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The Bridge

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I’ve talked about this dream before and even wrote about it in a few different blog posts I’ve done.  I talk about it often because of all the dreams and nightmares I’ve ever had, this one really sunk into me hard.  I remember the year it happened; 1986.  I was just sixteen years old then and not really as awake of a person as I should have been as far as being spiritually enlightened, so to speak.

I did clue in that it was a prophetic message of some kind.  That much I did figure out, but still had many questions surrounding.  And I knew not one human being could figure it out, not even those who claim to be dream specialists.

The dream involved me being on a tall bridge, high above the ground (more like water) and it was connecting two sides of a city.  For some reason, Vancouver, British Columbia felt like it was the city I was in.  For me that’s weird in itself because I’ve never been there.  And, after that dream I had, I have zero intention of going there.

In the dream I am on this bridge and it’s dark out.  I fathomed it was evening, but there really wasn’t enough time to figure out if that was the case or not.  The dream started immediately with a violent shake that felt like a mammoth earthquake.  All I recall was hanging for dear life on that bridge as the world around me burst into absolute chaos.

I guess I must have closed my eyes while on this bridge because next thing I remember is seeing chaos and destruction on one side of this bridge and the exact same thing on the other.  The only thing that remained unharmed was the bridge itself.  However, laws of physics suggested based on the level of destruction that occurred and that the nightmare was far from over, the fires raging would sooner or later get to the bridge and I’d be done for.

So I wrestled with the decision to which side of this bridge should I run to.  Do I go east or west?  Neither option looked good as they both had so much chaos and destruction going on within them that staying on the bridge was actually safer at the time.  However, there was an urgency to pick a side and just go for it.

Without putting any further thought into it and opting to save my life by any means necessary, I decide to make a run for it towards one of the sides.  However, I do recall stopping just short of reaching the destination as the connection between the bridge I was standing on and the land I was going to run for broke was severed.

Looking back, running to the other side wasn’t an option either as the connection between the bridge and it was also broken.

Now, I do remember the bridge making movement, but it wasn’t as expected.  The lands this bridge was in between were the ones that gave way, not the bridge itself.  I finally figured this one out after years of thinking that bridge was a crossroads for me based on life decisions as to what I wanted from this particular world.

All this time I thought the bridge was telling me time was running out for me to make a choice between sides that had so much uncertainty to them.  But recently I’ve come to realize this wasn’t the case at all.  The bridge was my protection from those two sides of uncertainty.  Remember, in the nightmare those sides were extremely unsafe.  They were in states of chaos and everything was destroyed.  There were cries of despair as lives were being decimated and it was clear survival from all that was just not humanly possible.

I’ve come to realize the bridge was Yeshua (Jesus Christ), hence why I felt so safe on it despite me being clueless to what was really going on.  However, in this nightmare I did not trust Him enough to keep protecting me and I made the mistake of attempting to pick a side in some vain belief that it was the right thing to do.

As I look back, I recall the latter half of 2008 having me at a crossroads in life where I was reacquainting myself with Father by picking up the Holy Bible and do what I’ve never done before.  Read it from cover to cover.  It was already established even then I trusted no denominational church and no man-appointed priest.  I also came across a name and face I recall seeing back in the mid 1980’s that had a profound effect on me.  His name was Herbert R. Armstrong.

It was one of those late nights where I couldn’t sleep.  So, I decide to watch TV and came across The World Tomorrow and it was hosted by him.  It was the only episode I ever saw as I was fatigued and didn’t pay attention to the name of the show nor what hour it came on. I do remember looking for it again but never could find it.  Until 2008.  There was stuff he mentioned that really hit me hard and it was the best piece of ministry I ever knew.  To this day it still is, aside from the bible itself.

What’s uncanny is all that he warned about in that particular episode actually happened.  There’s still more yet to come.  In 2008, when I got the name, the programming and the name Church of God, I did some searching.  I tried to connect to the Worldwide Church of God, but they contradicted what Armstrong preached.  So I searched again and found Restored Church of God.  I then learned about Living Church of God and I started remembering the splinters even Armstrong mentioned.  At first I wasn’t too wary because I was excited about certain veils being lifted I never saw through before.  However, when I started to see certain attitudes and inconsistencies I pulled back.

It was if someone pulled me back.  Again, it’s the bridge feeling.  I felt like when I first read the bible I was on the bridge, searching for a side that seemed approachable enough despite it’s uncertainty.  I had a taste and realized that side is not survivable in it’s current state.  Too much chaos within the ranks and too many splinters that can fly out and take out my eyes and more.

It was even at a time where I favored Zionism, not realizing what it really meant.  For me, I assumed the Zionists were the Jews of the Holy Bible that God rescued from Exodus.  It did not sink in they could be the very counterfeits warned about.  I already knew something was off about the Roman Cathoilc Church and their splintered denominations, but didn’t think too much about the splinters of Judaism.

Again, picking a side with too many uncertainties.  That bridge felt like it jolted me away from fully committing to that side and thus sealing my fate in a manner that would have brought about my destruction.

I already knew the other side of the bridge was not an option.  That side lied to me my whole life.  Even with good intentions, the darkness that engulfs that side is so toxic that it keeps the victims clueless that they’re being systematically killed off.

The raging waters below I’ve come to learn is the symbol of the storm that’s erupting from the wars brewing from the two opposing sides.  The bridge that is situated high above it had me in a position where I could see everything.  However, my judgment was so clouded at the time that panic won out over faith.  It was because of that I nearly ran to my death by failing to believe in the bridge of protection I was standing on.  Those raging waters below is the fight between good and evil that dwells within each of us.

We each have choices to make.  How often are we told to pick a side, or choose your fate?  But, as I’ve taken it upon myself to read the bible the second time recently, I’ve learned there’s another choice we’re offered but this world doesn’t give that to you.  Only Father does via Yeshua (Jesus).
Save Lose.jpgIt then hit me that it wasn’t about a choice what to do with my life as a member of this world, but what I choose to do with my life spiritually.  It was about choosing life on this earth or life with Christ.  Staying on that bridge, even knowing it will let go and plunge into the rough waters below, was choosing to believe in Christ instead of the world I was trapped in that kept me distracted.

Those two sides represented neverending quarrells that had resulted in their inevitable destruction.  So distracted were they with their own pettiness they didn’t realize running to that bridge was their only way out of a fate that would otherwise have them burning forever in that eternal fire the bible talks about.

It’s not the first time I’ve had dreams of this nature, nor has it been the last, but it is the most profound that has really dug deep enough into my psyche where I can’t let it go.  And I won’t let myself let it go even if I could.  Something deep down tells me to remember that bridge and never make the attempt to step off it again.



Idol Worship

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The easiest way to come about this is start with a bunch of pics to illustrate what idolatry means.

Despite the warnings, people seem to think worshipping objects and people is more important than putting the one and only that is most deserving of all.  Whatever name you give him, God created each of us, including those idols worshipped.  Although there is nothing wrong with having respect and perhaps a bit of admiration towards someone or something, but when it dominates your life to the point where it’s the first thing you think about when you wake each morning, what stays on your mind throughout most of the day and is the last thing on your mind before you drift to sleep there’s a problem.

If I Had A $1,000,000…

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Ah.  Dreams.  Good ones.  Not bad ones.  The ones that get your mind reeling with possibilities.

How many of you have experienced “what if” moments when you buy a lottery ticket, or come across the remote possibility of a dream come true pile of cash fall onto your lap that you can do whatever with?

I’m no different.  I have those too.  For the fun of it, thought I’d share what I’d do…

#1 Dept Payment.  I think this is a given for everyone.  Whoever you owe, etc. you take care of and put that part of your past behind you.  It’s done.

#2 Locate the “perfect property” and go there.  Mine is simple.  I don’t want a beach, nor some fancy condo, etc.  I’m not even interested in a world cruise.  What I want is a nice chunk of land that puts me far enough away from mainstream civilization where I can live in peace, but at the same time not too far so that if there’s anything needed I can access it.  This would be as close to 100% off grid living as possible.  The only “on grid” I’d consider is phone and satellite services.

#3 Recruit folks who’d be interested in joining me in what would actually be more than just a permanent retreat for me, but for others as we’d work together as a community that serves each other to make ourselves as self-sustaining as possible.

#4 Build a sanctuary for both people and animals.  I make it no secret I’m a cat fan.  I hate the idea of abused, homeless and neglected animals and if I have a chance to design a safe place for them to go where those within the community I wish to carve feel the same as I do.

#5 Design a business where the community works together, exploiting the creations we design whether it be by gardening, food prep, artwork and crafting.  We make these available via farmers markets, trade shows, online and roadside vending opportunities as they arise.  (One idea was during warmer months from May to October have a roadside cafe of sorts that’s ideally located on a busy road or highway close to town.)

#6 With the profits, after all the bills are paid and enough assurances that everyone’s needs within the community are met, find folks who could use some help from time to time.  Assistance such as helping a family facing eviction catch up, or a young mom who can’t quite make enough to feed her child(ren) due to some unexpected expense that hit her.  I know we can’t help everyone, but I firmly believe even if it’s to cover a morning round of coffees for a bunch of seniors in a restaurant simply because, it’s great.  It shows you care.  I know I do.

Now, pictures say far more than mere words.  Okay, here are pic examples of what I’d do if I had that prize million dollars….

I’ve always been a strong believer in community, even when I didn’t wake up enough to realize it.  Prior to this, I had always dreamt of running a getaway resort somewhere.  That dream I’ve had since I was a teenager.

I still want that resort, but more community based than anything.  This is what I want.  This is what I dream for and literally pray for pretty much each day.

I value life.  I value our creator.  Some of you call him God (as do I) but I prefer to call him Father.  Mother, to me, is our Holy Spirit as she is what binds us all as we do the best we can endure in a world that has truly become nightmarish.

I value Jesus Christ, what he stood for and as an example of whom we should all strive to be.  I value humanity and willingly engage in all the possibilities we could achieve if we simply learned to come together, work together and just live together.  We do this as individuals, as a community and as a family.

Strip it all the way down to the very core of human beginnings of Adam and Eve, we are all related one way or the other.  We all came from the same creator and we all call this earth our home.  It’s not perfect, but neither are we.  There are vast differences that do indeed prove to be challenging, but that’s the beauty of it.

And all I really want, deep down, $1 million or not, is to see that happen.  My dream is a modest community that works with mother nature and not against it.  It’s also a dream that sees people working together and never against each other.  We also strive to not only protect each other as human beings, but what we’ve been appointed as stewards to.  We’re supposed to be looking after this earth and all life on it.  I really want to do this.  It honestly breaks my heart that I sincerely cannot do more than what I’m currently able to do.  It’s not nearly enough.  It never will be.

But at least I can still dream.  I still have hope and I still pray

Check, Please!

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We all need them.  Reality checks as a regular dosage to remind ourselves there is quite a difference between the type of world we’re being moulded into and the type of world we should be wary of.

The world that’s bent on moulding every human being into drones that think, walk, talk and act the same way goes to great lengths to keep you distracted with headline stories, various forms of entertainment and idolatry.  It’s a way to keep people clueless and divided and they succeed quite well at this.

The world I prefer to live in is very different.  Every human being has a heightened sense of awareness where drone-like behavior has got to be avoided at all costs.  This means learning to look beyond whatever mainstream media and their cohorts broadcast, along with cluing in that the entertainment industry is nothing more than a mind-controlling tool and promotes idolatry in as many forms as they can in the process.

It’s like going to a restaurant and you have the option to sit either in the smoking section, the non-smoking section or outdoors.  Of the restaurants I have ever gone to with this kind of set up their layouts are questionable at best.  There was one where if you preferred to be in a smoke free environment you had to pass through the smoking section first, thus being exposed to something you opted to avoid as a choice.  Same can be said for those who wish to dine outside.  You have to pass through the smoke first if you expect to be seated where there’s fresh air.

That’s how I see the world too.  And I’m not the only one.  For those who wish to enjoy a less toxic atmosphere, you will be forced to travel through the road of cancerous smoke first.  You have on choice if you expect to move forward.

At another restaurant I noticed the smoking section was boxed in while the supposed non-smoking and outdoor ones seemed more open.  At least here there was better isolation except for one problem.  The air ventilation system still had the smoke find it’s way into the very sections that are supposed to be kept clean.

And typically outdoors is not a viable option.   Smoking is allowed there too because for some reason restaurant management figures at least outside the harmful and uncomfortable effects of the smoke isn’t nearly as intolerable as being indoors.  If you’re a nonsmoker and want to eat outside in the fresh air, you’ll have to put up with the smoky air to go with it.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against cigarette smokers.  However, it’s ironic for me that we live in a world where it’s literally smoke screened.  Those who want nothing to do with it are still forced to put up with it all as the “establishment” continues to cater to those stuck with all the addictions they have fed them with.

Mankind is stuck with all sorts of addictions.  Smoking, alcoholism, drugs, food, news, sports, entertainment and traditions.  In essence, I’m not angry with mankind for these things, but do feel sorry for them.  For all of us because none of us are truly immune.

Each of us, from time to time, need to yell out Check, Please! so that we can step out and away from getting too caught up in the madness.  However, like in life, if the restaurant has a bar and gambling machines in them, too many will stay put as they’re lulled senseless by an environment too enticing for them to ignore.

The establishment, otherwise known as the Elite, go to great lengths like any business owner to maximize customer intake.  Whatever methods they can find to lure, trap and drain dry the masses they will do so.  There’s so much smoke thrown into the eyes that almost nobody can see through it.  Of the few who can, this establishment will throw out whatever poses a threat to their business.  Just like how bouncers take out the drunks who become too disruptive for the management’s tastes.

However, there is a huge difference between protecting an honest business and the type of operation this Elite has been up to.  Hiding behind the smoky veils the Illuminati has cast upon the masses, they seek out to control every little thing they can, every human being they can, so that they don’t just drain dry people’s income, but their very souls as well.  As ridiculous as this may sound to you, bear in mind the biggest families in this world that own over half of the world’s assets make it clear they follow a Luciferian religion otherwise known as Satanism.

They use Judaism as a smokescreen to carry out their practices, but once you get past the smoking section of bullshit you see all of it for what it really is.  They also use Christianity and Islam in this manner too.  They are a huge reason why there’s a surge of atheism because when all these religions have been perverted as bad as they have, along with the ministers and congregation that has proven to be no better, it’s easy to understand why so many people now believe there is no real God, there is no Jesus Christ and no such thing as a Holy Spirit.

That’s the whole goal behind Satanism.  Create a world of disbelievers by brainwashing the masses into a variety of dulled states where arguing over petty issues like race and color keeps everyone distracted and divided.  The Elite (and Illuminati) don’t want the world united.  A united world that can see through the smoke would understand the type of world we’re expected to live in and the type of world we deserve to be in are not the same ones at all.

Hate, fear, anger, jealousy, pride, lust, greed and addictions all interfere with the ability to see clean through the thick smoke of deceit.  The sooner people figure this out and deal with those issues the better off they will be.

Love, courage, understanding, forgiveness, patience and humility are awesome tools to help a person tell the difference between what’s real and what’s counterfeit.  As long as reality checks to keep all the negative garbage previously mentioned at bay, not only is that person better off, but if enough people became this way it’d be so much easier for all to band together and change this world from a mad one filled with smoke to a sane one filled with life.

My Favorite Dream

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Everybody has those dreams they carve for themselves where it’s a better alternative than dealing with today’s reality.  In the real world it is so full of madness that no sane person in their right mind would want to have anything to do with it in the first place.  Unfortunately we have to, but that doesn’t mean when we get moments to dream of an escape we won’t take it.

For some, that dream involves some sort of luxury getaway where all their wildest fantasies come true.  For others, the dream of being some sort of action hero that we see on the screens is their personal ticket to paradise.  Both of these types of dreams are larger than life and that’s why so many people are so drawn to it.  I’m certainly no exception, but there’s one dream I indulge in without second thought and keep wishing and praying for it to come true.  I even try in some feeble attempt to make it happen, but I know it’s something I cannot do for now.

I will admit, when 2008 hit and I got my chance to move away from the big city and towards a much smaller community I know I made the right choice.  I like my life better now than I ever did up to that point.  I live in a good community with good people, but in my dreams these days, this is what I want;

  1. A 100% self-sustaining community that doesn’t rely on government-run ones where the plug can get pulled at any given time, regardless if you keep up with the bills or not.
  2. A 100% self-sustaining community where everybody works together to grow, hunt and produce food for all folks within that community and not one person is ever put in a position where they feel like they have to go to bed at night without enjoying at least a single, fulfilling meal.
  3. It is a sanctuary, located far from the closest city for at least a few hours and this place caters to both man and animal in a mutual agreement that a peaceful way of life is the most important requirement in order to be a part of this community.  We look after each other, and the animals, and also the environment in which we live in.
  4. There is no more reliance on man-led governments that have proven over and over to be corrupt and short-sighted.  However, you do rely on yourself, your neighbors, on Mother Earth and on God to appreciate and function at the highest possible levels you can achieve for yourself.
  5. All medical concerns are dealt with naturally, not chemically.  The means is there to do such a thing, not to mention better dietary and lifestyle choices that vastly reduce any form of health ailments that tend to fly your way otherwise.
  6. This community puts the needs of the homeless first in the form of housing, clothing and food.  In exchange for providing them with these needs they contribute towards construction and/or repair of new dwellings so that more can join the community, resource collecting to cover as many needs as possible that include food, water, clothing, energies, health concerns, education, etc.
  7. In a world that insists we all pay taxes, our community would get by on this by participating in farmers markets, trade shows and commissioned sales by partnering with localized retailers to keep up with such bills.  It wouldn’t be that difficult considering this particular community would never have to pay electricity, water nor heat because we’d take care of those needs on our own.  This community has no real need for the telephone or internet, but for the sake of “keeping in touch” with the world a community-based “net center” would be installed to cover those.  It also provides another means of income via online sales of whatever products those within the community develops.

Sounds like one of those “backwards” communities we hear about, doesn’t it?  Thing is, if those communities were so backwards then why is it they seem to be more generally happy with each other and get along with each other better than we do?  The majority of the world, in my opinion, is the one that has it backwards.  We are the ones that have lost faith whereas those “stuck in time” haven’t.  We are the ones that call each other names due to color, racial and religious differences.  They don’t.  Even if they don’t like something, instead of being jerks about it they deal with it accordingly and without violent expressions that even they know would make a situation far worse than it already is.

That is why I created this blog site and why I named it Humanity World Order.  At one point I was actually going to change the name as I stared down the word humanity and realized it has a multitude of meanings to it and not all of them are good ones.

  1. Human beings collectively.  (Right now, our collection is filled with corruption, deception and have gone insane.  If this is humanity, then I want no part of that.)
  2. The quality or condition of being human.  (True human beings stick to their human nature, which is to love, cherish and obey themselves, each other and the laws of nature.  This is the humanity I do want to be a part of and why I will fight to my last breath in favor of it.)
  3. The quality of being humane through acts of kindness and benevolence.  (Another humanity definition I want to endorse/support as I believe in that.)

For me, Humanity World Order means we work together as one through acts of kindness, benevolence, love and obedience.  Now, I know people may not like the word “obey” but if there is any one thing I’ve learned in my quest to be independent I’ve come to realize that being obedient towards your creator is not a luxury merely exercised by the so-called religious, but a necessity among those who wish to remain faithful to the true roots of their being.

Those true roots started with an ultimate creator.  That creator granted the exact same gift of life you got through your parents, your grandparents, their grandparents and so on until the original lineage reaches as far back to the creation of Adam and Eve in Genesis.

Cringe at the thought I’m referring to the Holy Bible. I honestly don’t care.  There are many takes to who/what the bible really is and when you look past the 6000-year notion depicted by zealous religious factions that limit their research to the blind faith their preachers instruct them to, you can see just how in depth that bible really is.

I often come across the Annunaki, some race (also mentioned in the bible) of what I’ve deemed as control freaks that see mankind having no more worth than lowly slave rats to do their bidding.  It’s interesting when you start cross-referencing between science, science fiction, biblical history, astronomic and geographic discoveries, and mankind’s factual and fictional timeline how almost all of it puzzle together virtually effortlessly.  However, in order for the puzzle pieces to mesh without force, you have to approach every angle of an argument as open-minded as possible.  Close even just one avenue slightly and the vision becomes distorted.  This is where so many people actually go wrong and why the science community almost never agrees with the religious one, nor do all those who insist the religion they follow is the only correct one and all the others are false.

I used to be close to the splinters of the various Church Of God groups.  In fact, most recently I started paying attention to Restored Church Of God and although I agree with about 99% of what they have to say, there’s that 1% that still tells me not to trust them.  So, going with that I broke away again.  I cannot, nor will not, ever put full faith in anything man-led.  Man are too easily corrupted, myself included.

I trust only God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and Mother Earth.  Everything else is left in the dust.  I will work with humanity, as I not only feel compelled to do so, but it has been a dream I’ve had for a very, very long time.

At first, before waking up, I dreamt of running a community-like resort where it’s situated far away from the madness of the modern world.  I never dreamt of anything that matches the 5-star properties you see only the wealthiest of the wealthy can afford.  I merely dreamt of family sites where the environmental impact was minimal, but the impression it made upon people and animals was so profound that it helped shape (or reshape) who they are and what they wanted in their lives.

That’s my dream.  That’s what I want, but much has changed since 1984 when I first had that resort owner dream.  When I look back, even for 2008, I bow my head that I didn’t push for it better.  I allowed myself to get too distracted and now as I feel time is running out on this earth due to the massively hysterical madness that’s engineered it I feel the only way this dream will ever become reality is if God himself creates it for me (and those like me) because it is a good one.

It’s not asking to harm the environment.  It’s not asking for slaves.  It’s embracing life over death.  It’s favoring community without conformity, but at the same time a faithful requirement to appreciate and give thanks to the ultimate creators who’ve made it all possible.  Man is not to be credited for such things.  They can be credited for their assistance, but to take full responsibility is not only foolish but arrogant.  God (Father) and (Mother) Earth has provided all mankind needs in order to work with what we’ve got and how we go about it depends greatly on what kind of direction we choose to go.

Mankind chose badly.  Shortcuts and reckless squandering of such resources has plunged this world into great turmoil and like a child abusing the mom, we have abused Mother Earth without remorse.  We have a society where one half wants to continue tearing her apart with methods that are truly destructive and the other half want her left alone.  It’s like observing people purposely blowing a person’s arm off so they can use it for whatever reasons they’ve come up with, and then replacing it back on the person with a new one.  In their minds it’s like “no harm done” and yet they don’t realize the trauma they’ve just inflicted upon that person lasts more than just a short while.  It’s a lifetime scar.

It’s no different with Mother Nature/Earth.  We’ve scarred her.  Badly.  She’s trying to heal, but too many won’t let her.  The greed and pride that fuels such individuals to treat her like a non-living experiment is astounding.  And what’s worse is not enough people see this for what it is.  Of those who do, they get ridiculed that if they have such issues with this level of destruction then why continue using those very resources?

Anybody with an ounce of brain capacity realizes that today’s world has seen to it that it’s not possible.  Aside from the “backwards” communities that have managed to steer clear from the so-called progress of modern society, everybody has been steered down a direction where it’s either comply if you want to live or resist if you prefer death.

I don’t want to use my car, but I have to.  It’s necessary to use so that I can go to work and back and at least be able to try and keep up with the bills just so I can keep a roof over my head.  I don’t want to use fossil fuels of any kind in anything I do and I have been taking measures to break away from such things, but when lack of money limits a person to achieve this, not to mention lack of support from those who honestly should know better, it doesn’t make it easier.

Our governments have seen to it we’re captive in this sort of state and even as we speak, of those who’ve managed to develop the type of communities I’ve dreamt about, they’re being targeted to “get back on the grid” so that once again they can be controlled by an elite few who want to continue running the entire world their way.  It’s actually a dream to see more of those communities pop up, plus the one that I just shared.

I know I’m not the only one that has this kind of dream.  I know some of you got something similar.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could work together to pull it off?  And no, that’s not just dream talk, folks.  I mean it.  If enough of us band together to do this then why not?

Just Sayin…

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When I started blogging down my thoughts and opted to go public format instead of just keeping it to myself it always has been and always will be a sounding board to unleash the build up of concerns I have over a variety of issues.

Most people who come across my posts on Facebook probably see nothing more than an angry person ranting off like a lunatic on issues instead of just shutting up.  I actually tried doing that.  I tried to walk away and preoccupy myself with other things so I’d stop getting so involved on issues such as the environment, politics and anything humanitarian related.  I know most people do this and for them it succeeds because their ability to turn off their moral obligation to stay vigilant seems easy enough.

I, however, can’t do it.  I can for a short while, but soon guilt creeps in and I literally feel someone jolting me to get back into the fight whether I want to or not.  I’ve tried gaming, but have found myself now in a position where I find it’s distasteful.  I’ve tried to entertain myself with television programs, but as usual that one is futile as I all too quickly see through the commercialism associated with the garbage and turn it all off.

I’ve been battling the on/off switch for a very long time.  If truth be known, I think it’s something I’ve fought ever since childhood.  As a kid, however, you don’t really understand the grand scheme of things yet.

As a teenager you get it a bit more, but this is the timeline where usually teens are trying to find a comfortable place for themselves in a world that’s forever changing.  The school system and your family are also pushing you at this stage to fit the mould of modern society so you don’t get left behind like a street bum.  So dealing with the peer pressure outweighs any genuine attempt to absorb other realities that perhaps you’re psyche isn’t ready for yet.

My childhood was awkward.  My mother died when I was seven years old, but already lost her when I was just six as I found her on the floor in a state that is really graphic for literally anyone, never mind a small child.  She had a brain aneurysm and finding her helpless on the floor is something you never forget.  You also don’t forget how different adults can be from each other as I witnessed some make assumptions that were completely off base while finally in the end one of them used her head and called an ambulance.  I had to tell my father when he came home from work what happened to his wife as I waited for his arrival on the front doorstep of our home.  Then it was taking him to the one neighbor who had the brain (took her a while to get there, though) to send my mother to the hospital.

My mother never did make it home.  It was late June 1977 and my mother died November 1977, never once really recovering from the burst that turned her into a human vegetable for those long months.  I did get to see her, but direct lines of communication was out.  Too much brain damage, but not enough where she couldn’t at least speak to me.  Writing on my hand as if it were a notebook, she scribbled “I love you” on it and that too is something, even at just six and seven years old, you don’t forget.

Upon my mother’s death I had to grow up fast.  Even though I still had my father the fact is he worked nights and a small child being left alone was simply unacceptable.  So I wound up staying with not one, but a multitude of different families for a grand total of 9 years.  What I learned in that time frame was how their view on literally everything was inconsistent.  With family #1 they were slobs.  Unclean house.  Poor food choices.  A divided home where the mother and father fought all the time.  This was a very disorganized house and when my father saw I was developing rashes and was always sad he got me out of there and put me into an environment that was the polar opposite.

These people were clean freaks (especially the woman) and extremely religious.  Say the wrong thing, do the wrong thing or just flat out look the wrong way and you’d be in for it.  It wasn’t abusive, but when a young kid goes from a house that virtually had no concept of cleanliness nor discipline to one that regarded both as an art form it’s tough.  I managed, but not easily.

Family #3 was better, but far.  At least they were related and it was great to have someone whom to this day I still regard as a sister.  We were only two years apart but shared the same interest in just about everything at the time so it was easy to forget the fact that I could only see my father on weekends due to his working conditions.

Families #4 to #9 (where Family #3 was repeated for a year in the mix as Family #9) had me flip flop between conditions that differed from each other each time.  This exposes a kid to see so much, but all the while I was heavily distracted by just wanting to be a kid and do my thing and loneliness that I didn’t get to spend as much time with my father as I liked.  I really loved my father, more than anything because despite it all I felt like he was all I truly had.

When I finally reached an age where I could stay home and be with my father I took it for granted.  Although no excuse justifies acting like a spoiled brat who happens to be a teenager, I look back and get it as to why emotionally I was so hostile.  I didn’t just take it out on him.  I took it out on everyone.  In school I’d literally plow into fellow students whom I felt deserved it because they were picking on someone whom I befriended at the same school whom I noticed was bullied for no good reason at all by them.

Thing is, you don’t solve bullying by becoming one yourself.  It just aggravates the problem that much more.  But, that’s the past and I learned from it.

I was never overly fond of school from start to finish.  Granted, I think there are very few kids who will admit they loved school, but my problem was seeing how fake almost everybody around me was.  At first I thought the problem was just me and evidently so did others because I got taken into therapy when I was about 11 years old.  The fact that I had been bounced everywhere as a kid it’s no surprise at all something like this was bound to happen.

Strangely enough, though, even at 11 I could see how ridiculous the therapy was.  The only plus behind it was I didn’t have to go to school on those days and I got to spend more time with my father.  I think my father saw the therapy a waste too because those sessions didn’t last for long.  All they did was make me more hostile and he saw it.  And because I knew this I kept my distance from as many people as I could I knew I’d shred in an instant if I allowed myself to do so.  Believe it or not, even as a kid I did have a moral code of sorts to not gouge to death anybody dumb enough to piss me off.  And considering how angry I was at the time, it didn’t take much to trigger the “I want to kill you” switch.

I dealt with my anger by being manipulative.  I was extremely good at it, or so I thought.  When I look back at it, the only person I truly manipulated was myself into thinking I was something I wasn’t.  I thought I was a victim of circumstances that was beyond my control and I had no choice but to commit some of the stunts I pulled in order to just survive.

I was like that all the way up until 2008.  Even when my father had his first heart attack in 1986 I had this lousy attitude.  I did grow a great deal starting 1986 as it made me realize my father wasn’t going to be around forever and it was about time I stopped feeling sorry for myself and grow the hell up.  And I did, but not entirely.

I got rid of some bad people in my life that actually fed more fuel to my negativity back then.  As soon as I did that I got a bit more clarity.  However, this was also the time frame I started getting knocked down pretty hard with horrifying nightmares of global proportions that somewhat threw me off.  This is also when I came across a program that was aired by some guy named Armstrong.  He really left an impression on me and I remember that program like as if I just watched it last night.  What’s crazy is although in 1986, he said of things to come that I see is happening today.  What he talked about and the warnings issued hit home and this came after I had my nightmares of cataclysmic destruction all over the place that looked like war zones.  What he said and what I dreamt matched!  How crazy is that?

I never got to see another program liked it.  I looked for it.  It wasn’t until 2008 I figured out who he was and whom he represented.  Herbert W. Armstrong was his name and it was Worldwide Church of God.

Now, 2008 was a big year for me.  My best friend died after a battle against cancer in it’s summer and shortly after that my one aunt who pretty much became my surrogate mother from 1977 onward.  For the record, that aunt is from the Family #3 and Family #9 I talked about earlier.

2008 also saw me move away from the city and into a remote corner I knew very little about.  All I knew was in 2008 the window of opportunity to get away from a large population to one much smaller was a necessity.  Not to run away from my problems, but to go in a direction my gut kept telling me I needed to go by any means necessary.  This was the year I became a homeowner for the first time and the year I vowed to get back in touch with my roots, God, and find myself a church organization that I can believe in.

The first church I went to where I live now was disappointing.  Dull.  Lame.  Phonies.  Could see through it all.  Here I go again, I thought.  I had this problem as a kid, as a teen and as a young adult.  Even before leaving Edmonton I still had issues with relating to most people, but did learn to calm down enough to not be so judgmental.

Instead of giving up, I located another church.  Late 2008, early 2009 I came across a website that had me finally figure out who Armstrong was and learned more about this Church Of God.  I promptly searched to find remnants of this church near where I live.  I found one, but it wasn’t quite the same name, but it was still Church Of God so I went.  Everything about it matched at the time what Armstrong said, but it wasn’t until after I got there and met the people there that I was quickly disappointed again.  This is not the same calibre of people Armstrong’s church depicted.  Again, not wanting to be judgmental, I kept quiet and opted to check on the second version of this Church Of God that also had their own name.

This group was considerably better, or so I thought.  They seemed to have their affairs and priorities in order.  Until I got to know them much better.  Then I saw the contradictions.  I think it was the reality check I needed that following any man’s church organization is not the same as following that one church referred to in the Holy Bible.  I got to the point where instead of expecting to learn from people whom I thought would be closer to God than me, just go figure it out for myself.  Read the bible on my own and do my own math.  I learned through that the only voice I should be listening to anymore is what comes from my gut.

I learned a great deal from that.  When I read the bible I was thrown off guard by how violent it was.  And God was very judgmental.  At one point I figured God was one really screwed up individual because I’d read things like arms going up and down to turn the tides of war and hardening some king’s heart to make life of his chosen people even more miserable before unleashing holy payback when he felt the time was right to do so.  I began to think that this God person probably doesn’t deserve the kind of devotion he apparently craves from his people.  I’m thinking “what a tyrant!”

But I didn’t give up reading.  Kept going.  I can actually understand at that point why there’s this thing called atheism.  When you read the bible like you read a novel and don’t take the time to actually pay attention to what you’re reading it scripts out like a badly written horror film.  It’s no wonder priests in most church organizations only read the pretty parts and merge them with other scriptures so that the ugly side of the biblical stories aren’t revealed.  It’s no wonder the congregation seems so apathetic and phony in my eyes because they just blindly fall for it.  They just believe instead of making the effort to uncover truths for themselves.

I see most people like that.  I see it in social media, schools, at job sites, in the malls and just everywhere I go.  Rumors.  Stories.  What the first storyteller says and what the final storyteller says will vary greatly as interpretations of it get jumbled along the way.

The Holy Bible is no different.  You can even see it in the writings.  Inspired by God or not, each person who wrote in it has different views and different ways of telling what they saw.  Again, no different than if you get five witnesses seeing the exact same car accident.  When statements are taken based on what they saw, everyone will have a different spin on the story.  The Holy Bible fits this exact same mould, both by those who wrote in it and by those who’ve read it.

I know what I got out of it doesn’t match at all what most people did.  Since reading that book I can no longer step food into any given church without some sort of disdain towards them.  Although no doubt with good intentions by the majority, I sense virtually everyone doesn’t get the big picture.  In the bible it says a church that cannot be torn down.  The Vatican, as mighty as it is, can get torn down.  All it takes is a nuke and it’s gone.

Not taking anything away from the Vatican.  I have zero doubt in my mind upon it’s original conception that it was indeed favored by God as this was erected by followers of Jesus Christ as directed by the disciples he left behind when he died.

However, there’s mixed stories of the origin of Jesus also.  Are we told today after the book of Revelations that’s truthful?  History has proven the Roman Catholic Church has changed a great deal since the time of Jesus Christ.  Even the Holy Bible they altered in the late 1600’s for whatever reason.  Search the net and there’s a conflict behind why that was done, but I recall in the bible that God warned about making changes to his laws that turn what’s supposed to be genuine into counterfeits.  The Egyptians did it during the Exodus, as did Aaron and his followers did when they sculpted the golden calf.  Even during the days of Jesus Christ, whose timeline exists within the heart of the Roman Empire, you see how much had been altered before his arrival, during his days alive and even after his death/resurrection.  It still happens today.

Emperor Constantine changed Sabbath worship from Saturday to Sunday, not because some bishop nor God told him so.  It’s because he favored the sun.  Now, if anybody took the time to read that bible and understand God’s warnings, who did he say not to follow?

If you guessed Baal you got it right.  Now, in that bible it states Baal is regarded as a sun god.  This goes as far back into Genesis and this was whose works the Egyptians favored.  Over and over again you see man changing things to favor what they desire most instead of staying true to who they really are and what their original creator had in mind for them.

The violence I read in the bible I was oddly enough able to wrap my head around in a manner that made somewhat sense.  I still don’t totally understand, but if there’s any one thing I’ve noticed in the people I encounter, plus what I see on a global scale, is arrogance is a disease that gets under our skin in a manner we don’t realize is there until it’s too late.

That was my problem as a kid and it’s still something I see myself fighting today.  Pride is a horrible snake that always finds a way to slither in and out of your life in a manner that messes you up really bad.  Pride is what sparks wars.  Pride is what makes people think they’re better than they really are.  Pride is also what prevents people from seeing the difference between farce and reality.  Pride is a cloud and it’s very fluffy.  Pride acts as an elevator as it rises what used to be well grounded into a territory that probably should be avoided until one is able to better handle the situation.

In Exodus you see pride in abundance.  Even after the people escaped their oppressors as they followed Moses, God noticed how “stiff-necked” they all were.  He knew no sooner would they be free would they make the exact same mistakes the Egyptians, the very people they fled from, made.

And they have.  Still doing it today.  People are prideful and hence in Exodus how God mentions the unleavened bread.  Yeast.  Yeast expands stuff that’d otherwise remain dense.  That yeast exists within each of us, which is also known as pride.  If this part of us remains unchecked, we end up throwing ourselves into situations that we most likely aren’t ready for.  And no, it doesn’t matter how smart you think you are.  If there is any one thing I’ve learned, your intelligence level is only as great as the deception you’ve swallowed into your very being.

I’m not a smart person by any means.  I wish I were, but I know I’m not.  If I was half as smart as I’d like to be I’d have all the answers for you.  I’d be, in essence, God.  But I know I’m not so I don’t kid myself into thinking I’m any better than the rest of you.  I am a human being, just like you.  I see things, just like you.  However, unlike you, I see things differently and it’s a daily struggle to not only wrap my head around it but how to talk about it.

I do know now that I have to talk about it.  Don’t care if I sound like some sort of insane person for it because I’m not doing this blog for you.  I do it for myself.  If you read it and can make sense of it, good for you.  If not, I don’t care.

Help Wanted: Lambs & Lions

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Before reading the rest of my post, please take the time to read the page the link below takes you.  It’s a long post and you need to read it with an open mind.  Doing so by any other means will be a fruitless effort.

Anti-Christ Obama Article

When Barack Obama first became president of the United States in 2009 there was not one thing about it that sat right with me.  I’m sure those who chose not to vote for him felt the same way, but my reasoning is different.  I’m not American.  I don’t get to vote there, but it doesn’t mean I still can’t voice an opinion about it.

In all honesty, the fact it was the election that would see America’s 44th president go to a black face didn’t bother me.  In that regard I didn’t care.  However, what gnawed at me right from the beginning was the fact all the true colors of this guy came bursting out the day he refused to swear on the holy bible when assuming command of a nation that believed in him enough to allow him into such a powerful position.  Doing so was not only an insult to those who preceded before him, but to the founding fathers, the people and the rest of the world.

I recall the headlines when this took place and the outrage people felt about it.  Still, despite it all, Barack Obama was still sworn in and I knew from that day forth America would never be the same.  Neither would the rest of the world.  However, I didn’t realize the severity of the situation at the time, nor do I believe the rest of the population did either.

Once Obama assumed power as president, at first America seemed to flourish.  However, it was only momentary at best and since then America has floundered.  What started out to be a slow descent didn’t waste time picking up the pace and now the suicide run towards ultimate decimation of a nation, plus a world, has become an out of control speeding bullet.  Never before has the world been as divided as it has now and never before has the futures of a global population become so uncertain.

Is Obama really the Anti-Christ?  If you’ve read the link I provided, all evidence suggests that yes he is.  Just thinking about it has me bow my head in shame because for a brief period I actually gave this guy the benefit of the doubt.  And, to this day, I’d still like to but it’s becoming harder to do so.

As I’m writing this I fear that Barack Hussein Obama is indeed the final president for the United States of America and we have yet to see the full unleash of his diabolical intent for not only the people he represents on American soil, but worldwide.  There will not be a 2016 election.  Obama and his people will see to that.  The people within America (and worldwide) has never been as divided as they are now.  The state of the world has never been as perilous as it is now.  We live in a world where an elite 1% population owns more than half of it while the remaining 99% are literally getting weeded out of everything so that in the end they have absolutely nothing.

Even the elections itself is rigged.  We have two of the biggest clowns in political history vying to become the 45th president of the United States.  Hillary Clinton is getting her name smashed everywhere for criminal activities that has people in an uproar.  Not only should this person be forced out of the presidential run, but tried and convicted for crimes that have proven to be as serious as mass murder.

Donald Trump, who seems to be the lesser of the evils, isn’t exactly squeaky clean himself.  To be quite frank, nobody is, but it’s obvious all those in power in the United States doesn’t want this guy taking over America.  But is that really true?  Donald Trump is actually hinting at something that matches what Albert Pike suggested is required in order to have World War III well underway, which would see the decimation of both the Zionist and Islamic populations.  Trump talks about rounding up the Muslims and kicking them off American soil.  He also has bashed the Illuminati, without calling them by name, which is linked to the Zionist version of the Jewish religion as we know it.


What the media is doing, along with the aid of political leaders (both American & foreign), is painting Trump as another Hitler.  And he’s certainly coming across this way.  Whether or not Donald Trump’s stance against the Barack Obama, the Elite 1% or the Illuminati is genuine is besides the point.  He (and Hillary Clinton) are adding just the right elements needed for the president of the United States to declare a state of emergency before enforcing martial law.

People say the American people won’t stand for this.  Obama knows this.  Why do you think he’s been recruiting and training military that wouldn’t give it a second thought to fire upon their own people, and right on American soil?  Why do you think he’s ordered over 150 million plastic coffins to be made up?  Also, why are strings of events that’s bent to divide the people that much further are taking place right now and are intensifying as we close in on the election date?


Obama is set to kill America and keep it as an “Obamanation” so that he can continue with his course of destruction that he has only just begun to unleash.  ISIS is just the start.  Despite evidence connecting the creation, training and momentum this terrorist organization has to Obama’s political strings, too many people still just don’t see it.

Remember, the Prince of Lies is very good at deceiving the people and he knows their personal prides hinders their ability to see clearly, even if it’s something blatantly obvious in their face.  He’s proven this a multitude of times.  Even just through Obama alone, we’ve seen him turn his back on the bible, turn his back on God, turn his back on the American people and even turn his back on the rest of the world.  This is a tyrant.  Since his administration never before has America (and the world) seen such corruption.  Right now there’s fights everywhere over every resource you can think of.  Food.  Water.  Energy.  Environment.  Human rights.  Political, religious and racial differences.

In just seven short years we’ve seen virtually every Christian value shredded from schools to restaurants and to as many public venues as possible that fall for the notion that unless it’s Islamic, it doesn’t belong in society.  They’ve even got it where Merry Christmas in public isn’t deemed acceptable anymore.


The mainstream Christians and those who follow Judaism have their differences between each other too.  However, never once did one belief system try to force the other into kicking out their own traditions in order to favor the other.  These two cultures have mostly learned to live side by side with each other and respect each other enough to acknowledge that although they don’t fully agree with each other’s practices, they still reach a common enough ground that for as long as their primary faith focuses on God it’s good enough for them.

So why isn’t it good enough for the Muslims?  Actually, for the most part it is.  It’s the extremists, just like in any other religion, that suggests otherwise.  Obama, instead of keeping those extremists at bay, encouraged them.  He sided with the divisive tactics that forces those who do not follow Sharia Law to do otherwise.

I should point out, biblical references or not, ever since Barack Obama has come into power he has taken credit away from those who deserve it.  Even the founding of America he credits not the founding fathers themselves, but rather Islam.  Again, I have nothing against the Muslims, but I do have something against someone who is perverting history as we know it, along with our present day and even the future of mankind as a whole.

Barack Obama is a problem.  However, he is not the only one.  He’s not working alone.  The Illuminati has been working for and waiting for the prime opportunity to fulfill their New World Order aspirations.  And they’re almost there.  Once the Elite 1% has 100% ownership of this world (and they’re almost there) then it’s on.  Their desire to exterminate at least 90% of the global population will come into fruition for as long as they know they can pull it off.

I should point out something about the Elite 1%.  Did you know that prior to Barack Obama becoming president of the United States that they didn’t own nearly as much as they do now?  The momentum of their seizures of property skyrocketed shortly after Obama assumed presidency and the corruption that’s at the heart of it all is now on the verge of putting into place the final ingredient necessary to allow that 100% world ownership they’re craving.

The TPP.  Trans-Pacific Partnership.  As “legitimate” as this seems, it’s not.  Once this is put in place we’re no longer official nations with people still enjoying the last remnants of their liberties and freedoms.  We will officially become corporations and we, the people, will then be no longer regarded as human beings but rather herded sheep ready for slaughter.

That’s the true agenda behind the TPP.  It’s just another milestone towards the Illuminati’s New World Order.  It’s not just some conspiracy theory.  It’s fact.

Another fact.  The supposed “war” between Benjamin Netanyahu (Israel’s leader) and Barack Obama is that picture perfect Zionism vs Islam recipe Albert Pike called for in order to achieve the World War III the Illuminati wants.  Make no mistake, these are very bad men in very powerful positions, toying with the lives of every human being and doing so with a laugh.  ISIS belongs to them.  Both of them.  And this alone has the world greatly divided, but one thing I’ve learned quickly is if a person gets damned for speaking out against the state of Israel where it’s perfectly alright to speak against Christianity we have a real problem.

And isn’t it interesting how well prepped this World War III stage is becoming?  NATO (North American Treaty Organization) is surrounding Russia as we speak.  In prophecy, the bear strikes the eagle, officially launching WWIII.  Russia is the bear while America is supposed to be the eagle.  In this war, the bear strikes first, but the eagle makes a quick, decisive victory.

Considering Russia made it clear they reject Zionism and have declared the Illuminati top dogs (Rothschilds) as enemies of the state and are to be executed on site, this is no surprise.  Russia, along with Brazil, India, China and South America, are out to form BRICS, which would bring Rothschilds and their central banking system to their knees and render nations bowing to their every whim defenceless.  This would have actually been a good thing as this would have freed the masses from the grips of slavery such nations and their banking cartel has gripped us.

But, the Illuminati won’t have it.  Using their political puppets and the mainstream media networks they own, they were quick to paint Russia as once again the big bad guys.  Obama was quick to capitalize on this, proving he’s not merely a puppet so many of us thought he was.  He’s anything but this.  Even I regarded him as a mindless puppet until I realized just how diabolically genius he is.

So now Russia is surrounded, once again provoked to take action.  Did you know their so-called “unjustified” attack on Ukraine is not what mainstream media would have us believe?  No way!  If you dare to look further and bypass the lies the networks and politicians have told you you’d come to realize there’s good reason why Russia won’t leave the Ukraine alone.  It’s not the people they have a problem with.  It’s the administration, plus the fact this is an Illuminati/Rothschild stronghold.

But NATO is quickly springing into action. I should also point out that for the most part, Russia was left alone by the American government until Obama took over.  It wasn’t until he assumed leadership that he and his minions have been poking this bear like a pack of ravenous wolves.  They do this, all the while pretending to behave like mild lambs.


So the world got educated into thinking the Russians are bad guys once again.  So, by Obama’s queue, they line up through NATO to keep poking at the bear.  Did you know that despite the multitude of times through Obama’s administration of them poking Vladimir Putin and his Russian government that not once did they give into the kind of reaction the Illuminati wanted?  They’ll snarl and growl, but they won’t swat.  At least not yet.

However, even the most patient bear will sooner or later be forced to swat, and Russia is finding themselves in this position.  However, will it be by Putin’s order where this bear sends the first shot against the eagle, or will it be someone in his administration that is yet another Illuminati puppet?  Either way, this will happen.  And once it does, here comes yet another red carpet layout for President Barack Obama to declare martial law upon his own nation and wipe out 90% of his homeland’s population.  Again, he won’t do that on his own.  Remember, he has his own personal military, police and thugs to do all the dirty work for him.  And, just like puppets on a string, the people will be forced to defend themselves (if they can) against those who are bent on destruction.  People, America is in real trouble!

But it won’t be just America.  This is worldwide.  Other nations that follow Obama’s lead will force the same conditions upon their own people.  Canada will see Canadians suffer the same fate.  The UK will be no better off.  Neither will Australia.  Anybody that’s trapped within the Commonwealth is basically America #2 and will experience all the chaos and misery as well.  The Commonwealth, once upon a time a fantastic concept, has become corrupt as those who run it now are of the same calibre as Obama, Netanyahu and the Elite 1%.  It’s no accident the biggest political puppets the world’s got happen to run nations that have become 100% Illuminati owned and operated.  All the pieces on this deadly game board is in place now.  It’s not a matter of if something is going to happen anymore.  It’s now a matter of when.

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All this time we’ve been lied to.  All this time we’ve been brainwashed, keeping us divided and uninformed.  We’ve been thrust into emotional situations designed to corrupt our way of thinking, our way of feeling and our way of living.  All this so it can be easier to pave the way for the New World Order, diabolically brought to you by the Illuminati, their Elite 1%, and all their political, corporate, military and religious puppets.  And Lucifer.  Don’t forget about him.  All of this, regardless if you believe in God, the Holy Bible or even the notion that somehow Barack Hussein Obama may indeed be the Anti-Christ, is to fulfill a Luciferian goal.  That goal is to shred this world apart and everyone in it.  Flat out, your Christian faith doesn’t matter here.  Nor does your Atheism, Judaism, Muslim, Buddhist or whatever you want to believe in.

What matters here is our HUMANITY!  Fight for it.  Live for it.  Even die for it if you must, but do so with full awareness of what’s going on and full faith that doing so is indeed for the sake of mankind.  Whether or not you choose to believe it, God would.  Jesus did.  And both God and Jesus may very well do so again – but not until we all agree this is what we need.  I know deep down in my gut (the only thing I listen to these days) I need them in my corner.  Whether you choose to believe it or not, you need them too.





I don’t know about the rest of you, but I will not let a lame president, regardless if he’s the Anti-Christ or not dictate to me where my loyalties should lie.  I will not let a world who is so divided on who they should ally themselves with tell me whose corner I should be in.  My battles will be fought siding with God in hopes I have his strength, plus the guidance and wisdom of Jesus Christ and the flow of the Holy Spirit through my veins to do whatever I can the best way I know how.  I am not a popular person nor do I wish to be.  I want to be righteous despite my flaws in everything I do.  Not because it’s something I think God wants – but because that is what how I feel our humanity is defined and it simply feels right to me.