to believe not just everything they see, but what they hear also.  Edited and rigged interviews to make an end result that satisfies their corporate sponsors instead of actually reporting with honesty.

Best Makeup & Hairstyling – After observing eight years of a rather trashy looking example of a first lady, it’s refreshing to see Real Class restore grace into this role again.

Best Documentary Short Subject – Holy Fukushima gets this one due to the fact that it’s not nearly getting enough airtime.  So much focus is on Donald Trump and the protest movements funded by George Soros that it’s sickening.  Instead of the actors using the Oscars as a means to make a political statement against Trump they should be really using it as a means to raise awareness about Fukushima and that we need to do something about it before it’s too late.

Special Achievement – This goes to the Hollywood Clueless who don’t realize their antics as they go on their anti-Trump protests and other acts of defiance is only going to backfire upon them.  The support they’re giving is going to come with a price they may not have expected to pay.

I could go into all the categories, but this post has become long enough.  If you haven’t figured out by now what I think of those Hollywood goofs who think they’re something special then you never will.  Oh, they’re special alright, but not in a good way.


Arrogance of Hate

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“He’s not my president” so I’m going to dress in silly costumes, disrupt traffic and continue to act like an irrational moron until I finally get things going my way.  I don’t care that I look like a childish goof that has zero regard for discipline as I know I’m right and the rest of you are wrong.  I hate the new president and I hate the fact that you’re not taking matters into your hands to change this.

What?  You voted for Trump?  You support Trump?  What’s wrong with you?  Don’t you realize how unAmerican it was of you to turn your back on Hillary Clinton, President Obama and their Sharia Laws?  You’re racist, aren’t you?  Yes, that explains it!  You racist, fascist pig!  Damn you!  I’m going to show you just how stupid you are by throwing myself in traffic, right in front of you, waving signs of protest as I wear a vagina costume on my head and nothing else.  Yes, that’s right.  You heard me!  I’m going to run out there naked, in front of traffic, wearing a vagina hat as I wave a picket sign saying “I hate Trump!” on it.


Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?  Sadly, there are a number of people who are doing this.  They honestly believe they’re in the right and no matter how hard you try, listening to any form of reason is out of the question.  Even if you don’t support Donald Trump as president either, that’s not enough.  The fact you didn’t support Hillary Clinton nor the Democrats either is seen as an insult to them and it is you that’s unAmerican, not them.  And even there, even if you did, but have come to terms with Donald Trump as president, you’re still seen as a traitor in their eyes and you don’t deserve to go about your life like as if the current choice as the country’s leader hasn’t dragged you down to the point where you have to throw any ounce of your dignity out the window and join in on the lunacy.

What so many people fail to realize is the past eight years saw a new breed of arrogance erupt within the borders of these united states and has since divided it and all the people in it that much more.  The protesters will have you think otherwise, that it’s all Donald Trump’s fault, but this is not true.  The hate had always been there, but along with it came the denial.  Hate, like every other toxin, creeps about within the host body and turns what would otherwise be a perfectly sane individual into a monster.  So consumed with the poisons fueled by hatred, people erupt and are quick to point one finger at others while failing to realize they’re pointing the other three at themselves.  Who do they honestly hate more?  Their target, or the person they don’t realize they’ve become?

Those protesters running wild, claiming that Trump and his supporters are all about hate don’t realize it is they that incites the hatred and all the negativity that comes with it.  They’ve even gone as far to ignore that prior to Trump, Obama’s brand of hatred and all the tactics of hatred performed by presidents prior to him was in plain site the whole time, but everybody turned a blind eye to it because the media didn’t paint nearly as gross a picture of it as they do now with Trump.  In all honesty, Trump isn’t that much different in this regard than the presidents prior to him, including even Obama himself.

The only real difference is Trump refuses to play the game mainstream media wants to play.  This is the only reason why he’s continually painted as the bad guy because the media, knowing how gullible too many people are, continue with their false news broadcasts.  If you take a real good look at who is against Trump you’ll see these are people that are the most undisciplined and most arrogant among the entire North American population.  Instead of acting like rational adults who realize moving forward is the better option, these people would rather hold a grudge and throw tantrums.

But sadly, even those who aren’t Trump fans who’ve just learned to take the lump for what it is and shift focus to something more important, are being deemed as traitors by those who just can’t accept reality for what it is.  It’s unfortunate, because what’s going to happen is while those refusing to grow up and let go of the grudge will only push even those who weren’t in favor of Trump to begin with to start siding with him as they realize just how ridiculous the anti-Trump zealots have become.

And this is where you really see the arrogance in the people who choose to hate instead of just learning to let go and move on.  One wonders why America is so despised these days and it’s people like these that give the world every reason to believe that the United States of America is a joke worthy of ridicule.  If it wasn’t bad enough that America has been corrupted with one unAmerican president after another, the very fact that the people went along like clueless sheep made it worse.  The decline of America didn’t start with Donald Trump winning the presidency, people.  That decline started shortly after the founding fathers sent King George and goons back to their homeland.  As soon as it was realized by the Illuminati they couldn’t take America by force they’d have to do so in the exact same manner as they’ve taken Britain and all the other nations that failed to see the snares before them.  Corruption through sweet persuasion.  It has always been the best way to mess up the minds of people and turn their pure hearts into wormwood.  It worked for Satan in the Garden of Eden and it still works today.

Arrogance makes it easy for corruption to poison a person from the inside out.  All it takes is to get an otherwise perfectly sane individual to become so angry that hate fills the heart and leaves room for nothing else.  Hatred is powerful, which elevates a person to a certain level of arrogance that makes the host think they’re invincible.  Nobody can hurt the person and those who try will feel the wrath.

Sadly, the person consumed by hate is like a house consumed by fire.  Sooner or later, all of it comes crashing down as there’s nothing left for the hate to feed on and all that damage intended against whoever it is the person chose to hate falls back upon thyself at amplified levels.

And this is where the arrogance of hatred shared by people who are not exercising better judgment in their actions are going wrong.  Through their disruptive behavior, they’re actually killing themselves more than whoever it is they think they’re hurting.  I can only hope and pray they wake up before it’s too late.

Idol Worship

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The easiest way to come about this is start with a bunch of pics to illustrate what idolatry means.

Despite the warnings, people seem to think worshipping objects and people is more important than putting the one and only that is most deserving of all.  Whatever name you give him, God created each of us, including those idols worshipped.  Although there is nothing wrong with having respect and perhaps a bit of admiration towards someone or something, but when it dominates your life to the point where it’s the first thing you think about when you wake each morning, what stays on your mind throughout most of the day and is the last thing on your mind before you drift to sleep there’s a problem.

Sorry, Obama

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This is coming from many Americans and the rest of the world that are waking up to the painful truth that made the mistake to put an ounce of faith into you as the saviour needed to put everything back in at least reasonable order.

We’re sorry we saw something in you that clearly wasn’t there.  Sorry we thought you could bring a badly damaged nation into a better situation.  If we had known you were going to spit on the beliefs of our founding fathers and all they’ve done not one of us would have considered you leadership material to lead a population that needs someone who knows how to make tough decisions with a compassionate heart.  It is clear you lack the leadership qualities required to lift people from the abyss to a higher ground.  If anything, you’ve brought us to new lows and most of us Americans have since forgotten who we really are and why our founding fathers created this nation in the first place.

However, there are those among us who are waking up and speaking out.  Sorry, Obama, that they’re not behaving like obedient little beasts that you want them to be.  Sorry, Obama, that they see clean through your ISIS schemes and your quest to achieve martial law over a nation so that you can continue to carry out your diabolical plan to bring forth the New World Order you and your minions have worked so hard for.

Sorry, Obama, that none of us remembered the warnings the great John F Kennedy gave in 1963 about societies wanting to turn every man, woman and child into a life of slavery.  He tried to warn the people but the Illuminati got to him first and saw to it the people went back to sleep.  Through your manipulations you’ve introduced nothing but corruption into our political ranks and we’re so sorry that we were too blind to realize that Obama would be the pinnacle of that corruption as he has reduced this nation into a cesspool of thugs who now run the entire show.

Sorry, Obama, that we thought you cared about the people.  Sorry, Obama, that we fell for your lies.  Sorry, Obama, that we’ve allowed you to plunge this nation and everyone in it into new lows.

Sorry, Obama, that not all of us are Muslim like you want us to be.  Even as you force the Sharia Law down our throats against our will and confuse us all with programming to drift us further away from who we really are that there are still some among us who remain every bit as American as our founding fathers.

Sorry, Obama, that more of us are waking up to realize what a monster you truly are.  Some call you the third anti-christ and so far you fit this bill very well.  When you first came to us as some obscure presidential wannabe we saw potential in you.  People believed in you.  Sorry, Obama, that most of those people don’t believe in you anymore but you brought that onto yourself.  As cold and conniving as you have been you’ve also been sloppy in areas where you should have been more careful.  Like it or not, Obama, the American people have something within each of them that you will never have and that’s called integrity.  We may have lost our way, but many of us are finding our way back and rediscovering who we really are.  Sorry, Obama, that those who are waking up are determined to shove your New World Order up your ass and feed you to your Illuminati cohorts in hopes they taste enough of your poison that all the atrocities they’ve done unto mankind since the dawn of time are returned back to them.

Obama, like it or not, the American People will take back what was wrongfully stolen from them.  You make take countless lives (which many of us know you intend to do anyway) and trample on what’s left of the freedoms but the righteous always find a way fight back and win over even your most valued allies into your worst enemies.  Sorry, Obama, that you hate the American People so much because that hatred is your ultimate undoing.  You could have risen above the occasion and prove to all those who doubted you that you’re something better than what you really are.  You didn’t do that.  Instead, you’ve catered to the Illuminati, the Elite 1% and to Sharia Law.  And for what?  Because of your arrogance or twisted notion that perhaps you are indeed the anti-christ so many fear and have to carry out what you think is your destiny?  No, Obama, sorry to say we each have a choice.  Yes, Obama, the Americans chose badly by choosing you and have lost their way even more since then.  However, the beauty of what happens to a person when they become so lost is sooner or later they ask for guidance from the only one who knows how to help them find their way back.  Once this important step takes place not only does that person find their way back, they’ll find others in the same boat and inspire them to do the same.

But you hate that, don’t you Obama?  You know where this is going.  As much as you’re out to decimate the Christian, Jewish and even atheist populations in the end all you’ll accomplish is butchering yourself and your Illuminati.  If you’re as much into that unavoidable destiny belief as you seem to be then you know no matter how hard you try in the end you will still lose.  Grip America in martial law, thumb them down into virtual obscurity and despite all that you’ll still wind up on the losing end of a fight you know you cannot win.  History has demonstrated winning by force always blows in the tyrant’s face sooner or later.  It happened to Napoleon (rumored to be the first anti-christ) and Hitler (the second anti-christ) and even to Satan himself.  And it’s destiny it will happen again.  So, Obama, if you’re following the Luciferian path like your Illuminati buddies are, then you know those of us who pay attention are right.  So, sorry Obama, but by hiding behind the Islamic faith and using the Muslims as your mercenaries, all you’re doing is forcing the hands of Americans and the one God many of them still believe in to carry out the rest of what the Book of Revelations in the Holy Bible insisted would happen if this road we’re all on continues.

Sorry, Obama, but force the Americans into corners with all your might and they’ll still find a way to come out swinging and take you down.  Force the rest of the world into this same situation and they’ll do the same sooner or later.  And in the end, we all become better people because of it.

Instead of apologizing to you, Obama, perhaps we should be thanking you.  By your attempts to divide the people that much further all your efforts will only cause them to merge together as one mighty force that will rediscover themselves and find strengths within each soul they perhaps didn’t realize was there.  So, thank you, Obama, for causing more of us to wake up and learn to work together to reestablish our faith, our foundation and most importantly, our humanity.

Help Wanted: Lambs & Lions

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Before reading the rest of my post, please take the time to read the page the link below takes you.  It’s a long post and you need to read it with an open mind.  Doing so by any other means will be a fruitless effort.

Anti-Christ Obama Article

When Barack Obama first became president of the United States in 2009 there was not one thing about it that sat right with me.  I’m sure those who chose not to vote for him felt the same way, but my reasoning is different.  I’m not American.  I don’t get to vote there, but it doesn’t mean I still can’t voice an opinion about it.

In all honesty, the fact it was the election that would see America’s 44th president go to a black face didn’t bother me.  In that regard I didn’t care.  However, what gnawed at me right from the beginning was the fact all the true colors of this guy came bursting out the day he refused to swear on the holy bible when assuming command of a nation that believed in him enough to allow him into such a powerful position.  Doing so was not only an insult to those who preceded before him, but to the founding fathers, the people and the rest of the world.

I recall the headlines when this took place and the outrage people felt about it.  Still, despite it all, Barack Obama was still sworn in and I knew from that day forth America would never be the same.  Neither would the rest of the world.  However, I didn’t realize the severity of the situation at the time, nor do I believe the rest of the population did either.

Once Obama assumed power as president, at first America seemed to flourish.  However, it was only momentary at best and since then America has floundered.  What started out to be a slow descent didn’t waste time picking up the pace and now the suicide run towards ultimate decimation of a nation, plus a world, has become an out of control speeding bullet.  Never before has the world been as divided as it has now and never before has the futures of a global population become so uncertain.

Is Obama really the Anti-Christ?  If you’ve read the link I provided, all evidence suggests that yes he is.  Just thinking about it has me bow my head in shame because for a brief period I actually gave this guy the benefit of the doubt.  And, to this day, I’d still like to but it’s becoming harder to do so.

As I’m writing this I fear that Barack Hussein Obama is indeed the final president for the United States of America and we have yet to see the full unleash of his diabolical intent for not only the people he represents on American soil, but worldwide.  There will not be a 2016 election.  Obama and his people will see to that.  The people within America (and worldwide) has never been as divided as they are now.  The state of the world has never been as perilous as it is now.  We live in a world where an elite 1% population owns more than half of it while the remaining 99% are literally getting weeded out of everything so that in the end they have absolutely nothing.

Even the elections itself is rigged.  We have two of the biggest clowns in political history vying to become the 45th president of the United States.  Hillary Clinton is getting her name smashed everywhere for criminal activities that has people in an uproar.  Not only should this person be forced out of the presidential run, but tried and convicted for crimes that have proven to be as serious as mass murder.

Donald Trump, who seems to be the lesser of the evils, isn’t exactly squeaky clean himself.  To be quite frank, nobody is, but it’s obvious all those in power in the United States doesn’t want this guy taking over America.  But is that really true?  Donald Trump is actually hinting at something that matches what Albert Pike suggested is required in order to have World War III well underway, which would see the decimation of both the Zionist and Islamic populations.  Trump talks about rounding up the Muslims and kicking them off American soil.  He also has bashed the Illuminati, without calling them by name, which is linked to the Zionist version of the Jewish religion as we know it.


What the media is doing, along with the aid of political leaders (both American & foreign), is painting Trump as another Hitler.  And he’s certainly coming across this way.  Whether or not Donald Trump’s stance against the Barack Obama, the Elite 1% or the Illuminati is genuine is besides the point.  He (and Hillary Clinton) are adding just the right elements needed for the president of the United States to declare a state of emergency before enforcing martial law.

People say the American people won’t stand for this.  Obama knows this.  Why do you think he’s been recruiting and training military that wouldn’t give it a second thought to fire upon their own people, and right on American soil?  Why do you think he’s ordered over 150 million plastic coffins to be made up?  Also, why are strings of events that’s bent to divide the people that much further are taking place right now and are intensifying as we close in on the election date?


Obama is set to kill America and keep it as an “Obamanation” so that he can continue with his course of destruction that he has only just begun to unleash.  ISIS is just the start.  Despite evidence connecting the creation, training and momentum this terrorist organization has to Obama’s political strings, too many people still just don’t see it.

Remember, the Prince of Lies is very good at deceiving the people and he knows their personal prides hinders their ability to see clearly, even if it’s something blatantly obvious in their face.  He’s proven this a multitude of times.  Even just through Obama alone, we’ve seen him turn his back on the bible, turn his back on God, turn his back on the American people and even turn his back on the rest of the world.  This is a tyrant.  Since his administration never before has America (and the world) seen such corruption.  Right now there’s fights everywhere over every resource you can think of.  Food.  Water.  Energy.  Environment.  Human rights.  Political, religious and racial differences.

In just seven short years we’ve seen virtually every Christian value shredded from schools to restaurants and to as many public venues as possible that fall for the notion that unless it’s Islamic, it doesn’t belong in society.  They’ve even got it where Merry Christmas in public isn’t deemed acceptable anymore.


The mainstream Christians and those who follow Judaism have their differences between each other too.  However, never once did one belief system try to force the other into kicking out their own traditions in order to favor the other.  These two cultures have mostly learned to live side by side with each other and respect each other enough to acknowledge that although they don’t fully agree with each other’s practices, they still reach a common enough ground that for as long as their primary faith focuses on God it’s good enough for them.

So why isn’t it good enough for the Muslims?  Actually, for the most part it is.  It’s the extremists, just like in any other religion, that suggests otherwise.  Obama, instead of keeping those extremists at bay, encouraged them.  He sided with the divisive tactics that forces those who do not follow Sharia Law to do otherwise.

I should point out, biblical references or not, ever since Barack Obama has come into power he has taken credit away from those who deserve it.  Even the founding of America he credits not the founding fathers themselves, but rather Islam.  Again, I have nothing against the Muslims, but I do have something against someone who is perverting history as we know it, along with our present day and even the future of mankind as a whole.

Barack Obama is a problem.  However, he is not the only one.  He’s not working alone.  The Illuminati has been working for and waiting for the prime opportunity to fulfill their New World Order aspirations.  And they’re almost there.  Once the Elite 1% has 100% ownership of this world (and they’re almost there) then it’s on.  Their desire to exterminate at least 90% of the global population will come into fruition for as long as they know they can pull it off.

I should point out something about the Elite 1%.  Did you know that prior to Barack Obama becoming president of the United States that they didn’t own nearly as much as they do now?  The momentum of their seizures of property skyrocketed shortly after Obama assumed presidency and the corruption that’s at the heart of it all is now on the verge of putting into place the final ingredient necessary to allow that 100% world ownership they’re craving.

The TPP.  Trans-Pacific Partnership.  As “legitimate” as this seems, it’s not.  Once this is put in place we’re no longer official nations with people still enjoying the last remnants of their liberties and freedoms.  We will officially become corporations and we, the people, will then be no longer regarded as human beings but rather herded sheep ready for slaughter.

That’s the true agenda behind the TPP.  It’s just another milestone towards the Illuminati’s New World Order.  It’s not just some conspiracy theory.  It’s fact.

Another fact.  The supposed “war” between Benjamin Netanyahu (Israel’s leader) and Barack Obama is that picture perfect Zionism vs Islam recipe Albert Pike called for in order to achieve the World War III the Illuminati wants.  Make no mistake, these are very bad men in very powerful positions, toying with the lives of every human being and doing so with a laugh.  ISIS belongs to them.  Both of them.  And this alone has the world greatly divided, but one thing I’ve learned quickly is if a person gets damned for speaking out against the state of Israel where it’s perfectly alright to speak against Christianity we have a real problem.

And isn’t it interesting how well prepped this World War III stage is becoming?  NATO (North American Treaty Organization) is surrounding Russia as we speak.  In prophecy, the bear strikes the eagle, officially launching WWIII.  Russia is the bear while America is supposed to be the eagle.  In this war, the bear strikes first, but the eagle makes a quick, decisive victory.

Considering Russia made it clear they reject Zionism and have declared the Illuminati top dogs (Rothschilds) as enemies of the state and are to be executed on site, this is no surprise.  Russia, along with Brazil, India, China and South America, are out to form BRICS, which would bring Rothschilds and their central banking system to their knees and render nations bowing to their every whim defenceless.  This would have actually been a good thing as this would have freed the masses from the grips of slavery such nations and their banking cartel has gripped us.

But, the Illuminati won’t have it.  Using their political puppets and the mainstream media networks they own, they were quick to paint Russia as once again the big bad guys.  Obama was quick to capitalize on this, proving he’s not merely a puppet so many of us thought he was.  He’s anything but this.  Even I regarded him as a mindless puppet until I realized just how diabolically genius he is.

So now Russia is surrounded, once again provoked to take action.  Did you know their so-called “unjustified” attack on Ukraine is not what mainstream media would have us believe?  No way!  If you dare to look further and bypass the lies the networks and politicians have told you you’d come to realize there’s good reason why Russia won’t leave the Ukraine alone.  It’s not the people they have a problem with.  It’s the administration, plus the fact this is an Illuminati/Rothschild stronghold.

But NATO is quickly springing into action. I should also point out that for the most part, Russia was left alone by the American government until Obama took over.  It wasn’t until he assumed leadership that he and his minions have been poking this bear like a pack of ravenous wolves.  They do this, all the while pretending to behave like mild lambs.


So the world got educated into thinking the Russians are bad guys once again.  So, by Obama’s queue, they line up through NATO to keep poking at the bear.  Did you know that despite the multitude of times through Obama’s administration of them poking Vladimir Putin and his Russian government that not once did they give into the kind of reaction the Illuminati wanted?  They’ll snarl and growl, but they won’t swat.  At least not yet.

However, even the most patient bear will sooner or later be forced to swat, and Russia is finding themselves in this position.  However, will it be by Putin’s order where this bear sends the first shot against the eagle, or will it be someone in his administration that is yet another Illuminati puppet?  Either way, this will happen.  And once it does, here comes yet another red carpet layout for President Barack Obama to declare martial law upon his own nation and wipe out 90% of his homeland’s population.  Again, he won’t do that on his own.  Remember, he has his own personal military, police and thugs to do all the dirty work for him.  And, just like puppets on a string, the people will be forced to defend themselves (if they can) against those who are bent on destruction.  People, America is in real trouble!

But it won’t be just America.  This is worldwide.  Other nations that follow Obama’s lead will force the same conditions upon their own people.  Canada will see Canadians suffer the same fate.  The UK will be no better off.  Neither will Australia.  Anybody that’s trapped within the Commonwealth is basically America #2 and will experience all the chaos and misery as well.  The Commonwealth, once upon a time a fantastic concept, has become corrupt as those who run it now are of the same calibre as Obama, Netanyahu and the Elite 1%.  It’s no accident the biggest political puppets the world’s got happen to run nations that have become 100% Illuminati owned and operated.  All the pieces on this deadly game board is in place now.  It’s not a matter of if something is going to happen anymore.  It’s now a matter of when.

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All this time we’ve been lied to.  All this time we’ve been brainwashed, keeping us divided and uninformed.  We’ve been thrust into emotional situations designed to corrupt our way of thinking, our way of feeling and our way of living.  All this so it can be easier to pave the way for the New World Order, diabolically brought to you by the Illuminati, their Elite 1%, and all their political, corporate, military and religious puppets.  And Lucifer.  Don’t forget about him.  All of this, regardless if you believe in God, the Holy Bible or even the notion that somehow Barack Hussein Obama may indeed be the Anti-Christ, is to fulfill a Luciferian goal.  That goal is to shred this world apart and everyone in it.  Flat out, your Christian faith doesn’t matter here.  Nor does your Atheism, Judaism, Muslim, Buddhist or whatever you want to believe in.

What matters here is our HUMANITY!  Fight for it.  Live for it.  Even die for it if you must, but do so with full awareness of what’s going on and full faith that doing so is indeed for the sake of mankind.  Whether or not you choose to believe it, God would.  Jesus did.  And both God and Jesus may very well do so again – but not until we all agree this is what we need.  I know deep down in my gut (the only thing I listen to these days) I need them in my corner.  Whether you choose to believe it or not, you need them too.





I don’t know about the rest of you, but I will not let a lame president, regardless if he’s the Anti-Christ or not dictate to me where my loyalties should lie.  I will not let a world who is so divided on who they should ally themselves with tell me whose corner I should be in.  My battles will be fought siding with God in hopes I have his strength, plus the guidance and wisdom of Jesus Christ and the flow of the Holy Spirit through my veins to do whatever I can the best way I know how.  I am not a popular person nor do I wish to be.  I want to be righteous despite my flaws in everything I do.  Not because it’s something I think God wants – but because that is what how I feel our humanity is defined and it simply feels right to me.